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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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21 September 2023 (New datasheets):

SA56614-31GW LBA127LS LLZJ36B 74ABT543CMSA P1200SB 1N6139 M38866ECAGP AS431A1LPB NC2D-DC48V ST330C16C2 HZS16-1 WS512K32L-45G1UI HJ4-T-AC200V MSB556DA ARF681S45 GC4222 TLV2545IDGKR X28C256T-20 R24K15 SMD99F-5025MC2 5962R9655501VXC M38222M2HXXXFS MI-QC62ZY-XXX 5962D0053601QXC ICTE-45 PT6621P 5962F9475405VLX P4SMAJ43A-T3 RH5RH733B-T1 SVHD21D156M AME8842GEHA IRFP450A RZ1214B65Y TSOP2856PM1 TX2SS-L-12V MSM514800CSL-60JS MC10H130L LTI606 BZW06-154 SN74ALS645ADW 5962H9655301QEC AZ954Y-1C-3DS FN1A4Z-L EBS25EC8APSA-75L DMC20261NYJ-LY-D 1N6109A G65SC02-AEW-5 TK11044M-1TL FM93CS66M8 S10C90A 74ABT646CMTC P87C576EHBB IXFH6N90 DG390ACK ACM1602B-FLGH-T UPD75218CW-XXX MRF8372R1 UT7C139C55WCA PA28F004S5-120 BUX48A SMBJ5948D AT24C16-10SC U631H16DC25 2SD974 TSC80C51XXX-30AF UZ4724 IDT54FCT2541CTDB KM684000BLTI-5L LK1501-7R GS8320Z18T-225I MMBT3906WT1 P4C164-35JI GTLP16616MEAX LP4951CM TLC2262IPW V53C16258HT50I XC9536XL-10VQ44I ICX059ALB MI-RC6RWX-XXXX WMS512K8L-45FMA M38227M7MXXXFS XMMA1000P D2555G60 MX7578KEWG IDT7205L15TP 1.5SMCJ150A MAX349MJN M27C512-15XB6 MBM29F080A-55PFTN GP1U262R AM27C64-55PI LM2902VD FM27C512V150 ML2280BIS HY62256AP-55 TLC320AC02CPM AME8510AEEVFFE22 MAX6321HPUK49DZ-T M38062EF-XXXFP X28C010EMB-12 MH1962P W27C010P-70 EPM7128SQC100-10F MV8411 MAX187BCPA RFP2N10L WS512K32L-55H1I

20 September 2023 (New datasheets):

LS9J2M-2UR/FG-T RC4156M S93WD663P-2.7 MAC5114LC ICTE-5 SN74LVT573PWLE M38502FBH-XXXSS ACM2002C-RLYW-T NTE5245AK SCANPSC110FLMQB STV0680B-001 AD532JH UCC3941D-5 FB5001 QL6500-6PS484M RY24 UPC8102T-E3 AM29LV200T-100FI P4KE150 MAX40-150.0C AGM1212D-RLFTH-T PDZ36B APL5507-B20KC-TR MC33463H-33LT1 GC89SNCC24RS L9362 G73AS-DC24 GMS81C1408 KTA1282 SB1620F SV1506FK CAT5114PI-00TE13 UPC2722GR-E1 AM29LV001BB-55FIB FQB12N50 SN74AS258N Z8917529FSC HD74LS293 SN74ALS156DR IDT6116LA120PB QL7100-7PS484M LM2575HVS-12 IP350AV NTE4981 SMBJ90A UT06MRA550 HPR108V 74HC73DB X28HC64SMB-90 BR601 WS512K32-25H1QA HT6026 HER3002 TOP242Y PBYR1060 A1750A33FFFC10 IDT74FCT162245ETPAB BA6395AFP R3111E221A-TZ SNJ55453BJG HS1537 D83C51FA X25649S14-2,7 A371-20AS NX29F010-90TI MAX400EJA R6800U-26 RN5VL36CA-TR M38041ME-XXXFP MSK5130-3.3BZU SP5054KGDPAS AZ948-1A-48D HSA1529 TLC2264QD P6SMBJ33A MX23C1610RC-10 MC74ACT541DWR2 UC5603QP DG419CY P4KE160CA-TB ICS9108-10CS14 TSC80C51CXXX-40MA/883 P4KE13A 2SD2390 S87LPC762FN M38205M6DXXXGP 1H5 M38257EDE-HP FS10VS-5 MC14528BDR2 2N5301 CP601 X25324S8-1,8 1N5408 1N2827B ZXM64P02XTC TPS5615EVM-115 L2004D3 1N5295 BA6855AFM CLC412AJP IRFR210B AD7224LR-1 ST90T30C6 WE128K32P-140G1UMA MR2506 ATV2500BL-20KM/883 TG-65

19 September 2023 (New datasheets):

LC6554D LH531V00T GS8180Q18D-200I MC14551BDR2 SMCJ51C TIP145 GL5HV43 VKF55-08IO7 269-C-160-D-14xx-C CS4396-KS IS80C32-40PLI STD3NM50 MAX2473EUT-T MN346H/BCH SMCJ120CA 15KP22A GC89SRCC10F UC3886DTR P4KE300 SB240 VI-RUWPX-XXXX 269-D-250-F1480-A M38C29M8-XXXFP SPX2700T3-5.0 AGM3224E-RL-GBD-T PDM31034SA10SOI OMC507 SN74ABT623PWLE L113YDT P6KE30A MAX6190BESA NJM2293D SNJ54LVTH244AFK PCD5002AH TXD2000MLKFLLNH MAX6331LUR-T M38866FCAHP IC62VV5128L-100T MB15F02SLPV1 UCC5673PWP M38026M3DXXXFP M38049M3-XXXFP R1221N30XB-TR WS512K32NV-120G2TQ G901BS-AC12-NilNil 2CW37-18A CD411660 1519-150G M38250MCMXXXGP WS128K32NV-17G1UM PF3502 RL-3.305SH MM1326AJ BYD47-16 LS6J2M-5R/FG-T BT137F-800F IDT54FCT16245ATPF PS7112L-1A SST29EE020-200-4I-PN ADS7820UB/1K MC74LVX32DTR2 TSC80C51CXXX-L20AG SM1624C OM5205DC NDL7620P1C M38046M1-XXXFP M38199EA-XXXFP REC5-1415DRWL ZTX452 74AC11544N M38222E3HHP XC4003E-2PG120C M38226E2DFS BS-C283ND SI-8402L M27C256B-12XC3 AD569KP RH5RH503B-T2 1N5260B DV2954S1H MX27C512PC-12 SMBG22CA ADS-927MM CXA2581N PIC16F873T-10I/SP PT2128A-M20 HE9018 BAV100 FAR-C1SB-10000-G01-U LC-21 PI74FCT162Q373TV DS90C032E-MIL SMCG160C OPL800-OC M5M51008CKV-70H MM3092D BYV95C BC859AW SST89V554RC-40-C-TQI SPX1582U-2.8 BUK581-60A PIC17CR42-08/SP NTE5010T1 M38049FB-XXXFP HS-26CT32RH-T SN74ALS74AD M38867E7A-HP

18 September 2023 (New datasheets):

SA45 M38863MBA-XXXGP BZX399-C2V0 IDT7204L50J WMF128K8-50FFM5A MUBW15-06A7 WS512K32-35G1UQ TL1051FR MT55L256V32PB-7.5IT AM27S191SALC SL74HC158N RHRP6120CC MB90F583CPFV RN5VT12AA-TR BY299 1N5266B R3112Q49A-TR HI1-0509A-2 BZX84C5V6 SN75123DR TZA3031U SMAJ28A XC4062XLA-08HQ304I RURH3060CC X9314WMI3 P6FMBJ56A SEL5920A PST593E M38227E1HFP CMOZ13L OR2C26A-4S304I 5KP30C FAR-C3SB-07373-K21-U BS-CA12RD R1223N382B-TL V48MLA1210LH P4SMAJ15A-T1 SST39LF020-45-4C-NH EK09 MAS5114CL KD1084ADT36 1.4KESD110 SG120A-08IG/883B TLC27L4MJ MXP1041PV-V RD36FM IC62C1024L-70QI HSA137A GL4HS8 LM3722EM5-4.63 PI74LCX573L JM38510/65755B2A G65SC21L-4 5962H9475405QXA TR2004SF25 TLC073ID PIC16C924-08/PT DAC7545KP MF10CCWM SNJ54AHC541J M38863F7A-XXXHP SST29LE010-200-4C-NH AN80L34RMS TP8833AP G72SA-DC24S MI-LC6R-XX TPS2837DR IDT54FCT2540TDB P6KE160 BS-CB45RE LX8382-33CP 100329FMQB AT49LV080-12RI MX7541KCWN IXUC100N055 UF100S AP1117T28A 1N5407-TB M48Z12-120PC6 MMBTA28 XC2S100E-6TQ144C GP103BG-DC24-B MC74ACT244SDR2 CAT93C5713PA-30TE13 CAT93C5632PA-25TE13 QM75E2Y-H MC10H424P F16C10 1N5822 AGM1212E-NLBTW-T EN29F800T-90TI MX355P FAR-C4CN-14746-M20-R SMCJ160A DM74ALS563AWM ST1900C48R2L STB6NA80 RN5VS35CA-TL UZ8712 74F2620DCX AIC1680P60CZ PIC16LF877T-10E/PT MC03AX1456RT HD74LV139A MMSZ5253 LPK382-PS AM27C512-200DE SMP5460

17 September 2023 (New datasheets):

LM2937IMP-10 ULCE17 IS61NLP12836-5B XCR3256XL-10TQ144C S10S35 BUW13A CAT93C5733J-42TE13 SM5820B VI-NUP-XX SD303C04S15C VRE104C MDD72-18N1B LMC6044AIM SNJ54HCT245J E10-40 5962H9659301QXX SF53-TB MAX6310UK25D4-T 3D7205Z-30 ZTX320 GC79SNCE12R Am29LV400T90RFCB NTE923D RT9172N-27CG P6SMBJ7.5A 269-C-190-F1480-A MAX1245BEPP P6KE110C TDA8765H/4/C1 FAR-C3SA-03580-K00-U ZM4748A 1N6641US MR3G-K PSMA9.0A HMMC-5027RF UC2706DW RD16E-T1 UPD75108FGF-XXX-3BE LM809M3X-2.63 SL2017MP1S REC3-6912SRWZ SN74AC11DR WS128K32N-120G2UCA SF55 1SMB2EZ14 ST2100C34R2 DS1673S-3 AGQ200A06Z SN74CBT3861PWR PDTA144WU 5962H9475403QXX TLV2783IN FFA10U40DN TZA3034T LP62S1024AX-55LLI WMS512K8-20CLCA 74AC11157N BSS79C AM24LC08N8A ISD4002-240P ACM1602T-NLFS-T TS393IN UF4001 IS61NP51218-133TQ XC40110XV-09BG432C M38C32EAMXXXFS TB3100L M38046F9-FP SA702N 2PD602AR LM4130AIM5X-2.5 5962R9652601VCX SPAKMC331CFV20 5KP26 TS555IN SN74ALS646A-1DW 5962H9657501QEX PI74FCT373TQ SMBJ26 AZ948-1A-9D 78L06M MN3020 IN74HC14AN HS7541AKS TZX6V2E 2417J4A UT54ACTS139UCX BZV55-F15 UC1707J883B STH60N10FI WMS128K8L-85DEM CL-260HR-CD-TD MAX394CPP VI-J4RCX HT1050 RE5RL30AA-RR MT48LC2M32B2TG-6 HM628512BFP-7 UPC29S10H SN74HC132APWR OP284RPLS SMBJ5932 1SMC5375 LM2660MM S10A30 3D7304-50 BC847CW

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