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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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4 April 2020 (New datasheets):

1.5KE30CA LV2301 UPC78M24AHF M38865F8A-XXXHP BAS40-05W BZV58C200 BDX65C L7820ABV SG1525AJ/DESC BA892 HS-1212RH BZV55-C3V9 ADM810SART-REEL ISPLSI3256-50LG HEC4528BDB CAT24WC02UI-1.8TE13 2SC5238 MA2Z392 JM38510/12908BPA IDT74FCT2373CTSOB CY7C4841-15AC SG1532L TK71646SCL SL20T0081 M37641F8-HP N74F574D TE4933 5KP5.0CA ACM1602K-NLGH-T 273.010 IDT7015L12G 1.5FMCJ300 KD1084D2M50R VI-B64-MU-BM ADSP-2183KST-133 HD74LS10 1N3293A 1.5KE8.2C BA-12D3UD-A 1N5402G SR504 SM4006 IDT74FCT2574CTEB XCV600E-8FG676C AT59C13W-10SI-2.7 TL780-05CKTE SM1201 JM38510/75601SR MST4111C ZY24 VI-JWJEX PIC16F627-20I/P 28LV256JI-6 A80960KA-25 S20410 5962R9659701VCA DM74ALS27N SPX4040A2M-5.0 HUP24-13 XCV300E-8BG352C CXD2314R PDTC124EE BDX53C PWR5917 ATTL7581BC M38060MC-XXXFP MI-RC2XKX-XXXX RGP10K P4KE18A TS68020MR1B/C20 BZV55-B3V3 3EZ170D5 A1751A30FFFC08 APL5507-A13XI-TR FS10VS-12 UCC2583Q P4KE10A M38203M4-XXXFS 272.002 UCC3813D-3 AT49F1025-90JI VN770 5962H9656601VEX ZMY6.8 DSF20060SF60 SB1504 PDM31532LA12SOA P4KE16C PIC16LC924-08/L M38041M2-XXXFP ACM1604D-NLTH-T LM306DR 74F241SJX ST230S08M1L PIC16C62XAT-20E/P 2SJ501 TE28F001BN-T150 5962H9658601VEC CL-270FG-C RSZ-2703P UF1505 5962-9221703M2A G902CS-DC24-1Nil MB89W689CF KTC2020D TMS320C50PQA DCR1595SW39

3 April 2020 (New datasheets):

AZ100EP16TR2 CS5253-1GDP5 HCNW4504#300 S4261PA AS432AR25DBV7 XC40110XV-09BG560C TC7126RIPL TC4423COE UT22VP10T-15WCA SA2420DH AGM1264F-MLFW-T SMZJ3802A SS33 SN74LS368AD P6KE120C EDI88130LPS20CB VP3203N3 IDT6168LA15P AM29F040-120FEB MSL-174HG LX8587-33CDD 5962-9659401QXA ASI2223-12 SMCJ26CA 1.5SMCJ60C AS2431DR25VSG MC33464N-45CTR TLC2264CD MG115P22 17823 L-H512008B OPA640UB/2K5 1PS76SB10 SB1650 BZX84C27W X9315ZM 93LC66BT-I/SN UPD75P336GK-BE9 TDA8714M/4 269-C-130-M-14xx-C BTA216X-600F LH543621M-25 M38B57MB-XXXFS 1.5SMC16 5962-9654101VEA BC558BZL1 ILD5 BFN23 SPX1085U-3.3 TC1188SECTTR BZW04P10B 1N5401G MC68HC711K4MFN2 VI-JTREX SP9600KN 5KP5.0CA BZD23-C43 APT2X31D100J LS22BB-2R/G 5KP40 TSH72CPT WE512K16-150G4C BU2525DX M38255M4MXXXFS M52347FP 5KP11C BL-R113W 1N6382 TC43EPR BB439 X2N5114 RN5VS51AC SC36-11GWA LM723CN MMBD2835 SR34-T3 2N6050 HIN206ACP TP3465N P6KE120-TB Am29SL800CB100WBCB GL1EG135 SMCJ7.0CA M38039FF-XXXFP CA3098 1N6130 M38222E2DFS TC626090VAB Z85C3016PSC 1.5KE440CA M38506M6-XXXSP XC6204A282MR 33HC P4KE22 MAX6321HPUK42BY-T M38251M3MXXXFS AT89C1051U-24PI LP621024DX-55LLT S-80733AN-DX-T2 BZX55C3V0 AQY274AZ XR73-5.6S IS61SF25632D-10TQI APR3103-17BI-TR MCD26-08IO8 REC10-3015SRWL MI-260IV 28C256ASI-4

2 April 2020 (New datasheets):

IS61C1024-15H RH5RL59AC CXA1851N KM681000BLTE-7 FEC30-24S3P3 5962R9659501QRC LNP175041 M38C84EC-FP LP62S2048V-10LI RT9261-18CB 25LC040T-/P DS1238S-10 AS8S512K32P-17L/IT T9G0061003DH AS432A1LP13 AM29LV002B-90REI IS61SP6464-7PQ CS19-08HO1S AM29LV008BB-120EEB M38221M4HXXXGP EM73PA88ABQ M38078EB-XXXFP MK2732-06GI PIC16LF877-04/SP TOL50-05 SRR4 IDT54FCT162652TPA HVD132 M38195E4-XXXFS MC68A09CS SA54L13 3EZ27 P4KE10 LX8383A-00CP AP1117T41A SMB22CA A3968SA MAX20-110.0CA RGF20D RT9161A-25CG OPR5929 AM29F002T-90PIB PST3346 TC55RP5502EMB RM30TB-H AT6002-4QI IS61NF25618-10TQI FAR-F5CE-820M00-K204-W LS16C2T TPS60203DGSR BZX97/C3V9 OPB491P51 TC54VC2701EMB ST10R172LT1 BFT92W 48H2540-2 74VHCT157A VI-J2REX IDT74FCT138ADB SN74LVC138ADBR 1N5951B MAX1113EEE PIC17C42A-25I/P A61L6316S-12 MI-PC240-XXX SPX2951ACS-3.0 FKC08-12D05 IDT74FCT543DTEB P6KE33C ANCC-156A SB580 74ALVCH162374TTR 1PMT4104 MAX6376XR26-T ELDC-16 LM117K-BSS2 MAZX330 TSC80C51XXX-12ME/883 1N4909 MC14543BDR2 TC74HC4520AP IDT7015S17G LLDB3 M38042F6-XXXFP SEL4928A RT9541KCE MS1077 SCC1447 SN74HC240N3 DDTA144VE 1.5KE20 PI74LPT16952A US1K SFH310-2 MC74HCT373ADT ML65F16244CR CLV1350E 25C640-I/SN TDA8362/N5 VI-214MX IDT72V851L15TF 74LVTH16501MEA RL204 MSC23S2640E-8BS8 IRHNA7260 2SB1115A-T1 X25080P

1 April 2020 (New datasheets):

UP0653S-03 UT22VP10E-15WPX VI-PUX3-XXX TL7702BMJG 27C1512TRPDI GS84032T-166I CGA-3318 MAZ4062 LP3985IBPX-2.6 SL74HC4052D LM4041CIM3-ADJ JM38510R76207BF CY7C462A-10JC M30218MC-AXXXFP P4KE43A VN220 MC34071JOR2 ACM1604C-NLBH-T MB89997PF SL32-T1 AD7501KN 28C011TRT1FE15 STP30NE03LFP GL9EH2 CS61881-IQ LTC1514-3.3 SR23-T1 NM24C05N TX2SS-1.5V-Z R3130N46EA-TR ISR2800DKDRH AD7450AR AGM1232G-FLFD-T DS90CR287MTD CD4066BMS STPR810DB FHF1 BC817-40LT1 RN5RF19AC CD4781 1A436 SST39LF200A-55-4C-B3K UF200 PDSP16330IG NNCD10A WF128K32N-70H1M5A TX2SL-12V RB159S M38507E1H-SS 1N5916C IDT72511L25J SMBJ170C P4SMAJ64CA-T1 PMKC03-12DS05 GC70BN9515010FS L5971D IXFN73N30 M38222M7-XXXFP AGM1212B-FEYBH-T MAX6306UK44D2-T MAX3243EEWI M306V0ME-XXXFS PE3236-22 5962H9658201QXC IDT6167SA20D LS833 EP2F-B3G3ST DG201BDY ADM811TART-REEL SB80C188EC13 IDT79RV308120PFB MAX517BCPA LS11K1 DE1a1b-L2-6V MPX5010GVS KS24C020IS PIC16C72-02E/SO BR61 WPN30R48S05 BZX84-B75 RT9161/A-29CX VI-NC6M-XX S2010FS21 NJM2521L XC4028XLA-09HQ208I SN74ACT7813-15DLR SN74LVC574APWLE G53AS-DC12 MBI5001CN MT48LC16M8A2TG-7EL PIC16CE623-04I/SS V29C31004T-90J P6KE120C MLL4742A-1 2SK2723 PS2505-1 AN87C196CB AD8320ARP NM24C04LEM KTC9012 MAX820SEPE M5LV-128/120-10YI SN74ALVCH162525DL REC8-2815SRWL 2SC5244 SA150 1N6275A KS9246

30 Marth 2020 (New datasheets):

SN75LBC241DW ST75C530 BYV34-500 TSM1205S EA7.5-12 R1210N291C-TL 74LCX244MTCX 74VHC08M M38199E5-XXXFP MC79L15ABP DTB143TK R1122N191B-TR LM2590HV3.3MDC BC636 93LCS56-/SN P6KE36 MB89P147V1PF SST29EE512-90-4C-NN CD74HCT259E M38862MFA-XXXHP G690L463T23 MC1451A 1N5338B PIC16F876T-10E/L 2N5686 1SS294 BPY62 A-1801E EPM7192EQC160-12P FR157 CD4127 M38506EC-XXXSP BGY685AL P4C187-15DMB NR-SD-42V XC4028XL-09BG352C M38004E8-XXXFP BL-HJD34A MAX465EWG R1210N271D-TL LM4876M MC74F568N TP83C51FC-33 ICS90C65V 78L09M B-1D2DE SMJ1000-10A-PCB S20LC20U GP101C-DC125-L LNG429YFX CD5523B BCP29 UCC2895PW EL4452CN MAX709SEUA MCC56-12IO1 S1P2655A01-S0B0 REC15-1312DRWBZ M38C37M5MXXXFP GC102BR9515012FS 27C256-15E/TS HC4E-PL-DC110V HPR108 74LVX163SJ FQA10N80 DS90CR285MTDX HLD15ZEB 74LVX157MTCX MBM29SL160TD-12PFTN MX27L2000T3I-12 TLC5510AINSR VI-PUNZ-XXX TEA1103 AM27PS191APCB XC4044XL-2HQ240I FSPS230R LH5164AHN-10L SA11A REF02EP 15KP54A DE1a1b-L2-12V AGM2412B-MCGBW-T UF101 BTS133 IDT54823BTQ QL4090-4PB456C PCA8515T/009 LD3301 300UFR160AYPD ST62P52CB6 DKX2-48S M38039F4-SP ADR293GR-REEL7 TP80C52 BSFC77GV6 BYV52PI-200 SW-456 P6KE350A BV-A305RD SFS9614 M95128-VMW1 HD63B21P R09P05D APA3544JI-TU GL3KG62 PC123B PDU108H-20C3

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