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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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29 Marth 2020 (New datasheets):

NMV0509DA NTE1917 V53C8126HK35 AGM1212C-RCGBW-T EC2-9SND MAX805SMJA 2PC945K MIB57TA-K P4KE24CA UHBS30-2 PCA84C422AT P6SMBJ20CA PIC16C505-04I/SL MAX308EJE SMBJ58A M38184EE-FP PIC16LF877-10I/SO IS61VPS10018-200TQ MAX4075BBESA IDT54FCT245DB ADC0881CCJ CXA3199TN IMP706SCUA 5962-9656901QRA MAX800LCPE P5KE8.0 5KP14A PIC17CR42-08I/JW LT4082E W02G BTA204X-600B 5962-8774201VEA MT5C1005ECW-40L/XT 5KP10A TXS2-L2-4.5V-X M38048F7-SP M38866MBA-XXXHP AGM1212D-NEFBW-T P6KE27 TSOP1738UU1 NJM2102D SST29VE020-250-4C-PH AME8500BEFTCA24 MBR200100CT M38221MB-XXXFP HER302 M38180E4-FP AT34C02N-10SC XR72-2.7R N519 KBP08 BY8414 WS128K32L-17G2TMA EG1A AT49BV040-15TI AGM2464D-NC-YBD-T AD7843ARQ TC74VHC161F PIC17LC42A-16/P UT80CRH196KDS-WCX EDI88512LPA55F36C LP2981IM5X-2.5 MIC4425BWM GS816136T-133 AQV202 M38251E8MHP NTE5189A SN74CBTLV3125DBQR MSL-194TG 7429FCT2521CTLB BR211-160 ATF1504ASZ-25JC44 P4KE160CA ZSR500C MAX944EPD SPC-0603-390 BZM55C12 STUP520 2N3904 UPC3205GR-E1 NTE6886 P4SMAJ36CA-T1 SFH618A-2SM 1N3290A 5962-87628012A QRD3310001 MSK5207TS GETG0062 REC10-2612SRWL Z84C4008PEC AM27C010-120DIB V53C16256HK50 H11AA814 M38502ECH-FP AT90-1233 SAC18 IRGPC40MD2 MA4PH236 FAR-G6CH-1G9600-L219-R 2SK3062 RT9811-36CB AM2520SGC09 IDT72413L25PB 1N5247B FA56-11GWA MC2C-P-DC24 LC5812

28 Marth 2020 (New datasheets):

SN74HC126DBR SA75A 74AC11657D AS431AR5SA HLMP-1700.MP4A MC10H125MEL FAR-C4CP-16000-K11-R MC74VHC08M PS2701-1-E4 SN74LS251DR UCC3807D-1 BYW56 EN1CN1 SA48 BDT60B TC54VC4502EMB IRF7702 SMCJ9.0 AT866S36 GC89BNDF10F HMM5259B BDX53B AT49LV002NT-12PI FAR-M2SC-16M934-D111 IRF3704S KBPC1508 LS6J1M-3FG IDT74FCT2373DTD K4E151611D-T 1519-600E ATV2500L-30LM/883 LT1464 74AC04MTR IDT71V016SA20YI8 SG1524BL PP75B060 TYL05-12W06 PH1090-350L BUK454-200B UPC2766GS T7S0106504DN ZRC330F02 TK11229BMCL 74LVX04SJX UT62W1024LS-35L M38023M3DXXXFP NTE5249A VN920D-B5 ST333C04LHK0 AT49F1604-70UI V62C3802048L-70B MTSF3N03HDR2 DLO31F-15M SM5133SP MC14562BCP SNJ54ALS258AFK SN74LVCHR16245AGR STB140NF75 NTE393 OPB490T51 RN5RL57AC BZX84C3V9 SA5.0A 24LCS61T-I/ST AM27C128-150DCB PUB4702 TVS528SM 279.010 BZW03-C10 MT48LC8M16A2TG-8EL HJ2-L-AC120V K1400G SPX2954AM3-3.3 FS0201BN LH1521A AD9433BSQ-105 M38191E4-XXXFS FQB5N20L ATV750-25GM/883 IDT54FCT162501CTPAB SN75C189DR LP2951ACD-3.0 UPC78L06T-E1 PSA54-7 100322QIX CY7C263-20WC SG1543L/883B DDU224F-200M IDT74FCT541CTP MLL756A BC328-25 TXS100ZY 74ABT843PW 7239 74AC373SC MX7576J/D AGM1532A-REGTD-T MJ10005 AGM1532A-FEFTS-T BZW04P94B BC550B MR5000 1N4739 AV82C404N M38181E8-FS 18103 SM5605F CD74ACT112M

27 Marth 2020 (New datasheets):

PT6932N R3130N46AC5-TR APK3020YC GP103B-AC6-LB PIC16C64A-20/L TSOP1738KA1 L-193SYW-TR P0300ZB CD40106BPWR 74HCT688D P6KE100C APT1608ID X28C512KI-15 SK30-48-1.8S MAC210A10FP M74HC279 93LCS56T-/SM NPH10S2405Ei DDTC144EUA M38204M5DXXXFS 1N4685 ICTE15C 5429FCT2521ATP UC1834J IDT54FCT2652CTPB CAT93C5724J-28TE13 IRL520A RMPA0951A-102 UT22VP10E-25PCA LD3501-16 FAR-C4SA-04194-K11-U PCF1252-5P MMBD101LT1 S-80811ALNP-E51-T2 B3164UC BQ-N323RD H3B3 TLV5620CN 1N4693 JM38510/34901BC 3.0SMCJ24C AGM1212B-FEBBW-T ZSR700C RP03-483.3SG TMS320LC31PQ40 V920E MC74HC03AFEL AS7C4098-12TC VI-2NREX LD2980ABM28TR LS6U1M-4SD/Y SN74LVC07APWLE SN74AHC00PWR GC79SRBD10RD M38220E5MGP UF806F 31002A ST380CH06C3L 279.125 L934GO/2SRD 74AC16620DLR 74AC02SCX YMF740C-V MXL1001ACS8 LC6522C HAS040ZE-A SF63 VRE304JS UA78L10CD NM27LV010V200 R1210N591C-TL L-204ED SLD322XT Z86C6016PSC 1A5 MC10153FN 74FCT162H952CTPVCT AGQ200A24Z KS24C01CT 74FCT162374ATPVCT N74ALS652D MI-RC231X-XXXX P4C150-12SC HC1HL-DC48V AMS5010MT P4SMAJ78A-T3 IDT54FCT543TEB E82 IDT7025L20J M38C30M1MXXXFS AM29LV001BT-70FE WS512K32L-55H1IA A1751A24FFSC08 TDD252415D SY10ELT23L OP484 P4KE400 LT1014AMJ KM62256CLTGI-10 TLC2252AQD GS840E32AB-166I APL5507-A32KC-TR 1N5822 AMS3107C-4.0 S-81224SGUP-DQX-S CD4024BMS MX7547KCWG

26 Marth 2020 (New datasheets):

QL4090-4PQ240I UCC3570Q AS7C31025A-20TJI PIC16C56-XTI/P IP1R17K-05 PAL16R8A-2MJ MCM6229BBXJ25 AM29F002B-90PE NTE181 M38203M3-XXXGP VI-N61-XX CD74HCT253E Z84C3010PEC UF3D PIC16C54-RC/P AD620BR PGB0040805MR IDT54FCT16H952BTEB PIC16C72T-10/SS R1121N341A-TR A1750A38RRFC08 LC512MBG1-25Q PMSS3904 MR87C51FB HSM190G QL2007-0PF144I PIC18C858/CL RM5231-150-Q 3EZ28D AS432AR5DBV7 2021-25 MAX6317HUK26BX-T M38506E6H-FP KBPC1006G 1N4936 IP82C54-10 GC79SRCF10RS V437316S04VXTG-75 MC33464N-27CTR 1N5408G SC50C-60 A62S9308G-70SI SNJ54HC161W MC10133L LS6U3M-4R/PG-T NTE1747 UT69151-LXE15GCC ST1-L2-DC9V RP15-1215DF BL-C4532 VI-RC34XX-XXXX TPS5633PWPR KM416S8030T-G/F8 M38032FE-XXXHP MAX8868EUK29-T TK11148SIL E30-37 SAB9081H/N3 AGM2412C-RLBTW-T BZX79-A5V6 UT62V25716BS-70LE ZXRD100ANQ16TA MAX6306UK29D3-T VRE306JS GC118SN9515032R WM2610CDT TSC80C51CXXX-L16CI AM29LV102BT-120EC ZMM5243B TPSMC12A FQA90N15 IDT70V24S20JI EXO-3-16M FDP5645 DTC115EKA KRC121M 93LC66A-I/SM 2SK1880(S) IC61LV6416-12K XC18V01SO20C RN5VL43AA-TR SN74LS290DR2 UPD78323LP(A1) GBPC15W-005 R2000 P6KE110 SPX1086T-5.0 SNJ54F283W QM30TF-HB NTE1774 15KP51 L7908CV 10BSA MPSA92 CM300DU-12F K6T4008U1C-GB85 IDT54FCT299L A65H83181P-7 VI-NCNY-XX N74ALS273N CM75TF-24H RN5VS59AC FU-68PDF-V510M170B LP80C52 ST9293 M37531RSS REC15-5012DRWB PIC16C54-XT/SS

25 Marth 2020 (New datasheets):

SNJ54AS240AFK RGF20M L125 S2016N PT6503C PIC16F83A-20/SO M38037FB-XXXFP DDU66C-175B2 WMF512K8-150FEI5A ADG507ATQ TPS76533DR M38021M6-XXXFP OPB365P51 LS832 WS512K32NV-100HIA BUK545-200A MAX127AEAI 2N2907 MRF321 IDT6116LA15TP JM38510/66302BEA MAX6310UK42D2-T RM-0505S SM5K3 GC15006 CMR2U-04 MC33410FTA E05-51T 5962-8960301EA AGM1212B-RLBTS-T BTB24-600BW AZ10EL16VOD MX7548BQ CW22P881 M38868FDAFS S60D35D CS5151GN16 DDU66F-40D1 M27256L-20 2082-6042-09 G65SC02-ACW-4 QL8x12B-2PF100I PRN1102410R0J P4KE33C IDT74FCT273ASOB SMI-90-3R3 TK70403MTB T1635-600G SMA33 UF1A TSC80C51XXX-44CI MBM29LV017-90PTN WS512K32L-35G1TQA ZMM5247 A-542G MAX3222CUP ESMD-C21 1N6285A HFM106-M 1N4749A M38024E7DXXXSP ADM693 P5KE48 CSPPT16-560J AME8800NEAT KSE13008 AMS1085CM-3.5 AME8500BEFTAE27 MYB51CA MAX144BCUA M4LV-64/32-15VC IDT74FCT541CDB G41601AA-DC24-B PT3325N MXL1013IN8 MAX4574CWI M38862F4AHP AS5C4009LLECJ-85/IT WMS128K8V-25CI EP7312-EV-C JM38510/07402BCA XC6203P212PR R1250V271A-E2 OR2C10A-4S208 SF13 VI-LCNX-XX P6KE220A PIC16F84T-10I/SO CD6287A P4KE12A 74V2G66 RH01 BUZ60 T89C51RD2-RDVC-L UPC8139GR-7JH-E1 SMCJ120A 1.5KE82A KBPC802 SM2827 TC620XHEOA MD51V64405-60TA CXA1884N PT2127A-C44S NJ8820MA 1N970 AV9169CF-46 PT2128A-B52

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