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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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21 June 2024 (New datasheets):

SPX2957U5 PALCE16V8H-25PI/4 FQI16N15 ISP824-2 STP45NF3LL VI-NC1L-XX 5962-9656001VXA BQ4014YMB-120 SA48C MC330078P SN74CBT16233DLR HER157 GC118BR5012024RS BF1109 NJU8402M CXA1611P STP7NE10L 1N5689 M4A3-64/32-55JC UC2524AN REC8-5905DRWL HER106 STA473A IDT7134LA55L48 5962R9656201VXX MC10H160L BXY43-P1S CD74HC191E A-4001G K4S281632M-TL1H MAX635ACSA LM1117IMPX-ADJ 2SA1186 RP05-123.3SA VI-RUV3X-XXXX MC74AC14DR2 IDT6116LA35YB MAX6306UK38D4-T BZX85C3V0 SST29LE010-250-4I-PN SPX2930U-4.0 RS1G AM26LV31CD LT3525A ATF16V8B-25SI SN75119P 76606/1 NZT560 M38C34EAAXXXFS SPX2957AS CA3146A M38502M3-XXXFP EM83040ABQ MBR735 GS8170DD36C-333I SPX2730T-5.0 CY7C43662-7AC AD8044AN HSA145B MAX6315US37D4-T ST223S04MFN0 PHP9NQ20T VKA100MS02-8 MPC909FA MSC23S4721E-8BS18 C4675-102 IDT6168LA25SOB PST9230 1N4933 N74F5300N IRFZ40 DCR1594SW28 MC74HC04AN ZNBG3000Q16 XC6203P312LH BL-HJD35A SPX1083U-5.0 DLO31F-12MD1 CAT93C5731JI-28TE13 P6KE36CA TC4428ACOA FJX3003R IDT54FCT166H244ATPB DAC08ES-REEL W91813AN P4SMAJ78A 39BS JM38510/33203BS UC3827N-1 JM38510/65302BDA ST92F150JD MK45H03K25 BAS40-06 X2804CP-20 KRA732E PSA23-11SRWA DN6847 AD620BR-REEL7 SN74HC161DR SD170OC24K APL431BII-PBL UPD75104AGC-XXX-AB8 VI-J4TIX CD5304 REC5-6205DRW AM29F200AT-120DTI1 5962FTBD01QYC

20 June 2024 (New datasheets):

US2076CM ICL7109C/D P4SMAJ26A IDT54FCT163TPB BYV34-300SMD TP87C51FB-33 ZXSC100N8 BCW61FF MMSZ4691T1 BZW04-342 LC89080 3.0SMCJ78A LC36256AL-12 PC2402-A OM1805N5M FXE-12MC AN6913 TSC80C51XXX-L16AB SPX3940AR-3.3 5KP64C P4SMAJ30A FR602G SN74S139AD TQ1089MC500 XP131A1520SR TSOP1240SM1 GM76C8128CLL-70 1N5298 MM74HC123AN IDT74FCT640CPB SNJ54157W PS7200B-1A-F3 SMS12CTC CDLL5301 DS1005S-250/T&R MG65PB36 2SK1959-T2 TR1104SG29 JV5819UR-1 WS512K32N-17G1UI HSP45102 MI-RC6V3X-XXXX RA255 2SD2122(L) AT24C04N-10SC-1.8 BZW06-64 CXA3522R MH64S72AWJA-6 TSOP2836XG1 PT2128A-M53S KS57C0404 CY7C1041V33L-12VC MC10131P AD1845JP M38063E5-XXXGP HAA1457 AQX21444 RT9811-18CB AS432CR25LP13 X3N170 M38C32M8AXXXFS SI-8502L TOP247R-TL P4KE43C M57714SL 2SK2349 ZXRE1004FN8 BUS512 CCLM1500 D4SBL40 ER1004F MC14046BFL2 HD14082B S80C186XL12 SN75157PS MB89195AP 1.5KE7.5 AM24LC04VS8 ICM7211 PDM41258LA15SOATY MAX202EESE KS8620N M1T1LT18FL64E RE5VT60AA-RF PLP10-130 IDT54FCT2373TEB TC3405VPE MC74VHC574DT DS52-0008-RTR SMLJ45 AT29C010A-15JC MX29LV800BXBI-90 SB140 IDT54FCT374DTL TLE2022MJGB SMAJ4740A TZA3019CHT MC145041FN2 HL01R15D15Z M4-32/32-15VC48 ESJC13 BA05ST MF1082v-2 1N3350A REC5-4412DRWL SN74HC04NSR RE5VT59AC TC54VN5502ECB

19 June 2024 (New datasheets):

RH5VT16AA-T2 LT1172CSW BCW30 AD8307AR-REEL7 ERC12 MD1342 2SK2761-01MR IP3R18V-15 R1122N461A-TR M38C33E5MXXXFS 1N4749A SM4935 MC100ELT22D BZX84C3V9TS MC54HC366J MX574ALN GS1881-IDA 74ACT16374MTD RP08-1233SA 1N5920B P4KE7.5 PIC17C43T-08/L 25C080-I/P HY57V641620HGT-P IRFNG50 RT9169-45CCB BZT03-C75 FR257 APL5501-16VC-TR 74AVC16835 MCM63F733ATQ11R SST39LF020-55-4C-NK GS72108AJ-8I UC3843BD GMG114N60SF RS3K CDLL4919 M38064M5DXXXFP FU-68SDF-V802M191B WS512K32L-17G4TIA M93S46 P4KE24 5962R9059001BCA PI74FCT16952TV AMD-K6/266AFR IXFX21N100Q CD54AC161F3A AME8808GECS 74ABT541DB XC4020XLA-07PQ240C BD-E326RD M38254EAMFS MX27L4000MI-20 CXP87140 KSP43 EDI88512CA45N36M AS1700-PWR MPSA92ZL1 BAR66 AS2431DR4VST PR3001 TC55RP2202EMB IXFX180N07 BZV55-C2V4 XC6203E502TH ORT82G5-2BM680 APL431LAYI-PB 5962-9752001MPA Z8L18020VEC LOC110S MACH120-18JI AM28F020-90JI TEA1102T/N3 AGM2464D-RL-BBS-T 74LV86D DS2401P Z84C4410 DG381BK TLV2262MJGB 4N45#300 MC68HC11F1VFN4 EBS25UC8APFA-75 V62C2164096LL-70B TSC80C51XXX-L20CH MUBW20-06A7 SI-3120FA 2SK3523-01R 2N3501 SMZ15 SST58LM032-70-C-FSJ CLC401AMC TSOP1733KS1 M38024M4-XXXFS G73AS-DC6C AM29F160BB-120SE 28LV010RT1DB20 MC74HCT244ADWR2 FPN330 LP2951ACDM-5.0 P80C652FBP/03 SM5010CL4S 74V2T04STR H33-3 BAT54ALT1 MC14581BCL DAP601 IC61SF12832-10B

18 June 2024 (New datasheets):

MS7200-80JC TL072ACDR CAT93C5733JI-45TE13 FESB16CT PFKC03-05D05 E30-23 MR33519.MP6 2SA1625/JD CL-195UR-CD 74ALVC162834A BZV55C12 EDI88130LPS25CC MAX6318LHUK35CW-T HYB3164805ATL-50 INA154U H8569-04 R1110N481BTL 74FR2240PC AQZ207D PT2127A-L44S RD20MW BL-R1130 M27C256B-70C6TR MUN2132T1 2SA1203 HJ42C AT89C52-20PI AD2S90 269-D-210-M-14xx-B MUB31DH IS61SF25636D-8TQ RD56F VSC7923CA M38226M5HXXXFP MC10H101M MLL14KESD85A SD233N45S50PTC 1N4127 AT27BV512-12TC RN5VT13CA-TR FRM9240D WMS512K8V-20FIA IRFP054 AT25320N-10SC-2.7 EN29F040-55P DS90CF363MTDX LS6J1M-2SD/FG-T KIA2078P M38B54ME-XXXFS LM3046N VI-MCW1-XX SN74AHC125DBLE 1N914 Q4008DH3 24C08BT-E/SN MF35-800 WS512K32-35G4TQA BQ219XLB-014 WS512K32NBV-15G2MEA P87C58UFAA 5962-9658501VEC PCF5078T 2SC3651 TWL1102PBS DS1259S D10SB40 AD8381AST-REEL V200ME01 EP2F-B3N2T SD253N12S20PSV MT5C6405EC-12L/IT DB157 P4SMAJ78CA DM74ALS540AN M306V0M5-XXXFP BZX84C16 MB356 AME8501AEFTBE42 MAX1402EAI S2D 1N5452 MI-QC2W1-XXX TC54VC6002ECB AT89C52-16JA ADG409BN M38063ECAXXXFS C451D UPA1716G-E1 AT45DB021-JC 1N990B UF5408 RFM12N18 VI-QUTZ-XXX LP3986BLX-3333 STP70NF03L TK11230AUTB PT6212P 2SB927 ICTE-36C SA25C512LEMN BSS123 RP05-4815SFH DE275X2-102N06A M38252E9-HP RT9261-34CB 3SMC70A TSC1374 MC14082BCL

17 June 2024 (New datasheets):

74ACQ657SPC PG152R APL5509R-33AC-TR MC54F132J WPS512K8LT-15RJMB TDA1593 ST7536 MAX4052AESE SE034N TU25C128PI SMAJ100(C)A A23L2616M-70 WS128K32L-55G4TM AV2816A RH5RI321B-T2 1N992B-1 TK71644ASIL M38252E9DFP UNR4111 74HC126D ADG407BP PCM56P MI-PC6N0-XXX DG187 SA120C FS30KMH-03 8C449 LA5613 IDT77155L155PX BYD43-20 28C256ATM-2 LM137SMD PCF8531U BD239A GC1301 MC33463H-30KT1 PDM31532SA20SOI 1N5922B MV5453 IDT7210L65J P5KE17A IDT79VR308133PF LT10A02 BD-F316RD L1384AL/GD OPA2227P BA3853BFS CLC021VGZ-5.0 M38227ECDGP C65SC21E-2 MI71MY BQ2201SN-N Z86E0812PSC1924 FDS6692 PSB105/08 ZMM5245 KBU4M R1140Q341B-TR REC10-4012SRWL 5200-Series PIC16LF877-10/SP PT2128A-M41S PHP10N40E WF128K32N-70G2UC5 A29L160UM-90 AZ2150-1A-12D AR2540 AGM1212C-FCYTS-T VI-L0Z-XX M38190M3-XXXFS MB89P155PFM-104 MAX40-90.0C G17BNilC-DC12 LM1086CT-3.3 EPM7256SQC208-10F NM25C020VM8X P6KE75-TB RT9168/A-28CSH K9F2816Q0C-DCB0 1N5287 BZX97/C51 IDT54FCT841BTD MCM69P536CTQ5 TC55RP5401EZB E03-44M PE3339-12 GS880F32T-14 Z2SMB9B1 M38C23FE-FP DLO32F-5B2 SD500N45MSC 1.5KE36C M38C29FBDFP IS61LV3216-12K M38B79F5H-FP SC2128A-M34S PDM31548SA12TATY M38253M1MXXXGP MMBTA43LT1 FAR-C4CA-04194-K01-R MI-QC2V0-XXX CAT93C4631PI-25TE13 GC89BRBC20FS DTC144WE GC70SN7012012FS PHP500 Z86C3016SSC

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