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6 December 2023 (New datasheets):

X24C00PM-2.7 AM29LV400BB80SEB MAX1242AESA IDT7202LA35XE TC54VN4402EZB BST86 2N6650 XTR106U/2K5 SN74ABTH16260DLR M38062M8DXXXFS TFMAJ36 UC2848DWTR FU-68SDF-V802M115B R1223N452C-TL REC8-3309SRWL 37LV128-I/L BC847C CHA2292-99F/00 RT9172N-28CT5 REC5-1415DRWLZ ZGL41-200 QVB11134 TEN3-2423 LH28F008SCHD-L85 SMBJ43A BUL310 IDT54FCT162244CTPAB FR606-T3 M38255EA-FP ABA3100S3 S-80715AL-AC-T1 74HC191D IP7812AR IP137MHVH-883B 5962-9205802MXA OPL800 T405-800H TIS300-148 TK65845STL LM1117MPX-5.0 FAR-C3CB-12000-J11-R REC3-4609SRW TSU10A60 MCT5200 MAX1610CSE MAX6320PUK45AX-T IDT7383L30JB SMBJ100CA VI-PC3TX-XX RE5VT56CA-TZ ZXCL260E5 93LC46BT-/SM TK71532ASCL REC5-5615SRWL VND810 N74F2244N MAX533BEPE G72SA-DC12C M38066E9DXXXFS CM600HA-12H N82C42PC SMV30224-09 RD33FB1 PIC16LF876T-20I/L TIBPAL16R6-15CFN HD74HC21 RM2-9V MX7536AQ APL5301-23BI-TR RF3100-2 5KP60C LM393N K4S641632H-TC70 STD30NE06L 1N4069 LT1071HVCK ZXMN10A08E6TA SAB-C511-RN IC62VV25616L-55B MV6454A 1N4934 M38503M5H-XXXFP BP103-4 VI-PU24-XXX P7BU-1205E SMDJ13 AM29F040-120PI 1A398 XCV1600E-6FG860C 24IMS15-05-05-9 VV6500C001 MC33202D ST333S04MFM0 R7004203XXUA GC79SNDF20R MSM5117400C-50TS-L M38252EDMFP MC44602P2 K9F1216U0A-YCB0 S3P9614 LFB01L 24C01A-/P VI-RJW2XX-XXXX GS7025-CQM SMZ12 74ACT521SJX M38022E6DXXXFS

5 December 2023 (New datasheets):

WE128K32N-250G2TMA WE128K32N-250G4M 1.5KE47 X24022S-3 SMP1340-011 NJM78L09EA AM28F020-70FI RH5VL46AC SA160 420LE35 SM820 PBSS5140D SJ1429 MC54HC597AJ NTE3120 5962-8948701CA KD1084V28 BZX85C30RL W78LE54-24 WMF128K8-60FFC5 XCV50-4TQ144C BZG03-C16 B1582S-3.0 ST230S14P1L ZRT062GC1 SA2531 MC33174DTBR2 CAT24WC65KI-TE13 LS21BB-1GT TSC80C51CXXX-40ID A29001UL-70 RN5VD27CA-TR S1004N1 1514-60Y TSC0657 STW8NB80 TLC2274AIN SL2524NA 5962-9655701VCA B1117M-1.85 74LVC08DB BR1010 MX29F002TTI-55 M38B73F9H-FP CL-201G-C-TU K1V5 M38504F1H-XXXSP UPC1150GS P6KE6.8 WMF128K8-150FFQ5A DS1E-SL-DC6V EP2F-B3L2ST AEV25312 DTC124ERLRM M38205E1DXXXGP AM29LV004B-90RFE S60D40 FAR-C4CN-07373-K22-R S-80722AN P4SMAJ17C 1N5996A STF201-22TC R1170D241A-TR GS840E18B-100 T250/14 RD6.2UM FEPF6AT MAX4598EPP MAH28139FD NJM2375V/AV AGM1232C-NEYBH-T M38063MB-XXXFS AQS125O-12S REC5-6715DRWL MAX188CEWP SGA-2463 BA10358 CDC111FN AD1671KP APR9301-V2 ACM4004E-RLYS-T EE2-6ND TLC2274AMFKB IP34063N U633H04DK45 AD8017 MT9171AN AGM1264B-REBTW-T UT54ACTS153PCX AT-357SMA 5962-8670407XA CAT24C021J-42TE13 P80C52-1 VUO80-12NO7 2SD2337 FFPF06U40DN GP15J CD54HC574F 5962H9652201VXC CY74FCT543CTQCT AGM1212E-NLBBD-T CP806 CL-190IR-X 74HCT139NB MAX536ACPE ATF22LV10CZ-25PI MT4C4001JTG-8IT BZX79C4V3

4 December 2023 (New datasheets):

CXP85340A HN58C256AP-10 SA25F080 RT9172N-22CT5 M5M5256DRV-15VXL-I TLC27L1AID M54585FP M38255E5MFS MF34M1-LZCATXX M38030FA-XXXSP AT24C256-10CC GNR05D270K 93C86T-E/SN M5LV-256/68-12VC HSA2801 IC61LV5128-10TI IDT54FCT138CL TLV5621IN STK12C68-S35I HSSR-7110#500 UC1543L883B XC6204D482DR M38500E2-XXXSS CD74AC257M96 M38B77MEH-XXXFP P4KE30C MR5006 EDS2516APTA-7AL SMLJ5.0A MMBTA20LT1 OP400RPFI TXD2000MGGFLLDH 74F51SJ A8283SLB MA46504 ADV601 2SK1587-T2 10EZ75 LM2594N-3.3 MAX9040BEUK-T ST63142B1 CAT93C4613SI-25TE13 WS82C55AP 1SMB70CA LM614MWC SMDA12C-5 HT7027A ST62E25CD1 IS61S6432-5TQ SM320C40HFHM40 UC1854BJ883B PIC14000T-20I/SS ZXT12P20DXTA CHFP6KE40CA ST180C18C1L PSB95/08 SMBJ5373B DV2002TL2 M38063MBAXXXFP AM29LV004BT-90EI MAX218CPP TX2SA-6V-Z RFL1N10 5962-9651801QXC P87C528EBB 24IMS7-24-24-9 TM1.4.391J RN5RT53AA-TL AT002N5-00 MJ3000 LS6J3M-1Y IS61LV3216-12KI TEM3-1212 WS512K32N-70G2TIE M38B58MA-XXXFP MSM5118160D-70TS-L RF2721 5KP6.5C FST81100SM VT20N1 RN5VL23CA-TR GC79SRBC15R RHR1K160D 74LCX16244MEA 1N5821 ACA5-20PC-2-DC1-RL PIC16LC84-10/P QTLP653C-7 AM29LV081-100EE TL431IP MSK5009TS V53C517405A-50K MT1402A-RG PUMD10 30HCD UCC39412PW SNJ54S374FK IC62LV1024LL-70B TLC2262AQDR PDM41258LA12SO 2SC4187-T1 LP2950CZ-3.0 FDC40-12D15 FKC03-48S12 1N4006 ATmega161-4JI BC368

3 December 2023 (New datasheets):

1.5KE150A IDT7381L20GB P6KE22CA-T3 SAA1250 SN74LS47D EPM7064SLC44-10F X40014V8I-C ALD500RAU-20DE HER104S MB89P185PF-107 ESAC63-004 OBS025ZH MC14066BFL1 BYV79E-200 PALLV22V10-15JC BZX85C110 BUL76A ACT-F512K8N-120P4Q MAX6319LHUK30C-T MJ10000 RE5VT60CC CM200TU-12H HZS36-1 EP7312-IR AM29LV104BT-120JEB CLM2805CZ-2.5 SD453N20S30MTC WPS512K8LT-20RJIB MI-PC2P3-XXX IS62LV2568ALL-85T LC864128B MAX808LESA MAX40-58.0C ZVN4424G TC54VC2601EZB HH-107SMA 1N5360B PHD32UAA AT49LV001T-12TC 1N5552 SN74LS26N CDLL4110 TDA1521Q ZMY150 1N5631A SMBJ60CA ND432025 CAT93C8624KI-45TE13 M38C88EF-FP DDTC114EUA AQW224NA TLC116S IDT74FCT534CLB IDT74FCT16240TPV WMF512K8-150FEC5A TZX30 SMLJ60 MBR20060 IS61LV12816-15TI DM54LS367AJ/883 RN5RZ23BA-TL SN74BCT2240N MAX6332UR17D2-T EDI88130LPS45L32B RD2.0E-T4 PRN110161002J UCC39413PWTR PZM51N TG1.8.330K M38064M7DXXXFP SMI-50-560 AM29LV040BB-90FI MI2JMX AM29F800BT-90FIB MMSD1000LT1 LM3420M5-4.2 NTE16004-ECG TSA5526M/C1 40IMX15-2.5-9RG 1N961A MC33264D-3.0 STP21N06LFI 1N5251 P6KE9.1CA SMA2921 M38034FD-XXXSP UTCK596 PSC159-2 L78L09ABD HYB3165800J-60 MMBZ5237BT SN74LV244ADGVR M38861E4A-FS MT28F322D20FH-805B REC5-4905DRWLZ PDM31256SA10TTY CAT25C09SI-TE13 5820SMJ TL1431ACZ U631H16BS1C35 APL5501-17VC-TR 5962R9653501QXC OR2C04A-4S208I E05-12B UC1854AJ KRA724T PT2129A-S44 CLC436AJE

2 December 2023 (New datasheets):

MTN4141-CO MOB49TAS-1 U16C05 MCR8SD X25F032S-5 ZMM5242B BZX55/C22 BAT17DS ATF20V8BQL-15SC M38258E7-GP IDT7204S80PB UC3625N TIP152 IDT72271L15GB 269-B-160-14xx-B P4SMAJ150-T1 JPS130PT31 TLP624-2 MV53641 IDT79R3081E25J 70IMX4-05-9 MC44722FT AS7C31026A-10JC REC5-5409SRWL LM2575T-012 CY74FCT273ATQCT M38063M7-XXXFP S93663PAT A1750A42FFSC08 1N958D M38C29M5-XXXHP HD6433026TE L-53AEIR2BC PMKC03-12S15 SCC2692AC1A44 SNJ54LVT16501WD 2KBP04M AD7672LP05 M38026M2DXXXSS CD4068BMS AMS317ACD-3.3 CD471640A 3KP58C SN74LV4051ADBR ACM0802C-FLFH-T AT29C257-70JC AM29F040B-55EI BS-AE1FRD-A OM4213SC R2000F 1.5KE39 FMMT5179 B4252CK5-5.2 ATF1504AS-15QC100 TDA9814T DM7426CW AM27C256-150JC AS5C512K8EC-25L/883C ZXT12N50DXTA SN1N 1.5KE170CA HC4ED-PL-DC24V GP102BG-DC110-LB M38202E2-XXXFP WMBTA92 M38224M4MXXXHP NJM13404V RKBPC601 1.5SMCJ45C MC68331VFV16 SC2128C-D81S V502AS42 MI-QC63V-XXX NJM2120D IDT74FCT821CSOB 5962-9581601QXA 74ABT00N BFQ232 RD9.1EB3 CAT93C4633JI-25TE13 B20A90VNC LX1004C-2.5LP SST29VE010-150-4C-NN CSPPT08-500J ACM1602T-NLGS-T MC74ACT32DT MAX903CSA CDLL4570 SST39VF010-70-4C-B3H BQ2201SN-N BC856B P83C180AER/02 DDU66C-60D4 SN74AHCT02PWR FMB-G16L CAT24C322J-30TE13 LC895297 PT2127A-M94 ZPSD302V-B-20MI MHW7142 CAT93C8624KA-42TE13 ST280C04C2L ST223S08PFN2 MAX40-100.0CA TFMAJ17A DAC7802LU/1K LBB126P

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