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MANUFACTURERS: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Semiconductor Group
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Semiconductor Group

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Semiconductor Group logo

1050 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, US
tel: 1-408-730-5900

    Ranked among the top-10 worldwide semiconductor suppliers, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a leading manufacturer of low-end to high-end sound processors for numerous applications, such as home and car audio; Compact Disc player; videocassette recorder; middle-class and high-end monitor; and middle-class, high-end and LCD TV applications.

    The company also makes other application-specific standard products (ASSPs) for motor driver, TV, VCR, fax, disk drive, telephone, communications and audio/video system applications, as well as standard linear and digital/analog interface ICs.

    Mitsubishis ASSPs are manufactured with extensve feature sets that meet specific application requirements and use a standard-cell design approach to reduce chip size, costs and product development time. The company implements its ASSPs as standard ICs for multiple customers and maps them to singular or multiple applications.

    Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive range of semiconductor-based products and markets them to the North American marketplace through the Electronic Device Group of Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.

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