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22 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

MAX552BEUB IDT74FCT574ATPY TX2SS-48V-Z N74F2240D MI-J7YMZ GB301XG-DC110-TF-L AV9148BF-04 KTC4076 1.5SMCJ130 WMS256K16L-35FGI GP102BG-AC24-LB AS7C1024A-15TJC F2224-19 5962-9658701QXX D1B050D00 MCM6926AWJ10 MGB120DA-3 TSM0512S MC74HC160N MC34164P-3RA SMBJ170 MAX7645ACPP MAX1686EUA AGM2412C-RLYTW-T RN5RL27AC LM35DP GP350MHB06S PFKC03-24S12 X28HC64TM-12 MAZ8030 HM514400ASLJ-7 2SC3832 MC14011BDTEL IC62LV1024LL-70T ES2DA BTM1A16E QVB21214 MC68HC11E0MFN2 IDT7204S12SO ZPY16 1N5401 TCYS6201 MAX6318MHUK47DY-T R1113Z221B-TR KA7524BD CY7C43365PC KSF30A40E CAT93C6624SI-30TE13 LM2585S-12 305UA120P5 K1300E70 SA75A R6020635ESYA ST93C56CB6 SMV1845 WS1M8L-35DJI A29512L-90 M62258FP R1221N20AA-TR M38046F1-XXXHP MI-25MMW DG425CJ UPD78C14G(A)-XXX-36 RH5VL55CA-T1 DG529CWN ISPGDX160-7B272 TK61041STL CD611416A BZV90-C27 LM4040C-2.5MDA 1.5SMCJ22C NM27C256VE200 M38040FF-XXXSP VTS3186 SMJ4C1024-12 N87C51FA RD15EB3 SEL4714Y SMCJ6.5 FR105G CCK60 M38252M2MXXXFP 5962R9657301QXX UFR7120 LD1085D2T90 PR6004 MAX792LC/D LUCW3030ACA-DB JV1-18V 1.5KE110A ADS7608A4A-7.5 TMC1203X50 IDT54FCT574AEB V62C3801024LL-100T 27LV64-20I/P TMS4257-10NL MSM7512BGS-k STW6NC90Z AME8500BEFTBF44 CD749A BA8270F LS4148 CL7160EQC100-6 DM74LS32SJ CAT93C5714KA-42TE13 HER806R ACT-SF128K16N-37P3Q BF2040

21 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

ST9291J7/N7 APL5509R-30AC-TR AT45D021-TC SN74ALVC10NSR T50/12 1N5393 CL-221TLY BC846BWT1 HS1420 BR211-240 G8211-32 PCM69AP-K NM24C03FM8X M38034F9-XXXFP SN74HCT574N3 MAX6317HUK49DW-T TLYU1005A TLE2021MFKB MBRF1045 SC2128A-C81B ICM7556IPD BZW06-85 M38049FC-SP E264 1.5SMCJ17 SG7905AR/DESC DD250GB80 MUN5134DW1T1 DS14C535MSA AT24C21-10PI-2.5 AT49F001T-90JI PHW45NQ10T SN64BCT125AD EDS2504APTA-7AL LM111J-8 TPS61004DGS 20IMX15-2.5-9RG CY74FCT2543TQCT 66164-001 MC100E164FNR2 CAT25C321S16I-42TE13 MMUN2130LT1 1N5338A MPX12DP AM29LV800BB80EEB 5962H9475407QXX 1.5SMC15 IDT54FCT373DTLB CAT25C082S-30TE13 PI74FCT16373TA NV152P06S MC74HC595ADT MG75PB32 1N971B PS9613L-V TIPL760A M66010GP L8050 P4KE100A RH5VL33CA-T1 EN1H22 UPG139GV TC7126ARCLW ISPLSI2032VL-135LB49 BR108 GS881E18AT-150I RG2D GNR60B821K HEF4518BPB MV50640 LM7812 FST8030 BU406D BCF32 BZD27-C33 SK006D AGM2464C-FC-GTW-T 5962R9172201MFA SMBJ70C TSC2037 HD407L4818TF GC70SN7014022RS SC1453-33ISKTR 2SH22 AZ948-1A-24D SNJ54LS191J RN5VL36AA-TL 1N5519C FAN5233 BD140-16 P6KE22A LX8585-00CDD ST62T60BM6 MSM5432126-60GS-K TL431AILPRA ST1900C46R0L DS1802E/T&R AMS2954CP-2.5 8D2-07KCS L-H314005B HY57V641620HGT-SI SST39SF040A-45-4C-WH 74HC/HCT583 1.5KE9.1 Si4133G-XM2 WMS512K8-15DEIA AN608P

20 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

TLV2772IP FL28-200250 IS61C3216-15TI IDT54FCT245CLB SD7072-M6 CMPZ4684 LA6500 M5M5408BFP-10H PS2703-1 P2300SA WS512K32N-15G1UIA VI-RC6ZXX-XXXX US1B PFW5008 SN74LV74PWR RS5C372B MDU28C-50MD4 DM74AS157M DM96S02MX STK11C88-3N55I Z0844206 MM74HC4020SJ PSD913F2V-20MI M38503F2H-XXXFP IDT54FCT16245TEB SMBJ51CA APR3021-17AC-TR M5-320/160-12YI SNJ54LS54J IDT7143SA45PFB S2005AF AD802 1N5952B MAX6321HPUK41BZ-T SCN2681AE1N40 MX26C2000BMC-12 Z86C6420PEC HB01U24S12YH 1N4754A PMBZ5257B BRY55-30 GH3-P005SL2 CDC337DWR VDS6632A4A-5 M38C20M8DXXXFP M38064E9AXXXFS FMMT549 A62S6308M-10SI RL157 LM111JG NTE2361 DS1634BDWF M38C30M7AXXXFS LM2597MX-5.0 AT28C256-15DM/883 Z0405NF0AA2 IMP38C44EPA ITC1100 PDM31564SA15T SN74LS90N THS4052CDR M38254EFDHP HZM27FA WS512K8-45CI R1223N152B-TR DS90CR216MTDX GB301Y-AC220-SF-B ADADC85C-12 WMS128K8L-15DJM SA8.0A M38506E9H-SP LP2981IBP-2.5 M38041F2-XXXHP FR6G AD2S80AUE HER107 AD558KP 74F794PC M27C4001-12L1TR PI74ALVCH16501V 1.5KE82 LND2931-8.5 UCC3801N AD9224-EB EN29F002B-55J SP682CP ST730C08L0L NTE7148 RH5RI301B-T2 MAX6320PUK42BY-T 1N3891R MUR460 APL5508-17DC-TR X24645PI-2,7 SFR204-TB REZ-153.3S TSC80C31-30IC 15KP90A FQA19N20L SN74HC32ADBR IS61LV2568-15T 3EZ43D5 SST39VF400A-70-4C-UK SMAJ9.0C BAT15-113P U635H256CSK35 RE5VL44AA-RF MBRD350L

19 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

NTE195A MAC212A8FP HLMP-GL24 2SC3734-T1B SIM2-0515D-SIL7 IDT72245LB50J ZTX849 V62C2801024LL-85B 74HC4351U ZRA245N802 MC74LVX157DTR2 M38073M9-XXXFP LGK382-T SST39LF512-45-4C-WK M5M410092BFP MM002-08 74LCX16821MEAX XC3120A-1PC68C 74AC11MTC 3EZ51D TOP247Y 74AC11008D SMBJ5949 3.0SMCJ150A P4KE170CA IP323AK-12 5962L0153201QYX TL431CPK BZW04-13 VI-JNZMX MBRF2560CT 4115 R1210N222D-TL LM7818 CAT93C5614SA-45TE13 GC89BRBE20R CAT93C8634SA-25TE13 MN101C29D MAX4580CWE CAT24C022JA-28TE13 M30620MCM-XXXFP BYV74W-400 SM4933 CGY2021G M38061ME-XXXFP SMA66-1 PDU54-3000C4 LT1521-3.3 RE5RL58AC M36W108AB AD7854 UTR25 MC74AC08MR1 S-80836ANNP-ED0-T2 SP8527KS UT63M-145CCA NCX10S48050 TDA4555 CD5264B SST202 SN74ALVC16334DGGR M38C37ECAFS RT9172S-28CT5 DM74ALS273MSA CGS3313MX IS41LV16100-50K 1N5397 RA504 PC917X EP2-3L3 TS431AIZ MC10EL89D HD06 LT5027ED ULS-2801R SST39LF200A-70-4C-EN XC62FP1601MR P4KE36CA TSC80C31-16MB/833 0510-50A BUK9618-55 ICS8702BY P80C652EFB 3.0SMCJ36CA MAX185ACNG AME8500CEETBD21 2SC3393 CEFF630 BD241 M54977P MI-J2JIY DM74ALS374N 5KP7.0 Z8018010VEC HT6034 PIC16C558A-20/SS 1N4151 BUJ304AX VUO52-08NO1 AM1-PCB IDT7134SA20F KS0715TB-XX-H4TF QEB50-48S1P8-K U631H16BS1C25 FS6206-01 TSC80C51CXXX-44AA MC74HC173N

18 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

REC15-3212SRWB HPR116V IDT71342LA25J DTC144EE LM2937ESX-3.3 M38022E4DXXXSP TSC80C31-12IC MAX6316LUK38BW-T AM27C64-45DI PD2401 GP102C-DC24-B P6KE56CA HB288256A5 100328QI SM2847 M37212M8-XXXSP HCF4023BEY RF2506PCBA HD63A05U0F TLC32040MFK 1N4002 XC4013E-1PQ208C CXR702080 IRF9956 BYT12PI-1000 5962R9655101QEC TB28F800B5-T90 M38225MBDXXXFP AT28C64X-15TI AME8501CEFTBD40 C65SC21XS-4 PD40-12LC CAT24C643J-42TE13 HZS15-3 M38038F1-XXXHP MT5C1008DCJ-35L/883C PM9103APA MC1C-P-DC24 P6KE120 MC68HC11K0MFN4 LM3525M-L WS128K32L-35H1Q FES16CTR GBPC608 SC2422A.EVB LT1P73A 5962-8949404PA THS1030IDW BZX79-C20 M5LV-256/160-10YC NJM2085M HMC281 MC78LC33HT1 TC54VC3401ECB M37510EBXXXFP LNA2603F CM15-2026 BZW04P26 SMD99C-5050MC2 CS3524AGNW16 MSM80C35RS V62C3162048L-70B MAX4174BBEUK-T RU31A IDT54FCT16H952ATPFB SMLJ24 MC33035P ACM4004D-NLTS-T 15KP22CA MSM51V17400A-80SJ MSU2955C40 PIC16LC62XT-20I/SO MDU13H-45M PN6CU-0505E LVT22V10-8A RM2 1.5KE13CA CAT93C5714SA-42TE13 1N4922A M38221M7DXXXGP Am29LV400B150WAI M38200M5-XXXFS GAL22V10D-15QJ HEC75-48D3305-S G690L308T91 MB90F574PFV PDTA124EK PMBF4393 LP3985ITLX-3.1 KP10LU07 LF9501JC25 ACM1602R-FLFD-T TX2SL-48V-Z CDLL960B P4SMAJ160 5962-9657101VRA GC89SRBD15RD AS273G1DA AZ100EP16DR1 TM90RZ-H MI-RC2WWX-XXXX SMCG18A MI-PC6N2-XXX ER101A MSK5003BTU PIC16F877-10E/PT CY74FCT163501CPVCT HER106

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