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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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5 Marth 2024 (New datasheets):

APW38HC45AKC-TR MAR17503CL M38B59M9-XXXFP 25AA640T-/SN JM38510R75204SC BCY87 P4KE33CA DP83820BVUW SD253N04S20PBV 1.5KE150A SN54LS40J SR2100 AIC1732-52CX RF210A OM5327RC R1120N581A-TR GP101AG-AC220-L X25F064VI BAX12 SN74BCT240DBLE GS840F18AT-10I MUR3005WT P6FMBJ11 MAX1705EEE NTE187A TC07VOA CDLL4705 AM29LL800BT-200EIB ST280S04M1V S3B-T3 PT6957 TL34072AD PR3005 1N2979B FU-68SDF-V810M109B WMS512K8VL-120DEME PD45128441G5-A10T-9JF PT2128A-B30S IN74ACT10N MLL3030B SN74HC126D SB580 GBL02 MBM29F400TC-90PFTN NJM78L18UA LCE8.0A FM25C160U PD110-23LC RN5RT38AC TC3502 STUP047 TA8411L BD-C305ND-A TK65932MTL STK15C88-N25 BPW14NB S82078-1 SL74LV374D JAN4N49A HN4K03JU HUF75339P3 DTV82F FAR-C4CN-08000-M12-R PI49FCT2807BTS U643B M38259MFDXXXHP PMBT3904 M38258E2MHP N74F126D G17BDNil-DC12 EFC480C M38252ME-XXXFP DF06S APT2X30D60J AM29F200AB-90DTE1 AD767ACHIPS SMAJ36 P83C851FBP MC33275DT-3.0RK FDS2670 PIC16C84-10I/SO CS4222 MIC2012CM IDT74FCT2374TLB CDLL255 CAT93C5611KI-25TE13 301UA80 M38225M7-XXXHP Am29LV160DT-70SC CAT25C022S16I-25TE13 AM29LV001BB-70EEB 54F38DC IDT74FCT162501CTPV MD51V65805-60JA P6KE200A PDM34088SA8TQTY MS28F016SV S-81252SGY-Z M38065M6AXXXFS MC74AC160D LS6U2M-1R 30CPF06 SA12 FR157P ST75C185BN SM6104P U632H16DK35 KBJ406G

4 Marth 2024 (New datasheets):

DS1225AD-150 FR206G IDT54FCT534TDB GBU4K JTN1S-PA-F-DC12 TPSMB15 TDA2615 LM837M 1N749D KBU607 MLL1.4KESD30 L7952ACD2T AD7845BR TK71528SCL RP05-1212DFH 1N5937C REC8-7105SRWL REC10-6505DRWLZ RT9172F-33CM5 ISD33240P IDT79RV308125PFB BZX84-A8V2 ASM0402C MX26C2000BTC-12 IDT54823ATP SMA152B BS-A31DRD-B SM4007 DA08-11EWA M38034M1-XXXSP SA630D FU-68PDF-V510M19B SMAJ130 X25325V14 1F1 15KP70A MAX737CWE Z86E3016KSE CAT25C162SA-17TE13 A3141LUA CAT5112R-50TE13 PEEL18CV8TI-10 HL02U15D05Z NTE171 ZCA6H04NBNEM MG73PB02 SA150 74LCX540MTR 74VHC374MTC FS5UM-16A FMMT734 BA6162 PT78HT233S TLC2558IPW SMAJ16A CAT24C082PI-25TE13 MPF102 P4SMAJ64CA VI-PUMV-XXX WMF512K8-120CI5A 3D7205H-20 1N759A 1N4942G 1N4001G WS512K32F-85G2IEA LP2951ACS-5 BS-AG01RD CAT24WC04PI-1.8TE13 RQ5RW48BB L4931CD55 TDA3190 503ET-1 IDT7143LA35J SST39LF016-90-4I-B3K M38040F2-XXXFP CY7C42930DMB A1751A44FFSC10 TS87C58 FPBL20SM60 M38072EF-XXXFP CAT93C4623JI-42TE13 IDT7164LS70Y REC15-1005DRWB P4KE75A BCR3AS-12L 1.5KE160A MI-LJ61-XX IDT74FCT162652CTPFB DTC143ZRLRA KIA78R12F GBLC12C 15KP100A CY7C1032-10JC M38065E7-XXXGP STP30N06 MZD33 XC4036XL-1HQ304I R1122N151B-TL 74F574PC 1.5KE30CARL4 SMBJ16CA 1.5SMCJ10CA RS56 MC26LS30D W24129AK-12 LM1281N T320/08

3 Marth 2024 (New datasheets):

MJF122 CM200DU-12H TC54VC6001EMB GH3-P024SK2 SN74LVT245BDBR MA4E1339B-1146T P6KE120A MI-QC62X-XXX GM71CS17400CLJ-5 US1A HA1E-AC6V RP-1212S MAX231C/D LM139AJ-MLS BY399 RGP30M SD600N25PSC 28LV64JM-5 SB330-TB IDT74FCT841ATE MT46V64M4TG-6 PU40-10SL IRF246 NTE5697 QEB125-48S2P5 LM4860MX PI5L200Q MAN6930 PS2802-4-F3 MCP604-I/SL AGM1212B-RLBTW-T S8016R OR2T15A-4S304I LM10CWM ACM1602R-FLGD-T IDT74FCT374DTD TE150 1N4047R AM29LV400BT-80FCB PDU17F-6C5 CD74FCT543EN GS840H36T-100 SMBJ24A 1.5KE100CA PDI1284P11DL ES1D IP117AG UPC4091G2-E2 MAX4526CUA SNJ54HC191J HC1HP-AC6V P0404FC12C MM3103D SY33 P4KE27A 5962-9653001QXX IRF730 AT49LV001T-12JI TEN20-4812WI BDX34 PLCDA05 1N5250B IDT54FCT299ATDB LX8610-33CDM 1N6289 TL431ACX UT69151-LXE15GPC M38063E8DXXXFS IDT7025L70JB IDT54821ATSOB M38252E2DFS M38225E5-FP 5962-9460102QXA APL5507-B28OC-TR MAX350EWN MOC8105 74LVC373AD GS82032T-6I AQS610TSZ GP103C-DC125-L EIN10 MI-RC64XX-XXXX DBF10 P6KE27A XR73-2.2R FDS6912A TLV2772MD BC847A PXAS33KBBE DBI25-12 EM636327Q-8 U632H64SK25 U635H16SK25 IDT74FCT373TQ PS2565L-2 HYB3165800AT-60 NTE894SM MM74HC245AMTC M38034M4-XXXHP 1N4755A L2008L8 BFG520/X MT8920BP FAR-C4SB-12000-M02-U SNJ54S182J MT4093-UR MG63PB12 STUP518 TEMD5100

2 Marth 2024 (New datasheets):

3.0SMCJ5.0C UF2010 5962F9466311VYX 1N5399 MAX517ACPA 1N749AUR-1 IC61LV256-12T M37640E8FP M38063EF-XXXGP M38039F7-SP IN74ACT534DW MSK5012ZD PST9325U DB103 GS882Z18AD-133 ST330S14M1 SA871 TEA5710 FMMTL717 FFM102-M 5KP36CA SD203R12S15PBC FAR-C4SB-10000-L22-U 28LV256SI-5 TSC3570 IDT6168LA35P MSK5206ZS MV8141 SN74LS86AN PDTA124ET M38502M8H-XXXSP PUP130-16 RBM-1.809D 5962R8769901BDA M38060E8-XXXFS SAF-C502-L20N AM28F256-120JEB THS6062CDGN MC79L15CLP SMBJ150A WMS256K16L-20FGM IDT74FCT574CTSO LM4120AIM5X-3.3 FAR-F5CE-942M50-K237-V TK15405MTL FDC10-48S33 SMCJ48CA P4C174-20PC 3D7304D-400 IRFBC40S P6KE11C-T3 74F189SCX MI-PC6J2-XXX IDT542257TQ TA2020-020 HER307-T3 TLV2463CDGSR SN74LVTH244ADBLE SST89C554-33-C-NJ 1.5KE150CA SY100E111LE HC2HL-AC24V 1N4762 1N5364B PT2127A-B93 5KP43C BU2515DF TL494IN NC2D-PL2-DC12V VTL11D7-20 SA43 P4KE100-TB M38064M7-XXXFP LM4873MTEX-1 5KP36A MMDT4401 SB1040FCT NTE5019T1 ID245E01 R1221N21XF-TR 2N4119 78SR114SC LMH6626MA IDT74FCT16H501ETE SA100A ACM4002E-FLYS-T CD74HCT40105E VKA100LS03 MC74F779J CAT25C321S16-30TE13 M38036M4-XXXFP MAX4519C/D BYD33K BSS123 M27C256B-20N1 AD8002ARM-REEL ARD5004H UC3827Q-1 FAR-C3SB-07373-M01-U AGM1264D-REFTW-T PDM31256SA20SOATR 1447427 15KP110CA A1750A23FFFC08 STP5NK80Z M38257MBDXXXFS P6KE27A

1 Marth 2024 (New datasheets):

M38B56MC-XXXFS SMS7630-001 PA28F008SC-120 M38867EBAGP SP5055SSMP MC14049UBFL2 PDU1016H-0.5MC4 V54C316162VC-7 K9F5608U0C-YIB0 MCM44D64BSG12 GOA95014 HD29028FP M38258E5DFS VI-RN0XX-XXXX SP3222EHCY SMQ500PS05-CB SM5132CP WS1M8L-55FMA PZTA14 REC8-1305DRWL WS512K32NBV-20H2MEA FAR-C1CB-10000-G01-R DM74LS157M BT137S-500D SMAJ19(C)A PT2127A-L84S REC3-3612DRW BYV28-50 SNJ55183W 1N1190 SST39VF200A-55-4I-EN DAC7612UB TLC2652AIP 1N6054A KBU801 M4A5-64/32-10VI48 MDE-40D182K CAT25C041S16I-42TE13 MAX705EPA AT28C256-25LM/883 PMSTA06 CA0124E WMS512K8-25CI ARX4407-201-1 BZV55-B75 AM29LV400BB80SI IDT29FCT53CSOB TSH112IDT RL257 CAT93C5624S-45TE13 QTLP652C-IG LMX3161VBHX CAT24WC02P-1.8TE13 P5KE18C EDI88130CS20LM LB1832V FAR-C4SA-04915-K11-U SMCJ28A-TR STK401-310 MT5C1008F-15L/883C NPH15S2412Ei REC15-6912DRWBZ SPT7852SCU SP693ACN VI-QUH3-XXX TSC80C31-20CC P80C575EFPN PT6626P VND830SP13TR EL2045CN LP2953IM-3.3 LHi878 BZV55-C6V2 MC12147D 269-D-170-F1480-A AT49F1604T-70UI SN74LS02ML1 GS9023-CFJ HN/2N4400 SIM5-4805S APL5501-19D5C-TR NTE5522 AM29LV102BT-55RJE TIP136 CY7C4245-10ACT LS22AA-3UR/G M38250M2MXXXFP M38033MF-XXXHP MA3X152D SMAJ130A KBP206 AT49LV002T-12VC M38199M5-XXXFP 3KP6.0A AGM3224D-FC-GTW-T MAX139CQH CLL4111 M38863F6AHP GS88218AD-200 MI-Q7JX-XXX S-8470BFS RN5RZ21BC PBYR320CTD M35061-XXXSP MT28F321P20FG-90TET TDA8844 R1140Q321B-TL PBYR220CT

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