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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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20 May 2024 (New datasheets):

VI-PCWDX-XX LLSD101C-7 MI-RC2T1X-XXXX DS21FT40N TLC075CD SNJ54AS574J LD-701DU C-51496GNFJ-AB MAX4664ESE FX346J MAX5150BMJE IDT54FCT573ATPY TX2SL-L-5V COP8SAB728N9 HI3953 AT27C010L-55JI IB2409S CD74ACT20E 701-2 EF2 LX8383A-33CP 1N5821US IDT7164S35PB 74ACT08 XC4010E-3PG191I AGM1232G-FLBH-T AME8501BEETAE21 M38B59E6-XXXFS MAX635AESA LLZJ20C ESP150-24S DF150AA160 TE4001S M38501F8H-XXXFP 2SD1908 M74HC08TTR CLM6321N K4EBP-12V-1 P8TG-123R3Z2:1 IXST15N120BD1 1F18 RL201 LB-602VA2 VI-J6ZIX HJ2-L-AC200V-R-6 AME8501BEFTAF42 1N5401 MC2C-S-AC48 CD74FCT240M96 PWR6005-HVH 1A3 AS4C14405-40TC CAT93C4622UA-25TE13 HD68A50 BZX55C75 BZG03-C24 TQ2-L2-24V L4N3 RT9168/A-37CBR DLO32F-9MD4 TC55RP5901EZB DE1a1b-L2-9V AT-109RTR N74F50109N PI5C3309U AD573KD DF1501M pLSI1032-80LJ Z7D270 UZ8736 FBI3.7F1M1 ICX087AL MSS0207 KBL404 GM71CS17800CT-5 M38860F8AHP DLO32F-14MD1 AS191-73 PLA191S 40IMX35-05-05-9 MI-N21-XX M38070M5-XXXFP TLC082IDGN PCA1673U TS821AILT SA45CA TC2055-3.3VCTTR IDT74FCT16244ATPV RH5RH301A-T1 REC15-5105SRWBZ FAR-C1SB-08000-K01-T MC68HC000FC8 ATF20V8B-25PI 1N5937A 5KP120(C)A BDW53C AZ742-2C-3D BS62LV2003STI DTCXO-12A 5962H9653401QXA A3054KU-02 WS512K32NBV-15H2ME MX27C8100PC-20 SNJ54LS02J AM29LV400B90WAC XC2V1500-4FG676C ER1001AF BY500-100

19 May 2024 (New datasheets):

WE128K32P-120G2TMA CHA5010b99F/00 CY37512VP400-66BBI MG73PB14 MT4C4001JDJ-8S XC4020XLA-08PQ160C IS42S16128-8T 1N5300 N83C196KB IDT54FCT534CP FS10SM-16A BZX84-A3V3 74AC521SCX M38C33M6MXXXFP VI-QUFJ-XXX VN02ANSP CD6269 Z86L8908FSC WS512K32L-17G1UMA MAX4178EPA PI74FCT521TR 2SC1473 M38C31M3MXXXFP DM74LS00MX SR1020 GC79SNBA10RS NTE1731 S-24C08ADP SF23 74HCT390DB HC2HTM-DC110V R1221N41AA-TR TSOP1736SE1 5962-9653401QCA STB8NC70ZT4 IDT72413L45P CD74HCT4051M Z02FLL CLM285-2.5 SFH628A-2 TPSMA22A HGTG30N60B3D SAA5496PS MSK1933D-6 CX20202A-2 IDT54FCT299CP SPX2920U5-5.0 NKA0512S PI49FCT805ATS JM38510/17403BEA BPW83 EDS2508APTA-7A BZ55C62 PIC16CR72-02I/JW CS5503-SD CAT93C66UA-TE13 IMP2527-2BN EP1S-B4G5 AT49F8192-90RC PS2761-1-E3 AS29LV400T-70TC R1230D301B-TR TC647EUA 2SC3916 MC7810ACT D2587P265 CAT93C5633KA-45TE13 MAX6316MUK42BZ-T P4KE100C MAX6376XR25-T TK65430MTL SN75LBC179D L-452HD MMBT3906 1SMC5353 5962-9163901Q2A KSC5054 STS4DPF20L SN54LS373J MSM6782-01MS-K M38B59E1-XXXFP X28C64KM MA4P275-1146T MAX6351MRUT-T TIP112 M38224M2HXXXHP AME8501AEETCD31 ISPLSI2096E-180LQ128 CHFP6KE24 M38C35M7AXXXFP HER102 R3112Q19C-TR MAS9162AST6-T CF5006DNE-1 IDT54823BTPY BTD4M HT7660 81036072A JM38510/33701B2A SG1548J CMHZ4716 SKN2S HCTS04MS DBI6-01 VI-J7TIX AQV227NA P4C164L-20LM

18 May 2024 (New datasheets):

LTI202UFN GS8324Z36B-166 ACT-F128K8N-070P4Q SMA30A AGM1264B-FEFBW-T LH28F400BGHE-TL12 ADR292GRU-REEL KTB1367 X24012SM CD54HCT40105F3A 1.5KE56A AM29LV800BB120DT5C1 SN74LVTH125D GP103A-DC125-B UT54ACS54UCC SK30-48-15S IS61SF12836-8TQI NM93CS06MX FS0404DI AGM2464C-RE-GBS-T CXP973F064 CLC505AJP MAX6309UK50D1-T SN74LS153N 1.5KE220CA WSE128K16-35H1IA 1N6148A L7924CP AD9831AST HOTSWAP RQ5RW54BA-TR TPA0122PWP AME8520AEEVIFE26 1N4707 STK10C68-5C35M M38224E6MFP LM395K 1N5408G 76607/3 SFR602-T3 REC5-5815SRWL LH28F016SCHB-L12 TEA5581 IDT54FCT2827CTL VI-JN4CX MAX859ESA ADE-4009 MAZ3100X M38223MAHXXXGP AM2520SECK09 R1221N31XD-TR TLE2082MFKB TLV5580EVM 28LV010RPDS25 MC74HC125AFR1 APL5503-31BC-TR SN74HC640DWR ST6242BQ1 BCX38C ATV2500BQ-25KI AGM1264E-FNBBD-T KGF1175B CMZ5344B OM50F60PB 2N4869A M37478M8-XXXSP TDA3505/V1 SR203 IXCY10M35S 2N6726 M38257E5DFP PT5103C MAX6361PUT31-T GS88037AT-250I TC811CKW ST62P55BM6 MAX811LEUS-T XCS40XL-4PQ240C D45VM4 SN54S124J CD54ACT109F3A FST6130 MM74HC165MX REC5-3415SRWL LSC3300-BI OP420 DDU224F-10 PI74FCT651TS SD101AW BA6872AFM X28VC256FM-70 SG1845F/DESC 1.5KE130 CD1A80 1.5SMCJ70C M38044F4-FP U60D20 MAX1243BESA Z0103NN CD4555BE SVD101 M38255E1DFP UR8HC007-004-FQ MAX6318LHUK30AZ-T FDD16AN08A0 P5KE120A MP03HBT360-16 CS452GT5

17 May 2024 (New datasheets):

V827332U04SXTG-A1 CD74ACT139M96 1N5711 IS61S6432-68PQ AM29F400AT-90SC P6KE22 MX574AJEPI MAX539BESA S93VP463P-2.7 RL204G CLC420AJP TQ2SL-L-12V-Z P6KE200A UC2823ADWTR 5962R9689103QXX IDT49C460AGB ICS9172-01CS16 KSA1243 AAT3236IJS-3.0-T1 LN80C32-2 B4250CK3-5.8 MMFT108T1 A1751A58RRFC06 15KW78 STD30NE06 74VHC05TTR M35500BGP P4KE200CA-TB X25C02SI IDT7187L85L22B XC4006E-2PQ208C AZ672-1A-24DE 1PS59SB20 UPC1905GS-E2 TC54VC4301EMBTR TIP127 PZM66NB 5KP12C GS8170LW18C-300 MI-PC6ML-XXX SMBJ5934B CY74FCT541TSOCT SB3506 MI-J6VIY IDT54FCT2245ATDB FW231 IDT74FCT16240TPA K4S561632A-TC/L80 RUZ-052424 TPS77018DBVT GP1S24 M38222E8HHP MMFT3055E M38184E9-FP APL1086-33UC-TU MD87C51FC-1 CJD13003 RQ5RW33BB ADS1210P APL5153-24BI-TR RA-151.8S REC5-2012SRWL X25324S14-1,8 AS432CR25DB MX574ALP MIC5246-2.85BM5 2SC3459 PALC22V10D-10KMB AM29LV104BB-55RFIB TLC2272AMD LCE100 FST17145 UCC3817DTR DS3633N SMD99C-5125MC2 UPD16312GB-3B4 M38064EBAXXXGP RN5RZ21AA-TR DS1624S PT2127A-B82 YG801C04 HA4314B LTC1199CMS8 X25057P-1,8 OPA3682U AME8500AEFTDA26 PT5107A M38032FA-XXXFP AMS3107CN-2.5 M2V56S30TP-6 P6SMBJ220CA G690H463T26 REC3-5315SRWZ SI-3050N SN54ALS27AJ RN5RY361A-TL GC79SRBD15RD PDM41024SA12TSOATY MSM5116800A-60JS M38254E6DFS N83C198 SNJ54S10W BS-CG02RD MAX6310UK31D1-T EDI88130LPS35FI 1N5139A OBS017ZE

16 May 2024 (New datasheets):

ST6260B APL5507-B33OI-TR M38B52M3-XXXFP APL1117-28FC-TU LZ2346 ACM2004G-NLTW-T BAT54C MC68HC11E1CFU2 RS-0512 SBL1650CT DDU7C-300M TPS5618PWP P6KE200CA-T3 QL16x24B-2CF160M BZG05C4V7 M38201M1-XXXHP SAA7111AH/01 WP06R12S05PR MI2MW MBM29DL163TD12PFTR SB1060FCT BGA420 TR402ST12 M38860E8A-GP MC68HC711K4MFS3 5962R9684503VYA 2SA1706 JM38510/34803B2A MJE13005F HER104-T3 MTN4228-11A STP3NB80 UF4006-T3 TISP5080H3BJ UA78M08CKTP B8220K6-2.8 LND48-adj PT5049A VI-210IX P4C1256-20L32MB 1.5KE24 APL1117-18FC-TU NM24C09LZM8 PDM41256LA12SOTR 2EZ20 U631H256BD1K25 5962-0323601VXC NTE1932 EGP30K M34C02-R QLA764B-3Y XSA5223CU OMY440 5962R9322604VZX FS50KMJ-03 M38507EB-XXXSP CAT25C01S-TE13 LNP175012 BA01203 NJU9203BM AME8501BEETDD46 SPT9101SIC CAT93C5631UA-25TE13 M38253MCMXXXHP PT2129A-T44 TK11133MIL MRF329 MC10H606FNR2 NTE346 TMS27C020-20JE4 5962-8949403PA SB340 PIC16C642-04/P M38869E1AHP TC54VC4802EMB ER1603FCT SMBJ5368B FJD3076 REC3-5412SRW REC2.2-2412SRW DS1100Z-125 RP1P5-0515SA BUZ346 R05B12 LM2703MFX-ADJ ALE12B05 MC10E457FNR2 MC14012UBCP GS8320Z18T-225 QSE157 ES51984 JM38510/34105B2 SN74AC533DWR 74ACTQ821SCX IE2403S SMCG5.0A LF40CPT-TR SB520-T3 MAX6326UR27-T 74HC251D M38039F5-XXXHP TLV2542CDGKR 24IMR25-1212-2 MAX974ESE SN74ABT2241DWR AD7537CQ PDM4M4030S12Z BZX84C22W

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