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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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12 July 2020 (New datasheets):

LM4895MMX M38C81E6-FP MB354W TN80L188EB13 ACM2004C-REYH-T 24IMR15-12-2 5962F9475405VLC SG3524D AT49F001N-90PC MCM6229BBEJ35 5962F8957701VYC G41802C-DC12-P 1SMB3EZ36 SDS60US24B CAT93C6611PA-25TE13 JM38510/33003B2A GP1U261X UCC3946PWTR NM24W04M8 CAT25C162U14-25TE13 HI-8482UT M38077MA-XXXFS ST92163N4B1E GS820E32AT-150I UT9Q512-20IWA R1112N37B-TL S524C20D20 TSOP1533TB1 IDT7026L35GB FAR-G5CN-942M50-D296-V BZX384-C5V6 BZG05C5V6 CL-270R-C-TS 1N4006G LM324ADBR CAT28F102NA-70T LS6J3M-4R/Y-T REC5-2115DRW BZG03C56 SN74HC4066D LM323AK-15 DSF21035SV32 MCM44D64BSG15 IRFS17N20D P6KE400-T3 UPD75402ACT-XXX XR72-30S CY7C43666-10AC TDA7345D UC3834QTR CD54HC4060F3A TPS77625PWPR P4C1256-15PI MAX4665EPE REC8-3815SRWL BC807-25 G1747 NTH1215M AT27C512R-55TC AQW225NAZ 1SMB2EZ14 47LR60 GC118SN7013030RD FU-68PDF-V510M87B RH5RH353B-T1 SPD28N05L 1SMB3EZ27 TOP249R LM2575T-3.3-H RE5RL30AA-RR ES1J-T3 JM38510/37006BCA APL1087-25UC-TU M5-512/184-15HC CD74FCT244SM LTC1479 MG74PB06 SAA5561PS SBL1030CT SN74ABT16600DL UT6264BSC-70 CY74FCT138TQCT TP13067BN CAT25C081P-28TE13 SN74LS85D BZX97/C11 G70HS0B-DC12 RN5VT53AA-TR HSC1959 P6KE200C M38251MFMXXXFP IDT54FCT374CTLB CSHDD8-60 MAX6318LHUK46AW-T IDT6116LA20SO LT1077CN8 TBC12-12EGWA PR1003L WS512K32N-25G1TIA K561 P80C32UBPN ACM1602B-RLTH-T PA15 L8933-42 V300LA20A DM54LS174W/883 LMC7211AIM5X

11 July 2020 (New datasheets):

AT49LV002T-90PC M38508M3H-XXXSS P4KE110 MSD4910C M38038F6-XXXFP LM2901VD AD7840JP M5M51008CKV-70XI MMBT2907A MF28F008 307URA120 E10-46 LM239AN SS23A P6KE170C SA18C US2G M38038F4-SP MSK5275-3.3 TL072CD DAC7734E HT23C010 MPC993FA MC74HC175AN OPA2337EA/250 MC74HC4053ADW CAT93C6634UI-42TE13 74HC7731D LD1117DT33C PN6CU-243R3E FT0407DH VI-25TMX M38C28F1-FP 2N3904-T18 IRF9240 1N4153 HA17902 28C64API-2 TK71618SCL M38064EEDXXXFP SN74LS242D SN65LVDS32ADR 1N5398G EL4451CN FYV0704S GL5ZV302BOS SMA75A WS512K32N-45H1Q 28C010TRT4DE12 ST90E30L6 HD02 SN74LVC244APWR CY74FCT163373CPVCT CAT28F102NI-70T TX10005FASLPLDH MC74HC257N I74F38N MU9C5480A-12DC SD303C04S20C SMH4803AELP TXL100-05S M35500AFP KM48C2000BK-7 TDSO5150 T15N1024A-100CI GS880F18AT-6 TPS76725QPWP 5962H9651501VCC SN74S174J BZX55A12 SMA39A G72SC-DC9S XMT5170B-155-ST AMP03BJ BDW93A MXP6505 ADE-1503PLM FAR-C4CN-04194-K20-R 1A6G IMD10A IDT54FCT646CTD IDT74FCT2543CTDB SCC68070ACB QM200DY-HK ADM8695AN AS432A1DA GP101B-AC220-B SN54LS165J XC6201P562PR M38032FA-SP AT27BV010-90JC BS107 P6KE120A-TB SN75ALS181NSR P6KE47A 76602/3 TC54VN1201ECBTR 2SK1468 S1J PIC16LF83-04I/P SM20M15C K9F1208U0A-FCB0 ATV750B-10SI LTC1148-5 M38504ED-XXXFP AGM1232E-FEGW-T CD4775 VI-PUYL-XXX

10 July 2020 (New datasheets):

TDA1556Q 93LC56-I/P VI-PUXK-XXX MTU8B57EM 2SC4626 MA2Z360J AR50A MPSW01A MC34C87P TSB87C196KC20 UC2845D8TR BY550-50 P83CL410HFH EPM7064LI68-15 IXKC40N60C GP102CG-AC110-B MI-RC64PX-XXXX M38041M9-XXXFP PIC16LF873T-10/SO MAX312EUE R1122N331A-TR BZX2C9V1 VI-233-CU-BM M27C256B-60XF6 MK2716STR 1N4907A ST62P60BM1 CY7C1021-15VC NJM2403D P4KE27A-TB IS61S6432-166TQ M27C4001-15XL6X REC3-3405SRW MSM51V4400SL-80SJ SST39LF080-55-4C-EI P6KE43CA-TB MLL1.4KESD70 HM6264P-12 TMS320LC51PQA50 15KP48 DDU18-24 CS5361-BZ UT22VP10T-25WPC SSD1815EVK 1N5268 G17WNilA-DC24 ACM2002R-NLGD-T APL5501-29U5C-TR M48Z12 CMR1-04 74ABTH16841ADL MCM69P536CTQ4R TEN8-1212 LM2940IMP-15 ADS-941MC PIC16C556AT-04/SO HI-8382UT FK2320-7R SA1427 AS273G1LP13 AV9169CJ-272 HS-2100RH MV8102 CAT93C5712KI-30TE13 GC70SN7013020RS NM24C02LM8 CMZ5386B Z8018110FEC TE600D FAR-C3CM-04194-F00-R M59DR008E TL082BCP HEF4049BD LK112M48TR M38066EDDXXXGP 1N5400 G902AO-AC12-1Nil IDT74FCT574LB BZX55/C51 PIC16LF877T-10E/PQ RSS-0924 APL5835-28EC-TR MC10H145FN PS7122L-2A MN103001G M27C512-80C6TR ER506 MM1291CF HM62V8512BLTT-8UL WF512K32F-100H1M5 IH1203SH MAX250EPD M38180MA-XXXFS BZX85C30 FAN8200D SNJ54AS373FK 15KP160C OPA121KU/2K5 TL0900L 25LC080T-I/P MAZ4180 THF75US24 SN74LVTH241NSR NTE6054 CAT93C5624KA-28TE13 MAZ4180N PT2127A-B54

9 July 2020 (New datasheets):

CNZ1023 BC639 SN75161BDWR SMBJ90CA CD74HC4046AM LS843 STB13NK60Z ADS802U LAE675-S1 OR2C15A-4S304I CAT28C64BNA-15T TLC7703ID FAR-F6CP-1G4410-D207-V PIC16F876-04/SP STT4NF30L SM4002 1N5248 AS2431DR5VST 2SC4179 SNJ54BCT646FK AD9070 1N4571A HP3-DC48V 5962R9687302VYA MA3V177 P4SMAJ78 MC68HC05B4B SK845L AD536ASE/883B BZX84C30TS TMPZ84C10AP-6 SFR156-TB APL5301-33BI-TR PIP30 NJW4301M NNCD3.9E BCW61A SCN2661BC1N28 SM8210S RE5RE51AA-RF M5M5256DRV-45XL-I M38039F4-XXXHP AM29F010-90EIB MSB64DA-1 48IMP3-15-15-7 MI-J72MZ IDT72211L20LB LM4850MTX EN29F002NT-45T KBU6K MAX4193CJA XE3314C-ITR CAT25C32PA-TE13 TXS2-L-3V-Z RH-1505D ST619LBD 1N5544BUR-1 AT27BV010-15JC AME8520AEEVDFE46 PT2128A-B20S UC3524DWTR RD35200C 89265AKB3T FU-68PDF-V510M68B IC61SF6432-10TQ BL-R3115 SA150(C)A SN74CBT16292DGGR AMS3102N-5.0 BF470 PT2129A-T31 TSC3594 AME8501BEFTCA26 GC102BN7013022FS HYB3118165BST-50 SI4925DY 2SJ197-T1 LM318 M38868F6A-XXXHP MAX6312UK46D3-T KA75390Z MC74AC257DR2 RJ-1515S MLL5922B ERC81-004 REC15-3405SRWB R3111H491A-T1 L484 KU82596DX M38203M5-XXXFP FAR-G5CN-877M50-D292-V PFKC03-24S05 1MBI400NP-120 GC79BRBD20RS LS6J2M-2SD/Y-T PIC16C554T-04I/SO P4SMAJ58A-T3 M38C20MC-XXXFP P4KE24CA IS61LV5128-15K M38223E4-HP PT2127A-M91 TL081IJG P4KE9.1A DM74LS283MX KBPC810 DLO32F-25A2 LP2982IM5-2.5

8 July 2020 (New datasheets):

AT49F010-90JI 27C64-20/L L523-G MAX6310UK44D2-T 74VCX2245WMX XCR3384XL-12FG324I ICS614M-01T M38192M1-XXXFS IDT54FCT2541CTSOB AGM1212B-NLGTS-T NTE1740 TX2-L2-H-12V-Z NM93C66AZDICE SMH4803AFM JS1F-24V APL5301-17D5I-TR MPX2101DP MS1510 SN74GTL16612DLR GS4981-ITA MB90091APF EC3H05B G696L438T1 74VHCT74ASJX HI-8787PQT TSOP1236WI1 BAT68-04 5962R9657401QEX SMBJ22A BAV10 SN74AS161N M38043M1-XXXHP MT5C1001EC-70L/IT 1SMB5932 M38C37M6MXXXFP AM28F512-70JIB A3143EU PDZ36B GC89SNBB24R CAT93C8621JI-42TE13 PRN111241001J BUL62A 1N4121 UGF10B SM5619N1 V5.5MLA0603WA HYB39S16800BT-10 MX26L1620MC-12 EH15010Q AD9832 K817P2 BLU99 MT8870DT-1 CM400DU-24F CD74HC4520E 5KP15 IDT71421LA25TF D2547P879 LT1014MJB MMST4401 MAZ5062 P6KE350A PSMA75A HX2-6V IDT54FCT533ATP TFMS5330 BSP135 BCR198S MAX4186EEE LH5464-P B-4025G M38078M9-XXXFS D2547P904 BZV55-C22 M38B50E6-XXXFS M38062M1-XXXFP 1410F M38504EF-XXXFP BAW56W-T3 PFKC03-12S12 FMMT494 RN5RL52AA-TR HA1437 R3131N48EC-TR 1N970D TPS76333DBVR MB158W PCI1420GHK TDA8005G SN74HC132ADBR PIC16LF874-10/PQ LP3982ILDX-3.3 BS-AD53RD XC62FP2502ML IDT54FCT2640ATPYB BT139X-800E A1750A49RRSC10 WMS512K8-20FEMA LM833D P6FMBJ9.1 CD74ACT257E MT5C1009C-20L/IT LM4040DIM3-5.0 U635H64DK35 28C256AJM-4 M38B57M7-XXXFS V9MLA0402WT

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