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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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16 June 2024 (New datasheets):

LM2954-3.3 GMS90L56Q LS21AA-1UR MAX157AEPA MJD45H11 HV57708DG AGM3224G-FC-YTW-T MN3040H MPC2003SG66 APT10045JFLL MG74PB26 FDS7064A TU25C256SC TA8186P TPSMB7.5 MAX539BC/D H8236-40 WMF128K8-50FFI5 ACM1602Z-FBTH-T MI-PC6ZV-XXX AM24EC08 X2N4351 NE5517N SN74S04N IP140AK-15 ST303C10CHK0L CD74FCT841AEN AV9248F-169-T TAN350 SMBJ20C AD9048TE G65SC150DI-2 L-514EIR1BC TL431AID ACM4002E-NLTW-T SML50J44F MAX792TESE 74ACTQ16373CW IS61LV632A-4TQ IC61LV6416-15BI MXL1016CN8 MSM51V16165DSL-50JS IDT74FST3125Q TE204R AT45D011-SC TSOP1736KS1 74AHC541PW HAA1437 2N2905A APL5301-34KI-TR XCS30XL-4VQ100C M38256M2-XXXHP FST3345MTCX REC5-4105DRW MDD255-18N1 G65SC21D-4 CAT93C5721UA-30TE13 MXL1178CN8 74HCT109D HDMP-1024 R1800 GC70BN9514012RS EPS8 MT5C1008F-35L/XT 1.5KE47A PT78ST151S DS1033Z-12 SR35-T1 7161 AM29LV800BT120FE R1170H351B-T1 LD87C54-24 MI-RAM-I1 1N6264 M38221EBHGP EVAL-AD7650CB ZPSD303-B-90JI MI-RC220X-XXXX P4KE400CA EM658160TS-3.3 P6KE27A CM300DY-12H GC89SRCC10FS SN74AC563DBLE WE32K32N-120H1QA ACM1602Z-FFTW-T TIL300A IDT54FCT245ASOB LP2992IM5-1.5 CD4585BE MSM5117400A-80SJ P6KE24A MT4LC4M4E8TG-6 M38221EAMFP TS87C51FB TL751M08CKC BS-A525RD SN74ALS666DW TC170CPE MC74HCT374ADW M38252EC-GP JR1aF-DC6V PC111L M38036M5-XXXSP M38043F1-HP VI-2NFEX TLC352IDR 1.5KE24

15 June 2024 (New datasheets):

IDT74841CDB 78602/8 WS256K32N-35G4I MC10H642FN HMJE2955T APL5302-48BI-TR VUO80-08NO7 54F151ADMQB 20KW52A GS88218BB-200I SL74HC367N SP9500BN GY4102ACKA 1.5KE9.1 BS-A513RD MT28F128J3FS-15ET MT5C1008EC-35L/IT M37560M8-XXXFP MT7115A-UR DA102 RN5VL21AA-TR MX27C2000MI-10 IDT54FCT16373CTPAB BZX384C2V4 CGY191 16TTS08STRL IDT74FCT166245CTPVB R1110N591ATL MDU13H-4C3 CAT93C8624JA-28TE13 DB5-24S OAA160S P4FMAJ170A IXFN150N10 V62C318256L-70TI 0662.800HXSL AGM3224G-MC-GBH-T MT4C4001JCZ-7/883C SD150N08MBC MN7150-16H/BCH OP27BJ LM4041DIM3X-1.2 M38869F8A-XXXHP M38221E8HGP M38196M2-XXXFP MC74LVX138DT MI2TIY STUS0B5 AS7C33256PFD18A-133TQC M38224E6-GP AS5C512K8F-45L/883C VI-NC12-XX 1SMB5948 VI-24MEX HER305-TB RB501V-40 LGZ185-CO 1.5KE82CA XC17S50XLPD8C M37272MFH-XXXSP VRE303CS MAX117CAI IS41C8205-60JI AN3986FHP STPR860DF 2SC4230 MM1196XF 5KP12 M38030F2-XXXHP REC15-5012SRWBZ CAT24C043J-30TE13 M38030FC-XXXFP DD502S CAT93C5613PI-30TE13 IDT7205L65TD P4SMAJ8.0 EM513 SMCJ51C SGA-4463 SB05-48-15S 2N5337A-220M 1422455 SN74AHC08DBLE M38500M9H-XXXFP 14KESD17 TPS6734ID APL5502-28VC-TR 5KP16 RE5RL55AC MT5C2568CW-55L/IT 5KP7.0CA M74HCT75RM13TR FT5766M SPAKMC332GVFV20 PST9141 AGM1212D-FEFTW-T 1N5626 NTE4911 ADP3338AKC-2.85 P5KE5.0CA MUN5216DW1T1 SY88927V SA24C512LZMFF SMF107 APL5309-24DC-TR MC14572UBCL BD-F81FRD

14 June 2024 (New datasheets):

TSOP1240GL1 TDA7439 DL4730A SST29LE512-70-4I-PN UDA1325PS MX7537JCWG TLE2062AMD MAX4578EWP MMBZ5240B AGM1212C-FCFTW-T SN74ALS1034DR 5429FCT2521DTEB SST39VF016-70-4C-EK STE53NA50 SX1123 PIC16C554T-20I/JW R1221N21XD-TR TS68HC901 EF6840P PDU53-2000M IDT742157CTQB MT5C1008F-55L/883C TF91320C MAC228-6 AZ942-1CH-24D MC100E142FN MOC3020-M 1N752A-1 3EZ33D5 PM48-100300 MAX435CSD XM28C040M MC14520BCP MAZS130 ASM34012CB ZMY51 M51207L TE206 1N4890A TSM108 NMH4809D NMA1205D TVP3026-220BMDN AZ765-1V-12D MBR1045 TGL41-33 WSE128K16-73G2TM SL1062AN 3EZ10D5 XC62FP2702MR MSK166B DS1100M-500 P6KE7.5A MT4LC4M4A1TG-6 G73AD-DC12 2SC4097 E05-34M1 M38060ME-XXXFS M38030F3-XXXFP AT25160-10PC KTA1700 1N4731A G65SC21LS-3 MX27C512QI-15 DM7402N CMBZ5246B AM29LV400T120SEB UL200-14 SY10E151 MAX709SC/D MAX6317HUK36AW-T NTE227 EM78804AH SML79420C BS-A325RE MC10H209L M38863E6A-HP ML2252BCP MI-RC61NX-XXXX SAA3010P/S285 NDL7408PKC DP83256VF AGM1232D-NEFBD-T STUP5B8 SN74LS682N G901CS-AC12-Nil2 PEB20534 IXGT35N120C NTE2313 N74F825D UZ7814 M5-384/120-12HC 3D7303H-30 KM41V4000DJ-6 BC847PN 5962R9655801QXX PST3328 P83C652FFBB 1N5820 MC74ACT08MR2 ICS1702M M38222M1DXXXHP MC74LCX540MEL KDZ8.2V BM-40EG58ND HAL320UA-C NM24C04FDICE

13 June 2024 (New datasheets):

SN74HC257DR UT69R00012GCAF IS41LV16400-50TI CAT25C042S16-28TE13 2SK2570 SC3442RV 1N4911A SN74HC590AN HF50-12S U6264AS1K07 PEEL22CV10AJ-25 JM38510/34001BD BYD12J AGM2464C-ML-YTW-T DS2404B/T&R AS5C4008ECJ-35L/883C ZY68GP GMS90C58 LD4200 SN75ALS191P MCM6709BRJ6 BD-F30DRD MR851 CY7C4221-10JC M5M5256DP-45XL-I 1N4761(DO41) 79L12ACD MAX541BEPA SN74LVTH652PWLE WMF128K8-90CLC5 5962-87700012A CD4049UBPWR RKBPC804 M38C24FEDHP TQ2SA-6V-X TK11325BUIB A29L160TG-70 1N4002ID TMS416409ADGA-50 FAR-F5CM-942M50-B270-V QL12x16B-1PF100C MI-QC2N0-XXX 5962-9673201QYA MK48T02B-15 SN74ALS153DR Z86C4316PSC MMUN2133LT1 PCF8573P FAR-C4SA-03580-M11-U 18HCB QL3060-2PB456M MAX1247ACPE IS61LV5128-12B Z86E0612SSC AZ10ELT20DR2 M38198M5-XXXFS LX8587A-00CP ZMM5248 HFM305 P6KE47 SPC-1207P-581 CL-260SR M34513M2-XXXSP DF150BA40 REC5-3612SRWZ ST735CD MT62901D2 SG1644J/883B M38064M5-XXXFP BU508DF SST39SF020A-45-4I-WH SC5205-5.0CSKTR M38227E7HFP AM27X2048-255PI RBV-602L 33BSD P6KE56 2SC4420 5962H9656601QEA KIC7W125FK M38200M4-XXXFS VI-J7HMX TMS27C020-12FML GNR07D201K VI-J1PEX BZT03-C10 2N1912 ER801AD RS407L ACM1602A-FLBD-T SST39VF040-45-4I-WK OR3T55-5PS208I SG7905K/883B BWS0505 M29F200BT70M1 RMWB04001 PIC16CE624T-04E/P LP80C54-24 EXO-3-16.384M PU40-33SL IE2405S A45L9332AF-8 SST39LF010-55-4I-B3H M38C21M7DXXXHP SB560 ROM-0924S R1170H211A-T2 NDHV310AFBE2

12 June 2024 (New datasheets):

TVS430 INA2132UA/2K5 CAT524J-TE13 P6KE100C MJ11012 VI-QURM-XXX AM29F016B-90FEB UPC4558C(5) RT9172N-17CG AS2431B2LPB ULN2069LB MC74AC161MR2 M95128-MW5T SN75112D MAX542CESD M4A3-128/64-55CAC G902AO-DC24-NilNil 1N5405G BZX55F15 WF512K32N-90H1I5A 11C91DCQR M38C29MBDXXXHP ADV7123 IV4812SA M38252MA-XXXGP MX23C8000QC-10 M38225E6-HP SF10AG Z89305 APL5507-B17OC-TR AM29LV200BT-70RFCB BSH101 5962-7802302MFA BQ4842YMA-85 SD153N10S15MSV VKA50LS24-8 LA9210M HMJE13005 IH2409SH DAC7624U/1K MSP3405G MLL5941C 5KP28 BZX84C3V6 IS61NP12832-5TQ GS71108TP-10I PC816AB M38224MCHXXXHP FEP6BT FR305 P4KE220 LC89512W MB90594PF MC68B09P AS432AR25SB ST72F63BK2B1 IDT7024L25PFB CMP401GS WMS512K8L-55CLCA DS2435 IDT74FCT162646ATPF MH1M365CXJ-5 ACM1601B-NLFW-T S-8310AFE-T2 PPG33F-50C3 WF512K32F-90G4I5A GS8162Z18B-150 2SJ544 OPB820 TPA301DGN M38184EB-FP ACM4004C-FLYBD-T L53BR5.08/GD SBL2045CT TPS76728QPWPR T431616A-7S HER505 DCR1575SY38 MCM63F733ATQ10 GS8322Z36C-133I P4KE100A S4012R CXP81732A ILD610 IDT74FCT162652CTPF IDT75FCT646SOB 1N4006G SMBG70 XC95108-7PQ100C SJ1430 M38C35E2MXXXFP SPC-0703-102 X2N5486 IDT7203S30PB SA100 PCF2116AU/10 S83C654FBPN AT24C04A-10SI Z2033U RN5RL23AA-TL FSR1110D MC68HC705P9DW P6SMBJ170CA M1E9 P8279 IXLF19N250A SN74ALVC16334DGVR

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