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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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23 April 2019 (New datasheets):

P82B715PN UCC2813PWTR-1 M38198M7-XXXFP 5429FCT2520BTPB M38225E3-FS BL-HG334A NTE5042A AGM3224K-FN-FLW-T ST5090ADTR AT27LV1026-55JC AGM1232F-FLGBW-T RS1B-T3 TLC071CP REF195GRU MI-J7WIZ UT2020 LS6J1M-3PG REC5-6105DRWLZ 74LCX573MSAX NTE56058 BZG03-C27 1N5739B MC14500BCP GLT41016-40J4 RP10-4812SE AT93C46R-10SC-1.8 GF10D MAX4077ESA TDD15-03S2 M38026M2DXXXFP INA122UA/2K5 M38B54E7-XXXFP P4SMAJ170 UPD17235GT-XXX TISP4180H4BJ MX23C8000QC-12 AGM1212C-FLYTH-T M38224E5MFP DD201S SM15T6V8CA SST39VF040-45-4C-NK 5962-9960601QUX BA1283 AD767KN 2SK1849 LS6U2M-5D/FG-T APL5508R-29DC-TR AT29LV512-20JC TLV2454IPWR BS-C303RD EP2320-7R RP-123.3D M38224M8HXXXFP TCR22-4 D44C5 PSD302-B-15J LP62S1024BX-70LLI TSC80C51CXXX-36II WS512K32-15G4TM P4C148-15DM L2204-01 NWK954CG 1N4743 W29C020T-70B TSM1215D K4S281632M-TC1H EN29F002NB-90TI UPC8172TB-E3 OM5216RC APL5509R-28DC-TR RL101GP PT2240 FR1D REC10-5915SRWL PFW5001 SA7.5C TK11124MCL 5KP6.0C LM34DZ MACH210-14JI GC79BRBD20R 37LV36-I/P VI-JTLMX BM-41K57ND VI-PJ0MX-XXX XU309 SPX2956AU5-5.0 MMBZ5255BLT1 HM6116P-4 AM29LV102BT-120FCB 74HCT40105DB 1N5266 GS84018AB-180 SMS7630-011 MV67538.MP5 MT5491-YG DAC7614E AK93C45BH KTC9011 XC9536-5CS48C 2N3439 DCF210 AGM2464D-ML-YTD-T LM9832CCVJD DM74ALS163BN DG387C/D HT82V14

22 April 2019 (New datasheets):

EL2280CS D2547P45 SMBJ7.5A EPM7192SQC160-10 NJU7508M BT-N325RD CAT24WC65J-1.8TE13 BCW68FR PS391CSE PPG312F-5 ST1002DR SN65016 MBM29F800BA-90PFTN PI3B16209 TIP47 A8188SLT-27 1.5KE170A 5962-9657901VRX AGM2464D-ML-BBD-T 5962-9751401QPA AKD4316A HM62256BLFP-5SLT SM6503AH 23A025 420LE60 QEB75-48S05-M DG406DJ TIP41F 2082-6043-15 RT9809-43CV AT49LV002T-90TC HER1601C DDU8F-5006B1 GS840H36AT-180 REC3-1205DRWZ IC61LV6416-8TI M38021E1DXXXSP P6KE110 SC2128A-M22B 269-B-230-D-14xx-B TS80C31BH-1 BTB08-800CW AS7C3256A-10TC HUL300-31 CAT28LV256T13A-30T MSK4202HRHU HT48C50 NM24C08FLZMT8 MC74HC27ADT uPD780054GK-xxx-9EU TEA6330T/V1 M38505EE-XXXSS AS8S128K32Q-35/XT MH88422-2 74LV373N KM416C1000CTL-5 ZHCS500 ACM1602K-FLFS-T LS21AA-2SD U631H256BD1K35 AM29LV020BT-90EI AMS2931CS P6KE440A GC89BNBC08FS RE5VT10AC APL5503-27VC-TR BDW93C MACH111SP-12VC RF5C15 74LVQ374MSAX 6A1G 1N4248GP SR104 CD4771A 1N5243A G65SC02-AD-5 ALD500RA-20SE M30623EC-FP EDI88130LPS25L32M M38C20FEDHP BF554 CL-191HR-CD DM74ALS257N TK73240MCL WS512K32L-25G2TM 2SC4784 RB160L40 X25650S8-2,5 SMTPA200 DS2E-SL-DC12V MC-4516CB646PF-A10 UM4306 1N6383 SPX2931AN-3.3 74F540PC M38867FAAHP AQW614EH BR9040 27C64A-17FA M38035FB-FP 2N2219A TOF30-15S LMX1602TMX AD22100ST MAX6318LHUK41BX-T BAT15-104 AGM1532A-MLGTD-T AT28LV010-20PI

21 April 2019 (New datasheets):

NDL7408P2LD NDL1205S GM71CS17403CJ-5 X24645V MAX800MCSE IDT74FCT138TE LM385D-2.5 SP485CS AV2572M-SA BR310 MAX1249AEEE 5962-9656701QXC SK12 ST303C10HK2L 1N1187A R3111N351A-TR 269-B-270-14xx-B MSK4202KRHD AN79L08 BFQ72 3KP150A TR80C186XL25 BSFH78G14 PDU54-2000M MM74HCT240MTCX BUX84 74LVX74TTR MC74ACT02ML1 MAX4022ESD SI-3121N 2SA1191 SMB27CA U635H16DC45 MCM101525TB12 1N5818 XMT5370B-155-ST MC33269ST-3.3R2 KBU8D MAX531BC/D MS2C-S-DC48-L BUT12AF OZ6933B LF50ABDT-TR UC3904N DS1243Y-150 LS505 KBPC8005 UT61256LS-15 5962G9687301QYC AHK432ILY-2-B1 HS391 E03-06M ST92F150JDV1 PT2128A-C84 GC89SNCD12FS MAQ9264T70FL UL200-32 1N5622US BYM56D CY7C1009-15LMB USB0805 PT2128A-M42 AME8809DEHA HSC276 P4KE75 PM25RSA120 SN74AHCT04DGVR P5KE15CA GBJ810 RH5RE35AA-T2 VI-RW4XX-XXXX MM74C928N QTLP650C-Y HL02U15S05Z 74FCT162245CTPACT HIN241ACB X28C512KI-25 FU-68SDF-V802M110B SN74HC86DR AGM1532A-FEBTS-T RM7000-263S SMBG90A G70HF3C-DC6 24LC65-I/SM SMCJ85CA IDT74FCT162701TPV 5962F9475407VYC 1.5KE24A ACM1601H-FLFD-T P4KE16CA GC102SN12016020F HYB5118160BSJ-50 SST49LF020-33-4C-NH BZX55A2V7 DD200HB160 MX27L2000TI-15 HEF4526BD 2SC3519A 2SK0123 RE5VL44AC M38045F8-XXXSP 74LV4067DB TC54VN2401EZB GH3-P024SL2 W164G PS7122L-1A 2SC1518

20 April 2019 (New datasheets):

WS128K32N-35H1M DS1642-70 M38220M1HXXXFP FM93C46AN REC3-6105SRW TR8-700-70 FP214 R1113Z451B-TR UAA2073M/C1 V26MLA1210NA 307U250P3 BCR16CM-12 FAR-C4CN-19661-K00-R RB083L-20 M38064ED-XXXFS IDT7164S55DB PQ05TZ51 SPX1587T-3.3 WF512K32F-70G4TM5 GS88032T-11.5 MC33071AP SD1285 BZX2C11V G41301A-DC24-BM GS8170DW18C-250 MTAN4146-CO RGP08A RD100EB 2SD1964 WS512K32L-15G1UCA 1N5739C P80C51FA-2 STB22NE03L CAT93C4613PA-30TE13 PIC17CR42T-16/JW LS6U2M-2SD/PG 54F283DM ADC0809CCVX AM29LV020BT-70FCB A1750A50FFFC10 1N5269A MC14516BCL THS4081CDGN VI-LCFD-XX APL5507-A14KI-TR DC-216R U635H256BSC25 IV2412DA RE5RE47AA-TZ XC95216-15HQ208I 1N5225 MC10E241FNR2 Z140 WS512K32-35H1C M38861M6A-XXXGP AM29LV008BT-120ECB 1N983B MR3508L BZX84-C56 IDT79R3081E40FDB MBR2550CT MB91F155PFV-G CL10K100EFC484-3 NTE1629 CAT93C5611JI-25TE13 GC70BR9515012FS HFA1115/883 STK12C68-5L55M SMV1233-011 MCM44C256BSG15 MAX6316LUK48DW-T BA6303F MCC225-14IO1 SN74LS245MEL DM74LS156M LM134D MC74HC4046AN X20C04JI CD4025BPW MI-RC2XNX-XXXX DS4E-S-DC6V DS1135Z-20 REC5-2009SRWL FR156G AM29LV001BT-70EI BSP298 PF3508 LTC1540 SMCJ5355 MSK5009TD IS61NLF12836-10TQ R1140Q401D-TR SB1R5-12-12S MI-RC631X-XXXX NE5534AJG AM28F256-70EEB MJF15030 LM2576S-15 SN74LS641MEL DAC8512 M29F002BT70K6 BCV63 P4C1256-55L32MB BC338-16 IDT74FCT2245DTPYB ICL7650CTV RH5VT31AC MZP4731A

19 April 2019 (New datasheets):

CS20-14IO1 M38254E6MGP SN74LVC540ADBLE M5M29GT161BWG VI-LC1K-XX M38B56E1-XXXFP GC70SR9513003F 1SMB3EZ15 LM324MWC MAX6309UK29D1-T CD74HCT40105E DMC5003NY-FW AGM1232C-FLYTD-T AT25160-10PI-1.8 UPD703017AYGC-XXX-8EU FAR-C4CB-12000-M22-R SMBJ15A DMS-30-CP TSOP1156XG1 CY74FCT374TQCT HFA3724 AN8028 RCV1551-ST QPP-024 UA78L12CD M38201M2DXXXHP FM93CS46TLZEMT8 CY74FCT16952ETPVCT MC10H109M 1M4734A IDT7027L20G KIA78L07BPV K4S643232E-TL70 1N759 MC88914D KRA308 TSOP1830SI3V AM29LV800BB70RFIB PIC16F628-20I/P M38B53M8-XXXFS VI-R7MXX-XXXX IDT54FCT16H952ETPVB 5429FCT2052BTEB GOG96010 74AHCT1G126 BAT54ST XC6204C60AML SMI-90-820 TMS320C51PQA40 L1513SURC JM38510/30901BF CS62180B-IL MAX6316MUK35CW-T FP2189-PCB900S MLO110-08IO7 RGP30J SDA4AK UC2851DWTR MC74HC86D FZT658 UPC741G2-T1 TLC3702IPW SN74AHCT04D FDZ203N 74LVT2240MTC 1N4004 BUK438-1000B LP3470M5-4.63 IDT74FCT16841CTPVB IC61C632A-4PQI R8292 10BQ100 74HC191PW UZ7827L GS4882-CTA ZMM75 TL3844Y S3C9442 1SMZG06GP 1N5940C NM24C02M8X MAX6318MHUK44DY-T MAX5012BEQI 1N4618 IDT74FCT648TD 5KP64CA EM78P156ELAS S-1343AF DTC114YKA 2SA1461-T1B 5962F0153701VXC UT54ACS279PCA ACM2402C-RLFS-T JM38510R75201SC ZMM55B3V9 RN5VT29AA-TR M38867FFAHP AT28C010-12JC MI-272IX MT55L256V32PF-6IT T405-800W BC857A MC78L24ACD MAX419MJD AME8501CEETCF31 MJ410 HER505

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