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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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30 November 2023 (New datasheets):

MX7542SQ FSF250R STA5100 SN74BCT29827BDW RN5RG30AA-TL AGM1212E-FEGTD-T S87LPC767FD BM-10488MD MAX294EPA SNJ54AS576J MMXZ5237B MSM5117800A-70JS 300UR40A 5962R9654201QCX DCB106 AQW217A SW06BRC BV-M305RE DTC123EUA L-515EIR4C UPC78L10T M38075M3-XXXFS RN5VT51CC M38863E5A-GP 1.5SMC110 RT9168/A-42CS NE5514N F08A05P CPT30080 PT5049C BSFZ68G67 WS128K32NV-25G2TI APL5502-20VC-TR 1SMB3EZ51 LM317LZ ACS40US03 1N5403 DTC143ERLRP FAR-C3SB-16000-J11-U SN74ABT652ADBLE BD-F522RD TR2.5-800-14 Q2004D3 BZG03-C10 1N4004S JW1aFSN-DC48V TM1.8.561J SMA10C P6KE150 MX27C4096PI-12 MX28F1000PPI-12 MMBD1505A SMBJ26 DF05434 APL1431ADI-TR MU9C2485L-50TCI M38864EBA-GP CDLL6858 BZX384-B5V1 TL431ACD AT24C32-10TC M5M465165BTP-5S A-503HA G8340-31 GB301YG-DC24-SF-L AGM1212C-NEBTH-T Z8623312VSC GC70SN5012015RD 269-B-270-D-14xx-B NJW1104FC2 BL-B2134M PDU14F-50A4 PIC18LF4320T-I/PT IRF7457 PIC16LF873-04E/SP EPM7064TC44-7 IDT54FCT2240ATPY P4FMAJ400A MAX527DENG V826532K04SXTG-A1 302IT 24LC08BT-I/SN 1N5248B G902AS-DC110-12 MM1116XS LSP2916B AM29LV400BT80SIB EGP15B BR258 BC848CW HV7121B-COB S08A80 FM812T SF33 CY74FCT2827ATQC KA2285B MCP604-I/P OP262GS TXL035-12S M38503M9-XXXSP M38222M6DXXXGP 74ACT86M AD9260AS BAS70-07FILM 2SC4861 HA12223F FR151-T3

29 November 2023 (New datasheets):

AM29LV004BT-90FCB TSC3792 G90NilCD-DC18-12 MT5C2565EC-20L/883C UPD750106CU(A)-XXX 5KP14C NJU7001M TA-7.0 G72SC-DC12C TLE2062MJG H11D2 MAX6321HPUK28CX-T MTN2139-CG KBL404G MSK5010-5BZS P4SMAJ64C-T3 APL1087-33EC-TU REC5-7109DRWLZ MAX122BEWG 2SA1527 UPD75116GF(A)-XXX-3BE MCM63P531TQ7 CAT93C5734UA-45TE13 XC6201P172MR 10EZ24 1.5KE12CA MAX5250ACPP BZX79-A39 HN58X24512FPI Z86L0208PSC IDT74FCT273ATQB M38C37E9MXXXFS P6KE110CA PT4102C MCM67B618AFN10 PT2127A-L53S HCF4028B AD2S82AKP BZX97/C8V2 MX7528JN SA40A ULCE6.5A MH943P 74LVTH16373MTDX 5962-9220001MLA GBU401 A-2304G BQ2003S-NTR U630H16DC45 28C17AF-25I/VS SP312ECT 2N4403 N74ALS32N G902BS-DC110-12 PCA1487U/10 AGM2412C-RLGTW-T HC2K-P-DC12V MM1113XS PIC16LC72-02/SS AM29LV008BT-120FIB RE5VL57AC 1N4937G MAX6316MUK35BW-T HYB514405BJ-50 2SD1722 MAZ7110 iMC004FLSA-ET15 FZTA92 THI0522 DF100AA120 24AA64-I/SN ISPLSI2032VE-110LB49 A62S6316V-55SI APL5301-31BC-TR CAT24WC01J-1.8TE13 2SK1898 MA44663B SC2128C-L54S XC1701PD8C WS512K32-35G1TC CLM2930AS 1N5362B WS128K32N-100H1QA SMV30223-09 MAQ28155LE U636H04BSC25 AGM1212D-NEYBW-T LM324M SN74ABT16540ADL 1N484B BF998WR AFC-12S DS96176CN S125 ISPGDX80A-5T100 SAB-C505-LM MC74HC367N M38061M2AXXXFS SMH4042S-BLN PPG36F-9 REC5-3415SRWLZ TMS27PC512-10FML M38220M3-XXXGP HEF40192BT PS393EEE TL750L12QLP SMBJ11

28 November 2023 (New datasheets):

74F153SJX AD7805BN CAT93C8614P-45TE13 M38046F1-FP PZM5.1NB2A 24C02SC-/WF UF4003-T3 P4SMAJ9.0A U12C50 EZ1584CT JM38510/07105BFA MA2H735 MC79M15BDTRK PDU108H-0.5C3 TC4404MJA COP8CCR9LVA8 1N4627 SN74HC373PWR MEM8129GMB-15 AGM3224H-FC-FBH-T MC74AC125DR2 GC118BN7013030RS 1.5KE200 BUJ302A GS840FH32AT-8.5 SC3010 ICS673M-01IT HCPL-2200/500 3SMC60CA BYV97F TSC80C51XXX-40AF MCR218-3 SF32 BL-XS1361-F7 ER500 IDT54FCT541CDB AD9631 AM29DL400BT-70EE FAR-F5CE-881M50-K210-V AS29LV800T-120TI EL2228CY 2SK1968 P4KE13CA LST3821-S4-DN P6KE120A AGM1532A-FEFBD-T RBV1506 BC446 REC8-1409SRWL TR1107SG38 W24L257AQ-12 M27C512-45F1 BR84 SA20A P4KE11A MC78LC30NTR MX29LV800TXBI-70 1N5538B-1 LM2902PWR P4SMAJ7.0C-T1 RTC400PM42 VI-PJ4YX-XXX 1N5274 SD453N20S20MC TOP242R-TL RS5RMXXXXA-T2 GP15K MC14012BCL CD4011MD8 MH88630 EP1F-B3N3 R3131N46EC-TR A42U0616V-60 CY7C1021BV33L-10VC 74ALS157N ADP3605ARU-3 IDT74FCT824BD SMS3924-011 M38221MCMXXXHP SIS0100 A1751A62RRFC10 5962-9053801PA LX1665CN S1A120D0 A-394G P6FMBJ47 DDU4F-5025 LM1896N-1 5962R9475406QLX TIP32F MMST5551 AME40BEET GLT725608-20TS MDE-10D471K SNJ54HC139W RA202036 ICS9148F-53 P4SMAJ16C-T1 1N4690 1.5KE180A IDT54FCT162260ETPAB MPXL5010G7U LS3336-RU M38509E7H-SP P0300EA XC3064A-6PQ160C APW6020KC-TU MH4S72CMA-15

27 November 2023 (New datasheets):

X28HC64KMB-55 WFC02R24S15L LNM313KA01 VG3617161ET-8 M38040F7-XXXSP DG390BWE UT80C196KD-WCX ICS9148F-26 74HC147N M38252E8MFS 5962-9658901QXX X24C08PI-3 SPC-06502-470 M38505MFH-XXXFP SST29VF010-70-4C-NH AS5C4008EC-15L/883C GC79SRBC20R Q2025K7 P4SMAJ8.0 TZX5V1 P6KE100CA-TB D45C8 BM-20488NA MT8960AE 1.5KE200 GL382 MX7824LN N80L52 CCK25 Z86E0812PEC HJ4-L-AC120V-R 93C76-E/P G70HS3B-DC9 APL1087E-33UC-TR AD536ASD/883B OP467 FK16SM-5 XC6203P532PL NTE2546 IDT71256L20Y SPX2945R-5.0 X88C75JSLIC MSM66V84BJS L-180YC-TR9 UA7806QKTE LC7584N RP03-4815DG EP224LC12 PCF5078T/F1 PB61 FQB8N25 AM28F512A-70FE BU9206 APX9140BEE-PB IS61SP6464-100TQ STK400-010 RN5VS57AC NT5DS64M4AT-7K VI-RJ60XX-XXXX 5962G0151601VXC MC10105FN BTA212-600E AM29LV116BT-120FEB 5962G9475406QXA RH5VL24CA-T2 HSC2682 UC3843BVDR2 MC74LCX244ML2 LTC1265CS L4987CPT87 AS431BR5LP13 PT2127A-C54S 7429FCT2521DTE CAT93C5721SI-30TE13 1N5404 74LCX245M LOC211P RH5RL38AC KTD882 BSP170 R1223N152A-TR 1.5KE15CA MS880 AD667JN AM27X2048-120PI REC3-2015SRWZ MSM5116160-70TK 74ABT241PW GZ7-A3 PIC17LCR42-16I/PQ IC61SF51218D-7.5TQI P6KE10CA PSD303-B-15U P6KE56CA NJM2140R 5KP14C OPF481 M27C512-12C1 D240/04 SNJ54F138J UF206 M37272M6-XXXFP EM658160TS-6 1N5943D AGM1232C-FEYBS-T RD30JS-T2 TZM5264B

26 November 2023 (New datasheets):

ICL7667CPA 1N4742 MI-QC2VW-XXX CXP5076 WMS128K8L-45DJC AM26C32MFKB 05W4B H22-1 5962-9657001VXA AMS3102AM1-5.0 LNG876LKD 5KP6.0C IDT74FCT573DTD IDT74FCT163245APF PIT-1304 FDC05-24D12W SN74ALVC16834DGGR HCF4048B WF512K32N-60G4M5 REC15-2915DRWBZ CY7C199-15ZI MC14544BCP MAX634EJA CN25D BZX55C8V2 TEA5500T HER307 MIC29201-5.0BU UC1708J AT27C010L-70PI SMZG3806A C4877 BZW04-7V8B AT49HF010-70PI VI-2NWIX MI-26JMW BYM11-800 DS26C31TN SF83S SMBJ5940D SN54LS122J TPS76150DBVR W27C020-90 Z90349 MI7NMV SD103R16S15MSV PIC12C508A-04/P IE0505S DAC2815SH M38023M3-XXXSS PQ3DZ13 M38C80M1-XXXFP LS6J3M-1Y/T 100371SC P4KE10A R1223N282H-TR SPC-0703-680 SB20100FCT PI3B16861 MH8100F B1150S-3.3 NE56632-19D MA2J114 UDA1351TS NTE280 BTS917 SD453N20S30PTC XC4003E-2PQ100I FU-68SDF-802M55B HE2aN-DC12V DL4007 REC3-3705SRWZ RN5VT23AC MC100E116FN TC650BDVUATR M38C33E4AXXXFP BZW06-376 IDT70261L25PF TXD20008DEFLLDH TSC80C51XXX-20CA REC15-2515SRWB R1113Z371B-TL MMBT2907A 337L MV834 IDT7206L65TP REC5-5512DRWZ X28C010EM-25 HS-2622RH SN74LVC828ADWR MCM40L512SG80 C65SC02-AP-2 MM1373E WMS512K8-17CI KIA6040P FU-68PDF-520M72B TLV320AD543PTR SNJ54LS674FK MSM51V16165A-70JS LM2902N TXD2SA-L-6V-X GP101CG-AC220-B HYB3116400BJ-50 DF5VD60 TEL3-2413 5962R9658201VCA IS61LV5128-15KI R1230D151A-TR

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