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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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25 October 2020 (New datasheets):

ST180S04P0 L7908CD2T PGR20301 KBJ610G VI-J1MCX G690L308T71 SAA7186 BR5010 GP1200FSM18 MH102 M38061MA-XXXFP FPBL20SL60 MF1117V-2 TFDT6500E IMP811JEUS-T IE1203DH SF54 SFR105-T3 NDS355N MT88E39AS 5429FCT53CTL R3112N23C-TR M38048FB-FP 28C256TRT2DS15 269-B-210-F1480-C TX2SL-L2-12V-Z CD4001BPWR TC20-11GWA WMF128K8-120FFC5 MAX537BEPE ALP121AXX AM29LV400B80EC MAZ7130 1N5223 P6KE130CA PDU13F-3B2 LF155H/883 7429FCT2053ATD M38507EE-XXXSS MX27L2000PC-12 S3C9004 M38224MADXXXGP XC2S150-6PQ208C STK16C88-S25I PT2128A-L84 MP02HBN130-20 SNJ54HC374FK SMCG6058 TEN10-4813 X25F087VI SN54HCT138J LTE21009R 5962-9655801VXX L7924ACV TLC7705IPWR TXD2SS-2M-1.5V-Z IN74LS245N DS275E-N STU6027 DS-309SMA SJ877 MC74F569DW EPM7192SQI160-10 FQB6N80 MCM6226BBXJ20R2 MI-RC2VLX-XXXX RH5VT19AA-T1 DM7400M SC68C562C1N C-4880G IS61LV3216-12T AMP03BJ/883C MP1230A M38047F3-XXXHP ESM4045DV MRF140 BL-C4336M IDT74FCT273TPB GNR32D911K VI-PJ3YX-XXX V53C16258HT25 SD300R08PC GDC21D401B 1N5403 S93463SB REC3-5715SRWZ KBPC1500PW WS512K32F-100G2MEA ACM1604B-NEBH-T XC5210-3PQ240C STB4NC60-1 IDT74FCT2645ATDB B250FD 2SJ325-Z-E1(JM) ACT-F512K32N-150P7Q M29DW324DB REC5-6705DRWZ HUP80-36-3S IDT7204S120DB AD7468BRT M38502E6H-SP G90NilAS-DC15-Nil2 RV5VG101D-E2 GL3PR41 MC10H106P M34513M4-XXXSP SPX2732T

24 October 2020 (New datasheets):

2N5961 IDT79R3051E40MJ SN74BCT374DBR G902CS-AC110-NilNil RT-1215 TQ2-2M-9V MC14585BDR2 1N987C IDT74FCT2543TPYB GP102CG-AC12-B JANTXV4N48 MIM-0KM4DKL IDT54FCT374DTPB 3.0SMCJ36C AM29LV400BT90FEB IDT54FCT162823ETEB IDT72V811L15TFI SN74LS86AD AM29F002NT-90PIB APL5502-24DC-TR MV5025A WA202X TLC27L2MJG TMS27PC512-10FME UFT10060 SNJ54S135W M52340SP PI74FCT845TP AM28F256-150EC A29040V-70 MAX497CPE SA160C TXD2000MJAFLLNH OPB473N55 SN74ABT374ADW AZ23C20 AGM2412B-MCBTD-T V54C3256164VBLC8 AS3588AP M52749FP DB153S LS22AA-2D/FG-T 1N6123 GC70SN5012022RD IL255 UL300-46 SN74ABT841ADWR VI-J2FEX LND822 RT9261-20CX 27LV256-20/VS P4SMAJ85CA JTA1524S15 M38223MC-XXXFS AS29LV400T-90TC CAT25C128SA-1.8TE13 TMS25224C SS32 LST2825-S4-T-DN SC80C51BCCN40 P4KE33 P6SMBJ85A MAZ3330 BZW06-5V8B PT4201A ACM1602A-REYB-T CAT65LC40SI-TE13 ACM2402B-REYW-T 5KP6.5CA M38226M9HXXXFS ADM693AN ER801F DS4802U IDT6116SA70TDB MX7575KEWN CAT65LC20JA-TE13 URAM2CS2 PEB2245 ISPLSI2064VE-200LT100 AM29F002T-70EIB BDW73D URAM2MN1 SB1R5-24-24S PDM4M4110S25Z P6KE6.8A S-81337HG-KE-T1 TZM5258B 1S50 EDI88512LPA25F36C 1N3618 MAZ8047 MDE-20D390K P4KE8.2 FAR-C4SB-06000-K02-T REC8-6709SRWL VI-LUW-XX WE256K8-200CCA XCS40XL-4BG256C ADS-118MM PT2127A-B52 BLF245 1N973B RD8.2ES-T1 SST89E554RC-25-I-TQJ PLC03-6 PBM25US05 M38509E3-XXXSS XC4036XL-08BG352C

23 October 2020 (New datasheets):

AM28F020-120JCB VI-RJ3MXX-XXXX 70U120YPD TD62084AP CAT93C5612JI-45TE13 NM25C640M8 NTE2404 RN5VS21CC MT4133-HR SFR206 MOB49TAS-3 AS432AR5VS7 NS32FX164V-25 HAT1025R(D) PST573J SMLG78 LM2677T-3.3 G902AO-DC110-Nil2 L934SRD5V STB50NE10 SED1521FAA IDT7205L80LB LOC112 REC15-4412SRWBZ PIC16LF627A-E/SOxxx MUAD16K136-66B272C G71S2C-DC12 EN27LV020B200JI CY7C4425-15ACT 2SB562 BBF2812SE 67023-102C RKBPC808 EI8LC05C M38207M6-XXXFS P6KE100A-TB M38227E1DGP SC62446 SXI30-0533T MAX6317HUK27BW-T MBRM760 AT49HLV010-55TC KBU401G FDC20-48S12 PF507N MAX6318MHUK28CZ-T SB830 MAX352MJE MAX6320PUK33AY-T 5962H0150202QYC LND4815 TK1-L2-5V HM6216255HTTI-12 R5984 GP102CG-DC12-L 74ALS158D SMCJ15 AZ970E-1B-12D P4KE20C MAX4074AOEUK-T SN74ACT3651-15PQ M57706 CA25-12YWA BAT62-03W IDT542257DTD IS61SPD25632D-5TQI ICS548G-05 SNJ54AHCT125W MAX551AEPA K4E170812D-B C30619E-TC IDT7134SA55L48B MC10H145P TM400HA-24 IDT74FCT2245ATQB MAZY091 M38063E3-XXXFP MAX4521ESE PBYR740X 100364QI RN5VL35CA-TR MMBT6428LT1 AM27C512-120DEB WME128K8-140CC S524C80D81 SBG1035CT FS6233-01 IDT72421L50PF 74LCX241CW APL5506-B17KI-TR IS61NF51218-10B BZX55C6V2 24IXP3-12-7 PT2272-L6-S18 XC2V8000-5FF1517C PIC16CR72-04E/SO M38869M8A-XXXHP MAX505BEAG TG-135 AM29F160BB-120WCEB N80L52-20 TQ2SA-L-3V-Z GROK MT5C1005ECW-35L/IT IDT7142LA20CB LC9.0A SBL1640

22 October 2020 (New datasheets):

IDT74FCT245DTDB SC2128C-D40S 5962R9655901VEC HCTS244MS 302U160YPD BA56-12HWA MMBT3906T 2SK1457 SXI30-03S BZY97 - C56 LT1121-3.3 SN75110ADR ZRC500F01 MH32S72APHB-8 DS9502P/T&R MAX156BC/D HIN213 BZX55 - C5V1 QL2009-2PB256I TS68230 MAX6317HUK33DX-T ADDAC87D-CBI-V LS21BB-1PGT MA2B171 MUN2212T1 WU304 ZSM330C R1200 48H1901-2R P0080SD GS88218B-100I MC14499P LST3921-SC ACM1601D-RLYH-T APR3003-26DI-TR MC-4R96CEE6B-653 M38027M6-XXXFS STP53N08 PT2129A-S43S IFC200-32B LF33CPT AIC1570-CS NNCD11E UPC1094G-T1 STA308 TMS320C53PQ40 MXL1076ET MC100E107FN MT62901JZ2 SD200N16MSV MSM5416273-70GS-K AM29LV010BB-55JIB M4A3-384/192-65FAC MUN5214DW1T1 MM1104CF 2020-4016-20 IXFN27N80 AM2520E /4ID LTC1149CS-5 SST39LF800A-55-4E-EK CAT93C5614SA-28TE13 SK1904 CY74FCT163646CPVC 1N4685 ISTS972T M38036MF-XXXSP 1N4624D AS2431AR4S7 2SK2253-01M RH5RI402B-T2 TM1.8.471K V53C16125HK50 ST303C10HK1L M4LV-64/32-12VC AGM1232D-REGTW-T 1.5KE7.5CA D4015L RD4.3EB3 LM2577N-12 SMV20436-10 DCR1002SF14 ZXMN10A08E6TC MAX162ACNG VI-RUYBX-XXXX IDT79R3051E25MJ CAT93C5711PA-45TE13 ADM809-5CHIPS 1N5400 BA12ST M38868FCAFS X28HC64EMB-12 NM27C256V200 M27C512-45XF1 MF619A M38B52E7-XXXFP SD820CS-T3 X24C02S8I-3 SC26C460A68 CEB7060R WS512K32NV-120G2TMA LM2904VN 74ACTQ573SCX 1.5KE62 1.5SMCJ48A SMLJ130 CPC7582BB-TR GC102SN7011022FS M38223M1HXXXFS

21 October 2020 (New datasheets):

PCF8591P SLA5017 SMAJ170CA S-80748AN-JC-T1 RH5RH421A-T1 SN54LS173AJ MAX875AMJA R5020818FSWA 1N4370A FX50KMJ-03 74FCT162952ATPACT 303U120P2 IS61NLP51218-133B SMLJ5.0C LT1677 P4638 SMS3929-021 PI5C3400Q LH540204D-50 DLO32F-35M MAX197ACWI SST29LE020-120-4C-EN GBPC1510 NTE264 IDT54FCT574ATPY SMBJ20CA-TR ACM1602L-NLGW-T M27256-4F6 SD600N25PSC SF32-TB 2SC2134 RD4.7ES BAS20 BC850C SST6838 RH5VL49CC AD9432 AME8500AEETAA46 MJE15031 M38203E9DXXXHP M38040F4-XXXSP RP05-4812DAW PEEL18LV8ZP-15 ST16C2550IJ44 W27C4096T-12 LP2951ACN-3.3 V320MTC HLMP-6405 PR1400R PJA2C07 WE128K32N-200G4I R3111N601A-TR BY614 DMC24227N EL7564CRE NM25C041VM8 LT106 GS74108AX-8 XC2V1000-4FG456I GC70SN9514015RD IDT74FCT162823ETPFB 15KP240 LMV431ACZ MAC223-6 SSP7N60B P4KE12CA 5962H9652201VCX HKA291C MAX786RCAI SMCJ100 IDT71V35761S183BG M38044M1-XXXHP CAT93C6612UI-45TE13 GLT6200L16LLI-55TC PIC16CE625T-04I/P AN7712SP GLT44016-25TC P4KE30CA HS83C SMCJ130A-TR M5M29GT160BWG 24LC04B/P BS-AE13RD-A FS2J IDT54FCT573ATQB WS512K32F-100HIE N74F2240N P4SMAJ100C-T3 MAX843C/D M38251M4DXXXFS PSB25/16 ACM4002E-RLGH-T M38C23M2-XXXFP M38222M4HXXXGP IW4070BD M38B78F6H-FP STUB5B1 APL3015EC GC79SNCC20RS TWL1103PBS TS104R DF08M PIC17C766-25I/L 5962D9960601QUC QCA150BA60 R1223N392G-TR SA90

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