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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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29 February 2024 (New datasheets):

M38868E7AHP FAR-C4CP-08000-K11-R MK41T56N00 Z86L7008SSC AV2572N-SC SA22 3KP130C MAX6316LUK39DW-T 5962H9652001VCX 1.5SMCJ85A TR502ST11 MY76HC M52348FP 74F02SJ MH962 WS512K32L-17G1UIA M38065E3DXXXFS KM416C1200CJ-5 GC102SR7013020RD GS8160E18T-150 M38026M7-XXXSS X24F032PE MAX4053ESE MA4ST250-287 RH5RH623B-T1 P6MG-1203E MI-PC6X0-XXX FZTA42 5962F9563801VYX SE1031W XC5202-6PC84I P6KE24A TLC4502QD HB01U05D15Y P6KE20A AT27C256R-45JC THAT120 PI74FCT377TR M38042M6-XXXFP R1221N40AD-TR STP5NC70ZFP HSR412 LP2989AIM-5.0 5962P9960703QUX L78L15ABD AM29LV400B70RWAEB UDN-2950Z HER1605 V29C51004B-90T GS82032T-138 IRGB430UD2 7429FCT2520ATLB EDI88130CS25TM 29C010PM-1 AT49F080T-12TC D2008UK BS616LV2021AC TPS60123PWPR M74HC4351 TC55257DFTI-70V PT2128A-M91 R1223N422G-TR M38C37MAAXXXFP AD9281-EB 15KP40CA FR1D-T3 M38251M3-XXXFP 21DQ03L FYPF1004DN CAT25C021P-30TE13 PT5062A MAX6316MUK25AW-T VSC7710WD AGM1532A-NLBBH-T SN74AHCT273N IDT74FCT162646TPAB FX013J EE2-4.5SND AN79N09 FST8320SL HEC100-48D2533-S VI-24TEX AQS75O-5S 74HC40105U WS128K32N-55G1UIA AT28C010-20TI M38506MDH-XXXSP ZM4740A T2316407A IDT74FCT161ATD SN74LS373DWR MI-25WIW SN74HC645N RD8.2JS-T2 ST72T511R9 PT2129A-S81S 1SMB2EZ13 AS432A1ST GC79BNCC10R 1N967B H20-1 BZX85C100RL SN74CBT3244PWLE LTC1064-4MJ THS4081ID PCF84C22AP UPD6P5MC-5A4-E2

28 February 2024 (New datasheets):

SLA7024M CD74HCT573M96 UT62256CSC-35LE AZ948-1AT-6D DMD5803 BY278 74HCT151PW SMH4803AHKP M38254M9DXXXGP HYS72V32220GU-8B K214 2N6107 SD150R14MC MI-Q2NX-XXX 1N985 NDL7603P2 X9313TMI WF2M32U-120G2UI5A AT24C02-10MI-2.5 5962R9653201QXA TQ6124 P6KE120A-T3 AGM2464D-FE-GTS-T OP800SL PSD313-B-70M W24257AS-35 1N4003G AS5C4009LLECJ-100/XT SA25F005ENFX IDT74FCT521CTEB AD578JN 301UR160P4 MAP110-4002 1.5KE250 1.5KE75A IS62C1024-55QI BTB04-S VSP2212Y IN74ACT240N BA3423S SM5840A SST29VF010-55-4I-NH IC62LV1008LL-55D PCA8521FT P6KE24 V585ME12 HCTS574MS ADS7816UB/2K5 LS6U3M-3SD/T FR157G 3.0SMCJ8.0A GS71216TP-8 ACM2402B-REFS-T HYB3165405AT-40 SST45VF020-10-4C-SA XCV150-4FG256C MM1292KF V56MLA1206H ANC-5D CXA1829N AZ850P2-6 MC3302N GNR34B390K SMAJ28A LT1550ED AZ10ELT20TR1 M38C24MF-XXXHP K817P1 SN74BCT646DWR DM9131 1N4117 VT98000Q CBT6810 48IMS7-05-05-9 VI-2NBIX MWG484C SDA2120 UCC3831DW QL12x16B-1PL84I FDC20-24S12W RT9167/A-41CBR ST230S04P0 CDC339DBLE XC4036XL-1BG352I BZX84-A27 UCC2813PW-5 M2V64S30BTP-10 BF588 MAX2232EEE IDT54FCT841DTL G901CS-AC12-1Nil G690L438T23 HCPL-6431 MXD1013SE030 GCQ20A06 P4KE36CA SNJ54AS646W APT1001R1HVR A1750A46FFSC06 PIC16LF874-20E/PQ IDT54FCT3244PY SST29LE010-150-4C-UH GC89SNBC12FS ADV7176A TMS320C57SPJEA80 SN74HCT08DBLE MAX4501CUK-T GBPC15005GW

27 February 2024 (New datasheets):

ST72P623 WMS512K8BV-17DJIEA IDT74823DTL VI-L0M-XX MAX6318MHUK50BZ-T IDT54FCT2640ATSOB SZ10B8 MAX114EAG L6004F31 SMCG6.5 WS512K32F-70HIE 7260 FR105 CAT93C5634J-42TE13 MX224P SN74HCT240PWR MAQ9264C95CB PIC17C43T-08/L SAB80C166-M 2SK3431-S AKBP201 GC89BRBE20RS CAT93C4623UI-25TE13 TLE2141MDR MM74HC393MTCX CAT93C6631J-45TE13 WS512K32-55G1UI CPH3214 BCR12PM-12L IDT54FCT244CTE QL4090-2PB456C 1SMB2EZ22 ACM1602A-FEBS-T 3KP7.5 CAT25C041S16I-25TE13 AS2431DR25S13 BS62LV1023SC 78L06ACZ WMS128K8L-15DJIA GB4551-CSA NTE1708 74ACT11251N P6KE400A-TB SW-241 LC573904 M38204E7DXXXFS REC15-1315SRWBZ MX23C3210YC-12 M38253E2-FS M38225E1MGP 5KP51 PIC602 SBA15-11EGWA CY7C1012AV25-8BGC S10VTA80 74VCX162373TTR 74HC374PW MI-PC2YN-XXX BFP182TW 2N3714 L1117D-5 AAT3110IJS-5-T1 269-D-210-D-14xx-B R192PGAA JHS-115 BFQ136 M27C512-70XC3TR TL022CD R1221N46AC-TR EPM7096QC100-12 M38190EF-XXXFS M38C31M3MXXXFS OPA2343UA/2K5 MUN5233DW1T1 P8SG-247R2EH30 AD706AR BAV99W 2SC4272 M38204M6-XXXHP SERIES EZ1587CT-3.3 M5M5408BFP-70LW PT2268-S ICS620-01R HM621400HLJP-10 RT9172S-24CG W24257AS-12 SN74TVC3010DWR BCV27 BUK7675-55 P600M EL5444CS TDA1373H/N2 SMBJ7.0 PSA12-11GWA IDT54FCT2652TL SPT7850SIS MJ11028 SMBTA70 APL5301-15BC-TR K6T1008C2E-TB55 KM416C1204CJ-50 M38065MD-XXXFS IS62LV12816BLL-10B MT5C2568C-20L/XT 5962H9654801QXA STUP013

26 February 2024 (New datasheets):

ICL7632EC/D TC54VC5302EZB DS1691 HYB3164405TL-60 AS431AR25S13 STUS5B1 HCS245MS SA160 NT5SV8M16CT-75B UC5613DP ANC-15S MM74HC165MTC AIC1566CS SL4017BD SP574BS APR3013-43BI-TR MK2703STR LF33ABPT SZ1016 MX7524JN 1N4739 CXA2503AR G65SC02-API-4 MSB51DA-3 UT54ACS27UCA UT54ACS165PCX BZX55C11 EDI88512CA45F32M M38196E5-XXXFP HJ2-T-AC48V KV1410TL CAT25C162PA-28TE13 TS80L186EB13 MM74HC175MTCX G901CS-AC220-12 BYV36D TK65218MTL P4KE130A MA4ST340CK-287 SN74CBTS3306D 5429FCT52ATQ X25165V14-1,8 UCC2915DP MC10EL11D M38065MBAXXXGP S524C80D80 PIC17LC756-33/PT STPRF1605CT OR2T15B-4PS208 BS616UV2021AI10 M38186MD-XXXFS HCF4012B AV0716C S11MD5T LC665312A REC5-393.3SRWL SN74LS626D TZQ5234B IS61SF12832-8.5BI BUL312FH CAT24C083J-30TE13 MDD310-14N1 BA-3D12UW RP05-2412DEW UF1006FCT AP1117E33 MAS28155LB E28F004S5-120 PS7141-2B ESDA6V1BC6 CAT93C4621UI-42TE13 1N4117 24LCS21A-I/SN SN74AHCT16541DL G41601A-DC24-M Z84C4106 ACM1602N-NLFS-T AS7C31024A-10TJC G6742-01 15HS CL-221FG-C-TS P4KE20C AT90S2333-8AC MC14011BD FAR-C4CN-08000-L12-R APW7026-12KC-TR MC74ACT540N P4KE30A SB850DC MAC218A10 BZV85/C4V7 PIC14000T-20I/JW TZQ5249B IDT74FCT2652CTE CAT93C5713J-45TE13 GS71216TP-10I DA28F016XS-20 FDS6680A 5KP100CA 6KA24 Z893232XVSC LS6J1M-4R/G-T FDB603AL HLMP-Q105A 1N5346B QL3025-3PQ208I L50S50 BZW04P145B

25 February 2024 (New datasheets):

5429FCT52CTDB CAT28C257HPI-15T M38079E3-XXXFS 5KP26 GZB6.8 RE5RE30AA-RR 22R153 M38071M5-XXXFP M38220M4MXXXGP 1N5223D A29L160TM-90 IXFH12N100 MB91121PFV KRC833E PIC17C752T-08/JW AZ2280-1A-240A SRP600G IDT54FCT2374TSOB AM29F002T-90EE WS512K32NV-20G2TM LMX2332LSLBX M38B58M3-XXXFP MA4P278-1141T SF23-T3 IDT74FCT138PB PT2127A-B91S DG384ABK PM110-32A REC10-1215DRWLZ G90NilCO-DC6-NilNil M38255EBDFS QL7120-5PT280C VI-LC1W-XX STPS20H100CG-1 L-180YC-TR MAN4410A SN74LS26D Z8917620ASC 28LV256PC-3 DLTS30A GS841E18AT-100I HCA10014 IDT74FCT16543ATE PBYL1625 BZX84C8V2 WS1M8L-35FCA IDT54FCT573CTPB MC4558CD IRFBA22N50A UC3901QTR TXD2SL-2M-24V WF128K32N-90G2UQ5 V62C51864LL-70FI GP30D Z86E23 FRM9140D RJ-1.83.3S H11A5 MI-LJ7V-XX RD5.6FB2 NC7S04CW PD451288413G5-A75LI-9JF FR202-TB TC54VN1901ECTTR LM4040EEM3X-2.5 SSW1N60B L6385 DTC143TUA PC844 30HS TQ4H-L2-3V RD2.7E-T4 PIC16C661-20/L BA6266 AGM1212C-NEGBH-T KM416V4100CS-5 G41301AA-DC6-Nil S3K ACM0802C-TLGD-T BZX284-B27 SC9200B PIC16C554A-04E/P MU9C8148-TCC 5KP90 M38206M1-XXXHP UF100S IA4803D UL635H256SK55 MM74C374WM SF84 MAX643BMJA KS86P6408 TFMBJ30A QSD724 MAX6318MHUK49BZ-T CAT65LC10SI-TE13 UF300G IDT54FCT534CTP 1N914 Z2027U IRF9130 S87C654-4A44 SNJ54HC151FK H7809AM MT8952BC P4SMAJ51-T1 FDC606P

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