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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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29 January 2023 (New datasheets):

10H20EV8-4F MIC2774L-XXBM5 1.5KE43CARL4 M38259M5-XXXFS VI-PC1TX-XX IDT74FCT543EB WMS128K8L-25CI TLC32044IFK-T MT28F400B5WG-8T BAS40 ER3E-T3 SD1060CS-T3 BYV116B-25 HV9100P REC10-38905DRWL TV3014M MC14551BCL HER106G TLHO4200 MZ4100 MX27C4111PC-15 3D3215M-60 28C64APC-4 AT28C256-15LM/883 ZXMN3A04DN8TA TSC1539 ML6651CH BR-HY033-05V DS1033Z-80/T&R M38254E4MHP 25C640T-I/SN 74AC11648D DS1706 AZ2150-1A-18D CT2542-FP WS1M8L-55FIA IDT54821ATQ ZXRE4041CF AT49BV002NT-90PI LNA2802L CY74FCT162500CTPVC VI-QUYB-XXX A1750A40FFFC10 REC5-1409SRW DS90LV047ATMX MB3788 IP137MAHVH P6KE400CA-TB 1N751D SA25C020LEMLFF MX040-20 LLZJ16A 3032-6017-00 RN5VL24CA-TR NJU7052M 5962R9322603QZC UPA821TC VKA100MS2V5F-6 LMS202EIM BZY97 - C43 CAT93C5724JI-30TE13 1N4372B BTA08-400B FX909AP4 TKU80C188EC13 SN74HC21N AQV414EA OPB845L55 SMH4811AG RN5RK201B-TR SD300N25MBC D44C1 EPS28 EDS2508APTA-7ATI 1N5955 K4H280838B-TCB0 IDT72201L50J CY54FCT377CTLMB SS16 AZ948-1A-100DE LPS200 OP555C UCB1510DB 5962R9659501QXX P6LU-0505E WS512K32L-25G2TQA APL1565A-33KC-TR KSC5030F CAT93C8624P-42TE13 IDT54FCT16952ETPV QL6500-4PB516M VI-ARM-C21 RH5RH531A-T1 TMS25215C REC3-7209SRWZ DMS-EB-TCK MC74HC126AD AD829JCHIPS PIC16LF876-20I/SO PST993J RG-1509D NMD120505S TSC80C51XXX-36AA P4KE12C-T3 AS8F512K32Q-120/CT UC3874DWTR-1 AZ23C16

28 January 2023 (New datasheets):

M38254EF-FS T89C51RD2-DDBI-M MK2704S DLO31F-30B2 5962R9653301QCC FSTD162861 RD15FB2 HD63A03RCP FAR-C3CM-04194-F10-R CMDZ5221B NE5204AD IDT54FCT377TLB LTC1272-3CCN R3111Q321A-TR 269-B-120-F1480-B ACT8500-T WMS512K8L-55DJMA AD5232BRU100 GP-93 SN74AHCT373DWR M5M5V416BTP-85HW FR305 WS128K32L-25G1UMA CAT93C6633KA-45TE13 MI-QC2LL-XXX AD7817ARU R3810 AN7291SC M38079M1-XXXFP CDLL4568 B125D BS-AA2FRD SST27SF256-90-3C-PH TC54VN6202ECBTR UPD17145GT(A1)-XXX-E1 JM38510/65403BRA SN54ALS04BJ HA17741 PDM34088SA10QTR TEA1098UH 74HCT153D HI-8282SM-01 GC70BN9515003FS MSC7165GS-K ETL9421N FAN2512S26X JW1FSN-DC48V AGM2464D-RL-BTS-T AME8500CEFTDD21 M38C23ME-XXXFP UPD70F3040GM-UEU DS1135U-10 MC74ACT257N PCF8570P 3.0SMCJ70CA MA2C840 WS512K32N-85G2TME REC3-6515SRWZ LM348N COPCL688V G90NilAS-DC12-1Nil TS27L2I MV1666 V53C16126HK45 BSH203 WS512K32NV-15H1M WF2M32I-120G2UC5A TK65934MTL P6SMBJ64 1.5KE170A CD74ACT174E PLVA668A BS62LV2003SI NMV0505S SMCJ15A RM2-L-6V MT4C4001JCN-12/IT HS2877 P6SMBJ40C BV-M506RD FAR-C3CB-11000-K11-R FR2G UC2904N 1.5KE30A TC54VC2101EZB MAX6352SYUT-T TE4005S UPA810TC RH5VT17CC IDT54821ATPY MSL-824UOL MAX6313UK30D1-T E261 74LX1G07STR E28F200B5-B60 INA121U/2K5 UNR2213 SN74ABTH32316PN S2008D CD14538BPW 1N5242C G17WNilNil-DC12 RBV810D ECM130PS48 IXFT15N100 UAA3515AHL FMB-32 54154FMQB

27 January 2023 (New datasheets):

CAT93C4622UI-25TE13 IRFU5505 MI-J70IY BZX79-A68 MAS31753AE SQD300A60 P4KE6.8C-T3 FR12-0003 BZV55-B22 G70HF2C-DC3 DS2009SF48 P4C198-12JC CMPZ4695 MM1293D SY10E175 SPC-0703-220 MTN2456-11A PBT91/16 X28VC256E-70 MAX6317HUK42DX-T LM3909M M27C4001-12F1X GM76C8128CL-85 BZT52-C8V2S NJG1557KB2 MTD2955V TSC80C51XXX-36II PI74ALVCH16270A MT88L85AE AMS2931AT-5.0 CAT25C322S16-17TE13 DG412AK LM111FKB HYB3165405BT-40 LL55F3V3 HD74HCT688 IDT71256L35Y PMP55-10-1 ST280CH04C1L MBR3035PT QL3040-2PB456I 5962-9657301VXA TLUR4400 1.5SMC8.2CA HI-8685PJI CD4102 TLV5619IPWR APL5508R-18DC-TR IDT54FCT2240ATPB PIC16C661-20I/P 66116-002B M38257MEDXXXFP TV3020M 5962H9684501QYA WS128K32L-17G2TCA MG63PB18 GLT7256L08-8J3 IDT7200LA65TPB VI-QCWYX-XX P6KE13A MAX478C/D 3EZ82 M38224MCHXXXFS M38C22M7DXXXFP CAT93C4623K-30TE13 1N4934 MX27L2000T3C-25 APJA2107SECK PDM31532LA10TTY MT5C2568EC-15L/883C X24C16PMB-2,7 HV4530X DS1E-ML2-DC24V SY10E241 C180PB ADG333ABN SN74S299DW XC6204C59ADL KA78T05 PEEL22CV10AS-15 TSOP4837SJ1 CL-270YG-C-TS M38023E8-XXXFP MI-QC2W2-XXX SB05-18V UPD6464ACS-XXX M38252M8DXXXFP B40C5000-3000 PQ05RD11 XC9536XV-3PC44C PI74ALVCH16863V RD2.2F-T8 AGM2412B-RCFTH-T MSM514265B-60 CD54HC161F EL5421CY AME8500AEFTDF28 DSB0.2A40 AM24LC04IS8 CYM1841APZ-35C SM6106S TL084CNSLE D2547P60 SN54LS273J ZPSD302V-B-20JI AM26LS32AMJ HA17384HRP

26 January 2023 (New datasheets):

CD6300 MAX6317HUK25CY-T M38864FBAFS M38865M1A-XXXGP IS61C256AH-20J SA40-19SRWA GMS90C31 M38259M2DXXXFS 15KP58C REC3-1815SRWZ MAX3222ECPN 5962G0254301QXA 2SK2074 IDT54FCT374CSOB MCM64PC32TSG66 WS512K32N-85HME 74VHCT373AMTC XN01213 S3C9434 1.5SMC68CA LT1034-1.2 MAX6320PUK44AW-T UC3706DW KR9601 CLM2810AT BY278 1N4246 2SC458 AD7545ABQ P6KE12A SMBJ13C SN74F04NSR BZD27-C360 LP3961EMPX-5.0 X28C256D-20 TLC3704MJB RE5VL37AA-TZ HT1MOA3S30/E/3 5962H9653401VCA PDZ4.3B CDLL5247B REC8-2109SRWL NM93C66LZEMT8X TDD252405S DS2002SF14 CL-260YG-X LP62S2048U-70LT M38221EBMGP HLMP-M301 G90NilCO-AC24-Nil2 WF2M16W-90FLI5 IDT71342LA70PF REC10-6005DRWL AM29LV400B90FI TPS534 SI-8203L CS9236-CL MM74C93N MAX3875EHJ JM38510/12501BG TS27L4I ST2100C42R0L LAA100 SNJ54ABTH245W CGY180 HT82K68E TLC4502CD 5962-88685012A TDD124812S JM38510/16304BEA PIC16F84-04I/P CY7C1325-100AC 5962H9655601VCX SD453N25S30PSC SMCG100 PCF2111CP/F1 PS2565-1-V SST39LF400A-70-4E-B3K KSE45H MB8S BL-R4632T AT27BV800-12RC CD4706 APL5302-50D5I-TR MJD122T4 P5KE24CA CNY65EXI ADG731BSU AGM1264F-FLGH-T KF2003-GE10A MI-L2N-XX TSC80C51TXXX-40CD 1.5KE440A R1223N262E-TL TC9321F LOC112PTR OPA658U 2SK1195 ER1004 M38049M5-XXXSP SJ144B SPI-240-15-T1 RD13FB1 TWL1103PBSR 1.5KE91A JM38510/32404B2A SP805SCN IP3842N

25 January 2023 (New datasheets):

PT2129A-S32 MAX4546C/D PI74FCT2273TR ZMM55C3V3 TPS77601DR ARA210A4H 1SMB15CA CHFP6KE51A 74ACT2708CW TSC80C51XXX-25AC AT24C08-10TI-2.7 MT91L60AS MC7810CDT MAX6348XR44-T CMBZ5228B CAT93C5621JA-25TE13 M29KW064E SC2128C-C31D AD8037AR-REEL NTE345 IDT7202LA30TPB MSM66Q589GS-BK MCM69F817ZP7R M27C512-60XB3 PIC16C57-LP/SS AT49F020-90TI XC6203E522PR Am29LV400B100EC AM29F010B-70FE UC3710DWTR CAT28F002PA-12TT ACM1602W-REFS-T BC308 M38220MBDXXXFP M38220M4MXXXFS TLE5226G OPA650N/250 BL-XG0361 SA36CA PST9140N M38251E6DFS RT9168/A-41CSH RC203 ST230S16P1 74LV4094D SPX1521M3-3.3 MAAPSS0003RTR MI-QC6MP-XXX DM54LS04W/883 PI5A383AW BC182L 15KP45C 5962H9658901VXX KBPC3502 QL6250-E-6PT280I DG441CY CAT24C021P-30TE13 TPS2014P CAT25C161U14I-28TE13 1.5KE9V1CA BUJ101AU TPS76301DBVT 2023-6133-06 HER201 XC6204A59ADL LB1417 CMHZ4699 ED502YS-T3 5962G9684501QYC M38C25M3-XXXHP BSR33 UT8Q512-IPC WF512K32F-70G1UC5 M38027E8DXXXFP SMLG28CA DS1023S-200 HGTP5N120CND XC6204A532MR HJ4-L-AC48V-6 QCH28515TE 5962-8955201FA DAC813JP DS1013-12 AS29F040-150LC TL1051FR IDT54FCT374CSO MAX6316LUK30CW-T 5962R3829436BNX M38060MADXXXGP DCA105 ER1VG MI-J6KIA BSP170P TQ2SS-4.5V-Z TEA7089A SMLJ160A P4KE400 5962R9654601VEX ACT-F4M32C-100F1C SA85 UC3843N FMC-G28SL TDA6200 SD200R04PBC MAZ1120 MB89665RPF G901CO-AC48-Nil2

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