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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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3 October 2023 (New datasheets):

NJU7031V ZXRE1004FF N80C186EB25 BS-A565RD-A TLV2442QDR IDT74841CSO 269-B-250-F1480-C CAT93C6631UI-45TE13 KBPC1001GS M38049F6-XXXHP SN74LV123ADGVR VI-RJ6MXX-XXXX ICX207AK LT1013DMD TM400CZ-2H MSB557DA 2KBP005M AT25128N-10SI-2.7 IDT7132SA100JB MC2400 MBS4993 TLC2202AMJGB ATF-26836-TR1 47LR30 M38047F7-HP 5962-8752401PA AGM1264E-FNGTS-T 5962-9309702M2A M38509EB-XXXFP LM2660MDA GS8162Z36B-225 BDX62B BAS16LT3 M38C23F1DHP S0510L M38063EC-XXXFS BZX84-A11 E28F320J5-100 2N5664 Z1SMA200 3N256 FDN361AN MT5C1008DCJ-55L/IT ZSR900N8 AGM1232D-NLBBD-T CAT93C6623JA-25TE13 MC74HC299N MC100SX1452FI HD1107O DM74LS533WM MI-QC223-XXX AP494ID16 CAT28LV64T13A-35T V53C516405A AT27C800-12RI TC7109ACKW X28C256JI-20 TR2906SZ38 AM29LV400B120SCB 74HC4040D IDT7143SA20PF IDT70824L45GB BD902 1.5SMCJ120C CM1504 V150LA2 MM1593D 5962H9655801VXC HS1371 PT5103N TDA9813T P89C738ABA BUK454-800A ST95020W SLR-322DC MYE39TA HYM72V8000GS-50 SN74LS163AN T10A120T 1.5KE91A JM38510/34105B2A MC74AC245DW PCF80C31-3A REC5-543.3SRWLZ PHD45N03LT V62C5181024LL-35PE KBPC1004 74LVC244AD F16C15D IN74HC165N EDI8L32512V15AC NTE4963 FT0807DH LC549 CXA1844Q X25642SM-2,7 LA4265 PR3006G PC826 IDT7217L75GB Z86E2116PEC PIC16C72T-20I/SS BL-HGA33A TN80C151SA DTA143TRLRP ST92F120V1Q CY74FCT16240ETPVC MT5C1008C-45L/XT

2 October 2023 (New datasheets):

VI-RUNLX-XXXX IDT74FCT640CDB ST6252CB6 R1112N21A-TL 74F32SJ TL062MJG MOC3012 SMBJ100 UCC3889N 5429FCT2521CTDB 2SK2094 G83ADC-DC12-Nil 2SC4231 5962-0153201TYX CDLL823 APL5835-28DC-TU NI25-3-1.8S SN74HCT157DR GM76C8128CLE-55 TG-98 LM385BZ-1.2RA GC70BR7012022R SF2-DC5V 1M4760A U62H824PC35 M5M5V208FP-12L-W REC3-5909SRW SA5209N M38867M9A-XXXHP RN5VD39CC AT27C400-15PC MXD1013PA040 BZX84C6V8W WS128K32N-45H1IA MC34217P BD5005 FL24-200250 PIC16LC924-04I/SP M38862MBA-XXXHP M38251M9MXXXGP MC74AC245MEL PIC16CR83T-10I/SO GOG95015 AME8501AEETBE29 SC56-21EWA GS841Z36AT-100 ML2258CIQ IFN426 ZCA6H14NDL M38862F2A-XXXGP PUP55-31 M38076M7-XXXFS RHRG15100CC TIP135 MAX652EPA TL082BI RJ-3.305S DF06M SN74LS374N SN74F2373N SL4006GTR DDU66C-75A2 KD1084D2M28 SMCJ6065A KDV804BM P4KE440A SMBJ17(C)A LM2576K-5.0 AME8815AEBT330 KTA711E 1.5KE82CA IC62LV1024AL-45QI MAX6375XR27-T M38252M2MXXXFS FAN5232 PI74ST1G86T KM62256CLTGI-7L BTA24-600BW BSM300GA120DN2E3166 5962R-0153402VXX MAX6317HUK34AW-T LC66404A VI-RU0HX-XXXX VI-RN3XX-XXXX FZT749 G902BO-DC12-NilNil BFE505 3D7502D-25 AGM1212B-REYTW-T SD153R14S10MSV MOCD208M TP6508 APL5506-A24XI-TR 5962-0150201QXX LM1086CT-ADJ SXTA42 SMAJ120C ADDAC85-CBI-V R1160N111B-TR BL-R3121F X4003M8I4.5A ESDA6V1SC6 RGP15J R6030822PSYA PTB20188 AD586 AD7376AR1M

1 October 2023 (New datasheets):

ID202 WS128K32N-45G4TM P6KE62A MT5C1009CW-45L/XT CXA1977R MX7542GKN RQ5RW56AB FM27C512Q150 IDT70T651S010BC APL5835-27EC-TR PIC16CR84T-04/SS MC74HC163AFL1 SN74HC367DR SA142A MH88615-3 M38867EFA-FS LNA2601L 1.5KE120CARL4 2SC2854 STGB3NB60SD GC79BNBA15RS BD-F416RD DS2406X S4010L 1N974B MAX170CCPA 1.5SMC22A 1.5KE30CA ACM0802C-NLYS-T 5962R9658401QEA AS273G1GB AZ765-1A-6D ACM1604B-NEGH-T PDTC114EK RT9168/A-39CSH R12L03 MC74LCX04DT MH32D72KLH-10 1N6122 M38047F9-XXXHP HER605 P6SMBJ30 STH16NA40FI LD80C32-1 MAQ28139NC LTC1595ACS8 5962P0053604QUA LL55B36 SMAJ48A MSK690 VI-QUW3-XXX AGM1264D-MLBTS-T RF-0909SH IDT72841L12PF MAX6314US40D1-T AT27C010-12JI AA3020SYC SMBG5339B MAT04FY FU-68PDF-510M36B 5KP75CA BAV99LT1 FST16211MEA LM111MWA MC68HC05B8FU MC74ACT259D L13HD 3EZ100D5 MYB51DA-2 AD9283 MAX779LEPA DF005M 1N5228A 1SMB7.5CA BZV55C62 MIC2524-2BWM 1A1 MT5C1005DCJ-70L/IT UF5408 MC33172VDR2 2SJ302-Z 5962R9654501VEC NM24C04ULEM8X JM38510/30906BFA SN74LS95BD 3.0SMCJ8.5CA B1584T-3.0 1N5254 MMBT2369ALT1 AD7547KN MAX699EPA PALCE22V10Z-25SI S87C58-1 RSZ-1005P D371-20B SN74BCT29863BNT 1N6153A REC3-4015DRW 5962R9652601QXX MI6XMY SD253N16S20MSV FU-68PDF-V510M76B TPSMA13 SMAJ6.5CA SNJ54366AJ FAR-C1SB-10000-K01-T CY7C1041V33-20ZC HIM034815S

30 September 2023 (New datasheets):

BD-A835RD M5-128/68-10VC PDM41028SA15SOTY SAC22 CBO30 FR206-TB QL16x24B-1CF160I A1751A30FFSC06 SNJ54ALS257AW V43658R04VXTG-10PC G6A-24K TSC80C51TXXX-16MH/883 LOK4140-2RLD TC55RP6002ECBTR GS816033T-166I JM38510R75203BD 28C64AT-25/L PIC16C716-20I/P KH200 DG201 REC10-33905DRWL FS1VS-18A AM29LV002B-100EIB HC4E-H-DC6V 37LV36-T/P M38864M5A-XXXHP AD590KF 2N3700 CAT25C16U-TE13 3EZ5.1D WMS512K8L-120DEIEA AT49LV010-12JI ST26C31BDR JW1SN-DC9V MI-J6LMY KL5C80A12 MC33204P AM29LV001BB-45RFI APL158118F5C-TU FS12VS-5 UCC3803D IDT54FCT162H245TPAB MSK5175-3.3TU 74LCX32M STB100NF04L REC5-1412DRWL AGM1232C-NLBTW-T CPT50080 3KP13A BAV20 MJE3055T M5M5256DFP-45LL-I SMP5911 AME8500CEETAF44 IDT74FCT162H501ETE BUK474-200A M38506M5H-XXXSP 2SA1471 BYD12D SMCJ30C HL02U05S12Y PT2127A-L54S LS9J3M-2UR/PG-T MC68SEC000PB10 HSM190J 28C17AF-25I/L GC79SNBA20R NT5DS16M8AW-6 TDA1302T KM44V4100CK-5 UNR4221 UPD6124AGS-XXX RQ5RW50BA-TR M38227EA-FP SA110 REF191ES BZV14 CXA2598M IDT70T651S008BF P6KE33A TK73211MIL AM29F800BT-90EIB MC74LCX86DR2 BZG04-200 M38C27F2-HP 1N4728A CY7C47215JI HCF40192B NTE56063 TOP204YAI MSM13Q0230 THS4031MJG SR5020 LP324M TMS320C52PJ40 AS7C1025-12TC GMS81C5024 AGM1212D-REGBS-T MAQ3690FC BTA40-400B X86C64S PIC12LCE673-04I/JW HM62W8512BLFP-7SL AGM1264F-NLFD-T GBU8005 LM137KGMW8 AN7190NK

29 September 2023 (New datasheets):

MB90223PF NTE5053A 3KP17A SA1389 GB301Z-AC24-SF-B BB629 DS36C278M 1PS70SB44 TRB6124 24LC00-/ST TM200DZ-24 M38C27MFDXXXFP LM317KSTEEL AD8184AR PLD08VBY IN74LS245DW SST39VF020-70-4I-B3K GP1S32 AM27X64-120PI MAX4556EPE CD4538BCN MY88C SMAJ90C FZT789A TK11327BMCL VMB70-12S 1N4370AUR-1 UT62L6416MC-70LLE TLV2470IP MC68L11KA4FN3 EC10LA03 CS8191XDWF20 MC74LVX245D ILC7062CP30 1504-180C SA64C PIC16F874T-10E/PQ M27C512-70F1 X28C256KMB-25 RF3118PCBA G690L400T91 ST72771R6Q1 CAT93C8614KA-25TE13 UNR2216 AS2591 C7190-23 MT5C6408EC-15L/XT SMCG13CA PT2128A-M94 TXD20008ADFLLNH 24AA01T-I/SN U635H256BSK35 PI3C32X384B TM25EZ-M DDU8F-5050B1 2SC4173 UNR6123 K9F1608W0A-TIB0 IDT74FCT166H244ATPA GBU8D 1N5685 SNJ54LS47FK MC74AC08M AT49BV001-90VC 2SK3386 CAT25C08U14-1.8TE13 NTE5577 MC74AC563N TSOP2136YA1 2SC3922 MSM65X227TS-K M57729L CXK58257AM-70L UF2003 CAT93C5712PI-30TE13 CY7C187-15PC CAT93C5731KI-45TE13 CM300DY-24H 1N5534 MSM5116400C-70TS-K REC8-4305SRWL LM2931R-85 P4SMAJ16C-T1 CDP68HC68A2 BZW06-13B TX2-L2-9V-Z NJU9207BF IDT54FCT299ATQ CAT25C03U14-1.8TE13 MI6JMY MT8982AC BCW33LT1 PT2127A-M42S PBL38615/1SHT IDT74FCT244PB M5M5V208KR-70LL-W M5M29GB161BWG ST6225CM1/XXX 5962-0323602QXA S-806D-Z SI6963DQ HAL320SO-A LTC1335CN MAX4585EUB CLM2951CS-3.3 RE5VT54AC 2SB1570

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