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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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17 September 2019 (New datasheets):

LM2937IMP-10 ULCE17 IS61NLP12836-5B XCR3256XL-10TQ144C S10S35 BUW13A CAT93C5733J-42TE13 SM5820B VI-NUP-XX SD303C04S15C VRE104C MDD72-18N1B LMC6044AIM SNJ54HCT245J E10-40 5962H9659301QXX SF53-TB MAX6310UK25D4-T 3D7205Z-30 ZTX320 GC79SNCE12R Am29LV400T90RFCB NTE923D RT9172N-27CG P6SMBJ7.5A 269-C-190-F1480-A MAX1245BEPP P6KE110C TDA8765H/4/C1 FAR-C3SA-03580-K00-U ZM4748A 1N6641US MR3G-K PSMA9.0A HMMC-5027RF UC2706DW RD16E-T1 UPD75108FGF-XXX-3BE LM809M3X-2.63 SL2017MP1S REC3-6912SRWZ SN74AC11DR WS128K32N-120G2UCA SF55 1SMB2EZ14 ST2100C34R2 DS1673S-3 AGQ200A06Z SN74CBT3861PWR PDTA144WU 5962H9475403QXX TLV2783IN FFA10U40DN TZA3034T LP62S1024AX-55LLI WMS512K8-20CLCA 74AC11157N BSS79C AM24LC08N8A ISD4002-240P ACM1602T-NLFS-T TS393IN UF4001 IS61NP51218-133TQ XC40110XV-09BG432C M38C32EAMXXXFS TB3100L M38046F9-FP SA702N 2PD602AR LM4130AIM5X-2.5 5962R9652601VCX SPAKMC331CFV20 5KP26 TS555IN SN74ALS646A-1DW 5962H9657501QEX PI74FCT373TQ SMBJ26 AZ948-1A-9D 78L06M MN3020 IN74HC14AN HS7541AKS TZX6V2E 2417J4A UT54ACTS139UCX BZV55-F15 UC1707J883B STH60N10FI WMS128K8L-85DEM CL-260HR-CD-TD MAX394CPP VI-J4RCX HT1050 RE5RL30AA-RR MT48LC2M32B2TG-6 HM628512BFP-7 UPC29S10H SN74HC132APWR OP284RPLS SMBJ5932 1SMC5375 LM2660MM S10A30 3D7304-50 BC847CW

16 September 2019 (New datasheets):

SST30VR022-500-C-WN-R 5962-8980501CA SMCJ110CA M38C37E7MXXXFP IDT74FCT377ATSOB RT88 2SK897-MR MCR25N NJM13403V R5110415XXWA IH5043CWE RN5RF51AA-TR CS51021ED16 KBPC1508F/W AGQ210A24Z TZM5246B P4SMAJ6.5CA CA3275 TXD20008JAFLLNH M38061ED-XXXFP SW-217 AD7672TE05 NTE64 MC10H136L 2075-3000 EBS12UC6APS-75 GB301XG-AC220-TF-B GM76C8128CLL-55 MAX6320PUK40AZ-T LM34H 1N5356B MMBD4148 MR850 MSM51V18165F-50TS-K RH-0512D BT-N324RD BK2540-7R BZW06-20B GC102SR9516020RS AN87C196JT AME8815BEBT150 IRHN7450SE MAX6321HPUK44DZ-T FT8U232AM M38258E7DGP M38061MDAXXXGP AME8520AEEVIFE23 LM3352MTCX-2.5 M38203M8-XXXGP 2SD1395 APR3011-30BI-TR G17VNilC-DC24 GS88236AB-250 OM5224SA EDI88512CA45NC ES4318 WS512K8-55CMA MAX111BMJE SN74AHC02PWLE FKC05-12S05 SD453N16S20PSC 5962H9652501VXX BYV72EW-200 AM29LV104BT-70FC GC102BR7012022F MAX6318MHUK38AZ-T M5M5V208VP-12LL-W P6KE33CA UNR4110 M38251MBMXXXFS NTE1606 ADSP-2101BG-100 DMS-20PC-3-YS M38020M6-XXXFP TLC354IDR TU24C02BPI REC5-1415SRW M93S66-BN3 MA3D750 WSF512K32-27G2TI SD7062-IR MGA-81563-TR1 RN5VT12AA-TL 5962-87664012A UC1847L BLW898 5KP64 TLC32046CN REC3-2705SRWZ HLS30ZG SMBJ40 1N4576A-1 LM1893N CD4370A X10FF3 3KP70 EDI88512CA20F36C M306V0E2-FS GP1U781Q 5962-8670407PA PT2129A-T91S IDT72220L20TPB UT69151CLXE15WCA RE5VL39AA-RR G73AD-DC24 BQ2150HMODULE MX27C4096PI-15 PXTA42

15 September 2019 (New datasheets):

V350EPC-33 LM3480IM3X-12 X28HT512D-20 AGM1212E-NEYBS-T APL5152-50BC-TR BL-C2131A-1 AM29LV400BB-90SIB RD47F-T7 LKP5661-5R 2SK3065 GC118SN7013024R LA9410 A623308M-70SU P6KE100 PT2128A-M91 MX27C1000AQI-15 LTC1283 SY89420V M38C36EBMXXXFS L934ID5V JM38510R75001SC M38224E8DHP TLV1543CFN OPB461P51 RE5VT17AC D1B120000 GC70BR7011012FS NNCD5.1C SN74LV04APWR NTE1172 IRF5N3710 GS832018T-200I GS88236AD-200I TPS75333QPWP HCPL-5500 AME8501BEFTCD44 1N4744 TN83C51FC-1 M38021E2-XXXSP MAX40-16.0CA M27C256B-15N6TR PT2128A-M53S MMBZ5240BW EL2444CS DSB015 APM2054NVC-TR M38225E1MFP TLV2362IPWLE LC74760 CL-201HG-C-TU M5C5 M38226ECHFS KBPC4002PW ACM1604B-NEFW-T PIC16CE624-20/JW QL6600-4PS484M MM74HCT32M PR1600R EN29F002NB-70J ICS8344BYT 1N5365B MSM6665-xx UGF10B BB659 WE128K32N-250G4CA P4KE75-T3 IDT74FCT2646CTL IRFR9210 UF3A-T1 MC74VHC32DT 1.5KE6.8 2SC4537 IDT70T659S015BF MSK5204HZD XQR18V04CC44V LTC1623 SN74ABT16827DLR MIC4420BN MAX6318MHUK50CW-T TOP232G AT27C4096-12PI FES2F IDT7005S70JB CAT93C8633JI-42TE13 OP233W P4KE51CA PJ5800ACW TPS75418QPWPR 1.5KE18 LM237KC UZ5827 CAT93C6611JA-45TE13 TL082MJGB FPBL15SL60 BFP22 TLV1571CDW M38041F6-SP Z8002BUA NE568AD A290021TL-70 DDU4F-5300A2 P89C51RC2HFB REC3-7205SRWZ AM29F010-120FE MSM514265BSL-50 TLV2432CD STK11C88-3W45

14 September 2019 (New datasheets):

N87C58-33 NJU7018V RN5VD35AC IDT74FCT574ADB GC89SNBA08F WS128K32N-17G1UMA 300HF40MS OR3C80-5BA352 HI-1568CDM-03 M306N0FGT-FP RTH42ES391K BS616LV8015BC CM150TU-12F IDT74FCT541CTQ M5M51008CFP-70H ES1E-T1 5962R9653501VXX P6KE68A DS36F95J PI74LPT541S FAR-C3SB-11059-K21-U Z8937116PSC EC2-6S N80L54 CL10K100EQC240-2 LM6164WG/883 M38224EB-FP IDT74FCT16H245ETPA GBU6D 1EZ190D5 P172PBCA IC62LV2568L-70H RE5VL28CC CMM0336-AK X25325S14I CY74FCT162245TPVC LP3963ES-3.3 SA11A 2SK2954-MR SZ305B G4160NilC-DC12-BM uPD65664 1.5KE7.5C SP206EP JM1aN-P-DC24V TK71531ASCL PMBZ5240B IDT542157TDB TMS25224F EDI88130LPS45NM SPT9713AIP CRD512 REC5-5605SRWLZ WME128K8-300CM FQD7N10 MOGB37W CXD1803AR 1504-120F TQ2-L2-6V L78L24CD M38C33M1MXXXFP FAR-C3SB-06000-K21-T BUK7624-55 HCTL-1100 NTE714 AME8520AEEVLFE22 HD74AC259 SMLJ9.0 ACM1602K-NLFW-T D2570H908 MOE18T PST3330 M27C512-80XN3 QL4016-1PF144M 0662.800HXLL EDI88130LPS35L32C BA10FP AT27C1024-15VC DAC-08F RSD-1.812DH AN5441S SMAZ39 UDA1334BTS 1SMA43AT3 BL-R4515 5962-9653401VXC KBU6M 74AC86PC REC5-463.3SRWLZ MAS9122ASM2-T APL5301-17DI-TR M5M465400BTP-5 ACM4004C-FEYBS-T M38C81MA-XXXFP VUB160-16NO1 APT2X31D120J XC4036XLA-08BG432C 1.5KE27A SM320 ACM1602S-RLFW-T MAX6378UR38-T LT1184 AM29F200AB-120FEB BZX2C180V MMSZ5258BT1 CAT93C4633SI-28TE13 AM29LV400BT70RFEB

13 September 2019 (New datasheets):

CHFP6KE18C SEL2810A CAT93C5724UA-30TE13 SMCG18 AS273F1LPT DCR1474SY14 AIC1086-50CT PMLL5244B MJF6388 RN5VS46CC M38067EAAXXXFP 302U160AYPD WMF128K8-90CC5 7MBR30SA060E-01 P6KE250 P4SMAJ75 SD203N04S10MBC MC74AC541ML1 FRK9260R BTA25-800CW PI74FCT821TR NTE5895 M38505MF-XXXSS UT28F256T-45PPX THI1220 IS61LV5128-10K M38034MF-XXXFP SST39VF512-45-4C-B3K CD74HC03M96 DS1100U-175 STP11NK40Z WS512K32F-100G4TCEA 40IMX35D15D15-9 WE128K32N-150G2TI AM29LV400B70RSEB AZ821-2C-6DSE PZM20NB1 TLC2264INS MT5C1005F-70L/XT IRF5852 TC54VC3701EZB MX7533KN MC74LVQ574SD G902BO-DC15-Nil2 MMBZ5257B LNBK14SP-TR NTE2302 RA-123.3D MAX6317HUK39DX-T CLM2805C-4.5 BZW06-136 15KP30A K4D263238A-GC50 VI-J6FIX FQB1P50 HLMP-J150 SB140-T3 MC74VHC00ML2 IDT54FCT543ATQ R1210N431C-TR M74HC7244 AME8500AEFTBA44 G53AD-DC110K MC33464N-47ATR R1221N20AB-TR GS15T48-5 SMAJ51CA LM613AMJ/883 SMLJ10 ACM1604D-FLFD-T FB1006L IDT7026L55GB CL7192EQC160-20 REC3-4809SRW 74ABTH16899DL FLM10 SD403C16S10C MAX4554CSE CAT93C8611PA-42TE13 PIC16CE623-04E/SO BD-A502RD MGFC40V5258 P6KE400CA-T3 61056-103 GS840F18AT-8.5 2SC5504 D2526G30 SMBJ18CA GOG96017 SN54HC174J BZX399-C3V0 AM27C256-255JI BT151B-650R 5KP100C IDT7006L70FB M38185E6-FS RC10S06G M56733AFP AM28F256A-150EEB XC3190A-1PQ160C MSM7580GS-K SN74LVC244ADGVR G691L308T21 3.0SMCJ48CA RS1K DWA010 KHH07048S1V2AL IDT74FCT162652TE

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