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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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9 June 2023 (New datasheets):

IDT7202LA80XE MTA1163-YG XQV1000-4CG560Q CY7C1021V33L-12ZC M5LV-320/160-12YC 42095-018 IDT54FCT138CTPB EM83049 MC10H424FNR2 PIC16C556AT-04I/SS P6KE160 HI-8683PDT 23S180 AD767SD/883B 1519-30B TSP120SA ULQ2823LW MC78L05ACPRA AT80F51-20PC PT2128A-B84 G8340-12 ICM7240IJE NTE6247 SB20W03V M27C4001-90XN6X 100311QI 1345CMPD ZVN4424G PLA110S M38225E8HHP G41601C-DC24-SBM RD7.5ESAB3 AT29C040A-15TC MAX184BMRG SLE24C04-D/P APT30D40BCT US5781L EL5444CN HYB3164805J-50 AM29F002B-90PEB IDT54FCT543TE IDT54FCT244AL AMS236BN PI6C2308-4W M74HC07M1R CYM1841APM-20C R1120N511B-TL SST39LF800A-45-4C-B3N SR330 M38C20FADFP HAA1210 27LV256-25I/L LM136H-2.5 ZPSD303V-B-20UI P4SMAJ8.5A DS1E-M-DC5V MAX500BCWE KBPC2506 NJM2162D M38221EBMFP IDT54FCT151CTD M38509E4H-FP OP490GS L50S70 MSM5116160D-50TL NJL5193K-F10 M38860M3A-XXXGP MG74PB26 IDT74FCT3244Q MSM54V16258A-45TS-K 1.5KE18 BUT11A DDC123JK 5962R9863702QCA REC2.2-2412SRW4 SFS9620 PDM41028SA12TSOATY M38256EC-GP SNJ54AS867W MZ6310C CAT93C4623JI-28TE13 APL5509-18VC-TR W48S101-04H 24LC65-/SM ADM809RART-REEL UPD75036GC(A)-XXX-AB8 A1750A21FFSC06 SMBG78CA AV9248BF-55 SWD-109TR MMBZ5256BS FUF5402 MC33204VD KA2912 5962-9160601MKA CAT93C5732JI-45TE13 M65850FP IP1R19K-05-BSS2 MC33466H-30JT1 MC1488D M38254E5DGP IDT542257CTE APL5302-24DI-TR KIA7042AT TDA8315T RD4.7ES-TP 5962-8864405YX ATF16V8B-10SI

8 June 2023 (New datasheets):

CD4081BCMX G41601A-DC6-SBM M5M5V208KR-10LL MAX477EPA PMBFJ177 SA16A 5KP15 FBI4J7M1 FZT591A TG1.8.150K E05-11B 1.5KE130A CAT64LC40JI-TE13 FR105 TPS60100PWPR HD74HC242 MAX6377XR28-T M38060M1AXXXFP P4KE22 P6KE47A ZVN4106F 5962R8864406ZA PDM41258LA12SOITR MA3X153 TE308R M38048F6-SP FRE460D CAT93C86JA-TE13 MMSZ5227BS SST29EE512-70-4C-UH N74ALS253DB RH5RE22AA-T2 5962-9654301QCX REC5-5409DRWL P4202ACMC 2N3773 MC14541BDTR2 BFG17A A3195ELT L7047 XC5202-3TQ144C KBPC802G MI-QC6LW-XXX LC864516A MAX4511ESE MB40168 M38868FFA-XXXHP R1210N572D-TR M30620MC-XXXFP AME8500BEETBD42 B8220K6-5.1 ISP624-2 WS512K32N-100HIEA STUB0G4 RT9167/A-22CS YAC516-M C65SC21X-4 WS128K32N-70G2UC SST39VF400A-90-4E-EN C5964-1010 AD7547TQ 0663.100HXLL CD4010BF CR3602AC D87C51FB-33 KBPC4002P HER501 P2V28S20ATP-7 QL4090-3PQ208M AM27X2048-90JI T320/06 A1750A39FFFC06 74LVT574DB ICL7136C/D CAT25C041U14-28TE13 IS61LV12816-15T TK71225MTL DDU8C3-5035A1 SMPA2010 ST6225LM1 LTC1731EMS8-4.2 RD9.1ESAB2 MAX988ESA IDT54FCT540TSOB MTAN4124-21C Z8S18033PSC IDT74FCT2534CTLB MP3274 P6KE43C JS1-B-48V KA393S PST573JM SFH628A-4 NTE101 M38253M4MXXXGP IDT74FCT16501ETPF 5KP110 AD7849BN BD-F285RE 2SK2410 M38C29FF-FP FAR-C4CL-40000-M12-R 1N6149AUS CD54HC132F3A M38036FB-XXXHP MSK5007BZS IDT74FCT299EB

7 June 2023 (New datasheets):

GC118BR5013022RS M38065MCAXXXGP 1V5KE15CA 24IMR25-12-2 X88C75LMSLIC SN74CBT162292DGVR CXA1734S KM416V1004AT-L8 LM2576T-5 ACM0801A-RGBW-T P6KE30CA 1SMB5927 HD-6408 PL-2507 M38221MC-XXXFS GS1T70-D540F PD57006 APL5502-26VC-TR PRN111164702J FS30KMJ-3 2SA1524 R1120N241B-TL AME8501AEFTDA29 APL5509-34AC-TR BQ-N405RE USB1T11AM GBU4A SD233N30S50PC FAR-F5CE-947M50-D235-V LV2502 74LCX16821MTD PT6672B VHF25-06IO7 LS4148 STP12NM50FDFP CAT93C6621U-42TE13 ZXRD100APQ16TA PT2128A-L82 HC2E-HTM-AC240V LH28F004SCS-L90 HD74LS175 MC10E150FN 1N5258B SC2128A-C24S HD63A40P MAX6307UK49D3-T DS2107SY44 VI-RUWDX-XXXX AM28F256-70EI P4KE75A-TB PUP80-10-1 TDA8563Q/N1 S10A60R U630H16SK45 P4KE10CA BA7630S M38184E6-FS 1340FCPC MBM29LV004BC-90PTR P6KE20CA AR2502L QL7180-6PB516C SN74F521DWR 2SK1151(L) FR1D TLC2274CPWR ATV2500BQ-20JC ZR431F01 MAX642BC/D IN74ACT21D MBR3040W LT1013DDR VG4616322BQ-7 MCM69R736AZP7 R1160N241B-TR FM27C512NE150 F12C20C TLP624 NTE2343 CAT93C6622SA-25TE13 MAX40-75.0CA AME8520AEEVIFX23 SP207ECA P6SMBJ75C WMS128K8V-15FRCA TEF1210 1505-100B CL-270G1-C FKC03-12S33 PT2127A-M52S APL5501-23KC-TR 2214-800D FFM103-M REC2.2-1212SU ICX252AQF HYM72V1605GU-50 AD524SCHIPS 5962-9654901VXC REC10-2024SRWL SA5209N P4C164-20FM MAX6316MUK42CW-T 1.5KE16 TC54VN4901ECBTR ULN2003AD R1617 LCE18 3SK195

6 June 2023 (New datasheets):

PNA4614M LD3542PGK-011 EL2180CN PI74FCT544TS GBP206 LBP-122 SN74ALS139N MCR218-4FP FZT969 Q4040K7 CAT28LV65PA-25T 1N5248B P22VB 74FR16541SSC SN74ABT7819-30PH M38063MDAXXXFP AME8500BEETBF44 MAX6309UK36D1-T NJM78L07A MBM29DL400BC-55PFTR SNJ54ALS86W IH5143CJE AD8591 L6611D RP03-2405SG M38255M5-XXXFS SY100HA643 F2813-23M ST62T25LN1 1N4708 M38042F3-XXXSP 40IMX4-15-9 R5322N191A-TR 74HCT1G04GW STP6NB80FP MC10H107L AM29DL800BB120ECB AM29F080B-75SC 5962H9653801QXC KS88C01524 MXP3001 2N2907A MBM29DL163BD90PBT MC74ACT08DR2 SK10EL15WD BB-HX133-C SU40-48-3.3S 2SD2589 1N6491 CAT93C6611JA-25TE13 APL5302-33KC-TR 2SK2984-ZJ-E1 LS6U2M-5R/Y-T SAA2501H BZT03C91 AT49F002NT-90VI MOB32DHR SM6610BD STB22NM50 GC89SRCF24RD LM2931AZ-5.0 FAR-C4CN-11059-L12-R VI-PUVZ-XXX 5962R9653301QCA IXFN32N60 P6KE30CA WS256K32-35HMA X28HT010R-20 LNM843KT01 BZV55-B15 LD8051AHB R9G00612 AS431A1S13 M38504M7-XXXSS MDE-7D181M ESP150-15S S-81211SGUP-DQA-T1 RD20UJ MC78T05BT 1.5KE110 TZMC36 P6SMBJ9.0CA IDT6116SA25SO NJM79L00UA GP102B-AC24-LB HD74HCT540 IXGN50N60B 2N1796 TL431ACLPRP MT4C4M4E9TG-5 AT22LV10-25JC M38861E9A-FS BD245C PDU14F-1A4 IDT74FCT2543DTL ACM1601B-RLGW-T PIC16LF877-20/PT SST39LF020-90-4C-WK SMCJ188CA-TR R1120N391A-TL RN5VD58AA-TL P4KE100-T3 VP5311B GC79BNBA10R EM84510EP LP2951CM-3.3.TR ILC6371AP-25

5 June 2023 (New datasheets):

MC74HCT138AN BAV20WS IDT54FCT543DTSO DF04S SMJ626162-20 NTE5641 CY7C9335-270AC CD74HCT367M MC14001UBCL PCF2113AU/10/F3 FEP16FT 6A4M MI5WMV BD707 GL5EG4 IP120AR-05-883B HM628128DLR-7 IDT54FCT162H244ETPVB FR3B-T3 AD736KR-REEL-7 K4S640832H-TC75 MIC708SM MC68HC11K1MFN2 P6KE300 74LV4067D V640ME01 BAS16W BY179 LX8584A-33CP IDT54FCT273ATSOB GC89BNCE08FS SPX1086AR-3.3 MX7628KCWP 5962-0051202QPA UZ7720 WEDF1M32B-120G2TI5 IXGT28N90B GC70BN7012022R BAX18 5962F9687301QYA OPB492N55 28C04AFT-20/L HS1377 SST39VF512-90-4I-B3K PIC16LF873-20/PQ M28F512-10C1 54ACT374DM SRP100B AGM1212B-RLFTD-T MI-PC2P0-XXX G65SC150LI-2 74VCX08MTCX V62C21164096LL-85BI WA304A EDI88130CS15TB HSMJ-T625 MAL5114LC PIC16F627-04I/SS ADC-305-1 SFR202 M38204M4DXXXGP M38506M3-XXXFP AM29F800BB-90FEB IDT54FCT640CTPY 74LV04N PWB-5001 M27C256B-12B3 K6T4008C1B-GF70 TGA1071-EPU N74ALS645AN PI74ALVCH16721A TC237H 1N5228 MPC940FA BZX55F51 PZM3.9NB LF15ABPT-TR TFMCJ85 THS4062CDR NMV4815DA STB5NC90Z-1 IDT72210L25TP VI-QUBN-XXX 74ABT534ADB P7Z9AAA900W SN74ABT8646DL AN7705SP PIC16LC84-04/P MCM32100S80 CDLL4624 A-5880SR TIL196A CAT24C163JI-42TE13 1150-9A L5991A SP774BA 1N5275 ADM1023ARQ TLV2460ID 74LVX02TTR MAX4521MJE DF01 LM1972M M38867M7A-XXXHP DDU4C-5075B2 FKC05-48D15W NDM3000 RGR1551-SC

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