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18 Marth 2018 (New datasheets):

REC15-3212SRWB HPR116V IDT71342LA25J DTC144EE LM2937ESX-3.3 M38022E4DXXXSP TSC80C31-12IC MAX6316LUK38BW-T AM27C64-45DI PD2401 GP102C-DC24-B P6KE56CA HB288256A5 100328QI SM2847 M37212M8-XXXSP HCF4023BEY RF2506PCBA HD63A05U0F TLC32040MFK 1N4002 XC4013E-1PQ208C CXR702080 IRF9956 BYT12PI-1000 5962R9655101QEC TB28F800B5-T90 M38225MBDXXXFP AT28C64X-15TI AME8501CEFTBD40 C65SC21XS-4 PD40-12LC CAT24C643J-42TE13 HZS15-3 M38038F1-XXXHP MT5C1008DCJ-35L/883C PM9103APA MC1C-P-DC24 P6KE120 MC68HC11K0MFN4 LM3525M-L WS128K32L-35H1Q FES16CTR GBPC608 SC2422A.EVB LT1P73A 5962-8949404PA THS1030IDW BZX79-C20 M5LV-256/160-10YC NJM2085M HMC281 MC78LC33HT1 TC54VC3401ECB M37510EBXXXFP LNA2603F CM15-2026 BZW04P26 SMD99C-5050MC2 CS3524AGNW16 MSM80C35RS V62C3162048L-70B MAX4174BBEUK-T RU31A IDT54FCT16H952ATPFB SMLJ24 MC33035P ACM4004D-NLTS-T 15KP22CA MSM51V17400A-80SJ MSU2955C40 PIC16LC62XT-20I/SO MDU13H-45M PN6CU-0505E LVT22V10-8A RM2 1.5KE13CA CAT93C5714SA-42TE13 1N4922A M38221M7DXXXGP Am29LV400B150WAI M38200M5-XXXFS GAL22V10D-15QJ HEC75-48D3305-S G690L308T91 MB90F574PFV PDTA124EK PMBF4393 LP3985ITLX-3.1 KP10LU07 LF9501JC25 ACM1602R-FLFD-T TX2SL-48V-Z CDLL960B P4SMAJ160 5962-9657101VRA GC89SRBD15RD AS273G1DA AZ100EP16DR1 TM90RZ-H MI-RC2WWX-XXXX SMCG18A MI-PC6N2-XXX ER101A MSK5003BTU PIC16F877-10E/PT CY74FCT163501CPVCT HER106

17 Marth 2018 (New datasheets):

TVP3026-220PCE SN74CBT16209ADGGR SMCG16CA SMP1307-027 IDT74FCT540CTL AD524BE IXRH50N120 P6FMBJ300 PN930 IS27LV020-90PLI R1210N502D-TR FG2000JV-90DA NM25C040LEMT8 BUK7508-55 AM29F017B-150FE M38035F6-SP BZX84-A12 P4SMAJ48A CAT93C4612K-30TE13 MM1096BD P4SMAJ16CA 1N4762 BDX33B PIC16C62XT-04E/P 78HT205SC DL4747A RP03-2405SC H11C2 MK3721STR 502AT-2 MH8S64QFC-7 MP35-01 WF512K32N-60G4TC5A P6KE27A 6W-22 M38020M6-XXXFS M306V0MA-XXXFS OP290GS UCC3806DWTR NTE5219A CS212EDWR16 GB301Y-AC110-TF-B APT1004RKN M38039F4-XXXFP 1SV248 FSO-1D IDT7200LA25TP NR-HD-24V 1.5KE11A PT79SR108H TSC80C51CXXX-L20AE M38862EFA-GP ICS8543BG STK22C48-W25 SN74AHCT595N VI-PUTL-XXX TLRE17T QPP-017 MI-J7PMY TC554001AFI-10 SA60A FQPF4N20L WS128K32L-55G2TIA PT2129A-T91 MCM67M518FN14 1MBH25-120 EZ1587CM-1.5.TR M4LV-128/64-10YI NMV0512DA SD153N12S15PBV MM74HC174MX LM555MW8 XCV200E-7FG456I 5KP180 M5LV-256/120-7YI F1206 CD821 TPM10124C 2PD602AQ VUO54-14NO7 SN74ALS760N GL652USB MT7320-UR MK45H13N50 P4KE300 XC3030A-7VQ100I PT2128A-C43S 5962-9555202QPA TIP31B BR5000W 1N5818 BGY86 MAQ9264C70LL PI74FCT16245TV BZX84C24-T1 ADS7831U MAX6317HUK26DY-T M38042F1-XXXHP 2SA1538 NTE228A SN74LVCH162244ADLR VI-27YIX 1N753A TPS76725QDR MM1292JF PIC16C924-04I/PT LM3351MM

16 Marth 2018 (New datasheets):

NTE2578 BZW06-10B APL431CAC-PBL UNR6214 MPC100AU LMZ1301-7R MSU2959C40 KM110BH/2430 TMS370C3C0ANT IDT7217L20F SD253N04S20PV PIC16LF874-10E/PT WS128K32L-45H1QA SG2824J/883B M38C28M2-XXXFP IXFN44N50U2 BA12003BF RF-2424DH ISPLSI2032VE-225LT48 TC54VN4301EMB ADS7841E PIC14000-04/JW MKI41T56S00TR LM285EZB-1.2 CAT93C4633KI-30TE13 FST16209MTDX NJM567M AME40AEAS RPM851A-H6 0662.800ZRLL NTE5240AK CD5360B ACM4002F-NLFD-T RF2369 TQ2SS-12V M38B70M2H-XXXFP CD74ACT240M96 P6LG2403ZS BWR-15/500-D5A M37477E8FP SMB16A CAT93C4614U-45TE13 QL4090-1CF208M PZM13NB SN74AS21D M38066MFDXXXFP R1160N091A-TR WMS512K8L-35FCA TL051CP AM29LV200T-120EIB P6SMBJ26 TPS70145PWP FQNL1N50B SMV20412-10 MAT01 XC2V4000-4BF957C 22R225 ACM2402C-RLTD-T 1.4KESD48A LS9J3M-2SD/G-T M38064M9AXXXFS BZX84-C27 IDT54FCT240DTSO G90NilCO-DC48-1Nil P4KE47A HS282A VI-23PCX CD4777A KBJ402G LM7824T R1113Z301B-TR HYS64V16200GU-8B SPX1521T-5.0 M38026E5DXXXFS IDT74FCT166H245TEB ATF1516AS-15UC192 UT62L12916BS-70LL TDA7296S 54HSCT630CD KID65001AP PMSTA92 5962F9475402VYA MMBTA63 7429FCT2521CTDB 5962-9651501QCA LNM423AS01 UC1834LQMLV N74F154N CM1200HB-66H FAR-C4CQ-04000-M12-RRR 1N5994B M27C256B-90XC1TR DMC6003 SMCJ78 HL2HP-AC24V UB2-6NU D320/16 TC500CPE SA5752DK XP131A1330SR GB301Y-DC48-TF-B P4KE250CA-T3 D572-22AS ADJ21112 HBD437T UT9Q512-ICC OP295B LM6161WG-QMLV

15 Marth 2018 (New datasheets):

SB1020FCT 1N3306B MTAN6313-AHRG IN74ACT573DW R1110N521ATR V940ME04 CMR1U-01 28C17AFT-25/SO ADR292ER CAT25C33U14A-1.8TE13 AGM1212B-REFBS-T SPT104 D2526G913 DS1212 LDC1200 UCC3831DWP ESP36-24S 93LC56A-I/SN MEM8129VMB-15 KSC1173 TDD054815D AGM1212C-FCBBS-T SMJ28F010B-12JDDM SSU4N60B MLL4114-1 HCF40101B ALD2303ASA IE0509SH FAR-C4CN-16934-K00-R WS512K32N-35G1UCA BL-R4530N CD5379B MC4024L ADP3303 MAX6335US22D1-T M37534E8SP PI3C3245Q EDI88512C70CM SN74ACT533DBLE LM4050AIM3-2.5 RFP4N05 FAR-C4CB-10000-L02-R MSM5219B M38222M5DXXXGP FU-427SHL-8M22 MT5C1001F-35L/883C XC6203E372TH uPD77112GC-xxx-9EU MC68HC05M9 IS61C1024L-20HI UT80C196KDS-WCA SB250 MF432SC 1N5241B PT2129A-T84S PT4203A SN65LVDS389DBTR 74LVC86PW P6SMB24A T10C140EF IDT70V06S55PF P6FMBJ62 TG35C50 XC5204-5VQ100C WS128K32N-120G4TIA MX019TN 74LVTH16543MTDX 1N5916D 1N759A NJL5191K-F10 IXBT40N160 XC4013XL-3HT176I L4957D1.5 DCR504/12 PZM2.4NB MAX3088CPA M38199E9-XXXFP M38225E2MFP U632H16BSC25 TPS77025DBVT 1.5SMCJ24A MSC23V47257SA70BS18 5962R9654901QEA MAX522EPA WS256K32L-35G4C IMP708CSA K4S280432F-TCL75 TC55RP4701ECB QS7785CF SN74AHC125DBR BR602 1N3266 R5020218FSWA JM38510/30103BEA NDT3055L WPS512K8B-15RJIB BUF04AZ/883 S10S30 1N4113-1 GP10JI N74F151AN AME8530AEEVIFX46 3.0SMCJ15A IRU1117CS 1N5532B SN74F126N LH5116SN

14 Marth 2018 (New datasheets):

WS512K32-25G2TI VUO160-14NO7 UT61L256JC-8 74VHCT174A KBPC2508GW JM38510/33501SC M48T35 2N6517 CD74ACT175E MMBT5401LT1 AM29LV200T-100FCB CAT28C512N-15T LP2953IN-3.3 APM2312AC-TR MN5250 XC95144-10PQ100C TSC80C51XXX-L16MG/883 MIC2077-1BM CXD1812R MCC132-14IO1 TBP24S41J RN5VS12CA-TR M38254EA-FS W005G PIC16LF874-20/PT STW9NA80 SN74HC125DBLE P6KE12A uPD78064BGCA-xxx-7EA HJ2-L-AC24V-6 SMLJ6.5CA AME8501BEETAF21 BLS2731-20 HA178M20 1N4150 PNA4S01M AP640R5-00 GP1U582Y L-403ED X24C00M-2,7 IC62LV1024AL-45HI M38220M6MXXXGP RT9172S-30CT5 G41801C-DC12-SBM PIC17C752T-33I/P AME8500AEFTCA26 AM27C128-150DE 74HCT374U CMDZ5227B P6KE82CA RD27M-T2B G65SC51E-1 ATV750-25LM L7912CP FR12-0005 IDT54823ATSO TF2-L-H-5V FR101 OPB472N55 HAL517SF-K EA27 AME8501AEETCF28 TD62555S 100364FCQR SMDB15 SPT7814BCU X28C64S-15 P4C1256-20L28MB 5962-9322701Q2A MAX20-85.0CA SN74ACT7881-15FN KIA7918P REC10-4605SRWLZ 2N5067 1N5226B 5962F9475404QYC 1N5255 NT512S72V4PA0GR-7K TDD25-15D2 MC34072D SD300N28PBC 54ACTQ244DMX VUO62-14NO7 GC70SR12015008FS KIA7036AP SD4701 MAX3245EWI BPX38 MSB51D AM28F010A-90JC DG302BK MAX20-7.0CA NJM2120L MK2727STR M38040M5-XXXSP BS-A506RD RD15UJ RN5RK472A-TL TC55RP3001EZB 1N5400G PIC16CR72-04E/JW 74HCT4066N R1112N40B-TR TLE2142ID SFH628-2 PFW2502 M5M5V216ATP-70L

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