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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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7 July 2020 (New datasheets):

IDT72403L15SOB HC4DHPL-AC12V M38500E1H-SS JPS250PS12C R1170H271A-T2 A23W9308M VI-NCWD-XX VTR16E1 FQP14N15 JA1b-TM-DC24V-P MX27C1000PI-12 UC2842AD RE5VL55CA-RF DDU18-32C3 TB1100M IDT74FCT2244DTP P4C149-10PC RGF30G M38256M3-XXXFS ADSP-2186LBCA-160 SF109E B40C1500 DACHKH/BCH BZW04-48B LCA125LS BZX79C75RL PM400HSA120 1.5KE15CA P4SMAJ26CA-T1 MI-27JIX MIE-524A4 1N1199B REC8-3012SRWL 74F38PC W02G TK71530SCL LM741WG-MPR AN5186FB HY57V658020BLTC-75 FAR-C3SB-08000-K01-T SEL6510G IDT54FCT162952BTE RT9169-43CZT OL3492N DM74LS181N GTLP8T306MTCX REC5-6515DRWL MG75PB30 HLMP-D1509.MP5 CY74FCT163543APVC RT9568CS DDU4F-5040A2 1N6531 ACM4002D-RLYD-T MC68HC000CFN12 KBU406 EFA240D-SOT89 LM2902M96 Si9933DY CN7221 CY7C199L-10ZC TSC3754 HUFA75309D3 MAX489MJD LX1554CPW SE370C722FZT X28VC256JM-70 78SR115VC IDT74FCT827BTLB ADC87 ST62T62CB3 VI-P41X-XXX KIA6419F SM5010BN1S AGM1212D-REFTS-T SC2128C-L42S 1N1200AR 5429FCT2520DTL R1120N581B-TR 2N4918 NT5SV16M16AT-8BL RN5VT21AC MP1372 MDU28C-75A1 CAT25C02U-1.8TE13 R3131N46BC5-TR A8032-40 SMBJ170A M38C84M2-XXXFP U630H16D1K45 KS57P3204 GP101AG-AC110-LB PCM50US36 15KP64C SB120 2SC5032 ACM1602E-NLBH-T HAL556UA-E 74V1T04STR 1S2075(K) RT9172S-29CT5 AD204KN STK55C1042 M38204M7-XXXFP APR3012-26AI-TR EPM7256AEFI256-7 CAT93C5621SA-30TE13 AM29F160BT-90FCB

6 July 2020 (New datasheets):

GI912 PIC16CR72T-02/SS M38865E4A-HP CY7C026AV-25AC 1.5SMC18 1N967B BL-C2121 VG4632321AQ-7 SB140 TCP065A AZ765-1C-9D CS52015-1GST3 1.5SMCJ130C MC145169P VI-LC3W-XX MAX6319LHUK33A-T EDS5116ABTA-7A KT8555J I74F133D 2020-4018-10 1N4779 RN5VL21CA-TR LA9520V VDS7608A4A-7.5 74ACT257SJX DE1a1b-L2-4.5V LP2985AIBP-2.5 SM800 5962P9960703TXC ZPSD311-B-90UI S-8052ALO-LG-X M38048F3-FP SN74HC365DR SJ144A GC102BN9513015R IDT7016L12G HPMX-5001-TY1 1N6517U ACT-SF2816N-26P7Q UT54ACS273UCA CY2305SI-1HT 493R3 SPX1085AR-2.5 SM4004A STW7NC90Z LT1167 GBJ601 MSL-174DR MAX4518CEE OR3T30-6BA352I UFT14020 AIC1563CN MT46V128M4TG-8L TU24C04BP3 MAX3867ECM KM416V1004CJL-60 FAN7563 AGM1212E-REGTS-T SN75179BPSR KS57P01504 VP1550NW BUZ11A CAT93C8634UI-30TE13 CSPPT32-500F LL55C3V0 PC824A CXB1585N ST780C06L3 ACT-5260PC-100F17T MX23C3210YC-15 P6KE56C ATV2500BQL-25DC UPD17005GF-014-3B9 8102304HA G70LF0A-DC24 RTS-1515 CP808 ARA200A12 NX29F010-70T P80C550EBPN KBPC3502G MV8306 CY37512VP352-66BGI REC3-1605DRWZ MG74PB26 P6SMBJ45A MAX4593CUE M27C4001-35N1TR UC2823BJ IDT74FCT373CLB Am29SL800CT120FCB K6T4008U1C-MB70 HD74HC292 WS512K32N-20G4TQ DD500 TQ2SS-L-9V MUN5312DW1T1 SST58LM064-70-C-FSJ RT9177-31CB 3.0SMCJ14C AM29F002NB-70PCB RT9808-28CX DB151 G70HF2B-DC24 MC74HC04AFEL BZM55B30 C781PN

5 July 2020 (New datasheets):

ST72512R RM-1212S ST1200C20K1L PIC16C57-HSI/SO SN74AHCT08DR BF513 SST39VF512-70-4I-NK M38501M7H-XXXFP 74F27SJ FM812R SMBJ5944B RD2.7ES-T4 3KP8.5C ST62T52CM6 JANTXV1N6765 B1117M-1.5 MAX6319LHUK29B-T LMC6684BIN TC1054-2.5VCT GC89BNCC12RS VI-24BIX PI5C3390S 28C04AT-20I/L SST58LM028-70-C-FRI BDP32 LMV431AIMF R1210N511D-TL CL10K30EFC484-2 AZ672-1A-6DE E05-26B BL-C3336M J112 SN74LS148D R1221N47XF-TR MAX797HESE IXTK62N25 GC70BN9514012RD X9514WP M38202E5-XXXHP MT28F800B3WG-9BET HG62E75 QL4036-4PF144I LT0H49L CL-191TD-CD-T BS616UV2011EC BZV55-B6V2 3EZ3.9D AME8500AEETBE28 CD74HCT151E W01MG 273005 LM1865M FU-632SEA-6M59A REC10-4515SRWL MGFC5217 24BS CAT93C5613SI-28TE13 UPD63210GT 1N4731 L117GYW UFB7.5 KLPC800 IC62LV256L-15JI P6KE15C MG73PB20 MPSA05RLRM 8602 AME8500CEETAD31 TLC251CD WMS128K8V-20CLIA PDU108H-0.5M PM200CSA060 2SK1089 UFT12150 ISP824-3 MP1006 UT54ACTS280PCA KBPC4008S GM71C18163AJ-7 RA-121.8D IDT74FCT374TE XC6201P462ML IDT7134LA55FB HYB39S64800ATL-8 IDT54FCT162511ATPV DLO31F-4.5MD4 GS816032T-225I PEEL22CV10ASI-15 ST62P30BB1 PST593JM SMDA24C-5 5962G9563801QQX WF128K32N-70G1TM5 AZ954X-1C-6D IDT72225LB15PF TLC2654Q-8D G902CS-AC12-NilNil M38254E8-HP PA28F008S3-120 SN74HC374DBR 5962G9855201QXC LNM324AA01 OPA129UB 1N6461 SMS7630-076 WS512K32N-35G4TQA IDT54FCT2543TPY APTD3216ID

4 July 2020 (New datasheets):

DSSK30-0045B MAH3691CE PDM41256SA8SOTY FQAF13N50 RT9808-26CB 1.5KE15CA AM29LV002B-90RECB LMC272CMX LH543620P-25 BQ2011SN-D118 WF300 MC74AC112N 5962R9658001VEX GS72116ATP-8 NMH2409D HAL556UA-A KM416V1204CJ-L5 STVD901J STK4201II MT5C6405C-20L/XT 54F245DMQB MC74ACT373ML1 MX26C1000BPI-15 RT9172N-15CG DCR1279/26 IDT74FCT88915TT55L IDT72413L25P HI-574A PJ1084CZ SB35-45M MC74AC533DW IRFU2407 LCP3121 RE5VT29AC OPA2130UA DM74S182N
TM1641B-L 1N5819 PIC16F84AT-10/SS AR609S06 TLE2062ACP CMPZDA5V1 SN75ALS057DWR RS-371 G902BD-DC12-12 LB1645N RN5VS50AC MIC5231-3.0BM5 CD74HC4052M96 UC1705J883B PAD50 M29W102BT70NZ1T 7604501FA PIC12LCE674-04E/JW MAX232ACSE BFN18 29F52SPC K4E640812B-TCL-45 M38222E1MFP TIC246M BZT03D13 PVT422 309U80P2 74AC86MTC SA14A QL7100-4PT280I LM70CIMMX-5 3KP75 BYV27-150 AGM2464C-NE-BTW-T 5962G-0153402QXX IDT74FCT273CP CS8129YTVA5 M38203M6-XXXFS MLL1.4KESD40 UPD17145CT-XXX BZV58C15 HGTG30N60A4 28LV64PC-4 CAT28F010P-12T TIBPAL16R4-12MWB 1N5404 MC2C-S-AC220 SNJ54AHC02FK BZX284-C27 R3111E491A-TZ KS88C0716 NNCD7.5E U632H16BDC35 GB301YG-DC48-SF-L OMH310 IDT723612L30PF SMBJ13C 1N6283A PCB80C31BH2-12P CXG1081TN SJ2871 PXAS30KBBE MAX3095CEE XRD4411 TISP4240F3SL R30740 M38B53EF-XXXFS ZPU120 CHF1.5KE56A HA-5137A JM38510/00205BDA

3 July 2020 (New datasheets):

6A2 A3161ELT M68769L AS2431AR4VS7 1N5935B SML20L100F EWS0512 TEA1401T/N1 IDT74825ATEB 1.5SMC7V5CA ADS-946GC CAT93C4612PI-45TE13 X25323S14-2,7 BSS138 SN74ALVCH16240DLR BZX55/C2V7 CY74FCT16652ETPAC M38258M1DXXXGP PDM41258SA15SOATY MG74PB36 AS2431CR4DA G90NilAS-DC6-12 TWL1103PBS ADE-1503PF FQD9N08 M38507E5-XXXSS GP102A-DC24-B M38254E7MFS TSC0634 PS201R SN54LS697J GC89SNBB12RS 2SC3617 REC15-4715SRWBZ SA7.5C MAX873AEPA GS820H32AT-150I REC3-4315SRWZ M38867F7A-XXXGP 74LVQ32SJ SMS3922-079 DM74S40N IDT54FCT16260ETPAB INA154U/2K5 PT2128A-B80S CAT93C6624K-45TE13 BPV23NFL 279.200 MSM14Q0340 MSM548263-70JS A290021UL-150 PT2128A-B82S TN-83 MAQ9264C95FL LR5460-DG MC74LVX574DTR2 MM196 1N974B MC4558ID RM100DZ-H IDT54FCT244ATEB IMP811REUS-T PIC16C554T-04I/JW BZT03D6V2 AM29F400BB-55FIB 5962R9563801QQA X25080V-2,7 FDP10AN06A0 FM574-P 5962H9651701VXC SNJ54HC273W SST39LF200A-55-4I-B3N MM3Z4V3T1 IRFU2605 PIC16C67/JW 31DF4 SN74ACT3632-20PCB AQV104AZ SN74F157ANSR TLV5638IDR PD411PI SMCJ5357 MF609A MB3510W SAA5246AP MI-RC2K1X-XXXX FS40SM-6 IDT7130SA35J STK400-720 M38869FDAFS TSA1201IF FAN8033 IDT7016L25G PIC16C56A-04I/SS RF-243.3SH TX2SL-4.5V-X GBU8K PIC16C556AT-20/SS AD8132AR-REEL7 MT8888CS X28HC256EM-90 2SJ553(S) DJB5822 FST34X245 BR3504 CAT93C5721JI-30TE13 M38030M7-XXXHP 1.5KE8.2A

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