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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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22 February 2020 (New datasheets):

AT-41411-BLK 1.5SMCJ14C IDT7164S45PB SPAKMC332GVFC20 XC6204A522ML WMF128K8-60CLC5A SN74LVCH16373ADLR GL34D CAT93C4611JI-45TE13 TDA6405ATS/C1 5962-88685012A ACM1602K-FLTS-T VSC7709X FCX718 IS41LV16257-60TI NTE5184A P6KE250-TB DDU66F-100D4 MAX701CSA IDT74FCT2244ATL 14KESD30A KLC250 MYB51TV-1 MC74HC4851ADT 1.5KE130CA BPB-15/1.3-D48 SMCG130A TCET1103 MC1488P MAX6321HPUK29AX-T TDA5360 SNC384 MJE5731 SN74LVC374APWR ST62T52CM3 APL5302-23D5C-TR IDT54FCT646TPYB SMAJ5.0CA LM324AN 54HC4046RP APW7004KC-TU V53C16258LK35 P6KE8.2C AP1117T20A MI-J72IZ 2N6286 NJM2125F AS432A1VS7 MX27C2000API-10 TX2SS-L2-6V-X S80C652FHAA TG-221 24LC04BT-I/SM DSEP29-12A PIC16LF877-20E/PQ MAX974EPE R1221N32AC-TR IDT54FCT534CTL SN54LS157J RSS-0509 M38862E1AGP HAT2029R(D) 1.5KE24CA DS21Q44TN 28C256ATI-3 SN54LS162AJ MPSW05 AM29F040-90EIB V58C2256804SXT75 MTAN2254-11C CD74HC652EN ICX205AL IDT74FCT825AL IRFBA90N20D M38041FF-FP VI-RUL3X-XXXX CAT93C8614U-25TE13 AM29LV010BB-55FC SN65LVDS96DGG 1H8 V100ZA05 M38509M1H-XXXSS 74HC40105N LC36256ALL-10 AS4C4M4F1-50JC PCF8576CT/F1 M38509M6H-XXXSS HP2-TM-AC12V HY628100ALG-85 ACC201 IRF520VS MBR2080CT AA038N1-99 LNBP16SP 1N5942B MAX804TC/D RH05 MA4L301-134 ST6260BB1 AD7709BR SNJ54AHC86J IDT7025L55JB G90NilAD-DC5-NilNil R1221N35AG-TR IDT54FCT640SO GP1A35RV STA463C M38039M4-XXXHP

21 February 2020 (New datasheets):

AQV257AZ TDA8712T SPX1583T-1.5 74ACT11240DBR AM29F800BT-120SCB AM29LV004T-120FE HYB3164405T-50 ZMM11 EGP30J MB15E07LPV MAX419CSD XCV600E-7FG680C AM28F256A-70FI MC74HC4051ND 1.5KE22 PQ05RG1 1.5KCD56C HD64F3024TE MAX6321HPUK48CW-T BZX79-B6V8 TSI-3.3S6ROFP SAA4996H RV-0924D SN74AC373N UT69R00016FPCR BCR16PM 1N5539C SB360 SNJ54ABT821FK 1N4003G SMDJ100 AP1117E22A MC14568BCL TE4937 74LV245D TPSMA11A M38867MEA-XXXHP NTE2353 RC4558D 2SC2736 WSF128K16-37G1UMA NC2D-DC24V LP2951ACD ST180S04P2 WS128K32N-35G2TCA TPS3305-18D RT9161/A-23CX BUL74B NTE6116 AN87C196CB-20 M29F400BT70N1 UPD4564323G5-A70-9JH U630H16D1C45 MX10C8050PC IDT54FCT16952ETPFB P4KE75 MV5094A HUP80-13 LT319ALM119 S3C9452 AS5C512K8ECJ-15E/883C SN74LVC540ADW 5962-9652801VCC REC3-6815DRW CFB0101 74LCX245SJ HFBR-5205 TLC084IDR SPT9712 XC2V250-4FG456I RP03-4812DC NM24C02ULEN MC100E241FNR2 TK70001MCB GS74116J-15 1.5KE120 AD104 MPS6727 MC74ACT175N RN5RF60AA-TR 5962-9059301M2A 5962H9583402VXC BYV15 TMS320C6202GLS200 IDT54FCT16H244CTE MMBD353LT3 1SMB150CA VI-LN1-XX PC866Q RD6.8UM GL1501 G73AD-DC48 AT24C04-10SC-1.8 L78S09CV 5962R9655701VXA AGM2412B-MCYTW-T R1121N211B-TR BXY42-T1ES 269-B-140-D-14xx-A M38258M2-XXXFS SN54LS249J 3KP64A MC10EL01DR2 SY100E166 M38C30E8MXXXFS TC55RP3601ECB 117K

20 February 2020 (New datasheets):

25C040T-E/ST IDT74FCT646TDB SN74F2245N CAT93C6632P-30TE13 5962R8957701VYC VI-RJ64XX-XXXX SM5817 5962H9653401QXA T620123004DN BC857ALT1 ACM2002E-FLGH-T FA1A4Z-L MG75PB38 S10VB20 SB20W03Z SMBTA06M MIC812U MC74LCX2952DW NTE5027SM ATV2500B-15KM SN54HC126J M38B79M8H-XXXFP BS-CF05RD Am29LV400B150EEB VDP3134Y A29001U-55 SST27SF010-70-3C-NH E05-13M1 M38255E2-GP S1DB SFH618A-3 ALF1P06 CS50S 1N985B X28VC256KI-45 32C408BRPFE30 M38256ECDHP VUO70-16NO7 PT79SR109S 5962-8958701EA PA07 IDT74FCT162501ETPFB SN74ALVC7803-20DL 74V1G66STR PIC16C66-04I/SP TDA6403AM MC33071AD TDA16888 HYB3165405AJ-40 2690-1013 FAN2513S33X MSM6926GS-2K MH16V725BATJ-6 FKC05-24D12 MSK5275-5H ALF1T09 1.5KE62A TPS2052D BS62LV1023STI MSK5040-3.3H SNJ5416W M38224E9MFP MX27C8000ATI-90 5962H9659001VXA SL23-T1 RH5RH643B-T2 M38863F8A-XXXHP TDD254803S MJD127 XC5202-5PC84I M38251M4DXXXGP 5KP85CA PIC16C711-04/P:REFFEC100176 APL5331KAC-TR EZ1117CM-2.5.TR 7MBP100RA-060 1N4148 AT27C2048-55VI VI-LC1J-XX VI-LJ4Z-XX CAT93C6621UI-30TE13 PIC17C756T-08/L ILC5062AM31 UAF42AP SN74ABT646NT MBR4050PT 5962-9168901MXA M38078M3-XXXFP MB89583BWPFV MC74HC390DTR2 PIC16C558A-20E/P CNZ3134 SF40GG MAX406BEPA 28C17A-25/SO TDF1779A TLC32044CFN SMAJ22A-TR APL5509-30DC-TR HVC132 FS1208BH SN74F27N 74ABTH16646DGG GS840E18T-150 PIC12C509-04/JW MX29LV161TXBI-90 K4H561638B-TCA0 PI74LPT543R

19 February 2020 (New datasheets):

AM27C256-150DEB TL3845DR M-8870-01SM RD30EB1 LT1011ACH M38501FEH-XXXSS FAN1582 RH5RI323B-T1 5KP8.0 QL8x12B-0PL68C M38024M4-XXXFP BZV55-B33 BD905 M38503M6-XXXSP CY7C1041BV33-15VI REC5-6812DRWL TSOP1830ZC1 MX7581BQ AS7C1026A-20JI TS27L4BIN AT27BV400-15RC A1750A42FFFC10 HZS2B1 SC1037 R1230D241A-TL M38221E5HFP 7438SJ M38041MB-XXXSP RT9261A-20CB CAT93C5622UA-25TE13 M38868MBA-XXXFS AGM1212C-RCGTS-T HER254 HLMP-Q102 P6SMBJ150A P6SMBJ28 ADM9690AR CA61 UTCMC34018 M38224E3MFP GS74116U-10I UDZ2V2B M38060ED-XXXGP SP703EP 2SC3090 APL5302-18BI-TR SST58SM024-70-C-FSI IDT54FCT2540TPYB SV1516K BZW04P85 3SMC58A P5KE45 SMAJ11A SP207ECT DCR803/06 FL07-0002-G VSC7810WB FAR-C4CB-16000-M02-R SAA8112HL/C100 D1209UK NM24C09FM8 PT5044A 3D7205S-30 M38072EE-XXXFP ZMM5259 PCD5041H RN5RK362A-TR DD205S M38252M1-XXXFP SMB68CA 20KW160 307URA160P4 G6A-5 5962G9322603QZX BYP70/25 SPX1085AT-3.3 1N5946 FR804S MT4LC4M4E8DJ MAX163CCNG K4S281632D-NL7C BZX79C68RL AN78M12F GMS87C1102 SL05TC PD45128441G5-A80-9JF PSD61/08 DBL1085 BC848B MC3456P BFP93A RS1001 MI7ZIW PIC16LC62XT-04E/P MBRB2045CT P5KE78CA R1223N222B-TR TSC80C51TXXX-16AA SK835 HPR102W DAC7744EC/1K X9314WSI3 MMBT3646 LP61L1024U-12 FRM9240R 1.5KE400 LH5496HD-35

18 February 2020 (New datasheets):

MSP3417G 1.5KD-5 RS402L LP2953AMJ/883 MBM29DL322TD12PBT WS512K32L-35G1UM LP2950CDT-005 LX8117-00CDD IDT7203L35J TSOP1856 SMBJ64A SL74LS161D S524L50D51 GBU6K RP-1515D S3P9648 1N6295A AM29LV001BT-90FEB MDU13H-10M HCPL-0631 MTAN7140M-12A U632H16SK25 NJU7064V M38194E9-XXXFP 2FI50A KV2002 B4300CR-3.1 BL-R2136A SN54ACT3632HFP FAR-F5CE-820M00-K204-W RSZ-0805P SC1565IST.TR IDT74FCT16H952ETPV GZB36 RE5RL35AA-TZ UT62L1024LC-55LE V62C5181024LL-35VE NR-SD-12V XC2S200-6PQ208C GS8170LW72C-250I REC5-2209SRW M38255E1DHP FAR-C3CN-16000-J01-R BYT44A SBT3045 AGM2464D-RC-GTW-T PT2128A-M43S PHP66NQ03LT 2SC2133 TU-50TNC SMBJ20A MCD225-12IO1 78613/1 MG74PB42 GMA4Y881C MBR20100 SST39VF040-70-4I-NK IDT74FCT2240CTQB LM2931ACD MH8S64BALD-7 AT27C080-15TI CD3020B 1N6059A UT54ACS00PCC 1513-80B LP2988AIMMX-2.5 CLM2815AU-3.3 1N4746 IDT54FCT374ATEB TCST1230 MAX4541EAK-T MSP545 GM71CS17800CLT-5 SMBJ11C HLMP-DL32 LK112M35TR TC648EUA CMM1330-AK IDT54FCT16374CTEB CDS0651 BZX284-B6V8 IDT71421LA35TF HFBR-2416C DS1202 28LV010RT4FS25 P4KE8.2 XC4044XL-2BG432C 26S151 1N4112 CD4775A TWL1110PBS 1N6466 KIA79L08BP PCM1704U-J/2K IDT74FCT162543TEB KIA7288P AIC1086-33CM UL631H256TK45 AM29LV004BT-80FE RM-0509S APL1117-UC-TR R7201806 BY329-1200 WS512K32F-100HCE REC8-4405SRWL IS62LV256-100TI M38502MCH-XXXSP CAT93C6631SI-28TE13

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