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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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28 May 2023 (New datasheets):

BAS20WS-T1 BFN22 MSM5238 DCB306 2SK2569 2SA1415 SC2128A-C80B M38030F2-XXXSP CAT93C6634SI-45TE13 EM1C S6065J CY7C4225-25ASC PDM41028SA15TSOA SMAJ43CA MB89PV630CF MMBD352LT1 P1803UC R3111Q331A-TR BZW04-48 TMMDB3 1.5KE6.8 CAT25C082U14A-42TE13 5962-9658601VEA APL5501-23BC-TR uPD70116HLM-12 5962R9652101VCX IDT54FCT824AEB MC14052BCP IDT74FCT377DTLB SN74LVCU04APWR M38067M7-XXXFP 1.5KE16CA MC74HC164AFL2 AME8500BEETDA24 M38220E4DHP M38032FD-FP M38042FA-FP TSC80C51CXXX-30MG/883 MXD1013SA030 5962R9475401VYA 2N6565 MMBZ5231BS M38226M6DXXXGP M38257E2MFP R1200F HAL525UA-K TLPGE262 PIC16C54A-04I/P LT1172IS8 93LCS56-I/SM BL-HB333A M38061E3-XXXFS AZ955-1C-1.5DE CLC425MDC NM24C17LVM8X BZA109 ACM1602A-FLYW-T W005 AGM6448E-MC-FBS-T IDT72V811L15PF C-553Y IN74HCT86N 1N5380B P4KE400CA 5KP5.0A AM29F160BB-120FC 6A05 PTB20105 CAT34WC02UA-1.8TE13 HER2G M38064MCDXXXFS PIC16F874T-20E/SP TEL3-4812 M38868E4A-HP AMC010CFLKA-150 IDT54FCT241APB SK33-T3 LM9822CCWM SMCJ6.5A M74HC75M1R 1N6267CA M4A5-256/128-65AC VI-QC1FX-XX J175 MB90T673PFV RCH28512T MG74PB12 KBPC4006GS BAR42 SMAJ18C 1N749A MC78L15ABD TLV2444AID MSM534022E M1F60 XC4028EX-4HQ208I 697-1 P6KE11 NMD120515S VI-QCNVX-XX MC14574D EP3020-7R TLC254CN CAT25C082PI-30TE13 MC10H145FN M38865F7AGP KM416C4100BS-6 BUK475-60H

27 May 2023 (New datasheets):

2SK2802 PIC16F877-10E/SO P4KA36A ACM1602T-NLBS-T AME8500CEETDF27 SFH628-4 E2502H22 TS914BID BZW04-31 BZG04-100 CS220-12B 1.4KESD5.0A HC5523 UC3854BQ IRF823 RF142 1N4148UR-1 P6KE220A 5962-0051201QPA 74LVT20PW MI-22WIV PT2128A-C52S FAR-C3SA-04194-K20-U PS152R ST1200C18K1 CD74AC174E UA78M15CKTPR 74ABT2244DB SN74LS133N IDT7143LA90FB AZ23-C3V6 BS-AD5FRD M27C512-70N1TR MMBZ5259BW NTE627 IDT6198L20L SM4936 FFB10U20S AS432C2DA WS512K32N-100G2IEA MAX6321HPUK48AY-T RF2334PCBA RT9169-46CZL 5KP10 BC558A SC2128C-C24S MG73PB20 LM317 AME8501BEETCA31 Z0103MA GP103AG-DC24-B IDT7015L35PFB NM24C04FM8 CAT93C8624KI-30TE13 TK11343BMIL PIC16C745-I/SO BTB04-D XCV400E-8BG432I DRP3510A HYB3164165BT-50 MAX384EPN SMV1408-01 BY228 SI-7502 PIC12C508-04E/JW ICS9169M-01 IDT71V35761YSA183BQI PDZ16B CPH5604 LM4431M3X-2.5 DS3884AVF SMBJ24A SNJ54ALS74AJ HM6264P-15 UPD6604GS-XXX-E2 EZ5Z3-SADJTR BYM56C GAL18V10B-7LJ 5962H9689103QYC 5962R9655601VCC TLC074IDR SK37 ACS132MS LS22AA-1D/G IDT74FCT810CTDB MUBW50-06A8 DP8573AN FQP2N30 232R2 MAX267BENG SD150N14PBC GNR53D201K MAX6318MHUK36DW-T ILC809R MC74AC540N NMA1215D PCB80C51BH-4WP M38865M8A-XXXGP TSC2050 1N4936 ZY130 QL3004E-4PL68C FU-68SDF-V802M196B A1751A61FFSC08 2SC4182 MT3200A-UR MAX1110MJP

26 May 2023 (New datasheets):

LOT770-JL ML9XX18 GC102BR7012015F 3KP33A BDW93CF UZ7707L IDT74FCT823CE MT55L256L32PT-7.5 UWR-1.5/6000-D24A MX27C1024TI-12 TPS76527DR uPD65654 AD521LD 1N4449 ZPSD312V-B-20MI MH16S64PHC-8 IDT54257DTEB 5962H9657501QEC S1T8603X01-D0B0 LC895127K PF3504 SB1620 1N4733A 1.5KE250A V29C51002T-90J 2N5685 ACM2001A-MYBD-T IDT54FCT162646TPF CD54HC173F3A CD4023BCSJ IDT54257DTSOB CAT93C5614UI-25TE13 WS512K8-45CQA TXD2000MBJFLLDH AT24C04-10TC-2.7 TIC263N IS61LV3216-20T TSC3874 LTC1694-1 S2G AP432ARA PM8621-BIAP SMLJ5.0CA TSB12LV22PZ M38252MEMXXXFP MX-3G FST3383MTCX M38223M8DXXXFS AT27C020-70TI M38255M8MXXXFP MAX6307UK29D2-T AM29F010-120JC 1N4712 SN74ACT564PWLE FAR-F6CE-1G8800-L2XJ-U 25C640-/ST RS2507M GS88236BB-150I IDT72831L25PF MYZ2320TK-2 SMAJ90(C)A VSX40MD23-1 PJ7909CI SF204 BQ2204ASN-N LS22BB-2UR/PG 1N3036B 5KP12CA PUP56-13 L7906CP FM402 ZMM55-C3V3 VI-RJ0YXX-XXXX GS840F36AT-10 PFW3510 FR202G GC79BRBE20R AS4C14405-50JC S-80720SL-AH-T2 IN74HC112D XC5215-5BG225C LA6541 UPD70216HGF-16-3B9 307URA80P5 MC145443P P6KE51AC MM74HC123AMTC AM29LV800BB120DP5C1 AM29F040-70FI C-413Y CLM2805C-4 MAX941C/D REC10-2915SRWLZ OM3957SMM M30201F6TSP FU-68PDF-510M35B M38226E1DFS RD36FMB MCP6004T-I/SL AT29LV040A-25TI GAL16LV8C-7LJ SN74LS465DWR IS61SP25618-5TQ QVB11224 KIA7824AP SG120-20IG HSM2694 PIC17LCR42-16/P

25 May 2023 (New datasheets):

VCA2612Y/2K BZX55F9V1 1N755A MC145031DW TDA5630BT V53C818HK45 GS8320Z18T-250I UCC5606PWP GS881E18T-11.5 SN74BCT244DBR LT1H53A LCE20 AZ765-1C-5D 0663001.HXLL AD9040 A1750A21RRFC06 IDT74823CTL APL5507-A15OC-TR AS2431BR25S13 CL7128AELC84-4 MRF392 TCM810LENB 2N1799 AZ88943TR2 ASX210A1HZ L1394ID TXS2SL-L-6V-X AD9901 AM27C2048-55DC5 CD4025BMJ/883 NVD01ZGG-M6 AIC1723-37CET STUB516 CDLL3822A SA30A HT1050 1N5356B 1.5KE8.2A AD1671 SN75ALS172ADW KBL04 AVH308 CAT93C8633S-25TE13 AN5290S UTCLM7915 SHV-24 IDT74FCT162511ATPVB XC17256ELPD8C SN75110AD BQ2007STR 303HT-1P-TR STP21N05LFI M62456FP TEA5591 M38507EB-XXXFP UT62V25716BS-100LLI CXP818P48A KIA78L06F APL5502-18KC-TR VI-B53-EU-BM G690H263T23 CQ89N BYR29-800 BSN20 AME8809JEHA PDM34078SA7QTY X20C04DM G70LF0A-DC6 MAZS110 RN5VT41CA-TR CDLL4570A V250LA40A EP2660-7R NTE928SM ZXRE1004DF M38222E5-HP FQI3N30 MEK75-12DA GAL16V8B-25LJI RD3.6EB LM4040DIM3-4.1 TSOP4856ON1 5962-9218201MCA SMDJ18A PST3439 X25642SI-2,7 IP137AK-883B MAX6316LUK34DY-T W91590AL LOPP370-KN AD8061 TL062ACD M38259EA-FP SST28VF040A-90-4I-WH TSB80C188EA20 APR3103-23BC-TR DB105 M38222MADXXXHP MC74ACT374DWR2 SM4005 5962R9475408QYX M38252EBDGP CR2103AA REC8-5715SRWL UFS160J MH88510 RN5VT32CA-TL

24 May 2023 (New datasheets):

P5KE58A G90NilAD-AC220-NilNil MAX5157BCPE LM319AN SMCJ24CA AN7125 NTE1814 M38504MD-XXXSS GC89BRBD20RD 2EZ68 MI-QC22M-XXX QF50AA40 2SA1035 MM74HC138N 1N6134A IDT54FCT373ATDB OPB829A VI-PUYP-XXX 15KP51CA BT-M40DRD AZ10LVEL11TR1 M38864M3A-XXXHP MPSW05 APL5302-26DI-TR EPC2TI32 WE128K32N-150G4Q U631H256BD1K35 KBU1008G BB119 SMV1249-079 M38C22MEDXXXFP APL5308-16DC-TR TISP3125F3SL PCT-2206 M38034M8-XXXSP AT49F4096A-70TC AMS34063P AM28F010A-90FIB M38205M5-XXXFP AM29LV020BT-70JI CAT93C5732JI-42TE13 CD74ACT373E ADC12032CIWM RN5RK551B-TL TL072C TK11823MTL WS512K32N-25G2TC AZ100EP16VSDR2 REC10-2012SRWL AD9696KQ ML7 S16C30 UT54ACTS54UCC MM74HC574WMX RK-3.312S BFG590/X LS7212-S XC6201P292PL APL5505-A26OI-TR MAX507BC/D CM3500 TC54VC4601ECTTR MBM29DL324BD90PFTN L-H512006B 1SMA5920BT3 AGM2412C-FLGTH-T BAT54W-T1 PIC16F84-20/SS LM4130EIM5X-2.5 XC1765ELVO8I WS512K32N-55G2TI MSP3401G IDT54FCT841ATQ XPC860SRZP80nn 2N6314 XC4008E-2PG191I ZCD6H02NANDI PCA3351CH A3283ELT RN5VT58CC SM16LC08 CB1aF-T-M-24V AK4363 MSA-0404 GP1S28 7429FCT2520ATSO SJ391 UPC4558G2 SN75970B1DGGR RP40-483.3SE LC866132A TSH691ID MC10H209M M38031F3-FP SG137T/DESC 1.5SMCJ14CA MH16S72APHB-8 D2525P871 TK11940MTL 303URA160 NM93C66LM8 APW38HC44AKC-TR V584ME08 L78M18CDT UPC1935GR XCV400-6BG560I JM38510/33701B2 3.0SMCJ14

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