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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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18 November 2018 (New datasheets):

R1113Z441A-TR APK3020SURCK IDT29FCT52AL PIC17C43-25I/L 1N938A BUK116-50S NTE5986 5962R9658001QEX RP40-2415SE BZW50-100 SAA7220 LVA519S LTC1044 MPT-8C 1N5652 PJ1581CM M5M5V008CKR-55HI REC3-1315SRWZ J211 AT27LV512A-15RC CAT25C022U14I-25TE13 NTE2018 M38226E5DGP APT2012SEWE NE532NB AD712KR-REEL ES3883 IDT74FCT2244DTL HEF4046BP PIC12CE518-04E/SM CDLL4932A MX23L1611TC-10 M38221M8DXXXGP KBP005 WS512K32NV-17H1IA IDT54FCT162240ATPAB LDA110STR CD74HCU04M G901AD-DC15-12 C65SC02-AEI-3 PTB32001X FE3B VI-PURF-XXX RS5RJXXXXA-T2 MI-QC62P-XXX AME8500CEFTDF42 DCV010505P-U 1N1205R A1750A37RRFC10 REC15-3224SRWBZ CD74ACT00M CAT24C081J-25TE13 FAR-C3CB-16000-M11-R AGM2464D-RL-BTH-T SD103N14S15PC M6-T3 AGM3224E-FL-GBS-T H78M06BT FEP30JP MACH211-12VC E186 LT1675-1 SR33 CD4043BM VI-JNBCX MSM5118165F-60TS-K 2N4347 SG2843D DG507ACWI AGM2464C-RE-YTD-T PIC16C56-RCI/P RN5VL31CC A1750A60FFSC06 GC79SNDF15RS VI-PUZV-XXX KBPC101 CAT93C6632KI-45TE13 AM29F200AS-55EE PIC16C505T-04E/SL TM561S-L MX26C4000BPC-15 IDT54157DTE SN74F30NSR AZ100EP16VSTR2 24IMP3-1212-7 BUL903ED MT5C1008C-15L/XT PT2127A-C82 NJM3545TA2 MBM29F800BA-90PFTR S3C7281 FR1020GP AMS2930AN-5.0 ILX522K ADC0820CMDC UGN3503U 74F299SCX TFMBJ22A TLC542CN TSOP1837SI3V TMS320LC57SRBK50 1SMA4749 FM27C040N150 ZPSD312V-B-20UI AD7507KQ TLOH1100 KBPC1501F/W IDT72221L35J

17 November 2018 (New datasheets):

5962P0053602TUX LT1ZE40A L934FN/2SRD MI2WIW IDT54FCT16646CTPV H11F3 CY7C025AV-25AC FAR-C1CB-11059-M01-R 1N752 MR3-1089 SMCG9.0A 1N5225B OM460NK SMC33CA TC4427ACPA MAX5251BEAP BL-HY032A AME8501CEFTBF44 HAT1020R GC70SR9513010F IS61SP12832-5B MAX6320PUK25DW-T V53C8128HK45 ICS501MT MAX4530EWP P6SMBJ85C TPA721DR LND-SENS94 IDT74FCT16245ETPFB JM38510/30005BD CAT93C5711JA-45TE13 HD74LS86 ICL7662C/D 54ACTQ574LMQB CD14538BMS JV5822US X28C010FM-20 AL4CS221A-10-PF MC14599BCL L9651 MTD3055VL SN75454BDR WU308 RT9167/A-15CS REC15-2712DRWBZ 2SC3039 RS205 MCM69R738AZP6R 5962R9863702QPA M38866EEA-GP VT73127/D CP1508 AM29LV004BT-90REIB SST39VF400A-55-4E-UN R2000 SNJ54LVC14AFK PS2561L-2-V CLM2951CS-5 5429FCT2520DTP MOC3012X P5KE26 M27C512-12XC1TR CS3842AGD14 SMH4803CEN BUK436W-800A CLM4040CN UPC2721GR-E2 AGM2464C-FL-GTS-T AZ10LVEL33DR2 HY62256ALLT1-70 TL032MFKB S2035W AT28C256-15UM/883 SD400N08MBC AT24C08-10PC-2.5 SMV1405-09 GNR10D471K RH5RE26AC LM218H PST7032 MB2510W BZX83C6V8RL MM1106XF 3D7303M-30 MC10210L 1N3339B VTD040 AD7305BRU MBM29DL161BE-90PBT CDLL4760A 5962-9475809QXX AME8501AEETCD26 1.4KESD51C JM38510/75604BS AGM1264B-FEBTS-T MAX792SC/D P4SMAJ30A 269-A-180-14xx-C IDT7143SA45J SN74AC574DW MAX6318LHUK27DY-T PM100CSA120 P4KE33A CB1aF-T-P-12V RL206 ZCD6C10NHM SMLG8.5

16 November 2018 (New datasheets):

IDT7142LA25PB M38062EF-XXXGP CXA3202N SP4490UEB SMCJ12CA SPX1585AT L-53SRC-F L601E6 HPR108V LC72342G LM108H SST29EE512-90-4C-NH RN5VT16AC LM211QD MC10H104P MCM69R736AZP6 GS816037T-133 S-81322HG-KW-T1 SAA5296PS BZT52-C4V7 HEF4515BPB 42095-015 RT9172N-23CT AT24C256W-10SI-2.7 1.5KE300 05W2B IC62LV5128L-70T ZRB500F01 REC5-5205SRWLZ G903BO-DC48-2 MI-L62-XX IDT7015L35G REC10-6605SRWLZ BM-10J57MD SD1144 ZC832ATA UL6264ASC50 HER205 M38505M1H-XXXFP SMBG5374B LTC1262 AIC1086-33CT X28C64PI-15 G90NilAO-DC6-1Nil CM88L70CQ CAT93C4623P-45TE13 IDT74FCT645AEB MAX6332UR22D3-T MAX9698CPE P6MG-244R8E 93LCS56-/SM 1N5364A TLE2074CDWR 76601/6 AGM2412B-NCYTS-T GC4221 TDA7297 AGM3224E-ML-YTS-T CMHZ4122 G71S2C-DC3 MI-25ZMY TS274BIN AM29F160BB-120EEB SRA7 WMS128K8L-20CI UT22VP10T-15WPX EDI88130CS17NC PT2128A-L54S PS2711-1-F4 FDC604P AD811JR 1SMB18AT3 74ABT646AN SN74CBT3253D P83C652FBP TC4427AEPA ST62P30BM3 IDT7140SA35PB MAX156BEWI Z02W8.2V FM214 MOF-T3K5 UF320 ISPLSI2064VL-135LT44I CAT93C8621SI-28TE13 MC145051DW M38861F1A-XXXHP WF2M32-120G2UI5 AME8500BEETBA26 GT28F032B3BA95 LCA110L JD54LS283B2A AMS4041BL 673-3G PDM41258SA8SOTR FM93CS46LEN MC74HC109D 27C256-10I/TS SN74AS32DR IS607X BL-B4524C M38222M9HXXXFP NJM2406F MAZ8024 1N5267 G696L263T1 KSC3296 AZ765-1C-5D

15 November 2018 (New datasheets):

BM-40458ND PC357N8T PM50RSK060 STB6LNC60 XC9572XV-7CS48I MC12074P MTD502EG MPX5050GVP BM-20EG88MD NJU4066BM ZTX1151A TGA9083-EEU IN74HC4046AN R1223N242F-TR APT5010B2VFR BUZ172 CY7C1020CV33-15ZC MC74VHC595MEL BDS18SMD APL5508R-35VC-TR 1N5818 MBR1045CT RL206 BAT43WS 5962-9221702MRA REC5-5012DRWL GC102SR9513022FS MC13110BFB VUO62-06NO7 M38207M8-XXXHP SN74LVC00AD DBA100 1A288 RB-0924SH SB1030FCT MK2042-01SITR DS90LV012ATMF F1A7 1F6 MAQ17502FC 27C512A-10/TS APL5508-34DC-TR RT9168/A-40CBR IXFK52N30Q B250C3700 SV1016K W29C040P-90B 1517-200G X24325P IDT72240L20TPB PCF5082 AS2431AR5VS13 2N5679 PST9222 FS3D 1MBH25D-120 LT1079IN NX8562LB-CA R1221N32XA-TR P4KE18C SST89E554RC-40-C-NJ BZT52-C3V9 P5KE45A MIC79050-4.2BM MACH211SP-7VC MI-PC60X-XXX 5962H9684504VXX MAX4528CPA M62714SL TF2-L2-H-12V V810ME02 SNJ54LS37FK SD203N10S15PSC AS432A2SA TIP115 S-80730AL-AT-S IS61SF25618-12TQ AV9248F-157-T AME8501CEFTDA24 ZPSD301-B-70U M27C4001-90C6TR AN7353S BT-M306RD IMP812LEUS-T TIP30C APA3541KI-TU MI-J2VIA MI-PJ60X-XXX 1514-50B 15KP90A PWR1106 MC74ACT04DT TSOP2238MQ1 ZMY3.9 GBU6G GC89BNCD20R 7429FCT53ATDB 1.5KE33C LM2798MMX-1.8 EMDC-17-1-75 BC859B EF6 SBL530 GMS81516BLQ 5KP18C MLL5926B VI-J4WIX

14 November 2018 (New datasheets):

TLV2352ID KU82596DX REC15-4215SRWB MAX180BCQH L293C SN74ABT541BPWR CN25A SM130M XC6204D272DL MSK5150-3.3ZU SM15 FSTU32160MTDX ALE14F12 BZV49-C2V4 M2-T3 TDA8005AH/C129/S1 AT27C512R-90RC IXFK35N50 MAX211EWI SNJ54HC573AW DTC143TKA ST303C12CHK3 MC10E141FN 2SJ337 RI-0915 JM38510/31001SC MAX4524EUB P83C528FBBB LA8604M CAT28C16AP-20T IP7815AK-DESC M38505F5H-XXXFP IDT74FCT166244TPF 1N4745D BQ2110LB-014 M38194ME-XXXFS MM1257BT 2EZ9.1D5 RH5RI631B-T1 CPT20135 M27C512-60C3 MC10H211FN MPS3702 SST89V564-40-I-TQJ AM29DL800BB120WBEB ACM2004F-NLYS-T SN65LBC184DR GL1HY136 QK010R4 CD4089BMS D2FL40 SML100H11 X28C64K-20 TXD20008EFFLLNH 74LVX240MX IDT74FCT16827ATE MPSA43 CAT93C4631JI-45TE13 MBR1050 K4S281632E-TCL75 SY10E016 BC846BWT1 SA36A M38226EBHFP IDT54FCT2827BTEB MC74HCT08AD PIC12C508-04I/P MAX6313UK37D4-T MAX3131CAI LC5805 AN7110 MMBD4448HTC SMBJ130A ARS35A IDT7188S70DB HCC4017BM1 SMCG45 1N4747A M74HC4078 74LCX821CW AS5C512K8DJ-45L/IT HEF4516BU AR2504 NC7S08P5 M38864FDAGP LT5007ED DS1413 IF4500 RD10FM STZTA92 1N4764C MAQ17503LC HUFA76423P3 5962-87671043A 1N5542B-1 WMS512K8-55DJC R3111N501C-TR MAS9264C95NE RP-1215S GH3-P003SK5 MAX4580EPE S08A35P LD1084V50 SMCG8.5CA TMS320C30GEL50 1SMA19CAT3 AM28F020A-150PC

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