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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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14 April 2024 (New datasheets):

LX5226CDWP VI-PURF-XXX QL3060-3PB456M M1T1HT18PL32E MAJ160A NJM2113D 5429FCT52CTL MM3033G 14KESD85A SML60L38 LS6J2M-4D/Y UPD75116FGF-XXX-3BE N74F256D SMCJ24C SMBJ5354B X25F047MI-5 IDT74FCT162244ATE MUR420 HRU0302A SMBJ9.0(C)A D2525P30 TIP105 STV5111 IDT74FCT240CTPB KM4132G271BTQ-7 MTE53N50E SMCG20A TK71639ASIL RD27JS-T2 REC10-6315SRWL E05-30T U630H64DK25 HWS303 SFH523 TL061CPWLE GMS90L58PL MT5C1001C-25L/XT 24LC32A-I/P SST29EE020-150-4I-PH BZV55-C9V1 AME8501AEETCA28 1.5KE82A GBL005 Z80C3008PSC BYD77D 2EZ19 ST333C08LHK3L TC4429CAT MI-N6R-XX TC1029EPA CAT93C5623SA-25TE13 SN74AHCT86PWR PQ09NF1 M38046F6-FP RE5VT19CA-TZ CD4515BCN BU4551BFV M62359FP TIP161 AM29LV102BT-120EEB SD630CS AT27BV400-12RC REC8-2309SRWL TE4003S PSMA5933B WS512K32-55H1IA SNJ54ABT125FK TLV2322IP TPS76828QD PIC16LF873-20E/PT VI-M51-XX APT12040JLL GC89SNBA12F CXD2720Q S-29430AFE TC342AL/CL A3518LUA-TL SN74ABT5401DW AD668SQ SMLG85C WS512K32N-120HQE M38065M7AXXXGP PDM31256SA20TA SMI-1607-681 5962R9651801QXC LB1423N CM15MD3-12H M38259E9MFP QL4036-0PQ208I IS61LV12816-15K BYR29-600 SST27SF020-90-3C-NG 3KP14 DS2906SZ36 HEC40175BDB TMS320C57SPJEA ZRC250N803 GNR14D391K UT62L2568BS-55LLI IP2844D FA13845P DN6849SE OHN3175U MX26L1620TI-90 1N6820 APT5010B2LL 700-4

13 April 2024 (New datasheets):

1.5KE400 SST31LF043A-70-4E-WI M38506M6H-XXXSS LPC47N227 SPX3941R-5.0 TG-184 P4KE16A SK22 1N6171US EN29F002B-45PI APL5302-23DC-TR MC33171N MT90732AP NJU7032M BL-HUA36 LE40CD NE5534FE C122E SA607N P4C198AL-12PC IRL510A GC102BR5012015RD MG75PB42 SN74LVCR2245ADGVR 1.5KE16CA LM111D U6264ADG07L JS1a-48V LS7083-S SMAJ30A 25LC320-/P SST32HF201-90-4E-L3K UNR521N AM23EC-F MAX6318LHUK34CY-T D20 FAR-C3SB-08000-J11-U AN79N20 ADS8616A8A-75A LC75873NW HS-2420RH LT1331 SST89V554RC-40-C-NJ Q4025LH6 VI-21DMX STU6039 PT2127A-L44 5KP12A PT6351 APM4420KC-TU CY74FCT16244ATPAC HMS87C4360SK CAT93C5734JI-45TE13 FR10A P4KE12 MB90583CPF MA40030 KID65003AP SF164 M38062M5DXXXGP TLE2072AMFKB OM300L60CMA D2570H911 MX565ATD MID-73A1C C30921E GA300 74LCX244WM M38502E6-SP IDT74FCT2827CTPY R3720 S-80718AN-DF-S SN74LS126AMEL PT6508C P6DG2405ZS SM5624N1 TDA7253 WF512K32N-150G1UM5A KX500-F5FBNHHN B4500CR-4.2 R1211N002D-TR ATF22V10B-7JC ILC5062AIC31 CAT24C01BR-1.8TE13 VI-LJWM-XX M4-96/48-10VI SLA-560LT 5KP26 TC54VN3501EZB FT0814MI ARS35K MBM29F200TC-70PFTR PT2128A-L30 CAT25C081S16I-17TE13 FS3KM-14A Z86L8808SSC SPX1129N-5.0 74ACT245CW P6LU-1205EH40 DTV32D M38064M4-XXXFS 3EZ6.8D GS842Z18AB-100I REC5-2515SRWLZ T89C51RD2-SLSC-M JA1a-TMP-DC24V RE5VL23AA-TZ MC74HCT138ADT

12 April 2024 (New datasheets):

MI-RC61ZX-XXXX SMAJ51 IDT6116LA70DB CXP881P60 MC74VHC126MEL MAS31751FS AQY277AZ SPX2957AU5 RT9161B-4ACG TSOP1733KA1 PI74FCT543TS SMLJ8.0CA L-443SRD S6B0717X01-B0CZ W06M SMCJ6038 BUK9520-55 MAX4130EUK BT136S-500G PSD301-B-90LI RH5RL29AA-T1 XQ18V04CC44M CPC1943GSTR B1584T-5 CAT25C11RA-TE13 P4SMAJ7.5 CAT93C4633UA-28TE13 FL15-200500 TEA5712 M35501FP XC4028XL-09HQ304C PDSP16515AB0GC 2023-6135-20 MC-458CB646PFB-A10 SNJ55452BJG REC3-5505DRWZ MAX6378UR44-T BYM12-400 RO-1205S CAT93C6634PA-42TE13 MI2ZIY EDS2516APSA-7AL EP7309-EV-C 78L05M KD1084AD2M50 LP3961EMPX-2.5 1SS365 MS4C-S-DC48-TF-B TDA8046H APL5506-A33OI-TR RD2.0M-T2B V638ME01 FAR-C1SB-07373-M01-T P4KE250 MRF10031MB LS22AA-2R/FG-T CHFP6KE17CA U635H16DK35 MI-25RMY BT137F-800G MSK5008TD LM78L15ACMX CMHZ5248B 1N3329A 5KP26C FEP16AT 4N37 1SMC5358 5962-9076601MFA M38B59EB-XXXFS FST8230SM MC3403 X25320VI-2,7 AZ23-C27 KID65507F M38184ME-XXXFS MAX3243CAI MAX40-64.0CA MC145502L MC54HCT374AJ MAR1916FE 1N961B M38079M3-XXXFP CAT93C4632KI-28TE13 APL1084-33FC-TU MTZJ2.4A ADS807E MG74PB22 MT5C2565C-35L/883C IDT7200LA80SOB TSOP1137UU1 R1221N39AF-TR AM29F400BB-60SEB FK14KM-10 SRF1680A MAX6241BESA SAA5296AH/nnn COPCH912-FFH/N IFC350-32B REC5-1605SRWL L79M08T UPA1716G-E2 ST90135M5 IDT74FCT2652ATDB CL414M01C MAX6320PUK32AW-T PT5026C

11 April 2024 (New datasheets):

EVM649EVM PIC16C558A-04E/JW AME8501AEFTBA46 E05-13B STH51004G VI-J1YMX STR-S6525 STGP20NB60K PIC16LC72T-04I/SO TSC80C51CXXX-L20AC KIA79L12BP REC15-6705SRWB SD203N25S20MBC RN5VT30AC LH543611P-30 REC5-6812SRWZ V515ME01 LM311Y MAX6317HUK48CZ-T SD312DE MAX6318MHUK35CX-T LS4150 FDD15-05S1 WE128K32P-250H1QA G73CD-DC24 ALD500R-50QE MAX6375UR28-T 2SK2040-Z 74LVX14MSCX PT2128A-B40 MC10H332P SMCJ7.5A 74ACT1284MSAX TC1041CEUATR SK39-T3 TPS3307-33DGN AS4C1M16F5-50TC PHN1011 BZ85C12RL 5962-9654301QXA MSM548262-80TS-K LTC1275BCN WT201 K1400E70 CD74AC623E PIC16LF874-20I/SP FC80960HD80SL2GZ BL-B3131K-L SML-010MT DM54LS161AW-MLS T-51383L070J-FW-P-AA TS912IN STK12C68-5L40M 1.5KCD91C 3EZ43D4 100354QCX SPX1521S-5.0 EDI88130CS35CC BS-A602RD FESB16BT MAX1295BEEI GS816019T-250I PST3338 MAX6309UK47D2-T CXP82400A SN74CBTS3384PWR R1210N531C-TL IDT74FCT241AEB APT60M75L2FLL 1N5932A P6KE110A LTV817D WE128K32P-250G4MA P4KE200CA G90NilAS-DC110-1Nil XC4044XL-3PG411C QL6500-5PB516I BZX84C3V3TS 1.5KE250A M38196E5-XXXFS TLC5905PAP DDU222F-50M CL7128ELC84-15 TX2-8FZ TC54VN3901EMB DS1013S-45/T&R 2SK2926(S) PG208 YKC03-12D05 IDT54FCT2652TSOB P4KE20CA-TB UPA814T HSM835J TL074IN G4160NilAA-DC12-B RN5RK471A-TL M38192EC-XXXFS FAR-C4CN-04000-K12-R SP5659MP1S BU2520AX TL431CP 1.5SMCJ100CA SA11 HEF4067BP LX1665ACN M38502M4-XXXSS TS941 VI-J10IX

10 April 2024 (New datasheets):

FM25C041U 74ACT16245MTDX 74FCT163H374CPACT FQA24N60 28C256TRPDE12 IRFP9150 AD7810 GT28F800B3T90 IDT74FCT646ATEB ATF1508ASZ-25QC100 CAT93C5712SI-25TE13 EM91450DK MAX692CPA R1122N341A-TR MIC5245-3.3BM5 Z180 LM2575SX-3.3 KBPC1002S 2SK1404 MAX6316LUK41CW-T HL01R12D12YH HCF40147B P6KE15 MB90552BPF MI-QC2TT-XXX B380C1500G M38256M2-XXXFS PCF8577CT BQ2057CTS-C1 M38863E1AGP M38062E9AXXXGP E15-16 SMB22C PIC16F83-04I/SS RH5RI341B-T2 BZW04P273 M38044M3-XXXSP RT9161/A-22CX SNJ5401W LO3360-JM BYW29ED-200 X4005M8I4.5A MB2510 ACM1602Y-RLBS-T NJM78LR05DM NM27C010NE200 5962H9654501QEX SNJ54BCT125AJ CDLL937A AM26LS32ACD 5962H9654901QEX FAR-C4CN-14746-K12-R B3800C1500 SC2128C-L24S P6KE200A 2SB1589 MAX6380UR38-T MC7809CD2T BAT54C PIC16CR84-10/SO MPX4250ASX IDT72245LB50JB 3D7304-400 HT605L FX829D5 L7885CT CS1501-7R OR2C04A-4S208 U631H64BSK45 KHQ04048S2V5AL IDT742157TSO ST6265BB1 K-12001GX TDA3853T XCS20-3PQ208C TMS27C020-15JL4 BLF547 M37702M2LXXXHP DM74LS193CW BC848CWT1 VI-JWVCX PDM41257LA10SOI TSC80C51CXXX-36AI 24IMO6-12-2 CY7C1031-8JC SN74AS640DWR EDI88512CA17F36M 2SK2862 RP03-2405SA ULCE9.0 UPD784217AYGF-XXX-3BA AV9170-05CN08 DR204G CD6302CA GF10A M38032F4-FP M38201E1-XXXHP TLC073IDGQ CD4073BF BZX84C4V7LT1 M38507ED-XXXSP MCM72JG64SG66 FSH05A06B BZX79-F3V0 SMCJ48CA MA40048 24AA01T-I/SM

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