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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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4 August 2020 (New datasheets):

PIC16LC554T-04E/SS TC7107AIPL T300/12 MIC8021-0002 BCU86 R6111030XXYZ FE1D OM183-15NM M38C20FB-HP 5429FCT520BTQB A29DL324UV-90 5962-9466308QXC IDT74FCT162652CTE FR306 NE83Q93N AD7228ABN FW115 IMP527ESA LMV7235M5 G17BNilA-DC6 M5M417400CJ-7 M38254M7-XXXFP NJM592V8 MJ15023 M38221MADXXXGP HER207 MMBT2907AWT1 SST39LF040-55-4C-WK 5962RTBD02VYC AD775JR RN5VL48CC GP101CG-DC6-LB ZPSD303-B-70LI M38254M1MXXXGP 74LCXZ16244MTDX SMCJ33C DM74LS153M AMMC002AWP-100I PHP109 AM29F002T-120JCB M38B56EB-XXXFS VP1509NW HIP2106 M38C30E8AXXXFS JA1c-TM-AC24V-P MAQ17503FC KBP204 CD54HC30F SN74ACT374DBLE KM681002CLJI-10 M38505M1H-XXXSP G65SC21XI-3 CY74FCT573CTQC RX-1515S LA7471M Z0109MN 104JT-050 1.5KE20A P80C552-6B MI2YMW TL084ACDR AGM1264D-MEBBS-T OPA627AU OP10 1504-20B M37540E8GP IR2128 TZX9V1B DL4753A FXE-6MC L78M08T SN7447AN3 LM137H PC703V7 TDA8005G/C119 X25163S14-2,7 K1V24(W) SN74ALS1035N DMS-30PC-4/20S-5RL MAX6321HPUK44BW-T WS512K32-17H1C SR1060 2SK1886 Z86C6416VEC TPS76628D MAX696EWE CS3310-KP SMBJ85A RTH22ES330J AD22151X 74LVC652PW RH5RI382B-T2 MMUN2215LT1 AT24C01A-10PI-2.5 MI-J6MMY RM100CZ-24 AS29F040-55TI SMBJ5930 WS1M8-45FCA RSD-2405DH ROM-3.315S MJ11031 D170/14 SMBJ28 G70HS0B-DC3 L3235 BL-HX135

3 August 2020 (New datasheets):

CD14538BF3A IXSK40N60CD1 AD2S82AHP SD360T OM4202SC BS-C515RD MAX4555CSE MAX6321HPUK45CW-T HSA2920 ST62E85-GP U635H256CSK45 RN5VS29CC V4374128C24VSG-75PC CD5291 IDT72261L12TF ZMM68 1PMT5913BT3 M38227EBHFS BD533 PM200-23C FCR3.52M5 ZMM5250 M38034M2-XXXFP IDT74FCT16244CTPFB IDT74FCT16374ATPFB PMKC03-48S12 BA7021 UC3842D PT2128A-B33 AGM1212B-NEFTD-T M38505EB-XXXSP NTE7136 TG-84 74LVTH573WM W27E520S-90 P4SMAJ60A ASX220A1HX AM29LV004BT-120EEB X25057MI-2,7 LH28F400SUN-LC15 BSX62 OPF1402 MC10H165FNR2 SP3494EN QL5732-33BPS484I RT9172F-21CM QK006L5 PD480PI1 MP02HBP130-16 gm5126 HA17818V L6221N ESMD-C3 5962R9656701VXX 3EZ10D1 A1750A47RRSC08 IS1 LC7930NW REC15-1605SRWBZ P8TG-2412E2:1 SG7812AIG/883B ES1C 5429FCT2052DTQ P4802ZB ZVP4525TA SPX1202S-5.0 VFC320SM BZX55A51 SMBJ64A P4KE62C P6SMBJ16CA MV53642 AME8500BEETBD44 UPA836TF IDT54FCT640PB M38064E1AXXXFP MX651DW SC1123.8CSK.TR MT4C4001JZ-6IT BGY84A M38866FAA-XXXHP PT2127A-M54 VI-RUKFX-XXXX AD261BND-2 MAX6320PUK41BW-T 1N5946B CMPZ4117 IDT54FCT541ATD SN74LS132DR2 BZX84-B8V2 P6SMBJ8.5 AP431QA A1751A57RRFC06 KDZ22EV HM628512CLFP-5SL A-244CH DG306ACWE M38064E7-XXXGP QL6250-7PT208I 2KBP06M DLTS19C MB1510W BC167 IDT7134LA20F SFH4595 A23L1616R-100 TK71617ASCLH 2SJ284

2 August 2020 (New datasheets):

P4SMAJ210C CAT25C64S16I-1.8TE13 M38039F2-HP MA46481 386 V585ME40 AT49LV001T-70JC AT49LV002-70VC X28C256FM MLS9203-00815TR UF4006-TB P6KE300 M38207E8-XXXFS SR560-TB A371-22ND MAX6316MUK34CZ-T 1T404A FAR-G6CH-1G8425-L217-T TXD2SA-L-6V-Z W91473BL SN74CBT16214DLR MSK5041-3.3 PDM31034SA15TSOTR MAX6316LUK26CY-T CY7C4201-15ACT VI-PUHK-XXX SF14LG D10SB10 UVP-4357AA 74AC574MTCX R1223N492C-TR P4KE160 1N5377B L4945 SRF-2016 PIC16C57C-20/SP GC102SR5011022FS 5962F9322604VZC M5M4V64S40ATP-8A C65SC02-APW-6 SE555FKB ACM4004C-NLYTD-T SA78CA REC2.2-1215SRW UC2844N 15KW45A URAM3CN2 FT0811DD SD103BW-T3 TSC80C51CXXX-30IH PIC17C43-33/JW BZW04P40B NTE1560 BC848A M38C34M1AXXXFS 1519-120B WS512K32L-35H1Q M38C21MADXXXHP ST330C04C0 Z86C97 M38206E3DXXXHP AS432BR25S13 LS21BB-2PGT IS89C52-12PQ SN74HCT257N M38252EADFP DL04-18F1 1N4707 MX7828KCAI ADG411BR PCF8563P M38064M5DXXXGP SA15A SNJ54ALS74AJ MT5C1009C-70L/XT TCA305G MC74ACT157DR2 NM93CS06MM8 MAX6316LUK39BX-T P4KE220CA OHN3113U S24022S2.7T AGM1532A-FEFTW-T 1N5934B BUZ72A XC4010XL-2BG256I MC33172P APR3103-30BC-TR M5M51008BKV-10L MAX3245ECAI CMY91 IDT7201LA65SOB 1SMB3EZ33 F30D60 GL8HD5 SNJ54HCT244FK CLL4699 BQ2112B-KT AT28C256-15FM/883 1N6523U 75T2090-IP FDD15-15D3 KBPC808 MMBTH24LT1 74F377SC DCR1277/34 HER102G

1 August 2020 (New datasheets):

ALD1101BPA ACM1602M-REYH-T RH5VT23AA-T1 P4SMAJ18 24LC00T-/OT PST7039 ISPLS1016EA-125LJ44 DLZ39B IDT74FCT2540TQB PIC16LF648AT-I/MLxxx IDT54825BTPY PT4103C TLV5621ID C5403-31 MA2S367 R1223N432C-TR TS83C51FC-2 SN74ACT7811-20FN 28C010TRT4FB12 SST32HF162-70-4E-EK F12C60A 73K222AL-LP FRS9230D P6SMBJ24C 2SA0879 PT2129A-S34S PJ367C MAX338MJE P4SMAJ8.0C LC7536M MSM5839C CAT93C8613SA-25TE13 M38203E8-XXXFP MM1512 WF2M16W-90DAM5A LP3985IBP-4.7EV SMCG150CA QVA11133 STK4044II IDT7133LA45PFB DLO31F-20MD1 16D2-07KCS HEF4049BU MI-PC6ZJ-XXX P4SMAJ130 SMLJ16C C65SC21EI-3 EL1511CS-T13 1N5341B HTG12N0 1N6271A EP1S-3L1 ACT-5271PC-150F17C M38225MAMXXXHP IDT54FCT162373TPAB 1N5308 CAT25C081U14I-45TE13 MT48LC16M8A2TG-8EIT ER800F DCR1006/26 MG75PB34 N74ALS08D IDT54FCT645DTE MAX4251EUA HCPL-063N#500 2N5323 FJNS3208R AP1117E30A KBPC3502PW STK401-210 APL431LBDC-TB IRF5850 CAT25C041S16-25TE13 UT69R00012FCCF E05-55M1 M38224MBMXXXGP 74HCT366N SMLG64CA HYM64V8045GU-50 CD4072BPWR B80C800 EDI8L32512C20AI KBJ604G A290021TL-70 MCD56-08IO8 EVAL-ADF4212EB1 SMAJ90A 5962F9475404VXA OP470FY GL3HD44 M62381FP SML4759 NM24C32UEM8 CF5010BN4-1 RH5VL37CA-T1 V62C5181024LL-35VI TN80C186EA13 XM20C64-55 WS512K32L-17G1TMA 15KP51A AM29F400BB-120EIB X88064PI-60 SA18A W152-2 RN5RG20AA-TR M38205M5DXXXFP MC100LVELT22 SAA7219/HS/C2

30 July 2020 (New datasheets):

G70LS0A-DC24 PIC16C55-10/SS BCW69LT1 LX509 AT49BV002N-12VI TPIC6C596DR SR1620 SMLJ6.5C CD4704 M38201M5DXXXFS SD153N04S10PBV BCW60A 202AT-2 KD1084DT18 UC5604N RJ-3.31.8S KM68257ETGI-10 AT49F001-70JC MC4558 uPC1225H P4C1256-35CM 74VHC273MSCX BT150-800R M5M5V408BKV-85HW 5KP8.5CA 5KP15CA MUN5132T1 SP6830EK/TR IDT54FCT640CTE BIR-HM133A U4SB60 M38227E4MHP K6T4008C1C-MB55 DE375-102N10A APL5505-A32KI-TR GS4982CDA PM1206STR BLF175 HL02R24S12YH 5962H9657301QXA UC3524AJ US1206-18CM X24128S14 MP35-02 PJ2N5551CT MPB80-1048 NL6EBX-DC5V MC74F368N NPH15S4812i LE15ABZ S10J CD4081BCN BC847CF LS6J3M-3D JM38510/37204B2A GB301YG-AC120-TF-L WS1M8-25DJMA IDT74FCT827DTPY THI0520 TDA8714M/6 XMT5370A-155-SC P51XAG30KFBD 15KP40A M38C83E8-FP RG-3.315D HC2HTM-DC48V SM2840 ZMM55-A3V9 LM1971N AME8500BEFTCE27 M38253M1MXXXFS HIN236IB L-6H2ED ST72321J7 FS3UM-16A IDT54FCT2640TPY SIS5595 ADG602BRT SL1925NP2T M38181M8-XXXFS IDT72230L50TP MAX6320PUK45BX-T TLC3702CPSR M38C29MC-XXXFP IXFX24N100F X28HC64FM-12 MAX306EQI 48IMR40-03-2 STU6012 V26MLA1206WA AGM1212D-NEFTD-T R1210N231A-TL MI-J7TMY R1230D231B-TL 10A05 UF1D-T1 WS512K32L-17G1UC 1N6486US AGM1264B-RLFBH-T M38509ME-XXXSS IDT542257ATQ NTE3880 GS70328SJ-8 TS27L4CDT IDT49FCT806BTD DDU4F-5060 M38223E8HFP

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