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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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27 September 2023 (New datasheets):

FU-68PDF-V520M153B STD17NF03L CXP82948 3.0SMCJ7.0CA PT78NR105S MSM514262-80JS PIC17LC752-08I/SP P6KE13A-T3 M38205M2DXXXHP MG74PB36 VI-MC6M-XX GL1EG136 5962R9656601VEA TL-SCSI285MFK KBPC1012F/W HV9308X 2N1911 R1170H311A-T2 CM10MD1-12H M38862F1AHP AZ943-1CH-12DE MAX537BC/D SAC8.0 P4KE440 MAX514BEWI RB154S NJM2520M SST29VF512-55-4I-PH SN74ALS32N3 3KP110CA AZ23-C20 ZMM5238C TDA8579/N1 LF40CPT SMV2106-15 CAT93C5734UA-28TE13 5962-9219401MSA M38060E3AXXXGP WF128K32N-150G2UC5 IP79M12H TLV1571IDW M38864FEAFS BD242A M38196MA-XXXFS M2V28S40ATP-6 5962G9475402VLC Z02W20V RFG50N05L AGM1532A-FLYBH-T UC2825J MAX351CSE IS41LV44004-50J P6SMBJ78C HCF4006B TC1270LERC STH8NA80FI GS-R1012 IXTM12N90 GBPC25W-01 1N4485US M4A3-128/64-10YC SPC-0605-271 M5M5256DFP-55LL-W SP312ACP SAA7111AHZ/03 M38250MFMXXXHP GS880F36BT-7I M38866FCAFS AME8501BEFTDD31 BD241C LM137AK/883 MBR2530CT CD74AC158M TL494CN SST29EE020-150-4C-EH MAX4506CSA LB1450 MG64PB14 M38258EDMFP M38030FF-XXXSP 48IML10-05-3 LM3420AM5-12.6 ACM1602L-NEYS-T 2SK1179 CAT28LV65KI-30T AGM1264D-MEYBW-T TL7770-5MFKB BYQ28EF-100 ISO518P-U H7C3 BA157 MAX309MJE 2SK2186 M38063M9-XXXGP JM38510/10101BP KD1084D2T50 1N960A MBR1030 SFR9024 A29400TM-70 MAX4274BJESA 1N4701 SMCJ100 C1363 MTN2130-13A AT52BR1674T-85CI MHW903

26 September 2023 (New datasheets):

P4KE8.2CA-T3 CAT93C5723PA-30TE13 AM29LV800BT80SEB 1N4733 P4SMAJ28CA AME8501AEFTDA21 1N6270CA 5962-9657201QRC AM29LV400BB120SEB 1.5SMC160CA HEF40163BD 28LV256SI-4 1N4123D 2N2484 LTC1421CSW MMBT5210 S10A30P IDT54FCT2534TLB SL2035MP1S 20IMX7-24-24-9 30KW42A LM194MDS KD1083D2T25 REC10-2205DRWL CMPZ4710 MAX6317HUK36BX-T LB1413N HA17903FPK 1.5KE22C IRF421 SF33 P89C58UFPN CD74HC147M96 SN74ALS645AN H30D30C S3P8454 SN74LVT244BDWR IDT54FCT2245TD MX27C2048QC-55 AD834JR-REEL S-875025AUP-ADA-T2 5962F9684501VXA AGM1212D-NEBTH-T UCC3952DP-1 AT59C13-10PI AZ971E-1A-24D IRF5804 NTE4868 1N6275 SN74ALVTH16240DLR IDT54FCT645CDB 74AC257MTCX HYB3165805BTL-60 BC560CZL1 RLD-78MD TK65934MTL P6KE82 AT24CS128N-10SI PDM31532LA15TTY DDU4F-5050M MACPES0050 R1111N151B-TL HM514400ATT-6 AME8500BEFTAA44 FS1AS-16A ST93C56CM3TR GM71CS17400CLT-5 RS3MB AGM1532A-FEFBW-T RN5RZ54AA-TR C982 X24042S8-2,7 MH2S64CWZTJ-1539 ST6220CM1 IXFN200N06 X24641S8-1,8 LTC1731ES8-4.2 R1121N331B-TR SN74LVC541APWR PT5042A IRFU220N EP1F-B3N1 AT93C46-10SI-1.8 SAA3008P REC5-6015SRWZ LM2931BV33 G901AO-DC5-Nil2 40SL2 62033-102 BD179 FM93CS46LZ MC74HCT273ADT RFT3055LE CDLL5305 MAX6317HUK29AW-T 1.5KE320 SN74ABT16501DGGR G902BS-AC48-1Nil BZX2C43V 1N5969 IDT54FCT646DTSO PDT1442-BI-SF LAA100LS N80C152JB M28W320CT M38502M3-XXXSS P6KE20CA PIC16LF83-10I/SS

25 September 2023 (New datasheets):

M5-192/120-12YC AGM1264E-NNGBW-T HC5521CQ M5M5V408BTP-85HW MX27C1000AMI-90 REC15-1805DRWBZ RS1K MM74HC4316WM BTA208XseriesE DF45114 BZX84-A27 KM684000LTI-8L AT28BV16-25JC 2SB566A(K) CXD2301Q MAX178BCWG V14MLA0805LT A1750A58RRFC08 DS1135Z-8 2SK2357 MC145480DW PSD112/12 AT49BV8192T-20TI ST230C08C0 KA3084D LC1917HAN-011 AM29LV200BB-120FI CAT93C6634U-25TE13 74LCX240M SF1G4 HIN211 G691L400T26 L-191VEW-TR MI0IX 5962-9652501QXX 2SB805 3KP8.5 ADP3405ARU PCF2114AU/10 CL-195SR GC102BR7013022RD REC15-4312DRWB ST110S16P1L AGM1232C-REGTW-T AT49BV512-12TC A451PM B80C3300 IRLR230A SN74LV86ADBR 1F5 REC3-2415DRWZ 1N5518C TLC5618AMFKB SMCG70CA M38869E4A-FS SZ5514 FAR-C4CN-06144-L00-R HA1387 MC68332ACFV16 DD503 SFR301-T3 APL5302-17KI-TR CL-265HR/YG 5962L0053601QXA AP2012SEC JM38510/31004BC MBM29DL322TE80TR MAX379CWG MI5NIV 74ABT2241PW GC102BR5013020RD T10C220BF TLE2142ACP MC74LVX244D APA3010SGD 1N4759A MI-QC2Z4-XXX PSA5A5-2 GP2400ESM12 THAT1440 P6KE130C MAX4582EPE MB2505W MMVL535T1 SC2128C-D91S MI-RC604X-XXXX PJA367C UBA2050T LNM428AA01 M38205E1-XXXGP KBL10 HBCS-4999 P6KE250 TSM108IDT EM83812DP RN5VD32CA-TR PT2128A-M93S 1N4703 DG308ACY LF55ABV SR102 HJ4-L-AC220/240V-R TM400HA-M MC7924CD2T MDE-32D102K DG408AK KBPC2508G

24 September 2023 (New datasheets):

FR1604 LTC1290DMJ M38253EADGP K4D26323RA-GC36 MAZ1047 KBPC2510 NC7SP86 SJA2920 IDT54FCT645CTP FEC15-12S12 FCX1053A LM1117DT-5.0 FAR-C4CN-11059-K12-R P4C1981-12PC LMS202EIM SSM2143P S204120 LP2950CT AM29LV008BB-90ECB MH8V72AWZJ-6 MAX293CWE BYW28-500 BZW04-6V4B LAA676-S F1A1 74VCXH162373TTR CAT93C4623SI-25TE13 GS816033T-250 RH5RH571A-T1 GMA2888C MI-J7TIY XC2S30-5TQ144I 74VCX38MX SST39VF040-45-4I-B3H RE5RE35AA-RR MC146818C R1223N372F-TR LM2588T-12 M38B53E1-XXXFP SMV20433-08 PIC16CE623T-20I/SS RM100DZ-2H SM5006AKCS IDT49FCT806PY FS6322-03 PA88A RD6.8ES TC55RP5102EMB IC61C256AH-10U AS7C33512PFS16A-133TQC LM101AP STP4NA40 BSM150GB170DN2E3166 CHFP6KE6.0C TIP48 RL2A VRE3025BS GC79SRAB20RS IRG4BC30U-S SNJ54BCT244J M38030FD-SP PS21661 TIP102 MC74AC574DTEL WMS128K8L-120DRI PD65-32MA TC1262-33VDBTR 74LVX14SJ DDU12H-400 M38501E1H-SP SN74HCT04DR BC807-25 R7014403XXUA SMJ1500-10B-PCB DG302C/D 1N5943B CD74HCT85E UC3827DW-1 IDT54FCT245DTE M38860ECA-HP DSS16-0045A R6091 AM27C040-120DE XC40110XV-09HQ240C SPT7861 NTE4939 HPR106W AME8810OEGT KBU802G OM5204SC 2SC3650 5962H9651201QCX TAF1453G MYB81TA WS128K32NV-35H1CA TLE2022MD AD7224KR-18 TEN4-4810 SDE25X26A2 X25F047SI-5 269-B-240-F1480-C 84091012A MPTE-15C AGM1532A-REGBS-T L-319HGW APM4429KC-TUL ST62E20CF1 BY505

23 September 2023 (New datasheets):

SMJ320C40HFHM50 AT25256C1-10CC-2.7 P4KE20C M38074M7-XXXFS GS84032AB-150 TISP3125F3D AT90-1106-TB AN5192K SMCJ11 MAX4162ESA CD74HCT112E MSM82C53-2JS CAT65LC40J-TE13 KBJ4J PHT-1902 DCD010 C65SC21PS-1 SY10H841 VI-J1NIX MAX5140IPG WS1M32-85G3IA NM24C02EMT8 LSB480-EH MAX649C/D A29001UL-55 WF512K32N-90H1I5 Am29SL800CB100ECB DLO32F-8B2 1N5277 NT3883H RD9.1JS-T4 FU-68SDF-V802M128B TDA8772AH/8 NTE2539 TLV5616CD RT9261-16CB HD6803 SMBJ170A MAX704TMJA 28C256APC-2 BA17810FP JM38510/30109BEA KV1851KTR HSMS-C670 BAS70-04 ACM2402B-RLGW-T R1120N511B-TR 1.5KE33A M38207E4DXXXFS LP3962EMPX-2.5 FS6261-01 HY57V641620HGT-S AT28C256-20PI PD90HB40 TLC074CD NJM2060V CAT25C041U14I-25TE13 JM38510/31502BCA SB3040PT SN74LVTH240DW FQB50N06 CD74HCT240M96 272005 M38860F1AHP 5962R9651801VXC LOP380-P AS29LV800B-90TI BY329-1500S AD8110 UGF8DT PBU1006 UTR25 ACM1602K-FLGH-T MX10EXA NTE4974 APL5302-48D5C-TR MN12511 MIM-93M1AKL UL635H256BSC45 MI-RC623X-XXXX CAT24C321PI-28TE13 SMCJ154CA-TR L70S10 LM6171BIMDA FAR-M2SC-12M288-D116 L-155YGC-TR TP2535N3 DM9102F G72DA-DC12S AS432B2VSA SEL5223S BZX55 - C39 MAX324EPA MC141533T MC68185 DE1a-L-12V SMZ12Q SMLG36CA SN74AHC367N SN74S153N3 LS6J3M-3R/T MV63539.MP8B SC2128C-L32S SD153R16S10PSV FS50VS-2 IDT74FCT2646ATLB SA16

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