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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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6 February 2023 (New datasheets):

RS203M SST58SM016-70-C-FRI AIC1578CN UT63M-147BPA SNJ54HC257FK UT54ACS244 AS5C512K8F-30L/IT RN5RT32AA-TL P4SMAJ54C-T1 QL12x16B-0PL68M CXA1866Q AS5C512K8ECJ-45E/IT CAT24C022PI-45TE13 SN75162BDWR M38027E4DXXXFS LM4041DIM3X-1.2 MBM29LV001TC-70PFTR P4KE47A UC2844D BUK98150-55 SP6201EM5-5.0 ST95040B6 SMCG75C MC10E107FNR2 ATA01501D1C HER303G IDT7201LA40SOB HEC50-48S15-P XC6203E282FR 2SA1292 PWR6010-HVH SPX1585T-5.0 MC74HC4052D WS512K32-17G1TM 269-C-180-D-14xx-C AM29F040B-150EIB MAX6332UR25D1-T SD300N25PC WED9LAPC2C16V4BI MU9C2485A-70TCI FU-68SDF-810M81B MOC3062 HCPL-0700 MLX90308CCCL M38035FA-XXXFP SCC2691AC1A28 M30802MC-XXXGP RN5VS60CC RG4A SN74LVC16374DGGR AM29F400BT-150ECB 74VHC163SJX 5962F9689104VXA PLD08VAA UPD17145GT(A)-XXX BYV32-150 FU-68PDF-520M27B RT9261-31CX 74HCT75N SMD99F-5016 X40010S8I-A UPD784218AGC-XXX-8EU ST62P08CM6 74HCT08NB MX29LV161BTC-90R MAX1205CMH M38C31M8AXXXFP 54F779FMQB 5KP13A RL1607C LH540245M-35 FQI9N08 HM62V16258BLTT-8SL RE5VL55AA-TZ FAR-F5CE-836M50-D232-W MH8S72BBFD-7 MAX660MX 1N6293A 74VCX132MX MAS9264C70NB AD674BJN SF18 P4KE180CA V62C2801024L-70B TDA8755T/C1 MBR1645CT S-80840ANNP-ED4-T2 76603/3 ST62T65CM3 CXB1563Q 78SR105TC WM8711EDS LE25ABZ ZC833ATA AQV210AX SA120 ST62E28CF1 TEN10-4812 W78E51B-40 TLV2432MJGB 74HCT251N BTS141 ALZ12F48 PT6601B CLL4119 CAT24C642PA-42TE13 2N6715

5 February 2023 (New datasheets):

MG113P22 AIC1739-25CZT TLHK5800 MSM514256CL-60ZS Z86E4316VSC IDT74FCT16823CTPF AQV234A HJ4-AC24V A276308A-90 L6210 74ACT374SJX AH201-PCB-1900 XC6203E202FL MX29F080TC-12 AN6780S P87C528GBLKA CMHZ4120 VVZ24-14IO1 VI-24JCX HC4HL-AC24V M5M5V416BWG-70H VI-P6YX-XXX MM5451BV CM400HA-34H RH5RH322B-T1 1345TMPD P6KE47-T3 MRF392 UF3015 PDM41256LA15SOA PT2128A-B93 AT28HC256E-12DM/883 IDT54FCT162H245ETPAB PZM4.3NB2A MI21IV IRFW650B STK11C68-S25 MI-P72X-XXX MC78M05 CAT24C643JI-28TE13 RM100CZ-2H FAR-F5CE-820M00-D231-W 2SC4855 IA186ES-PQF100I SMLJ64C A428316V-25 P4KE250A M5LV-512/120-15HI BD-A533RD MBM29LV016T-80PTN HSM840G NTE215 5KP10CA REC10-6212DRWLZ BAT17-06 ADP3607ARU BYW29E-150 S80C32-2 ZLNB2002Q16 TLE4276GV TXD2000MAHFLLNH MAX6306UK28D4-T MI-J5VIA 5962H9654301QXC S3C80B8 GZB24 P6SMBJ160A HCPL-520K#100 B80C2200 10EZ15 CDLL3039B G72SA-DC24C CD6676 M54522P P4KE400 P4KE18A PRC299560M680M PT5030C APL431CDI-TRL 5962H9652801VCA P4C116-35L28M RE5VT14AA-RF 7429FCT521BTPYB BZX55-C11 MAX6316MUK38BZ-T FAR-F5CE-897M50-K226-U UT62L2568LS-55LL MMBT2369ALT1 AS5C1008DJ-25/XT SM5813APT APL1087-VC-TR AGM2464C-RE-YBH-T TLV2334IPWLE J554 LM78M08D FAR-C4CN-11059-L10-R MAZ4150N RD30ESAB1 XC6201P592TB A29800UV-70 HUF76409D3 2029L260 UFS370G LM2575D2T-005 SB602 HM6264ASP-15 AM156 AD396KD

4 February 2023 (New datasheets):

SN75ALS175N RGP50G M38200E3-XXXHP TL082CM G90NilAS-DC48-1Nil 1N4745A 5KP11C IDT49FCT806BTLB RE5VT58AA-TZ PB610 5962R9654701VEA PT2128A-C94S LM285Z-1.2 IS61C632A-7TQ BAW74 MBM29DL162TD90PFTR MC68HC711E20VFS2 L72CB1Y1GDA AGM1232C-NLGTW-T ACM4004C-NEGYS-T NMA1212D RH5VL27AA-T1 MU9C1480L-70DC ZTX614 ZDT1147 GC70BN9513010F 2N6740 MC74HC4066N 4.7BSC KF147S SN74LVC32ADBR LP3985IBP-2.5 SFH600-1 REF01CP PIC16C55A-20/SS M2E5 RSS-1509 BT-A513RD MI-RJ2XXX-XXXX 1N3321A DDU66C-125MD4 MC10E211FN TQ2SA-9V-Z AM29LV002T-120FIB LT337A HJ669A GS74116U-10 BZX2C180V G90NilBO-DC24-NilNil RDD104 COP8SGR728M8 28C011TRPFS12 AM29LV200T-150FEB DS2002/18 5962-9656901VRC PIC16C72T-04/SO BSS88 74AHC00PW BCC400PS24L P4KE30A-T3 MC3303P TXD2000MFFFLLDH 100390SC C1943P AM152 ACT-F1M32B-080F14I P4KE7.5-T3 TDA1514A/N7 KDZ13V 269-A-260-D-14xx-B UTR2310 MAX20-24.0CA gm5120 74LVTH16501MEAX P8253-5/BJA M38224M9-XXXFP TL084CPWLE M38222E5DGP GAL16V8B-15LJI MI-QC6JK-XXX PI29FCT520T KSH07048S1V2BH SD1020CS OP37AZ A2535EL BD131 PIC16LF873T-04I/SO ADG608 ST90R158T1 MC10H158ML1 WF512K32N-90G4TI5A SN74LS148ML2 WS128K32L-55G1UQ BZX399-C16 1.5SMCJ85A PSC3E122 1.5KE51CA 74ACTQ18823CW M38061M5DXXXFS M38505EBH-SP 7429FCT2520ATE TIC236D S-806F-F G83AFC-DC24-K 5962G9689103QXX BC858B SN74123N3

3 February 2023 (New datasheets):

ZXCP330E6 MJW21191 DG300C/D M38062EB-XXXFS WMS512K8V-17DJCA FS30KMH-2 MAX663CPA LM2703EV BZV37 CL7128AFC100-6 S3BB M38866FDAGP BS62LV2001DC 1N6141AUS APL1084-33GC-TU MAX920EUK-T VI-J5YEX TPSMB6.8A MAX358C/D AM28F256-120JC HFA1405 SMAJ51A FX20ASJ-2 PM6341 MAX232AEWE M38251EB-GP G903AS-DC18 FTS2015 HER306 IS61LV6464-6PQI MSK5175-00ZS S3C821A K9F1G16U0M-YCB0 SY10EL33L BU406 Am186ER–40VCW TLV5580CDW P4KE39 ADP3162JR A67L8318E-4.2 SQD300A40 M306V0M1-XXXFP S-80735AL-AZ-T1 QL6325-4PT280I AT29C040A-10PC IRF9530 ACM2402C-NLYD-T SK1535 AS273G1DT P4C116-20L28MB SPX2937M3-12 OQ2541HP/C2 V18MLA1206WA GP101BG-DC6-B VBO160-08NO7 RN5VT41AA-TL ACM1601B-NEGS-T 1513-20A AM27C256-90PI TC9021A IRFI3205 AME8501CEETBA31 CY74FCT162646CTPAC IDT74FCT574DB LD1085D2M50 TSC80C51CXXX-30MB/883 SST27SF020-90-3C-WH BZT03C10 M38860F5A-XXXHP U631H256CD1C25 MAX521ACAG M38509ED-XXXFP SN74AS374N PG4004 M38204M4-XXXGP KF458BV UPD750066GT(A)-XXX-E1 MAX308CPE L6N5 REC10-4215DRWL BZG04-100 M5M5408BRT-55LI LP3982IMMX-2.82 RN5VD40CA-TL AMS3107CD-4.0 PMBZ5233B D150/12 AME8501BEETAD46 DL4745A AM29LV104BT-90EIB PS2532L2-1-V 1N4002G NM34W02LMT8 AGM1264D-REYBD-T XC6203E222PL AM29LV400BT-80SE QTLP601C-2 SST39LF800A-55-4E-B3N M5M5V108CVP-10HI 1N6106AUS 5962H9653501VCX Z8S18020VEC P6KE170A-TB NFV14D330K DAC712PK BZW04P78 W78E54-40 74HCT137D

2 February 2023 (New datasheets):

SN74AC14D CAT93C4621P-42TE13 MT9174AE M38034F2-FP 1N5819G 74HC251U 74VCX132M IC61SF25632T-9.5TQ VI-RUM1X-XXXX WMS128K8V-20CIA TDA8740 7429FCT2520CTP SN75157D OP37AJ CF5009AK2 ATF16LV8C-10SI PIC18LF4220T-I/PT 27C256A15D ACM1604D-RLYS-T HM628512BLP-5 M38067E8DXXXFP GMS34012 GH3-P006SL2 E511 MC74VHC139ML2 FAR-C3CN-16000-K11-R 2089-6219-00 HM5225805BTT-A6 SC2128A-L54B MAX6316LUK35CY-T OWS4805 MSM514265C-70TS-K NTE5461 SN74LV08AD UT6264BPC-70 TLV2451IDBVT ST93C66 BZT52-C4V3S 8534 LBB126 TML05124 1N4615 TR402ST09 A23L1616V-70 CB1a-M-24V APL5308-18DC-TR ICTE15C M306V0M4-XXXFP TX10005JASLPLDH RP03-2405DE ACS302-5T3 ATS632LSC WS512K32F-85H2QEA AZ100LVEL16VTMB AKD4520A M27512-2F1 VI-PUBK-XXX STPS80L15TV AT49F001-70TI MCH6101 SN74ALVCH16270DLR RN5RZ22BA-TR JANTX4N24A VI-NCWW-XX SMCJ150A V437216S04VTG-75 AGM1232E-REGH-T AT93C66-10PC LH5496-35 APT10050LVR BCR8CM-12 BZG04-11 SNA-186-TR1 BS-AB46RD LMC6044MWC PI74ALVC162834FDA HLMP-D150A MC74ACT352D AM29F100T-120DTE1 UC5608QP 74VHCT16373ATTR R3111E391C-TZ HC3H-AC12V M38062M5AXXXFP VI-PU31-XXX MC14050BD AM29F002B-55ECB Z7D820 SG531 5.0000M HLMP-4740 5962-89839072A ADG417BR 2SC3963 BGY122A AM93LC56N8 BL-C1131A VHB10-28F ACM1602L-FLYD-T 1N5811 UC1708J883B MAX3225ECPP AMS1508CT-3.3 MC10124FNR2 BZX97/C24 SMLJ48 MB3763P MK1714-02RITR

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