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19 January 2021 (New datasheets):

RS606 AM29LV020BT-55RJIB HYM321160GS-70 HD74ALVCH162374 PU200-16B BAS125-06 MTAN4121-CHR PD57002 CC2406500N 1N5392 QL4016-3CF100C 1N4467 BZW03-C200 GBJ6D MH983 VI-RUZRX-XXXX MBM29DL322BE12TR PLL1700E/2K BL-R9131 RT9161/A-25CZT WS512K32N-70H2QEA 74LVT374WM TL7232MD 1505-50C VI-RUZMX-XXXX BSS63 MTV25N50E CAT24C323JA-42TE13 AD558 UT51C164JC-40 REC10-3312DRWLZ CY7C4205-15ACT AT29C256-15JC MS4C-S-DC110-TF-LB MAX6316MUK37AW-T M38C21MA-XXXFP 74VHC373MTC AME8530AEEVCFE23 G17CSS-DC12 STPS120L15TV SD1020YS DS3691VX TDA7050T/N3 MV5284 MAP80-1012 K4S561632B-TC/L75 SD300R04MSC SF65 5KP7.0 ST3241ECDR MAX197BCAI AGM1264D-MLYBD-T STH51005G R1223N482A-TR P6DG-053R3E P83C652EHP 1N5650 KRA559E MAX6306UK33D2-T S-80809ANNP-E7Z-T2 ISPGDX160VA-7Q208I 74LVTH16373MTD BZX284-B9V1 CD74AC163M QL24x32B-1PQ208I MAX6321HPUK44CX-T P4SMAJ20C-T3 CAT25C022SA-25TE13 M38227M8HXXXHP 74LV245N ARD1004HCQ XCV800-6FG680I AGM2412C-NLBBW-T LC89977M UPD17147GT-XXX-E1 SMAJ17C R48G09 ACM2002P-RLGH-T TISP4300H3BJ 1.5KE7.5 UF106 JM38510/10401BCA E249 A-402G R5110210XXWA PM110-23A M38258E3DFS AGM1212D-NEBBD-T CD4541BE IDT54FCT162H501ATPAB C20T06Q-11A P4FMAJ11 MI71MW LT1054 M38020E4-XXXSS DE2a-L-9V TF361M-A SMBJ5338B MJ16004 PIC16F874T-10E/P LTC1334 PT2127A-C80S AS431B2ST FAR-C4CN-04915-M12-R DS3696AM TD-42 REC8-5305SRWL

18 January 2021 (New datasheets):

DH24-5S15D KBPC1005 25AA640T-/P IS61LPD25636D-5TQ MC100E193FN UM7204 PLA190 1.4KESD9.0 CAT64LC10SA-TE13 1N5997D LA3430M TQ2SL-1.5V-Z KS24C020I M38061E8DXXXFP R1210N501C-TL SMA6511 SMBJ40CA TSC80C51XXX-30CB MCM67J518FN7 BCX52-16 MAX6318LHUK50BY-T SNJ54AC373J PCM3001E/2K SNJ54ABT240FK SR1040A STW8NA60 ADC10732CIWM PT2128A-M34 60S2 M38225ECHFS CAT24C082P-25TE13 PDT1442-DI-SF P6KE91A LT1684 MC14040BCP MAX6306UK45D2-T BDW63C SST29LE512-200-4C-UH IDT72104L35J CAT93C8613J-25TE13 IW4042BD MSC23437A-80BS9 BGD902/07 FU-68PDF-V510M139B LT1010CH MMSZ5255B 2SC4057 AQV204 RT9261B-20CB SLA24C08-S-3/P SA40-19GWA OP265B R1110N371ATR AME8501BEETAD27 P6KE68A P4KE400-TB ICL7650MJD BU208D BZX55-C15 MI-P61X-XXX PH1090-15L M29F002B IRF7478 MAX6317HUK26CW-T DDU66F-175ME7 M38509MB-XXXSS EGP20M GP103A-DC12-B SN74ALVCH16825DLR 74ACT253SC WS1M8-45CCA M38227M2-XXXFS P4FMAJ68A SNAD01C ZM4733A X28C512PI-90 SG7818T/883B VN920DSO SB80L186EC13 AT27BV4096-15VI M38869EAA-FS S-80720AL-AH-T1 BL-B2324C MI-QC21T-XXX M27C4001-55B6X MC74VHC245ML1 5429FCT2053ATQB TMS10105F ZMM5233 WS256K32-20HIA ICTE45 M38025M3-XXXSP CY7C006-35AC B-1020SR OPB743 MAX6309UK25D1-T M38252ED-HP D1FL20U VTO39-08HO7 74ABT646CSC BD646 2SB806-T2 M27C256B-90N1 FP50F W921E844A HD63P05Y1 ADM706PAR R7002403XXUA

17 January 2021 (New datasheets):

LT1372HVCS8 LM4809LDX 54AC169FM-MLS RP10-2412SEW X28HC256JMB-70 MT28F200B5SG-6T LM2593HVSX-5.0 24C02A-/SM TDA8763AM/4 DS1250AB-70 RH5RI263B-T1 FAR-C4CB-10000-K22-R MSK4462S LNR314701 2025-6014-10 Z8E00110HEC 74LVX238M MT5C6408C-20L/IT UCC3808N-2 IS41C16128-40K MC13022DW AD7575SQ M29W008AB120N1 NM24C09LZEMT8X M5-320/184-7HI R15P1.8D 2SC1946A RT9808-46CB 3EZ43D2 MAX701EPA AZ23-C2V7 54F139FMQB UC3844D BZX84-Y12 MM74HC4052MX SN74ABT16652DL ZXRE125FF P6KE180C 74LVTH16500MTDX CMHZ5240B GS881Z18BT-133I BL-R3130A-T WS1M8-17DJCA CR0602AC 360D-5 TB0900L SL1711B IDT74FCT541P SA8016 X28HC256SM-15 GS880E32T-80 M38503EAH-SP PIC16C73B-04/SP SMI-74-180 2SK2518-01MR HCC4011BF 5962-9654501VXX IDT72225LB50TFB SST29LE010-90-4I-UN STPRF1605CT 5962-9855201VYC ST62T52BM6 P6KE12 TSOP1237WI1 R1120N371A-TL PDM34088SA10QATY XCV150-5FG256I AGM2464D-RC-YBW-T VI-252EX VI-PUY1-XXX CMM2306-AJ-000T VI-NC1V-XX 2SK1519 GMS97L54 ACT4464 SST29VE512-150-4C-UN GS8324Z36B-133I APL5302-33DI-TR BA7632AF ZXM66P02N8TA SMCG6050 H1N4007 IW4001BN MPIC2131P 74VHC4316N SMBJ5951D KM416V1004CT-60 PIC16LCR72-20I/SO DDTC114WE IC61LV6416-10BI RL205G WS512K32N-55G1UQA CAT24WC04J-1.8TE13 PMBZ5257B M38251E3-GP M38255MCDXXXFS MI-PC640-XXX MAX1240CCPA B29152S-ADJ S5B IDT71256SA15PZI NX25F011A-5VI-R FSL23A0R P1500SC RM500UZ-2H DS2Y-SL2-DC1.5V IS61C3216-10K

16 January 2021 (New datasheets):

M38066E6AXXXGP RE5RE25AA-RR OM60N06SA 7152 LL55F2V7 TIBPAL16R6-12MJ 1N5949A BTA08-800CW XCV600E-7FG900I DL5230 IDT6198S55DB REC5-353.3SRWLZ PZ8GG-0515E BZG03-C56 S3C380D SR37 MSM51V16400A-80JS QL7160-7PT208C AS4C256K16F0-50TC MB89P817APF P6KE220A 1N5247B 74F251ASJ AM29LV020BB-90PE HL2HTM-DC12V MI-J5KMY MG139A DM7442AN MB90583CAPF PS21455-E LT2179AIS LNG897CK8 W83194R-37 MC-4R256FKE6D-845 N80C51GB REC15-2312SRWB M38194M8-XXXFS A29800UV-55 RT9172S-32CG VN16218L2 ACM4002E-FLBD-T XR72-13R KBPC1000 UF1005 M38062E9DXXXFS QT60325-S TMP37FT9 NTE1868 NE5205AD 2SK3448 CAT93C6631SI-42TE13 MC74ACT109N CDLL4748A MCM69L820AZP9.5R DM74ALS74AM PIC16C641-04I/P AS5C4008ECJ-15L/883C ACM1602A-RLGW-T SA5.0A NTE983 R7S00416 SEL1121R GS9009-CKB AM29DL800BB90WBI 3.0SMCJ5.0CA EN27C02090TI 1N4116-1 LH28F008SCHB-V85 TZMB51 DR1P5-24D15 M38205E1DXXXHP AM29LV102BB-120FIB MSL-824B IDT54FCT16827ETE 2EZ180 TS616IDW P6SMBJ48A NE83C92A IXSH35N135A A1751A57FFSC06 SST30VR043-150-C-WH-R PIC17CR42-33/SP ICL7616DCSA M38032MA-XXXHP CAT93C5611UI-45TE13 2SD1048 TG1.8.501J TS4040EILT-2.5 PMLL5248B AM28F512-150FCB M38060E7-XXXFP IDT72225LB25G SY88903 74HCT640N MC78M09BTRK 5KP11A KBJ25B AT-103 MI-27KIV FM27C256QE150 TK11236BMIL AM29F010-70PIB MI-J5RMZ ACT-F128K32N-070F5Q SMAJ7.5 P4C188L-15DM PSLC03 IP120G-15

15 January 2021 (New datasheets):

M74HC42M1R IAA170PTR MUR460 P6SMBJ36CA PG12864-D SMLJ58CA M38862EAAFS IDT74FCT827CTSOB SC80C31BCCA44 AM29LV800BT70RWBIB MAX6318LHUK47DZ-T Z86L73 74AHC00D LX8384-00CDD AM29LV040BT-90EIB PMT(301)2.5 IDT54FCT646DTE 28C16AF-20/VS VKA60LS12-6 AV9120M-08 AD2S99AP AD8401 S-80856ANNP-EJL-T2 GD75232N LLSRK1/4 GS9021-CFU M38187EF-FS TDA8010M/C1 2PB709AQ M38255EF-FP CAT25C021PI-45TE13 DLO32F-10MD4 FAR-C1SB-11059-K01-T HMBZ5238B 1.5SMC56CA ST1900C52R3 30KW180 1.4KESD45 BGY122A CLL4680 X24C00M-3 M38202M2-XXXFS MLL3825A-1 RT9261B-40CX SMJ320C40HFHM40 1.5KE47 REC3-2112DRW FAR-F5CE-820M00-D231-U GVT71512D18B-6 EZ1585CT-2.5 BZV49-C36 AGM1232D-REGBW-T CH2056 SNJ54AHCT04J AM29LS800BT-170EI OM186NR TLV2450IDBVR TR16-700-125 SD253R04S20PBV C-51505NFJ-SLW-AC BA56-12EWA P4KE56C MC68HC05X32CFU LND2931-15 MAX692AC/D P6KE51A STPS8H100F GS880F18BT-5.5 DM74LS367ACW XR72-30U R1111N251B-TL HAT1031T(D) APL5151-23BI-TR TSC80C51TXXX-44MH/883 74FCT162646CTPVCT SN74HCT32DR M38258EE-HP X28HC256PI-15 BC440 AIC1739-25CX BCV28 FR104GP TFMAJ13 P6SMBJ7.0A CAT24C321JI-28TE13 M38206M1-XXXFP MSM13Q0230 M38224E2-GP MWI200-06A8 IDT54FCT534CSOB GCL08-B CL2431VS WS128K32N-85G1UQ 2SD1190 ATF22V10B-7PC 2SK1221 SM5610H5S CAT521JI-TE13 LL4148 2SA1478 CS51221ED16 APL5151-25BC-TR MC145650 MC14052BFL1 TK65917MTL SB270 DLO7137

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