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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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17 August 2022 (New datasheets):

D2587P8915 FAR-C3CB-11059-J21-R R3130N46EC-TR ISD33180ED NTE5989 SMAJ51A MC74HC595AFL2 LOK382-QT HBZX55C15 FAR-C1SB-11059-G01-T M38063E6-XXXGP MWI25-12A7 GS175T48-5 SMB30A SPX1581U-3.3 FB2504L BYC5-600 TR2007SF37 SD8100S-T3 PIC16F876T-20I/PT DSSK50-0025B MI21MV NX25M640C-3T TLC549MP SST29LE020-200-4I-NH FQB1N60 DKX2-9K FJNS3213R WF4M32-150G2TC5A LM320H-12 ZC931TA IS24C02-3P STP11NM80 PT2128A-M22S RSD-3.315 CA16A2CAA ADS7807UB MC10E193FNR2 SD1553C18S30K U20C05C OM7501SM XP132A01A0SR AS2431DR25DT XC4013XL-08HT144C USB100N24 PT2128A-B91 UC3872QTR MI-J7JIZ X9313TSI 5KP13 ES2D NDL0515S R1110N331ATL 2SC1047 FDC60-12S05 1N5402 MAX20-100.0C HV857MG CD54HC688F3A RSBL-9S PDU108H-3 MG63PB14 G65SC150EI-2 LTC1177CN-12 R1122N361A-TL TSOP1156TB1 TC55RP4002ECB MI-RJ5MXX-XXXX TK71750SCL CXA1917AM MC74HC4851AD KRA314 R1210N582C-TR K4EB-28V-1 LUCL9312AP SPX2931AU-3.0 AD7804BR MC10H179FN K6T0808C1D-DB55 IDT7202LA80TPB ABR1500 X25650V20-2,5 LET9045S GC79BNBA10RS NJM2103L SE135N GS4881-IKA 2211-300D MK45H12N50 LS5380-G AGM3224E-MC-BTD-T W25P243AD-4A BUZ3L G3D MI-QC23T-XXX OPA353NA/3K SMD1108F BT136X-500 SM5872AS 10EZ91 SST39LF512-55-4I-WK IS61LPD51218D-150B FRL230D BAT74 1N4759A MX27C2048QC-90 MAX236CNG

16 August 2022 (New datasheets):

VSC8150QQ S4380 GH3-P012FNil2 MSM6996VAS 15KP160 UT69R00016WCC PT6624Q M38257E4-FS MC100EL91 CAT93C5732UA-30TE13 UPC78L07J-T JM38510/75603SS MAX8864TEUK-T M38223EBHFS FM4937 NFV10D182K ZRT040B2 SF20FG M5M5V408BRT-10HI TLV1543CFNR M38257E9DFS HUF75329D3 3EZ39D2 WPS512K8LT-15RJM OPB461L11 MAX329EJE 1N4627 P4KA24 MM1111XF RH5RL45AC 74ACT241SC IS61LV3216-15TI MT5C1001DCJ-40L/IT LM337T2 UPD17149GT(A)-XXX-T1 MX828DS ICS9179M-12 5962-8680601V2A WS512K32F-100H2ME LM2640MTCX-ADJ M38061EA-XXXGP AGM2412C-RLGBH-T SMCJ24 RS1MB VI-PUPM-XXX MAX770CPA TMS4257-12FME ADC08238BIJ 74HCT5555N 24LC04BT-/P M38257M1MXXXFS EL5191CS-T7 AM29F002B-90PI JM38510/34106B2 SML72420C MAX792RMJE MC74ACT163D CS4391-KZ MC74HC157AN S4035J XC5206-6PG191I FU-68PDF-V520M144B AM28F512A-150JE APL5152-34BI-TR UG2D HA178L12 KBPC5004 SA5230N BS62LV2000SI TSMBJ1018C 2SA2012 MAX6317HUK26CY-T LC321664BJ-80 M38064M1DXXXGP R3111E341A-TZ S-80724AL-AM-T1 MSM54V25632A-10AGBK4 GC79BRAA20RD RHRG1560CC TSC80C51CXXX-40CD 7429FCT520CTQB IDT74FCT162H244TPV AD558SD DS2Y-SL2-DC5V UT62V5128LS-70LLE 5962H3829437SXA REC5-3805SRWZ BD647 STR30130 SN74AHC374DWR LMV821M5X SMLJ110A REC3-3505DRW AM29F002T-70PE MB84VD2219XEE-90-PBS MV5352 2SD1277 BZX85/C24 GOG94008C SL5235 CY74FCT138CTQCT IDT74FCT139CTLB AGM1264E-FNYBD-T AGM1264F-FLFD-T 27C256-17FA FSH04A04 WS512K32L-20G1TCA M38256M8MXXXFP

15 August 2022 (New datasheets):

BAV16W-T3 B4251CK-4.6 EL5397CS-T13 TLP270G PFW5001 ARJ2212 VTL13D3-20 REC15-5505SRWBZ 3KP15 APL1086-285FC-TU M38076EC-XXXFS TPSMB36 AD7564 AME8500CEFTCE24 MI-273IV M38C22F9-HP PSB63/12 L1633SURC SP8715IG P6KE18A LT1011AIS8 M38224M8DXXXGP 2N6427RLRA ACM1604D-NLYH-T 53012 RN5VT57AA-TL SL74LS138N AM29LV104BT-70EC SG7812AIG/DESC UT62L25716BS-55L G901BS-DC9-NilNil XC6204A24AMR MAX5152ACEE MF-2500DS-R13-160 OM5284EP FK7UM-12 EDI88512CA35NI HCNR200#500 Z86C9616VEC RL202G TIP114 PRN110161000J ILC5062AIC27 PDU10256H-8C5 MC14043BFEL LF30CV TSC80C51CXXX-40ME/883 OPA632N/3K IDT74FCT2646ATPG 74VHCT04ASJ TN2-L2-H-4.5V BF1202 NC7S00M5 C7860/M7628-1070 M38257EEMFP BZW04P48B M5-256/68-12YI Z8623312VEC IDT54827BP M38502FFH-XXXSS MMBZ5229BW WPS512K8LB-55WI AT27C256R-12JC SPX5205M5-4.5 ACM4004D-FEBH-T P4KE6.8 AZ695-18G CL-280UR L515 IRF9Z24NS XCV150-6FG256C PBYR1045CTD M5M5W816WG-10LI AGM1232D-RLBTW-T M38223E1HFS NTE2011 PACS1284-04Q P6KE250A PM75RSA060 IDT54FCT162374ETEB MAX806RESA BL-HJF35A CY74FCT16244TPVC FS5KM-14A ISPLSI5512VA-100LB388 REC10-3724SRWL AM29DL800BT120WBIB MM1592F PM150RSD120 SL5240 M30622E4V-GP SSM2250 MAQ17502LS GL390 SC1441 UC2823AJ P4KE220C TC4429COA TC54VC3301EMB P4KE62 BAT14-014 MSB1218A-RT1 MC74ACT373DW LC651152N BZW06-102 IP137AIG-883B AGM1264F-MLBD-T

14 August 2022 (New datasheets):

M38203E2DXXXFP S-81233SG-QF-T2 U631H64DK45 LFE15600X S-1463AF SB20100CT AME8500AEETAD29 G83CSC-DC48-K OR3T80-5BC432I 30KPA64A FM93CS46TLVM8 SST30VR041-150-E-UN-R GS8162Z36B-166I TZX6V8B MT2233-G MX93032-M1 M5LV-320/184-15HI 74VHC86MTCX IDT74FCT573TPY SMB12C 2N2222 GM71C17400CT-7 CP3508 DM74ALS5245SJX KF470BS M30220MA-XXXRP SMBJ36C 23S4R7 TK11148MIL TDA3676AT FBI1.5L5S2 XCV400E-6FG676I MSC23D1721C-80BS20 FR105 KIA7019AF ZPSD313-B-15J WE128K32N-200G4IA HI20203 WF4M16-90DTM5 M38075M6-XXXFP HSN-1000F AZ832-2C-12DE M38B59E1-XXXFS MX29F001TTC-55 SNJ54ALS158J WS128K32L-25G1UQA 1.5SMCJ58A ST20-SWC-SUN 74ACQ543SC CAT93C4634KI-25TE13 S-80834ALNP-EAY-T2 IDT7024L17PF AL4CS251A-7.5-J HM6116LP-4 BY9208 74ABT821DB BQ4011YMA-100 GC89SRAC27RS LYM779-CF GS882Z36AD-166 SF53 AM29F160BB-90SE AGM3224H-NC-FTW-T GC70SN5011020RD MI-J7YIA XR72-6.8T 1N5234 E05-34T KM681000BLGE-10 PC2402-F SAA46C WMS128K8L-20DJMA AME8812DEEV AMSREF-02HP H7812BE 2SC4536 OPB800L51 MAX263ACWI SN74LVTH162373DL UPC1944GR-E2 IDT74FCT162373CTE PCF8582C-2T/03 TPA032D02EVM RQS-1509/0.25 U20C10A UPD753206GT-XXX-E2 FR307 1.5KE36CA P6KE33A ZMM27 CA75 1N5240B ST3384EBD LTI210TD BP103 SA612AD SST500 SMCJ5352 CXB1596AR G70HS2A-DC3 74VHC112SJ X28HC256J-15 VI-25DIX TE304R H11B2 M38062MFDXXXFS 74ACT573SCX

13 August 2022 (New datasheets):

SM36 CLC409AMC M30240F7-XXXFP BS62LV1023TC EN29F002B-55P X25320S-2,7 HSA2800 MO134A RN5VD10CA-TL 5962H9658701VXX STPS2045CT ALZ12B48 1N4749A S3EB-12V 2SC1047 UPD7566AG-XXX XC40150XV-09PG559I C1342 VP2206N3 MAX767C/D PI74ALVTC16374A PDU54-400C4 TLV320AIC23PW K2EB-110V-1 SJA879 APL5509R-33DC-TR S102T01 MAX4274BEESA MAN8610 G902BS-DC48-1Nil SST29VE512-150-4C-WH MDE-14D301K 3EZ36D10 U62H256SK55 AS4LC2M8S1-10TC MMXZ5242B 74LVX138MX OPA2228UA MMBZ5262BLT1 AME8530AEEVGFX29 ADSP-2184NKST-320 PDM31256SA10SOATY E03-33P3 1SMA4757 MAX1294AEEI APL5151-49BI-TR 1.5KE120A 1N5640 ST75C176CN PST3323 M27C512-10XC3TR KSC815 M38C24MFDXXXFP CDLL3821 VI-261-CU-BM 74LCX841MTC HD74HCT243 1N648UR-1 XCV300-6BG352C NTE7074 AM29F100B-150FC IDT74FCT2240ATSO IRF9530 IDT72230L25TP L934SA/3SRD 1.5SMCJ17A SM5831F MC14043BDR2 M38500M5H-XXXSP SR1020 2SC1653-T1B HA12170NT M38194ED-XXXFS 1N4773A B125-C1500R M38041MC-XXXFP QPP-007 SMV1248-001 74HC688U GA1F4Z-T1 S-29355ADP UL634H256BTK45 BUK555-200A QL3040-4PQ208M CD40175BF3A HFM102 IDT54FCT2574DTPB uPD43256BGU-85L IDT70V05L35PF MMSZ5228 OPA642NB/3K MC34063AML2 TLWR7900 SD150N20PSC TLOE1008A WS512K8-45CMA P6KE170 AM29LV010BT-45RJCB BGY785AD APM3007NGC-TU RBV1008 S93663PA SD103N16S20MSV MC33164P-5 M38C24FD-HP MSM5118160D-60JS M27C512-60N1 MI33T

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