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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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17 July 2024 (New datasheets):

MC74ACT10N WE256K8-200CM COP8FGR740N8 UNR4211 MIP804 EA21FC4-F KRC856E MC79L05ACPRA MT5C1005DCJ-40L/IT MAX6319MHUK50B-T MAATSS0002TR P6SMBJ13CA ITA6V5B3 S87C51FA-33 BSFR53G06 A-513G MIC5841BWM FT18/TG BQ2057SN-C1 AME8500BEFTCE21 M27C4001-35L1X MMBZ5237B MAX4052AEPE NTE3098 SMAJ9.0 MAX406C/D SAA5543PS SML9030-220M TX2SA-L2-4.5V-Z T15M256B-70JI 5962-9651201VCX AD7845KP M38222M5-XXXFS LF120ABV5V MK2716S S5L9250B01-Q0R0 IS61SF25618-10TQ MC79L15ABP PAD1 TSC80C51TXXX-40IG GC70SN9514008FS XCV1600E-7FG860I RN5VS20CA-TR IDT72421L12PF IDT74FCT573DTL M38195MB-XXXFS ZGL41-140 MAN5H60 74ACQ573SC IDT54FCT162H501ETPFB BDX18 SB220S 1H2-T3 3D7105G-5 IDT54FCT240DTP MC14066BFR1 AT49LV002NT-90JC M38207M7DXXXFS R3111E251C-TZ LD8751H IDT74FCT16H244ATPAB STR-F6652 GLT41216-35TC DMV1500L MCM69F819TQ11R SSM2013 M38225M9-XXXFP CAT24WC32J-TE13 MTAN4123-CHR AT27BV010-12JI M27C4001-12XC6X OM6215SS GVT71256D36B-4.4 SNJ54366AW BQ4011MA-100 8C443 M38225E4MGP VTB4051 IS61LV256-10T CD4021BCN AZ766-1A-5DE MT4LC4M4E9TG-6 V3.5MLA1206H LT1009CLP UFT12010 HM628128DLTS-5UL KDZ5.6EV GD80960JT-75 HER1001 AD711 1N5396 FS0403BI MSK0002 M38226ECDGP ILX703A STK401-220 KIA8159FN SN74ABT853PWR KM684000ALR-5L MT5C1005ECW-40L/IT MX28F2100BTC-70 STUB515 PTB20202 FAR-C4CQ-12000-M02-R DFC25E24S3.3 IDT54FCT2374TDB REC5-4912DRWZ

16 July 2024 (New datasheets):

RH5VT31CC BUZ382 SN74LVCC4245ADBLE IH2405S 1N985B HER305 MAX4275CAESA PT6501R 5KP11C MI-QC2NT-XXX FJT44 L934GD12V M38024E7-XXXSP P4KE68A M-986-2R2PL 269-A-240-14xx-B K4E660812C-TCL-5 BQ4285S-SB2TR BL-W1334A-1-S MLL5279B BSP42 1N936B P6KE12A-T1 C65SC02-AXS-5 PS12015-A 5962-9657701VEX JM38510/75702BC KSA1242 ACM2002P-REGW-T P4C187-25JC M38256E6DFS SN74LV573DBR RP1P5-2415SA G902AD-DC110-1Nil BDW94 MA3V176E M38206M7DXXXGP PR1005G NMS0509 UPD9611GT CAT24C02CWI-1.8 V510LA40A AT93C46-10SI-2.7 NM27C240VE150 AD9223 CMOZ20L DLO32F-5.5M CY7C1020L-15ZC MI-25PMX 1N4006 MK45H03N35 UES3010S PDZ3.3B RP03-1215DC FR252 1SMB2EZ11 RN5VT36CA-TL P4KE150A PIC16C54-RCI/P B1150T-3.3 AD53020 FR205-T3 CS61884-IB CAT93C5711U-30TE13 AZ100LVEL11T MAP110-4001 BUZ100S R9G04412 RT9261B-50CB AM29DL400BT-70FC M5M51016BTP-10VLL-I S2G PMKC03-48S05 2SD1426 SN74LS09D P4KE8.2A WE32K32N-90G2UQ MSM51V4400L-10TS-K JV1a-48V TLV571IDWR SN74LVTH16835DLR JM38510R75202S2 LA7440M MAX704RC/D SN74HC03D SC5203-5.0CSKTR COP8FGE544V8 PIC16F874T-10/PT 74ALS08N MCM6929AWJ10 VI-20BMX APA3010QYC SN74ALVCH16820DGGR PIC16LF876T-04/SP DDU4C-5100 5962L9960704TXA 1N5238B SK38-T3 2V060 IDT7130SA55J AM29LV004BT-80FIB M38061E8-XXXFP MXD1013SE200 MAX4521EEE TSC80C51TXXX-25AI AZ10E131FN CMP402GRU PIC16C63-20I/SP

15 July 2024 (New datasheets):

IDT29FCT52CSO ACM4004C-RLFTH-T SMCJ7.0 IDT72V36110L10PF MF-622DS-R13-241 AAT4625IJS-1-B1 RD20E XC6204D412MR SAF-C505-LM MN35503 RN5RY281A-TL STB22NM60 SC26C562C1N 76613/1 A-4001SR-5 DD100GB80 MU9C2480A-12DI LGK380-P M38256M8-XXXHP MC74VHCT574ADT M38867FBA-XXXHP TL074BM SLD10VDY 28C011TRT4FS12 MB90671PFV P4SMAJ90C-T1 PBSS4350D 2SK1434 P6KE12CA LSFA02-429-800K0 LT1086IK H11A4 MR34519.MP7 SN74ABTH16460DLR 8918 D2570H900 MC74HC534ADW GBPC15-005 CY37064VP44-100JC IDT71V256SA15YI PVT312LS-T J201 L6275 UDE5 FAR-C3SA-03580-M20-T HSM560G TSOP2838UH1 X24C16PI-3 SN74ALVCH162721DGGR FJL6820 TS208R 74ALS32D A370-10N MC68HC11KA2VFN3 FC200 5962R9322603VXC SC2128A-C33B M5M5V416BTP-10H Z84C2010FEC BAR43CFILM 2SC5552 2SD1799 28LV256PI-6 XC95288-10BG352C S80C851-4N44 LA4708 PPG36F-10MC4 APL1084-UC-TR WMA-1005B4 M38048MC-XXXFP N83L51FA-20 A1750A43FFFC10 MBRB2535CT KSC5026M AD73360LAR UPC494G-T2 M38C35M2MXXXFP 1N936A SMCJ8.0 AM29F200AB-150SIB AD9870EB SMAJ70A P4KE200C-T3 5962R9656901VRA 74F113SC STU13NC50 X24128PI-1,8 SF508 ML6430CH SA1521 Z86C8908PEC SMTBJ070B MAX6302EPA MX27C2048TC-55 1N4986US 5962-9232404MYA BA159 A29L160TG-70 RN5RL35AA-TL PIC17C43T-25I/PQ BF1201R SST29VE512-200-4C-EN RD3.3ESAB2 CXK58257AM-12L SK38 AD9701 PD110-32MA

14 July 2024 (New datasheets):

IS61LV25616-12KI T89C51RD2-SLRC-L PS2703-4-V BY396 PDU1064H-6MC5 AD704JR ML6429 P80CL410HFT P4KE16A AGM2412B-MCGBD-T SST32HF802-70-4C-EK SMAJ4743A X9313WPM3 2SK2292-01L AIC1740-18CF BT134-800G MR27V852DRA M5M51008BVP-15VLL APT5016SLL IDT54FCT2244ATQ 74ACTQ646CW 1N5820 AM28F512-150PC uPC2500AH STP13NK60ZFP DM74AS646WM E28F004BL-T150 MP1373 5962-9959301Q2A LT1013AMJ8 AME8510AEEVHFX22 SMBJ5932C R1221N37XC-TR LTC1516 Z4KE130 STP3N100FI LM117IG SG2626J TL1051FR Z8L18020VEC QEB75-48S2P5-L 3D7105H-2.5 SS36 74LCX00M 1.5KE91CA SNJ54HC126FK BYD37G LS6J1M-4UR/Y RT9172N-19CM5 ETC4-1 5KP16CA IDT54FCT240DTPYB IDT54FCT162260CTPVB NTE961 MC7908CD2T HUP45-10-1 GLT6100L08SL-70ST ADC0819BCV MI-NC2Y-XX UC2727J 66056-001 M5M5V408BRT-85HI SM16312 CAT93C56KI-TE13 MAX761CPA OP262GS FAR-C3SB-08000-K11-T IS61LF25636D-9B M38031M8-XXXFP U631H256BDC25 MX26C1000BMC-12 P4KE75C-T3 SMS3922-001 SN74AHC373PWLE 74AC04SJX NE33284A-T1B SN54S08W 5962-9651701QXX DA12M MY2157A BYWF29-150 ISPLSI2128VE-135LB208 TSC80C31-12IF BB3554AM MSM66589-xxxGS-BK SA130A SEL1713K RFD8P06E ACT-SF128K32N-39P1Q FS3K 74LVTH543WMX ADSP-2195MKCA-160 XCV100E-7BG352I LT1181AIN CD54HC10F3A MAC320-8 MG63PB32 BM-41457MD PI5C32161CA UC3843D8TR 269-D-230-M-14xx-C MSM5259 L9822ED UF201G GBJ1502 S952TR SR104

13 July 2024 (New datasheets):

TSMBJ0509C-130 MAX814KEPA HYB3164805AJ-60 MAX4503CSA FAR-C1CB-10000-K01-R ZMM5250A EDI8L32512C15AI AM93LC46VN8 JANTX1N6773 A1751A58RRSC10 WF512K32F-150G4M5 CY74FCT373CTSOC VI-PUNP-XXX PIC16LC74B-04I/P X28HC256EMB-12 RD3.3S PI74FCT2828TR LTC1276BCN 5962H9654701QXX FS0808BD AD8114 MM88C30N M38504EC-XXXSP SMLJ16CA 27C210I20N BUZ100 M38039F3-XXXHP DDTC115GCA SMLJ48C IDT72031L50J MAX6316MUK48BY-T PBYR1040 SMA120A IDT74FCT162240ATPV NJU7094R SMBJ5.0 P4KE36-T3 DDU12H-40MC3 TDA8705AT/C3 1.5SMCJ8.0 2W02G TLC271BID M38861E7A-FS STK22C48-S45I TPS2105DR WT62P2-S44 E03-43M TDA2611A/N5 CY7C197-45VC SP707CP IXGT32N60BD1 CAT28C64BT13I-15T 2SB1229 CPT50060 SAA3004T MCD225-14IO1 VI-MCN4-XX CD74HCT4067M IDT54FCT162646TPV 74AC169PC REC5-2112SRWZ 74AC257SJX L59EYW T107D1 HM6216255HTT-10 66116-002 74FR244PC TSC80C51CXXX-36MG/883 APL5508-16DC-TR GS816273C-225 74VHC08N YSS906-N AZ10EL58T SN74LS156D MJ11022 BZT52-C3V6S SB80C188EC25 G17WNilA-DC6 REC15-2815SRWB UTCLP2951 MAX488CUA CAT93C8622UI-45TE13 HCPL-623K BA682 MAX6317HUK42AX-T FU-632SEA-3M69A 74ACT11827N TC7660HEPA CA3059 M27C512-20XF3 PT2270-M5-S CAT93C5713S-45TE13 RN1Z 13BSC CXA1568S PI49FCT807BTH GS882Z36BB-225 MM1257CM LMC660AMJ/883 SF109 28C64ASM-3 M38222EAHFP P4C1256-55DM UES1304 EP7309-IR-C DLTS13C STP6NB25 FARM1CS3

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