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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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10 April 2021 (New datasheets):

FM25C041U 74ACT16245MTDX 74FCT163H374CPACT FQA24N60 28C256TRPDE12 IRFP9150 AD7810 GT28F800B3T90 IDT74FCT646ATEB ATF1508ASZ-25QC100 CAT93C5712SI-25TE13 EM91450DK MAX692CPA R1122N341A-TR MIC5245-3.3BM5 Z180 LM2575SX-3.3 KBPC1002S 2SK1404 MAX6316LUK41CW-T HL01R12D12YH HCF40147B P6KE15 MB90552BPF MI-QC2TT-XXX B380C1500G M38256M2-XXXFS PCF8577CT BQ2057CTS-C1 M38863E1AGP M38062E9AXXXGP E15-16 SMB22C PIC16F83-04I/SS RH5RI341B-T2 BZW04P273 M38044M3-XXXSP RT9161/A-22CX SNJ5401W LO3360-JM BYW29ED-200 X4005M8I4.5A MB2510 ACM1602Y-RLBS-T NJM78LR05DM NM27C010NE200 5962H9654501QEX SNJ54BCT125AJ CDLL937A AM26LS32ACD 5962H9654901QEX FAR-C4CN-14746-K12-R B3800C1500 SC2128C-L24S P6KE200A 2SB1589 MAX6380UR38-T MC7809CD2T BAT54C PIC16CR84-10/SO MPX4250ASX IDT72245LB50JB 3D7304-400 HT605L FX829D5 L7885CT CS1501-7R OR2C04A-4S208 U631H64BSK45 KHQ04048S2V5AL IDT742157TSO ST6265BB1 K-12001GX TDA3853T XCS20-3PQ208C TMS27C020-15JL4 BLF547 M37702M2LXXXHP DM74LS193CW BC848CWT1 VI-JWVCX PDM41257LA10SOI TSC80C51CXXX-36AI 24IMO6-12-2 CY7C1031-8JC SN74AS640DWR EDI88512CA17F36M 2SK2862 RP03-2405SA ULCE9.0 UPD784217AYGF-XXX-3BA AV9170-05CN08 DR204G CD6302CA GF10A M38032F4-FP M38201E1-XXXHP TLC073IDGQ CD4073BF BZX84C4V7LT1 M38507ED-XXXSP MCM72JG64SG66 FSH05A06B BZX79-F3V0 SMCJ48CA MA40048 24AA01T-I/SM

9 April 2021 (New datasheets):

SMCJ18A AGM3224G-NC-GBD-T RF2322PCBA M38038FF-XXXSP BZV55-B68 SB580 TAP2422 DC03-11EWA U631H64BDC45 IDT74FCT88915TT100JB SMI-70-331 M38C24F7-FP BS-C842RD M38226E2DFS MAH3690FD VI-QCNHX-XX MSM5118160B-50TS-L AGM3224G-NC-YTD-T FAR-F6CE-1G8425-L2YE-U QL3025-4PQ208M EN27C01055P CD74HC163E A1750A59RRFC08 PS2506L-1 MTN6141-CRG M38C28M4DXXXFP NE8500200 SN54LS157J XC4036XLA-09HQ160I HD74LS258 ST72C124J4T6 TPS77033DBVT FAR-C4CB-07373-M22-R APL5301-23KC-TR 8102306CA M27C801-45B1X MG65PB10 NTE121 ST62P00CB1 CD74HCT652M OR2C10A-4PS240I R1170H231B-T2 IDT54FCT244APB VI-N34-XX UT8Q512-20UCA TPS7430DR MAX878EPA STK400-070 SN74ALVCH16821DLR FLINK3V6BT-65 1N5354B WMS512K8L-55CLM SFR204 FAR-C4SB-08000-K22-U AKBL408 IDT7133LA20PF P4KE110CA P6SMBJ9.0C 2SB1587 CAT93C5614SI-25TE13 TS87C52-1 WSE128K16-35G2TCA SPX1117U-3.0 FAR-C4SB-06000-L22-T HIN235E XC68341CFT25 5962R3829435SNX 74LV4316D IXCP10M35S N74F646D 269-D-140-F1480-B M5M29FB800RV-80 LA7152 BZX84-A16 M38023M7DXXXFS LB1692 H12A1 CAT93C86JI-TE13 TLC27M2CD TQ2SA-L2-5V-Z MKC03-24S05 FDC20-48S05W 1N4750 AM28F020-150PI SC1543IMSTR 2N4401 P4SMAJ40CA uPD789156GS-xxx WE32K32N-150G2UIA 74ABT162244DGG DTA144VSA AAT3221IJS-3.0-T1 REC8-3812SRWL SMP1302-001 QL6600-5PS672I MMBT5550LT1 MAX421M/D SN74ABT833DW LT1461ED UC1826J ENE201D-07A NM24C08LEM TSC80C51TXXX-25IF TDA16888G R1111N491A-TL CS8271YN8 PIC16LC554-20/P HT6207

8 April 2021 (New datasheets):

SLA24C164-S-3 SP4-DC3V N80C51FA-24 RE5VT24AA-RF M38060M1AXXXGP LA6462S TXD2-2M-H-3V M38206E2-XXXGP M24C16-RDW6T 1N4979 PBT91/04 IDT74FCT138ATQB MC34072P 5962-9654901VXA CL-170R-CD-T 100352QI TC652CEVUA 2PD602AS B10A45VI QL24x32B-1CF208C HJ4-L-AC24V SN74LS164ML1 CXD1175AM REC10-5212SRWLZ SAA5261PS/220 M38048F1-FP 305UR160P3 RH5VL34AA-T2 AD73322LYR GB301X-AC24-TF-B REC15-5515DRWBZ UPD1723GF-213-3KE 1N5224B MB15G000 C5331-05 M4A5-32/32-12JC IDT74FCT841BTP X9313UPM3 TMS27PC512-15FME MA46461 MCM6227BWJ15R2 L-515EIR1C XC9536XV-7CS48C M38224M5MXXXGP M27C4001-35XC1X MOC8206 74AC11828N RD6.2FMB RXT-241212 5962R9654801QXX APL431BEI-TBL EN2-1N2S PE3340-11 PC3H7AC Z86E0208PEC1903 HYB514400BTL-80 FQPF17P10 MLX90210C P4SMAJ5.0-T1 AM29LV010BT-70ECB FPBL15SH60 AGM1264E-RNGBH-T IDT74827CL FAR-C4SA-04194-K11-T EDI88130CS45L32B MX27C512QI-45 53203 UT54ACTS54 MC1C-P-AC48-TF R1141Q211D-TR PIC16C62XAT-20E/SS MD57-0001 NC7SP126 TX2SL-6V-X GS840E36AB-150 CXK5T16100TM-12LLX RB-153.3S 1102FB PC87317-ICF/VUL DL4729 DDU7C-150MC3 MT6324-URUY VI-PC3JX-XX LM1575J-5.0-MPR APL5308-15DC-TR 2SK1254(L) GS840H32B-150 SM8503 MB2510 BC856B BIR-BM13J4G GP1F33RT 1.5SMCJ45 ACM4004E-FLFS-T RL206GP TDA8961 MDU14-8C4 LE28CV1001M-15 WMS128K8L-17CCA WPS512K8VB-15RJM BAT83 RKBPC25-00/W GS74116AJ-12I AM27X128-55PC VI-JTMIX DSF8045SK44 P4V7B

7 April 2021 (New datasheets):

VI-NUL-XX TXS2SL-L-24V-Z V39ZA3 FR604 SP690RCP GP1S38 TFMBJ18A FKC05-12S15 PIC16C621A-04I/SO LBA120L M38220EBMHP JAN1N6768 M38041M2-XXXSP EDI88512CA25TM AGM1232E-REYW-T 1PS89SS04 ACM0802B-TLFD-T MC54HCT374AJ R1230D241B-TL M38250EAMGP MAX6319MHUK48D-T 5962-8670403XA SA48A 3D3215Z-8 KM681002CT-10 P6SMBJ10 SE555P SM8LC24 OP297FP KM44S3203BT-G/F10 HER205-TB MDA72-08N1B MLL5934C EDI88130LPS55NC GNR53D681K GS816118T-250 3EZ22D2 RH5VL43CC MC14512BCP 1.5KE350CA 2SK3161(S) MSC23232C-80BS16 PE125BUV MAX6320PUK34DY-T LH28F016SANS-70 W91531LN P6SMBJ130A GMS37004T ZMM4.7 FDS6690S SMF101A CAT93C8621UI-42TE13 LNG252RFR M38867E3AFS TPSMB9.1 3EZ100D1 5KP18 S-80725SL-AN-T2 HC3HL-DC12V BAT15-123ES GNR20D221K SC2128A-M54B SN74CBTLV3383PWR SN74ABTH25245DWR 74AC191SJX APL5301-29KC-TR R1111N241A-TR RN5VL46AC PST7027M SST89E564RD-40-C-NI M30201F4T-XXXSP AGM1212E-FLYTS-T MC74VHC1G05DFT2 X9511ZPI S-80732AN-DW-S 1.5KE11A SK84 S2540 1N969B KSA1304 LT103 FC80960HD50SL2GM VI-J30EX ICT-18 AV9161A-01CW16 SMI-70-101 L34GD M38222E3-HP IS61LV12824-12BI FAR-C4CG-08000-M15-R M38223M3MXXXHP ULS-2074H MLL970B-1 CA58 LM2917MX PST574EM LNG364MDG F12C15D X25320PI-2,7 SMBJ6.0A FAR-C4SA-03580-M11-T P4SMAJ43C-T1 P87C54X2FA SST29VF040-55-4I-PH BZW03C51 FSB660A KA5M0365R HAF1002(L)

6 April 2021 (New datasheets):

ACM4004C-FLBTH-T UZ8715 ADSP-21060LKS-133 PSD75/18 PALCE16V8H-15PI IDT6116LA35TP GS74116J-10I MC68HC901P REC5-3212SRWLZ SMCJ30A AM29LV020BB-90EEB HV9112X DH48-5S ADM202JN WF512K32N-70G2UC5A AGM1212D-FEGTD-T UPD66P04BGS SMBJ36C AME8501CEFTDD24 AT27C400-12RI UF150 G2D M38865E6A-GP MCT2201 GS840H18AT-150 5962-9091001MSA X25097V-2,7 MB86941PVF 2SC3554-T1 ADG333ABR BA8206 PM200-16C DM74LS175N INA2143UA/2K5 MC74ACT253MR1 SG7918AT X28HC256DI-90 TSC1259 5962F9475403VYA P5KE51A HSA1531 AGM1212E-NLBBW-T 1N5406 DS1553P-100 M38061EDDXXXFP TK65828STL V62C3162048LL-100T GP103BG-AC220-LB CDLL4776A M38061EBAXXXFP TP-102 DS1350ABP-70-IND AS2431D2SB MM3094B FR257-STR M38040FA-XXXHP C6086-53 R1210N541D-TR G218BT-S5 OM3905SC DS1007S-1 TLV4112ID KM110BH/2270 CLC416AJE-TR13 1N4691 IDT74FCT16823CTE MAX519BEPE M38225E5DGP PIC16C556AT-04/JW SAA4956TJ/V1 GAL16V8B-15LP ACA208 PIC17C43T-16/SP FAR-C3SA-03580-J10-T SN74ACT3631-20PQ A1750A47RRFC06 TL7759CPWR TIP152 LYE676-U1 AD571KD 24S330 M24C02-MN6 TIP35 MAX6319MHUK45A-T KLH1529A ER1D 1SMB43AT3 1N5541D PSMA24A MAX6318MHUK31CX-T 305URA200P4 MHW720A1 Am29LV160DB-70SC ACM1604C-NLBW-T NT256D64S88A2GM-7K MPS6560 5962R9654101QEX KBK20J BD-A305ND ED1006CT WPS512K8T-20RJI DG211CSE AM29LV081B-70REIB TLC271BCD BL-HJD33A GNR34S621K UDA1309H

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