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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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27 April 2018 (New datasheets):

SP4424NEB NT91214C AT90S8515-8JC D1861C050 IDT79R3081E33JB MDD312-16N1 AM29F002B-90EC AME8841BEHA B40-C1000 FAR-C4SB-16000-L02-U TZA3034T MPY534KD ADC08034BIWM BQ2010SN-D107 VKA75LS02-1 DDU66F-4 M5M5V216ART-70LI VI-JWXEX RT9169-24CZL SL74HC640N TL3100L TK71524SCL M38B75MDH-XXXFP LT1086IM WS512K32L-55G1TQA TXD20008EBFLLNH RT9261B-43CX AT49F001T-55VI AS7C33256PFD18A-150TQC VI-J1YIX S3507IC MT5C1005DCJ-55L/883C BZT03-C200 MX23C4000QC-10 M38250EE-FS M38506MDH-XXXSS GMS90L54PL UF1A-T3 FRF9150R P4SMAJ110C SMBJ28A BU4525AF HEF4543BD 1.5KE16A 2SK2652-01 Z02W15V ST92F120R1T EL6281CL SPT7922SCQ 74LVX373MX M38065MCAXXXFS D572C22FS TLGD1005A 1N6461US HY57V648010TC-15 NJU4053BD GAL18V10-20LJ BZM55B27 SMCJ150A 1.5KE100 M38224MAHXXXGP AD22100SR PSD28/08 MC74ACT139MEL P1100ZA RE5VT26AA-RR MI-QC21P-XXX KBK15A STB22NM50-1 L-151SRW-TR LMC6681AIN MC74AC139M FEPF6DT P6KE36A BZV85-C51 RN5RL43AC TLV2361IDBV AA264-87 SN74AC00PWR MLL4108-1 GMS82524T M38046F5-XXXFP TF91514B MJD122 UF1002 M38186E4-FS BZX55/C2V4 SST29LE020-250-4C-PN MAX550ACUA R80C188XL12 IP3R17K-05 G4160NilA-DC12-BM RD20JS-T1 2SK1151(L) T6B66B SNJ54LS365AW A1750A54RRFC08 LT1080CJ PZM7.5NB3 AGM1232D-NEBTD-T IDT54FCT2374ATEB G41301AA-DC24-Nil LC875148A MSK5200TS FQB2N30 R3112Q21A-TR AM29F002NT-70EC

26 April 2018 (New datasheets):

P4KE12 M38065EDAXXXFP RF2126PCBA MLL1.4KESD160 GS842Z36AB-166 L59EGW/CA SL74HCT125D AME385DEHA P4SMAJ17CA GC102BN9513020R BUK9528-55 RT9169-19CX AD587TQ KBPC610 ACT4419 AM29LV200BT-70RFIB BL-HF035A VI-LCNY-XX R3111H121C-T1 IDT54FCT388915T133PYB FT1214BH RGP10M WE128K32P-120G2TC CAT28LV256N-25T 2SA1892 DLV-3.3/6-2.5/7-D48I TS4041-1.2 KM6264BLP-10 BS-A823RD AM29LV020BB-90EE CXL5003P MAX6333UR18D1-T SPX2956AU3-3.3 S2KA BSR56 KSE340 DS1107SG38 MB40C368PF MR5461 MC68000P12 SN23 APL5509R-29VC-TR BUK446-800B GM76C8128CL-70 ACM1604B-RLGH-T CAT93C4611K-30TE13 BGY888 SN74LVT16500DL R1230D241A-TR STD4NA40-1 HM658512ALRR-7V LH1691 L6610 TLE2161AIP LSM676-NR STGW50NB60M SN74AHCT16540DL 1MBI600LP-060 M38026E7DXXXSS P4KE36 GP101AG-AC12-L MAX243MJE 28LV64PI-3 1N4742A APW7037KC-TU TXD2SL-1.5V GX4201 ST72E331J4D0 M38199E3-XXXFP RD24E-T2 CD74AC112M96 RS407L 5962-91545 03M XX PIC16C662-10E/L M306N0M6T-XXXFP LND5201-2.85 TDA3601AQ/N2 REC5-5115SRWZ IE0303D 74HCT377N QL8025-8PV100M AS7C33256PFS36A-100TQC ACM1604D-RLTW-T MP7613 MAX6317HUK30BY-T VPX3226E G70HS3C-DC24 BZX84-Y36 M4N26 HER306 PIC16C554AT-20I/SO 124RPFI P4KE12C IDT54FCT245SOB APL5501-20KC-TR G691L308T91 M38253M9-XXXFP R1221N48XC-TR AT-30533-BLK UPD17228GT-XXX-T2 AZ830 74ALVT16240DL M38862EEAHP STR-F6676 SM1430 MSM9058 HI2315 48IMR3-12-2

25 April 2018 (New datasheets):

CD4068BE MSM51V17100-70JS MI-L2L-XX MBR1535CT PI6C185-01BQ AD7524JR AR2501 FQB70N08 VI-MTL-XX 5962G9475408VXA AM29LV008BT-80FC SP9600JN AT28C64B-W HM62W8512BLTT-5SL QL3025-3PQ208C ATV750B-10LM/883 GAL20VP8B-25LP 1N5236B MELFSMA4004 ZXFBF05N14TC BZV85-C4V3 M27256L-35 HCNW139 XCR3256XL-10FT256I P4KE91A M38022M7DXXXSP MC78L05ACP M38864M4A-XXXHP PBT26/08 MAX4052AEEE 1N4500 ADE-3002PF MH36 XC4028XL-1HQ304C K6T4008C1B-MB70 SSD1852T2R1 2SJ265 P4KE7.5A-TB X28C256FM-35 NTE56026 M5M4V16169DRT-8 P4SMAJ48CA KM4132G271BQ-10 REC15-5024SRWBZ TXS2-L-4.5V-X TC54VC4501ECBTR 5962R9659701QCC WF4M32-100G4TC5A SST89V554RC-25-C-PI 5429FCT53CTPY 25LC080-I/P MI-RC24VX-XXXX IDT54FCT16373CTE 25C320-E/SN R1113Z471A-TR ACM2002P-FLGW-T JD54LS139BFA SC1540ACS-2.5 LMC7101BIM5 27C512TRPFE20 LB11996 IN74HC623DW IDT74FCT16543TPAB CDLL4571 AMS1587CT-3.3 BQ4017YMC-70 BC817-40LT3 2N4033 PE175B-10F R1223N442C-TL CDLL5265B X24C00SM-3 HPR1009H 2CW37-8.2A TLC2272QDR AME8501BEETAE28 AMS385-2.5BN ZXRE125DR P6KE220A 2SC4180 SD80OC36L AM29F002T-90PI M38508M1-XXXSP UT1553B/BCRT-FCC0 E03-22M MAX232ACPE B4500CN-4.4 MH16S64DAMD-7 BL-RX1138C CY7C1041CV33-12ZC CY7C1021V33-15VCT X28HT512D-25 URAM3M22 1.5KE110 CA3028AM96 FAR-C4CB-11000-K22-R FS50VS-2 M38185MB-XXXFP MC100H641FNR2 AGM1532A-REGTS-T 2SK724 LXT305APE LM741WG/883 ACS280MS AP432IVA CAT93C8632JA-25TE13 AM29F400BT-55SC

24 April 2018 (New datasheets):

PDU53-100 S4010DS2 SM130G0 CD4029BCSJX HI-3188PSI PM4341A IS82C600-10B AD676KD FES16BT UTCMC34063A MAX317EPA UPC4062C ST330C16L3L REC5-4515SRW G901AD-AC110-1Nil TC1107-5.0VOATR PHX7N60E M38195M1-XXXFS M38222E6HGP SEL5920ATH8F SMCJ170(C)A CM75DY-12H EB02 SN74ALS193AD NTE6234 SST39LF400A-55-4I-UK HD74ACT138 CHFP6KE7.5CA SA24 AME8501AEFTCD27 FFM14W UA7805QKC A42L2604V-45 RT9169-15CCB REC5-1605SRW PM600DVA060 HER505 PDU16F-3MC4 MAQ9264C95CL HLMP-0301 LET19060C IH5050C/D MSM5116160DSL-70TK GS8161Z36T-250I BY8410 M1T2HT25FL64 KRC864U LMS1587CSX-ADJ JANTX1N6778 TLC2272CPS X76F128XE MAZ8100 5KP54A uPC1883 CDLL3824A V82ZA05 CS-18C-03 SMAJ5942 CAT28F001PI-12BT APL5309-34BC-TR LC864312A PI90LVB180L LTC1390 5962-9654501VXX 82452NX D87C51FB M30623SG-XXXFP LM2954-3.0 MX7535BQ 74ABT853D MAX6318MHUK37AW-T MSK5000TD UT69R00016GCXH 1504-200F 1N3030A AGM3224H-MC-FBH-T TLV5510EVM SMBJ48(C)A TLC083CP FAR-C4SB-08000-M12-U 74HCT367U ACM1602K-FLFD-T PM100CBS060 ISL9N7030BLP3 RT9163-50CL TK71635ASCLH AM27C4096-120DC M38B50EC-XXXFS IDT72245LB50PF RF3322 IMP30-16 PALCE16V8H-10JC/4 ISR2805DEURH SRF1050 P6SMBJ30 MAS31755FB GBPC3501 REC5-113.3SRWLZ ZMM5223C MMST4401 PT2127A-M84S GS880E18BT-250 CXA1331S 5962-9657301VXC VI-J5REX V62C3802048L-55T M38226E7HFS NM24C03N

23 April 2018 (New datasheets):

P82B715PN UCC2813PWTR-1 M38198M7-XXXFP 5429FCT2520BTPB M38225E3-FS BL-HG334A NTE5042A AGM3224K-FN-FLW-T ST5090ADTR AT27LV1026-55JC AGM1232F-FLGBW-T RS1B-T3 TLC071CP REF195GRU MI-J7WIZ UT2020 LS6J1M-3PG REC5-6105DRWLZ 74LCX573MSAX NTE56058 BZG03-C27 1N5739B MC14500BCP GLT41016-40J4 RP10-4812SE AT93C46R-10SC-1.8 GF10D MAX4077ESA TDD15-03S2 M38026M2DXXXFP INA122UA/2K5 M38B54E7-XXXFP P4SMAJ170 UPD17235GT-XXX TISP4180H4BJ MX23C8000QC-12 AGM1212C-FLYTH-T M38224E5MFP DD201S SM15T6V8CA SST39VF040-45-4C-NK 5962-9960601QUX BA1283 AD767KN 2SK1849 LS6U2M-5D/FG-T APL5508R-29DC-TR AT29LV512-20JC TLV2454IPWR BS-C303RD EP2320-7R RP-123.3D M38224M8HXXXFP TCR22-4 D44C5 PSD302-B-15J LP62S1024BX-70LLI TSC80C51CXXX-36II WS512K32-15G4TM P4C148-15DM L2204-01 NWK954CG 1N4743 W29C020T-70B TSM1215D K4S281632M-TC1H EN29F002NB-90TI UPC8172TB-E3 OM5216RC APL5509R-28DC-TR RL101GP PT2240 FR1D REC10-5915SRWL PFW5001 SA7.5C TK11124MCL 5KP6.0C LM34DZ MACH210-14JI GC79BRBD20R 37LV36-I/P VI-JTLMX BM-41K57ND VI-PJ0MX-XXX XU309 SPX2956AU5-5.0 MMBZ5255BLT1 HM6116P-4 AM29LV102BT-120FCB 74HCT40105DB 1N5266 GS84018AB-180 SMS7630-011 MV67538.MP5 MT5491-YG DAC7614E AK93C45BH KTC9011 XC9536-5CS48C 2N3439 DCF210 AGM2464D-ML-YTD-T LM9832CCVJD DM74ALS163BN DG387C/D HT82V14

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