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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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18 April 2024 (New datasheets):

AME8530AEEVAFE29 P6KE30 P5KE54C AD7710AQ NTE1187 GC70SN5012015R VKA50LS15 LM4250J-MIL IDT7130SA20J I74F161AN SMV2103-08 1N4754C XC3130A-2VQ64C GZ30-1 MOC206 P6KE68A-T3 TQ2SA-L-5V-X IS61SF25618-8.5TQ PHP45N03LT NTE9094 GC102SR7014012RD G70HS2A-DC24 U630H16BD1C45 RS5RJXXXXA-T2 WF2M32U-90HC5A MSM5116805A-70TS-K AME8501CEFTBE27 EL5393CU-T13 M38224E1DFS 3.0SMCJ36A CAT93C6612KI-42TE13 78M09 M5-320/120-7HI DF1501M 1N1185 OM6102ST TS802C06 1.5KE130 TPA711DGN M4A5-192/96-7VC PHD32VCA SN8P1702BS AME8500AEFTCE29 SD150N20PC GC102SN12016012RS PST575C 1U5 R1230D291B-TL MJ10007 SN54LS109AJ FDC37M812 LV23000M TDA7318 L819SURKMGKW MC74HC595AFR1 STD5N20 MAX5480BCEE MAX6313UK48D1-T IDT54FCT16827CTPA M38034FB-HP 74LVT162240MTDX SML100W18 1N967B HUFA76639P3 MU9C1965L-12TCC K4E661612C-TC45 BY399 MC74LCX652DT KA339D SN74ALVC14D ST110S12P1V BZW06-145 TBC15-11EGWA MC74HC4066F TLC374CN S1A0241A01-I0B0 BYW27-50 REF195ES 93LC66BX-/SN 1N5929A MC68HC908AS60ACFN AIC1086-28CM DG529C/D BZV55-C27 1SMB5949 SMAJ51 L6611DTR RL202 BCX53-10 BZV55-B12 TDA9806 FR303G SSTSD201 CLL5223B 1.5KE62 M37735M4LXXXHP PSA5A2-2 TSC80C51XXX-12IF MC33152P P4KE30A PDU54-200MC4 2SC3920 R1140Q261B-TL TSC80C51CXXX-44MH/883 BR88 P4KE24CA APL5507-B29KI-TR QTLP912-4

17 April 2024 (New datasheets):

S6S3 TMS320VC5409GGU100 FK20KM-6 M38021M2-XXXSP M5M5256CP-70LL 15KP260CA CXP834P16 SNJ54ABT2244J TLC27M9MFKB MOC8106X XN04404 2-2W5I-AT505S16 SMAJ58C VRE121MA CMKT3906 MCM6229BBXJ17 CS50D OPI155 APL431BEC-TR 1.5KE110 WMA-1201C3 IDT7204L50DB AM29LV400BB90FE TME1205S 3D7303K-25 SN74ACT3641-30PCB RB200 APL5503-34BC-TR PDM34089SA12QTY AT93C57-10SI MKC03-24S15 HSH1002NEO QED523 APM2054NUC-TRL AN6561 P6KE350A SMCJ40CA LB11995 UNR211M M38868FDAGP IDT71V35781YSA183BQI FAR-C4CP-10000-M22-R LM385BZ-1.2RA MAX157BEPA SPD1101-111 MAX6377XR27-T BYV26E MAX6318LHUK39AY-T VI-QUMT-XXX 74HC4067DB AME8500CEETDE42 CUDD16-02C 2N5655 REC5-2812SRWLZ VP2611 MP7616 SBT40S GI851 FP105 AM29LV010BT-70JE CD54HCT245F ST62P01CB3 SMCJ18CA MI-RC6L0X-XXXX RF5187PCBA G901CD-AC48-Nil2 KBL406 28LV64A-FT-30I/TS SEL5521CTH8F BU2092F R1170H391A-T1 XC4005XL-1VQ100I MAX359C/D LA4268 TK71521SCL SMCJ11CA SPX1117T-2.5 M5M5255DFP-55LL NJM4558E MC1413DR2 SNJ54S03W REC3-4009SRWZ 24IMR3-0505-2 HEF40097BT J212 ADC14061CCVT BZX79C15RL IP78M05H-BSS2 GL3361 ACM1601B-FLGW-T REC5-0909SRW SN5496J SF14-T3 GBP10 PIC16C58A/JW BZW06-70B M74HC195 1N5370B WEDPNF8M721V-1010BM PI74FCT2245TQ IS62LV25616LL-85M M38253E7-FS ZPD20 MM74C374N 2SK2750 AM29LV081B-70RFCB MAX4205ESA

16 April 2024 (New datasheets):

TMPG06-11 SR206 LD1117V50 KBP08G 74ACT11160D KSC5305D WS128K32NV-25G2TIA UT69R00012GPXF XC62FP2302PR 40HFR10M 1.4KESD110C C65SC151PI-2 CY7C43664AV-7AC CL7160ELI84-20 RH5RE35AA-T2 M38252E7-FP MBR3040 IRFI720G MX663DW 5KP30CA BZV49-C18 IS62LV1024L-55B PIC16C62XT-04I/JW TP3064BDW D40/16 AAT4650IHS-T1 M4LV-64/32-14VI48 RF2459PCBA START450 M38861E6AHP TSC80C51TXXX-20AA MC145201F TLC274AID L6386 HD-6409/883 AM29F016B-90E4IB ACT-SF128K32N-39P1I NKE0305D SMBJ6.0 RT9261B-17CX WF512K32N-150H1I5 BC857CF 2SC4443 TS421IST WS512K32L-15H1QA IDT54FCT166H244ETPF IDT74257DTD MVL-914UYLK M38252MDMXXXFS LM78M06T AM29LV002T-120FEB UC3871DWTR X25649S8I 1N5945B V48MLA1210LNH JM38510/07001BDA AME8510AEEVYHFX22 VI-J3DEX REC5-2905DRWL 1N5399GP S80C186EC25 M38500E3H-SS ES51977 BUL52BFI TDA8752H/6 HV9605CP CD74HCT280E 1N4101 R3612 5962-8872901DA MAX6334UR17D1-T M2F1 M38031F4-XXXSP MURF1040CT 5962-8875201DA IDT79R305140J FR301-T3 M38042F2-XXXFP MBR3035CT RH5RH591A-T2 HM6264ALFP-10L NT5DS32M8AW-66 BAV302 1N5254B MAQ17502FE 2SK2254-01S NM93C46LN ST700C22L2 LT1133ACN PSTD82/14 2SB822 BAT54C LA1267 AM27C040-200PC MACH231-12JC/1 PI5C32202A 5962F9475405QXC BZG04-8V2 02CZ20-Y IDT54FCT521AEB KBPC2502 IMP38HC43ESD PN4250A TMS320LC545APBK-50 74LCX00SJ SN75LVDS81DGGR NJM2508V R7220405ES

15 April 2024 (New datasheets):

P6KE250C-T3 QL16x24B-1PL84I SC80C31BACB44 RD20FM SMAJ78C CAT93C5713K-25TE13 48IMS25-05-9G MAX6318LHUK47BZ-T DSA17-12A M30622MC-XXXGP P4SMAJ22A-T3 M38227M8HXXXFP XC4025E-2PG229I APR3013-23AI-TR STUB539 TLC320AD58CDWR P6KE75A L25S8 FU-68PDF-V520M202B 8.2BSC EM638165TS-8 IDT742257DTSOB PS200 AS7C31024-20JI ADC08234BIJ GMS37112 CY7C199L-12PC ACM2002P-REBW-T F12C50A LNJ861C38RA ST333S04PFM3L SMAJ8.5(C)A 1N4448HWS LTC1069-6 PIC16C554AT-04I/P DM74ALS00AN IDT74FCT2827DTQB LP3964EMPX-3.3 1N4921 DB106G R6200240 M38500FFH-XXXFP CHF5KP85A FR304G U631H256BD1C25 WS128K32N-25G2TM APA3010YC APL5506-A16OC-TR MXD205AC IDT54FCT2534CTPB GNR10D181K MAR17502CS M38259M3DXXXHP G41601A-DC12-Nil TESVSP0E685M8R MT5C1005DCJ-20L/883C EDI88512LPA15NM SB80L186EC16 74HC165PW MAX6318MHUK31DY-T NT512D72S4PA0GR-7K AM1517-025 TR2101SY12 UC3705T TLC080CD NJM78L08UA IRF133 KBPC5010P MX7535KN SF32 BZW04P58 LM120H-12 GL34G APL431BEI-PB MPSA92 X24C00SI-3 GC102BN9515015FS MAX1204BCPP UPD63GS-XXX-E1 1SMB2EZ51 MAX40-18.0CA IA8255-PLC40C 5962F9475402QXC VI-RU0YX-XXXX IC61LV25616-15KI ZVP1320A L4957AD1.8 FDC655AN 2N6213 RE5VT37CC RH5RH612B-T1 RS602M M5M5256CKP-85LX UBD1.2 R9G02022 72UF120APD DDU224F-300M VI-NWM-XX NM25C640ULZEN AT27C1024-45PI SD103N04S15PBC TLC081CDGN M38503ECH-SS TDA7429T UF1510 FMMT451 M38250EE-GP

14 April 2024 (New datasheets):

LX5226CDWP VI-PURF-XXX QL3060-3PB456M M1T1HT18PL32E MAJ160A NJM2113D 5429FCT52CTL MM3033G 14KESD85A SML60L38 LS6J2M-4D/Y UPD75116FGF-XXX-3BE N74F256D SMCJ24C SMBJ5354B X25F047MI-5 IDT74FCT162244ATE MUR420 HRU0302A SMBJ9.0(C)A D2525P30 TIP105 STV5111 IDT74FCT240CTPB KM4132G271BTQ-7 MTE53N50E SMCG20A TK71639ASIL RD27JS-T2 REC10-6315SRWL E05-30T U630H64DK25 HWS303 SFH523 TL061CPWLE GMS90L58PL MT5C1001C-25L/XT 24LC32A-I/P SST29EE020-150-4I-PH BZV55-C9V1 AME8501AEETCA28 1.5KE82A GBL005 Z80C3008PSC BYD77D 2EZ19 ST333C08LHK3L TC4429CAT MI-N6R-XX TC1029EPA CAT93C5623SA-25TE13 SN74AHCT86PWR PQ09NF1 M38046F6-FP RE5VT19CA-TZ CD4515BCN BU4551BFV M62359FP TIP161 AM29LV102BT-120EEB SD630CS AT27BV400-12RC REC8-2309SRWL TE4003S PSMA5933B WS512K32-55H1IA SNJ54ABT125FK TLV2322IP TPS76828QD PIC16LF873-20E/PT VI-M51-XX APT12040JLL GC89SNBA12F CXD2720Q S-29430AFE TC342AL/CL A3518LUA-TL SN74ABT5401DW AD668SQ SMLG85C WS512K32N-120HQE M38065M7AXXXGP PDM31256SA20TA SMI-1607-681 5962R9651801QXC LB1423N CM15MD3-12H M38259E9MFP QL4036-0PQ208I IS61LV12816-15K BYR29-600 SST27SF020-90-3C-NG 3KP14 DS2906SZ36 HEC40175BDB TMS320C57SPJEA ZRC250N803 GNR14D391K UT62L2568BS-55LLI IP2844D FA13845P DN6849SE OHN3175U MX26L1620TI-90 1N6820 APT5010B2LL 700-4

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