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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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5 June 2023 (New datasheets):

MC74HCT138AN BAV20WS IDT54FCT543DTSO DF04S SMJ626162-20 NTE5641 CY7C9335-270AC CD74HCT367M MC14001UBCL PCF2113AU/10/F3 FEP16FT 6A4M MI5WMV BD707 GL5EG4 IP120AR-05-883B HM628128DLR-7 IDT54FCT162H244ETPVB FR3B-T3 AD736KR-REEL-7 K4S640832H-TC75 MIC708SM MC68HC11K1MFN2 P6KE300 74LV4067D V640ME01 BAS16W BY179 LX8584A-33CP IDT54FCT273ATSOB GC89BNCE08FS SPX1086AR-3.3 MX7628KCWP 5962-0051202QPA UZ7720 WEDF1M32B-120G2TI5 IXGT28N90B GC70BN7012022R BAX18 5962F9687301QYA OPB492N55 28C04AFT-20/L HS1377 SST39VF512-90-4I-B3K PIC16LF873-20/PQ M28F512-10C1 54ACT374DM SRP100B AGM1212B-RLFTD-T MI-PC2P0-XXX G65SC150LI-2 74VCX08MTCX V62C21164096LL-85BI WA304A EDI88130CS15TB HSMJ-T625 MAL5114LC PIC16F627-04I/SS ADC-305-1 SFR202 M38204M4DXXXGP M38506M3-XXXFP AM29F800BB-90FEB IDT54FCT640CTPY 74LV04N PWB-5001 M27C256B-12B3 K6T4008C1B-GF70 TGA1071-EPU N74ALS645AN PI74ALVCH16721A TC237H 1N5228 MPC940FA BZX55F51 PZM3.9NB LF15ABPT-TR TFMCJ85 THS4062CDR NMV4815DA STB5NC90Z-1 IDT72210L25TP VI-QUBN-XXX 74ABT534ADB P7Z9AAA900W SN74ABT8646DL AN7705SP PIC16LC84-04/P MCM32100S80 CDLL4624 A-5880SR TIL196A CAT24C163JI-42TE13 1150-9A L5991A SP774BA 1N5275 ADM1023ARQ TLV2460ID 74LVX02TTR MAX4521MJE DF01 LM1972M M38867M7A-XXXHP DDU4C-5075B2 FKC05-48D15W NDM3000 RGR1551-SC

4 June 2023 (New datasheets):

DFM900FXM18-A000 WE128K32N-250G2TQA UPD784046GC(A2)-XXX-3B9 IDT74863BE FARM2C13 REC5-2809SRWLZ DF08S FCF10A40 TK11822MBX RD65FV04 MT5C2568EC-20L/XT GC89SNCD20FS 5962P0151101QXC DLO32F-12B2 74LVQ74SJX 1V5KE39A MI-J22MZ DLR5736 DM74ALS14MX AK55GB40 IDT54FCT2543TEB TPS2011DR APL431CEI-TBL CAT93C4623SI-42TE13 AM28F256-200EIB SN74HC257D APL5302-48D5I-TR SNJ5406FK KA2904 MC14040BCP 110RKI80 FZT558 M38226ECHGP SMBJ5919 BB-HH033-C IS61LV12816-8K MSM5221 5962G9475408QLX MJE801 QL4009-3PL68I MOB81CRA SMBJ170CA G41602A-DC12-SM MK45H13N65 M38C27F2-FP V62C3802048LL-100B MV6154A 5962-8767904FC ZPSD311V-B-15J MAX9042AEUA SST39VF200A-70-4I-B3K CLC404MDC MZP4760A CM30TF-24H MI-QC2RJ-XXX MM1593G ACM2002P-FEYW-T RN5VT47AA-TR 1N4133 BC847CDW1T1 X28HC256D-15 IDT71V35781S166PFI M38060M2-XXXFP V62C2161024LL-100T SD150R20MBC NM24C16TLEMT8X LM185BH/883 REC5-5615DRWZ CAT521J-TE13 CMR2U-06 TDA2653A HJ2-AC220/240V 1N3900 UDD5 SLD304V PI6C104H AD421BRRL M74HCT540 AD645SH/883B RM30TA-H 74AC157 AM29DL400BT-90FC CAT93C8631U-45TE13 MTAN4170R-12A RK-2415S 2N5484 LMX2347EVAL GC118BN7012032R MTZJ5.1B SK15 TLV5637CDR MI-J2WIY 300UF160AYPD TS3702CD MC10189P LMC6492AEM 5429FCT2521BTSOB CL432AD SNJ54HC164W M145027B1 APL431CKI-PB SAB80C535-M LS11N2 MK45H02K25 VI-PUPP-XXX M37630E4T-XXXFP CAT93C5633SI-28TE13

3 June 2023 (New datasheets):

CY7C1009V33-20VC TC500ACPE MAX6316MUK39AX-T MC14052BFR1 FST8130 Z8036ACE JM38510R75704BR GC70BN9513010FS MG115P14 CHFP6KE58CA LM340T CS8122YTHA5 M5M5V216ART-55LW UF2A MSK5008BZD M38036MA-XXXSP BD-E322RD M38203M1DXXXGP X24C16S8MB-3 HAL800UT-E NM24C08LEM8 ML308 CDLL4907 MC3303N IMZ4 IDT74FCT373TSO PCF80C51BH-3P DDU7C-250B3 SG-9LCNS LM723H MC145502L WS512K32L-45G1UC MX7248JN 5962-8957601XA HB04U15D12Q HLMP-D600 IDT49FCT806AP ADC0803LCWM WE128K32P-120H1IA MAX6379UR42-T M38502E6H-SS 1N5250B PIC16C62X-04E/SO IRF150 SB1020FCT CY7C197-12VCT MC12098D 3KP48A APM3055LVC-TR SN74LVC373APWLE DM74LS175MX UT54ACS164PCX Am188ER–25VCW M38025E2-XXXFP BSM150GB120DN2E3166 SPX1202M3 5962R0252301QXX 100355QC DMC20203NYJU-SLY-D-2 NE651R479A-T1 APL5301-21BI-TR TB0720H ER2A-T3 NM27C240N120 TSI220B1 MAX4075AEEUA V55C2128164SAB7 1V5KE440CA RD12E-T4 SL74LV04N 78L24M S-24S45IF10 DDU4C-5300MC2 UPD784038GC-XXX-8BT TK73228MCLH LB1666 WMS512K8L-120CIEA RE5VT58CA-RR XC4020XL-1HT144I SA30A N80C51BHP-1 OPB360L15 M95320-RMN5T REC10-30905DRWL PT6425D AT89C4051-12SA MSM54V16255A-45JS GP102C-AC6-L RLD-78NP-G1 XC4044XLA-08HQ304I IDT29FCT53ALB 6A1 1N5296 2SC3518 UBT7.5 MG73PB24 M38202E6DXXXGP DM74ALS74ASJX OPA658P IN74HC192D TXS2SS-L2-24V-X SST29EE512-70-4C-NH 3425L250DR LM83CIMQA RN5RL33AA-TR ADP3301AR-3.2 RN5VS55AA-TR REC3-1712DRWZ

2 June 2023 (New datasheets):

MC13022P KA339 W27C520W-90 HPR105W CY7C109B-25ZI MMSZ5229BS RN5RZ47BA-TL ST72C334N2 IDT7006L35G GS9000CCTJ P4SMAJ60A 1517-225G SMH4803BJKP G901CS-DC24-1Nil UPD754302GS(A)-XXX-T2 PIC16LF876T-20/SO W24L257AQ-20 CAT93C4612SI-45TE13 GS8160F32T-6.5 M38032F5-FP NTE958 PM200DSA120 SMBJ48C CL-260S-MG-D-TD PBU404 M38065MF-XXXFS WF512K64-90G4WM5 GM71C18163CJ-7 COP8SGE740N8 PCF2116AU/12 CAT93C5632PI-28TE13 Z150SG RL157G M38C23F4-FP ZTX750 PIC7513 SDA2D07 BCX70J T74LS05C1 AME8501AEFTDD29 CAT28C512HTA-12T MAX4603EAE 1.5SMCJ43CA KIA7035AF NT5SV64M4AT-7K MAX3084CPA MMBD914-7 X28HC256DI-15 HBZX55C9V1 ST183S04PFN2L M38250ED-GP V22ZA2 AGM2412C-FLGTW-T B850XK6-3.4 OPA551FA/500 P6KE400 SN74ALVCH16500DGGR AD698SQ M27C4001-12B1X GBJ810 ACE202 KBPC3504G 269-D-180-M-14xx-A AGM6448V-NC-FBS-T LP3985IBPX-3.0 Q8012RH5 CXK77V3211Q-12 MSM5117805D-70TS-K B4150CK5-2.7 1.5KE9.1 M38220E1MHP MTN3700-CO SF307 CXB1583Q TLWY7900 GS88118BT-133 RH5RI533B-T2 M38252EEMHP ATV750B-7PC AM29LV040BB-120JC 5KP7.0A G41802C-DC12-M SIM1-0505S-DIL8 R1221N25XB-TR M38C24FB-HP G902CD-DC48-12 M38861FFAGP M38190E2-XXXFS REC5-2409SRWL TLE4214G PBYR7020WT FP100S AS431C1S13 RH04 IRF9233 UPC1694GR-E2 AME8500AEFTCE40 R1110N211BTR VB923 LJ024U35 P4SMAJ160 M38078M6-XXXFP AM28F010A-90EE KBPC1508S PHD55N03LT MI-222MV AGM1532A-MLYBW-T

1 June 2023 (New datasheets):

SN74HC27N CS5321-BL SN74F158AD SR26 TPS2835DR TDA16846 1N4736A MC74HC194N ST180S08M0 P4KE43A-T3 MC14521BCP CP1002 REC5-2405SRWZ HMC239S8 NM24C16FM8 ZCA6C15L REC5-3715SRWZ LM7818D IDT54FCT162646CTPFB SA25C020LENFX MK3230-02S L78L24ACU M38C88MD-XXXFP REC8-5915SRWL US1K LTC1199LCMS8 OPB866T55 CDB4220 IDT54FCT825CSO EDI88128LP100CI SN74ALVCH16245DLR AM28F020A-90FCB TL16C754BPNR LOC110P PT2128A-B22 G41602A-DC6-SM GS882Z18BB-200 PG101R SMAJ26(C)A 1.5KE7.5C TS80C51BH ZXCM210LF L78L12ACU SST29LE512-250-4I-NN P6KE12CA AS431A1LP7 5962-9654301VCA LTC1290DIJ UGP30A M38067E1-XXXGP BZY97C91GP UC3843BVD 1N4745 FMB-G14L GP102BG-DC48-B MLL3035B ADSP-2181KS-115 LNP123021 PIC16C62A-20/SO TN87C51FA-2 MX29LV400BHI-70 CY7C1021-12VI MU9C5480L-90DC MC145027DW DSB5818 74ALVCH16821DGG PG600D STD1HNC60 PIC16LF876-04E/PT PT2129A-S33 1SS83 74V2G02CTR SMBJ5922B MSK183 BC558 WS128K32N-17G4TI XR73-6.2T IRGBC30M AM29LV010BB-55EEB KIA78D35F NZT660A STK401-330 RN5RK502A-TL PCF84C85AT BZW04P26B PCA82C250U MAS28155CL MAX704REPA LAA120PTR MAC228A6 UTV020 BS-CA35RE RD22JS-T4 LM2904N TDA7461D MP03/280-14 AGM3224G-FC-BBS-T PIC17LCR42-08I/PQ MAX6347XR46-T RURD460 UT54ACS245UCX SM16LC12C-6 FDV304P SPX432M5 SST39VF800A-55-4E-B3N MM5369AA/N AD9058AJJ P4KE47

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