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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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20 October 2020 (New datasheets):

MCM6209CJ35 CL7192EQC160-12 MAX4606CPE MC34164P-5 MC14541BDR2 GP101AG-DC110-LB SN74ALVCH162601DGGR S3C9434 MAS28139FC MTU8B56EN V62C5181024L-35TE 1N6292 28C64A-25I/L K1713-02 SNJ55453BFK XC6203P512LH 28LV010RPFI25 AZ742-2C-48D M38224M7HXXXHP MT8930CC TPS2011D SMCJ15 SN65LVDS3486ADR MJ11019 S24022P2.7 M38221E4-GP TSC80C51CXXX-36IG 74ACT00SJX M38862E3AGP J176 AME8500BEFTDE28 SMBJ8.5A SMU300PS27 MBR1660 2SC4908 TPS5615EVM-115 REC10-2405DRWL FARM1CN1 1PMT4114 7429FCT520CTLB AS8E128K32Q-15/XT RD25050A IDT29FCT52CSOB ML4828IS 7429FCT2052DTPYB MC14580BCL SD103C MAX6313UK49D1-T RN5RY331A-TL M38036MA-XXXHP KA2143B ZMM55-D39 DDU222C-200M CL-201HR-C M34513M4-XXXFP 74HC4052D MC14490L IRFR9024TR HCPL-6231 STK4170MK2 AT49BV512-12JC MI-QC2ZP-XXX VI-2WDCX 1N5739C M38187E7-FS NNCD10D MX128P HD74HC73 P4KE250-T3 MTAN6440-CHRG FAR-C1CA-04194-J00-R TSMBJ0305C-064 LD7263 V436664Z24VXSG-10PC SMCJ16C M38040FE-XXXFP SN74ALS996NT3 74VHCT14AMTCX GQ2320-7R LA4728 TS83C51FB PIC16LC554T-04I/SS JQ1P-9V UPA800TF EL2276CN 5962H9475401QLA PSD112/18 LT1162 HEF4020BT GL1502 S80C51BH-1 IDT74FCT162373ATPFB CD4066BCM VI-RUFJX-XXXX SCA147C A3283ELH M38501M3-XXXFP 5962L0053602TUC CM75DU-12H MIC29151-3.3BT VI-P1MX-XXX SMBJ90 APL5505-A16KC-TR MG115P14 H24A1 UA78L06ACLP MC68HC711KA2CFU4 74ACTQ533CW

19 October 2020 (New datasheets):

IDT74FCT2574ATDB TQ2SL-L-6V-Z M38220E5-FS SST30VR041-150-C-WH-R AD723ARU LA3242 ADC08034CIWM XCR3512XL-10PQ208C 1.5KE75C OPA343UA FR3A VI-J4DIX L4987CPT50 RGP20D XC1765EPD8I MM1385AN IDT7203L20J P6SMBJ15A AT80F51-12PC IDT74FCT377ATQB M38502M9H-XXXSS 5962-9855201VXA 74AHC245PW SB1660F DDU66F-8 74ALVC16245DGG HCF4077B AQY275AZ IDT54FCT2827BTE 3EZ11D5 HEF4050BT M27C256B-10N3 1N3883R SZ2575 1N5818 BZV55-F13 UC1543L SC2128A-L31S WS512K32N-85H2CE FDC6561AN M48T248V HER3003C MBRF1660 ZPD33 PI74ALVCH162820V PT2129A-S93 DAC1006LCWM ZXMD63P02XTC TL084ACD SN74ACT3638-15PCB MM74HC4316WMX 74HCT08PW UPD16837GS BRS512 NTE5515 3.0SMCJ160C ADSP-2186BST-160 MC10178P HT9320C M4LV-96/48-18VI 74LVC245AD BZV86-1V4 PDM31034SA10TSOTR M95128-VMN6 1.5KE110A MDE-14D221K REC8-0915SRWL ST180S16P1L CD54HC164F AM29LV160BB-80RWCI DTA113TKA VI-J0XMX BD233 2SC3965 STK4170K5 MPS6562 CDLL4765A IDT74FCT2541CTQ LCE48 UC2902D VC-2R8A50-1360 LM239AN MAX984EPE PBL38611/2QNT MAX754EPE F1108 P5V1B AGN20006 ATV750B-25SC MC74VHCT244ADTEL RE5VL51CA-RF PIC16LCR84-20/SO 74AC11239N SMCJ58C SMCG43A M38221M2HXXXHP A8932CLWA SNJ54BCT623W IDT7130SA55P TIP100 BC-A25233A 24LC024T-I/ST BZG04-130 OM5604 AZ100LVEL33DR1 2SC4458 IS61LV2568-12TI

18 October 2020 (New datasheets):

RO-121.8S 1517-180F M38507F4H-XXXSP NTE5876 GS71108J-10I 2SA0719 TLV2782AID 74LVCH162244ADL SMCJ8.5C L44HD TC1270MERC M38252M9DXXXGP MC74VHC4052DT AD573 5962D0053603TXC GT28F160F3B95 SN74HC139N FK14UM-10 CD54AC534F3A K6T4008C1C-MF55 X9313TS AD8381AST-REEL 1N962B BZV85-C47 MBM29LV002BC-70PNS AM27X040-90JI SA25C1024LMN HEF4556BDB 27C256I15FA ZPY3.9 PMBZ5242B AD534TH MAX6319LHUK41B-T K3023PG M38227MAMXXXHP LM2670SX-ADJ 1N6125A LINK-51SD SG55451BY LM62BIM3 PIC16LF874T-04E/L X68C64PM M38869FCAHP MAX801MEPA P4KE170C XCV50-6CS144C FRS2J APL1431AAC-PB AZ2280-1A-24A IDT54FCT827DTQB JM38510R75701B2 BS-A536RD AME8501CEFTCE46 P6SMBJ58 PQ2CF1 5962R9659601QXX BC856A SG1846F/DESC SN65LVDS22D 28C64AFT-15/L 269-C-120-M-14xx-C PD65P32LA SNC5A8 MB6S SN74AHC574N AD7245ABR SR3A M27256-35 S2B PSD302-B-70U CR6928 ISL9V2040D3S 1N6773R SNJ54AHC157FK XC1736EPC20C PDM41256LA12SOA TSC80C51CXXX-30AI 74HCT283N WS512K32NV-15H1I AM28F512A-200PCB SMCJ6.0CA-TR TEA1101T D2525P880 RTD-2405 HT7144A 66229 MC68HC908QY4CDW MAX748ACWE MB86613PBT LM137IG XC6201P222LB FS7VS-5 CD74HC4067M96 RN5RG45AA-TR TC962EPA SMAJ33C IXTH20N60 A42U2604V-80 MAX539ACPA ZPSD302V 1.5KE8.2CA US12 MC34067DW CY74FCT16240ATPVC BL-W4434B-S ZMM5251 5962R9656101VEA TC1054-3.6VCT

17 October 2020 (New datasheets):

5962R9655601VCX RH5RH631A-T1 GS880F36T-11I MI-RJ54XX-XXXX SHV-06NK MM74HC251MX LS5421-R APL5507-A18OI-TR DDU7F-25M TPS75118QPWPR AB40-C1500RG SN74ALVC04PWR AH102-PCB BZX84C3V9 M38B57E8-XXXFS ACM1602A-NEYH-T 2N4403 KBPC2501 EIB1718A-1P TPS76727QDR IDT75FCT646AE IP117AHVG-BSS2 ACM2002R-FLTS-T IHB60T480515 MRF587 M38B70M3H-XXXFP MBR2535CTL KK25F40 VI-QUFW-XXX 5962-9221701MRA UC2544N FE6F B4600CN-5.7 HSM1100G IDT54FCT2827CTP HCF4093BC1 ACM4004C-FEBTS-T M38257M6DXXXHP LP3982ILD-2.82 IS61SP6436-7TQ 20KW216 UC3543N M38079MF-XXXFS SLC-22VR TE100R 1N4948G APL5508-27VC-TR UCC3837DTR G83CSC-DC48-Nil SN74HC374PWLE AGM3224H-NC-YTH-T HL01U12S15YH SG2525ADW SST29VE010-200-4C-NH ZPSD312-B-15M STTA512F AD603AQ VBO130-08NO7 VI-MC13-XX SN74ABT657ADBR UTCTA7640AP MAX4132EUA GS881E18T-66 CD54AC138F3A GS832236C-166I WF128K32N-50G2UC5 NJU7307L AS5C4008ECJ-17L/IT FST2045 PT2128A-B34 1.5KE120 ST1900C46R0 VI-RU1KX-XXXX 5KP60CA M38C35M3MXXXFS PST7039M A-2304E TX2-H-24-X KSC5321F HEF40098BPB SF3005PT MM54C165J-MIL REC3-1509SRWZ OPA2277UA/2K5 M5LV-320/192-6AC M34514E8FP M8913F2W ST62P25LM1/XXX M48Z02-70PC1 A8405SLH-50 SN74LVTH2952DW BT-N344RD RS3K APX9140BEE-PB KBJ4K TMC22071A CD74HCT20M BS-C56DRD MDE-10D121K M38071E3-XXXFS X28C512TMB-12 G72SA-DC24 TEN15-4810 VI-RU0VX-XXXX SN74AC74DBLE PDU1032H-4C4 RE5VT50AA-RF

16 October 2020 (New datasheets):

DM74ALS38AN SNJ54LS02FK NTE2933 HT7136 SD05TC CB1-P-24V TSOP1837SF1 AD8015ACHIPS MPSA63 OPI125 PI3B162210 SMJ320C31HFGM40 D8155H-2 VI-RU0WX-XXXX SMV2500L CMP401 Z1SMA47 5962-9654601QEA CM1200HB-66H 2SC3380 AT24C08N-10SI MCC141535Z LC36256AMLL-10W 5962R9652201VCX AS7C33128PFS16A-150TQC 5962-7802301Q2A VI-254CX SMA33A MG75PB32 Z0405MF0AA2 3EZ13 V62C1162048L-70T TWR-3.3/4250-12/625-D48S 3D7205K-50 REF102BP AGM1532A-MEFBH-T DAC7644E/1K CAT24C042JA-28TE13 SAF-C502-L20P AD7730BN M2S56D40ATP-75A FFA20U60DN IDT6198S25DB MX26C4000BMI-12 JANTX1NV1202RA CYM1841APY-35C BC818-40 SMCJ51A SST58LM032-70-C-FSI AM29F040B-55JCB AMS1085CD-3.0 1N821A M65831AFP IDT74FCT543AE R3111E381A-TZ 74LV541PW P4KE400CA-TB 2N3393 SB390 ADXL150EM-3 SF20GG DS1666100 1N3827A WMS512K8L-25FC XN04113 FAR-C4SB-14746-K22-U XC17S100XLPD8I M5451 MLL4101-1 REC8-2009SRWL TL082I SMAJ14C SMI-1607-2R2 P4KE11C CAT93C5711P-45TE13 ACM4004D-REFD-T IDT54FCT16646ATE R1223N182B-TL TSC80C51XXX-40CH AM29LV400BB80EI BSFH77G08 DTA08E MC92501GC EDI88512CA20CB MCM6265CJ20R2 RT9163-35CX AT24C64N-10SI-1.8 MAX809MEUR-T REC15-1505SRWBZ MC74HC10ADT WSF256K8-37CI Z330 TDA9847T DM74LS26MX FAR-C1SB-06000-K01-T HER502 TP87C52 PIC16LC62XT-04E/SO BF-C503RD C1322P SN74LS393N P4KE51A XR73-3.6 TG1.8.222K PIC12C509-04E/JW MX26C4000BPI-12 AME8501BEFTBA42 3KP78A

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