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29 September 2023 (New datasheets):

MB90223PF NTE5053A 3KP17A SA1389 GB301Z-AC24-SF-B BB629 DS36C278M 1PS70SB44 TRB6124 24LC00-/ST TM200DZ-24 M38C27MFDXXXFP LM317KSTEEL AD8184AR PLD08VBY IN74LS245DW SST39VF020-70-4I-B3K GP1S32 AM27X64-120PI MAX4556EPE CD4538BCN MY88C SMAJ90C FZT789A TK11327BMCL VMB70-12S 1N4370AUR-1 UT62L6416MC-70LLE TLV2470IP MC68L11KA4FN3 EC10LA03 CS8191XDWF20 MC74LVX245D ILC7062CP30 1504-180C SA64C PIC16F874T-10E/PQ M27C512-70F1 X28C256KMB-25 RF3118PCBA G690L400T91 ST72771R6Q1 CAT93C8614KA-25TE13 UNR2216 AS2591 C7190-23 MT5C6408EC-15L/XT SMCG13CA PT2128A-M94 TXD20008ADFLLNH 24AA01T-I/SN U635H256BSK35 PI3C32X384B TM25EZ-M DDU8F-5050B1 2SC4173 UNR6123 K9F1608W0A-TIB0 IDT74FCT166H244ATPA GBU8D 1N5685 SNJ54LS47FK MC74AC08M AT49BV001-90VC 2SK3386 CAT25C08U14-1.8TE13 NTE5577 MC74AC563N TSOP2136YA1 2SC3922 MSM65X227TS-K M57729L CXK58257AM-70L UF2003 CAT93C5712PI-30TE13 CY7C187-15PC CAT93C5731KI-45TE13 CM300DY-24H 1N5534 MSM5116400C-70TS-K REC8-4305SRWL LM2931R-85 P4SMAJ16C-T1 CDP68HC68A2 BZW06-13B TX2-L2-9V-Z NJU9207BF IDT54FCT299ATQ CAT25C03U14-1.8TE13 MI6JMY MT8982AC BCW33LT1 PT2127A-M42S PBL38615/1SHT IDT74FCT244PB M5M5V208KR-70LL-W M5M29GB161BWG ST6225CM1/XXX 5962-0323602QXA S-806D-Z SI6963DQ HAL320SO-A LTC1335CN MAX4585EUB CLM2951CS-3.3 RE5VT54AC 2SB1570

28 September 2023 (New datasheets):

BAS70-05 P4KE150A AP432IARA HI3050 HL01R12D05YH STA458C BT102 74HCT241D SA24C1024LZNF REC3-5105DRW SAA5523PS ESM106 SMBJ110 G901CS-DC12-12 HYB3166160AT-60 1N5921A A23L16162R-100 RC4559P TDA8375AH T405-700T D1211UK X28VC256DM-45 IRL630 BY8424 M38259M3MXXXFS BZV12 R1110N311ATL TIS600-148 AM27C4096-120DEB FU-68PDF-V510M60B 74AC11470N IDT7132LA25FB BZX2C110V GP1UC102 334LSV A180P AGM1232C-RLBBD-T MAX4274BGEUA AMP03GS-REEL DDU8F-5075MD1 P4SMAJ33A-T3 M38065MBDXXXGP MAR9264C70FC HM62V16256CLTT-7 M38256M3-XXXGP STB9NB50 LD2982BM40R IDT79RV308140JB HIN201 UA79M08CKC SMBJ45 MMSZ5231BT1 REC5-5905SRWLZ TLV2541CDGK HA12209F M38508M2H-XXXFP IDT74FCT2245ATE VI-RC6RXX-XXXX CD74ACT164M CSP16C04 P6LU-2405ZH52 MJE18002D2 IDT54FCT245DTSO MAH3690NL AT-267TR-3000 SL74HC192N AM29LV001BB-45REC CXL1510M CNY17F-4 LM1086ISX-5.0 FU-68PDF-V520M168B LMC6462BMWC MM74C923WMX V26MLA0603T MAX383CSE 5962-9651701VXA MP156 APR3003-15AI-TR P6KE440-T3 IDT7203S35TP FQPF4N80 AM27C4096-200DC MAX6320PUK47CX-T BAS79D K6T4008V1C-MF70 SB150 2W10M 1302UF LM555CMMX APT2012SRWPRV CAT25C042S16-42TE13 MC74ACT05D CY6212870SC IDT7130SA55FB 3EZ28D3 MC33275DT-3.3RK SD153N04S15MBV AD827SQ/883B X24C00SI-3 KA3882 MAJ6.0 AT28HC256F-12DM/883 P4SMAJ15C ACM2004F-NLFS-T MLL1.4KESD17 SN67085 XWD1212 EN27LV512B90P

27 September 2023 (New datasheets):

FU-68PDF-V520M153B STD17NF03L CXP82948 3.0SMCJ7.0CA PT78NR105S MSM514262-80JS PIC17LC752-08I/SP P6KE13A-T3 M38205M2DXXXHP MG74PB36 VI-MC6M-XX GL1EG136 5962R9656601VEA TL-SCSI285MFK KBPC1012F/W HV9308X 2N1911 R1170H311A-T2 CM10MD1-12H M38862F1AHP AZ943-1CH-12DE MAX537BC/D SAC8.0 P4KE440 MAX514BEWI RB154S NJM2520M SST29VF512-55-4I-PH SN74ALS32N3 3KP110CA AZ23-C20 ZMM5238C TDA8579/N1 LF40CPT SMV2106-15 CAT93C5734UA-28TE13 5962-9219401MSA M38060E3AXXXGP WF128K32N-150G2UC5 IP79M12H TLV1571IDW M38864FEAFS BD242A M38196MA-XXXFS M2V28S40ATP-6 5962G9475402VLC Z02W20V RFG50N05L AGM1532A-FLYBH-T UC2825J MAX351CSE IS41LV44004-50J P6SMBJ78C HCF4006B TC1270LERC STH8NA80FI GS-R1012 IXTM12N90 GBPC25W-01 1N4485US M4A3-128/64-10YC SPC-0605-271 M5M5256DFP-55LL-W SP312ACP SAA7111AHZ/03 M38250MFMXXXHP GS880F36BT-7I M38866FCAFS AME8501BEFTDD31 BD241C LM137AK/883 MBR2530CT CD74AC158M TL494CN SST29EE020-150-4C-EH MAX4506CSA LB1450 MG64PB14 M38258EDMFP M38030FF-XXXSP 48IML10-05-3 LM3420AM5-12.6 ACM1602L-NEYS-T 2SK1179 CAT28LV65KI-30T AGM1264D-MEYBW-T TL7770-5MFKB BYQ28EF-100 ISO518P-U H7C3 BA157 MAX309MJE 2SK2186 M38063M9-XXXGP JM38510/10101BP KD1084D2T50 1N960A MBR1030 SFR9024 A29400TM-70 MAX4274BJESA 1N4701 SMCJ100 C1363 MTN2130-13A AT52BR1674T-85CI MHW903

26 September 2023 (New datasheets):

P4KE8.2CA-T3 CAT93C5723PA-30TE13 AM29LV800BT80SEB 1N4733 P4SMAJ28CA AME8501AEFTDA21 1N6270CA 5962-9657201QRC AM29LV400BB120SEB 1.5SMC160CA HEF40163BD 28LV256SI-4 1N4123D 2N2484 LTC1421CSW MMBT5210 S10A30P IDT54FCT2534TLB SL2035MP1S 20IMX7-24-24-9 30KW42A LM194MDS KD1083D2T25 REC10-2205DRWL CMPZ4710 MAX6317HUK36BX-T LB1413N HA17903FPK 1.5KE22C IRF421 SF33 P89C58UFPN CD74HC147M96 SN74ALS645AN H30D30C S3P8454 SN74LVT244BDWR IDT54FCT2245TD MX27C2048QC-55 AD834JR-REEL S-875025AUP-ADA-T2 5962F9684501VXA AGM1212D-NEBTH-T UCC3952DP-1 AT59C13-10PI AZ971E-1A-24D IRF5804 NTE4868 1N6275 SN74ALVTH16240DLR IDT54FCT645CDB 74AC257MTCX HYB3165805BTL-60 BC560CZL1 RLD-78MD TK65934MTL P6KE82 AT24CS128N-10SI PDM31532LA15TTY DDU4F-5050M MACPES0050 R1111N151B-TL HM514400ATT-6 AME8500BEFTAA44 FS1AS-16A ST93C56CM3TR GM71CS17400CLT-5 RS3MB AGM1532A-FEFBW-T RN5RZ54AA-TR C982 X24042S8-2,7 MH2S64CWZTJ-1539 ST6220CM1 IXFN200N06 X24641S8-1,8 LTC1731ES8-4.2 R1121N331B-TR SN74LVC541APWR PT5042A IRFU220N EP1F-B3N1 AT93C46-10SI-1.8 SAA3008P REC5-6015SRWZ LM2931BV33 G901AO-DC5-Nil2 40SL2 62033-102 BD179 FM93CS46LZ MC74HCT273ADT RFT3055LE CDLL5305 MAX6317HUK29AW-T 1.5KE320 SN74ABT16501DGGR G902BS-AC48-1Nil BZX2C43V 1N5969 IDT54FCT646DTSO PDT1442-BI-SF LAA100LS N80C152JB M28W320CT M38502M3-XXXSS P6KE20CA PIC16LF83-10I/SS

25 September 2023 (New datasheets):

M5-192/120-12YC AGM1264E-NNGBW-T HC5521CQ M5M5V408BTP-85HW MX27C1000AMI-90 REC15-1805DRWBZ RS1K MM74HC4316WM BTA208XseriesE DF45114 BZX84-A27 KM684000LTI-8L AT28BV16-25JC 2SB566A(K) CXD2301Q MAX178BCWG V14MLA0805LT A1750A58RRFC08 DS1135Z-8 2SK2357 MC145480DW PSD112/12 AT49BV8192T-20TI ST230C08C0 KA3084D LC1917HAN-011 AM29LV200BB-120FI CAT93C6634U-25TE13 74LCX240M SF1G4 HIN211 G691L400T26 L-191VEW-TR MI0IX 5962-9652501QXX 2SB805 3KP8.5 ADP3405ARU PCF2114AU/10 CL-195SR GC102BR7013022RD REC15-4312DRWB ST110S16P1L AGM1232C-REGTW-T AT49BV512-12TC A451PM B80C3300 IRLR230A SN74LV86ADBR 1F5 REC3-2415DRWZ 1N5518C TLC5618AMFKB SMCG70CA M38869E4A-FS SZ5514 FAR-C4CN-06144-L00-R HA1387 MC68332ACFV16 DD503 SFR301-T3 APL5302-17KI-TR CL-265HR/YG 5962L0053601QXA AP2012SEC JM38510/31004BC MBM29DL322TE80TR MAX379CWG MI5NIV 74ABT2241PW GC102BR5013020RD T10C220BF TLE2142ACP MC74LVX244D APA3010SGD 1N4759A MI-QC2Z4-XXX PSA5A5-2 GP2400ESM12 THAT1440 P6KE130C MAX4582EPE MB2505W MMVL535T1 SC2128C-D91S MI-RC604X-XXXX PJA367C UBA2050T LNM428AA01 M38205E1-XXXGP KBL10 HBCS-4999 P6KE250 TSM108IDT EM83812DP RN5VD32CA-TR PT2128A-M93S 1N4703 DG308ACY LF55ABV SR102 HJ4-L-AC220/240V-R TM400HA-M MC7924CD2T MDE-32D102K DG408AK KBPC2508G

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