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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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26 November 2020 (New datasheets):

ICL7667CPA 1N4742 MI-QC2VW-XXX CXP5076 WMS128K8L-45DJC AM26C32MFKB 05W4B H22-1 5962-9657001VXA AMS3102AM1-5.0 LNG876LKD 5KP6.0C IDT74FCT573DTD IDT74FCT163245APF PIT-1304 FDC05-24D12W SN74ALVC16834DGGR HCF4048B WF512K32N-60G4M5 REC15-2915DRWBZ CY7C199-15ZI MC14544BCP MAX634EJA CN25D BZX55C8V2 TEA5500T HER307 MIC29201-5.0BU UC1708J AT27C010L-70PI SMZG3806A C4877 BZW04-7V8B AT49HF010-70PI VI-2NWIX MI-26JMW BYM11-800 DS26C31TN SF83S SMBJ5940D SN54LS122J TPS76150DBVR W27C020-90 Z90349 MI7NMV SD103R16S15MSV PIC12C508A-04/P IE0505S DAC2815SH M38023M3-XXXSS PQ3DZ13 M38C80M1-XXXFP LS6J3M-1Y/T 100371SC P4KE10A R1223N282H-TR SPC-0703-680 SB20100FCT PI3B16861 MH8100F B1150S-3.3 NE56632-19D MA2J114 UDA1351TS NTE280 BTS917 SD453N20S30PTC XC4003E-2PQ100I FU-68SDF-802M55B HE2aN-DC12V DL4007 REC3-3705SRWZ RN5VT23AC MC100E116FN TC650BDVUATR M38C33E4AXXXFP BZW06-376 IDT70261L25PF TXD20008DEFLLDH TSC80C51XXX-20CA REC15-2515SRWB R1113Z371B-TL MMBT2907A 337L MV834 IDT7206L65TP REC5-5512DRWZ X28C010EM-25 HS-2622RH SN74LVC828ADWR MCM40L512SG80 C65SC02-AP-2 MM1373E WMS512K8-17CI KIA6040P FU-68PDF-520M72B TLV320AD543PTR SNJ54LS674FK MSM51V16165A-70JS LM2902N TXD2SA-L-6V-X GP101CG-AC220-B HYB3116400BJ-50 DF5VD60 TEL3-2413 5962R9658201VCA IS61LV5128-15KI R1230D151A-TR

25 November 2020 (New datasheets):

P4C147-20LMB OPA4228UA/2K5 AT27C080-10PI MX210QL TM400UZ-24 74HC40103N IDT54FCT2645TQ AG403-89 NJM2264D IDT54FCT640LB M38049M9-XXXSP SF52 BZX55B3V9 MC14053BFL1 5962-8771001PA ISD1020AP AM29F800BB-55FI R1223N162F-TL AM29DL400BT-90FE PCM69AU-J/2K MI-PC6X2-XXX BDP952 IS61C632A-8PQ PIC16F73-I/ML TF841S TVS528 TE28F400BX-T80 AME8501BEETBA44 RD11F-T8 M38030F9-SP MAX4528EPA TXS2-L-4.5V-X STK11C88-N35 AM28F020-70ECB CAT93C4621K-45TE13 BZX84C3V9 PIC16C55-10/P ALD1726EPA 5KP70CA 1.5KE27 FR206 STK11C88-3P55 PD110-10LC M5-384/184-5HC GC79BNCC10RS BGY84 UPA611TA RW-2409S 27HCT595P IDT74FCT2573DTPY CAT93C8611SA-25TE13 NT5SV8M16CT-8B MAQ28151FB 74AC374SCX SG1845L/883B M38198MB-XXXFS MKI75-06A7 1N756A SL1714KG BSR20A 5962G9684503VXA 5962-9651701QCA 2N3634 74AC16245DLR 5962R9172301VEA M38226MCHXXXHP MSM51V17800D-50TS-K G17VSS-DC12 TCM29C17ADWR GP103B-AC110-L 74ALVT16731DL TOP233G AGM2464C-NE-GBH-T 48IMS15-05-9R M38196E2-XXXFP TLC271CPWLE G65SC51L-4 IDT74FCT824CEB LNG408YKX 1.5KE56C M38035F1-XXXSP 5962-9651601VXA MF-156DS-TR123-030 CLL4682 BM-11457NA XTR114U AGM1232C-REYBH-T IP140MAH-15-883B QL4090-0PQ208C GC89SRDE15FS M38252M7-XXXFS TK71650SCLH ZRT040A1 IDT74FCT2827BTDB XC4085XLA-09HQ304I AT6003-4JC SR540 ST750ACD-TR M38021M7-XXXFS M57788UH M38222E3DFP M38203E6DXXXFP LB1830M 2N3053 OPA244UA/2K5 NJM2151AV DP1101-7R

24 November 2020 (New datasheets):

SHF-0189 E28F001BX-B90 REC8-6805DRWL MSC23436A-70BS12 MBR1635CT 74ACT20 UVS-546AE MAX815TESA M38C21M5-XXXFP LM3886T MAQ9264T70CS G41802C-DC12-BM MC74F1803N 2N6121 HD14013B PWR70 GBPC1504G MAX195BMDE LH5P832N-10 SST39VF512-55-4C-B3H M24C64-BN3 R05T0512 H30D40D 307URA120P5 SB140 M38862E9AGP TND017MP LM2585SX-5.0 2W005 HTZ80H24K EP1-3L3S MK2712S GC79BNCE15R 2SK1960-T2 SY100H842 APT2012SEC BLY87C SLD302V 15KP150CA PACDN016S BS616LV2013AI SN74AHC14N CD411299 TDA1597 SST29EE512-70-4I-NN M38502MEH-XXXSP KA2154 MC74AC377DTEL BZX84-C11 TL431IP OL5492-03 APL431LBEC-PB LA6358N 5962H9659201QRC 1N4004 LH28F400SUN-NC80 SP522CA VI-PUFK-XXX SMCJ24CA DCB301 FR152G 1.5KE75A SMA2837 SN74LVC652APWLE IDT54FCT646CSO SN74ALS867ADW UT54ACTS374UCA EDI88130CS15CI IDT72402L10DB NDL4805S SG2549Y LM224DR APL5503-33DC-TR 74LCX374SJX 32C408BRPFE20 NTE1415 BZW04P7V8 PBH26/10 LH5496-20 MG73PB08 TPS76801QD TL083CN SN74LS76AN UPD3778CY AM29LV020BT-120EE BQ4016MC-70 M5M5V208VP-12L-W TLE4205G 15KP130 TN87L52-1 WS512K32L-15H1MA R1221N39AB-TR IP120AK-05-BSS2 IDT6116LA25DB P5KE40CA SMBJ5925C NE630N WS1M8-35FCA QL3012-1PF144M MDU12H-30MC3 AM29LV040BT-90JC SN74F373N3 BYG10J 1SMB5941BT3 MKC03-12S33 ILC7080AIM5-36 SN74AHCT174DGVR NTE859

23 November 2020 (New datasheets):

SD600R32PC TPS2212IDB SA25F010LENFX AZ742-2C-48D KM684000CLR-7L DG301ABA V5.5MLA0805WH 15KW36 X25165V14I-1,8 P4KE30-TB MAP55-4001 TU93C46SI FPBL15SM60 CAT25C081S16-25TE13 GC89SNCD20R P4KE68 MMBT5179 MAX6312UK50D1-T M50LPW116 R1140Q381B-TR P8SG-2415ZH30 OM5235SC 3EZ190D5 TM1.8.560K ACM1602L-FEYW-T M38B56M6-XXXFP IDT54FCT244ASO BUL38D AM29F040B-150FC SST34HF1601-70-4E-LFP ZY36 Q8040K7 F30D30 KBJ15G M38860FDA-XXXGP CAT93C8631UA-42TE13 HIN241IB Am29LV160DT-120FC 1504-30E TPS1100PWLE M38253M3DXXXHP 1110D BAV70 M38067ECAXXXFS 5962H9659401VXX KBU602G PT2127A-C82 AME8500CEETBE40 STB10NB50 BL-HJB33A M5M51008BKR-70VL-I TK11131SIL P4C164L-25DM D171C004CAN DDU7F-300B2 CXA1331M AT24C04-10TI-2.5 MB89P165-203-PF 2SC3852 M38509FEH-XXXSS SB25005W TSC80C51XXX-L16CF MAX6321HPUK34BX-T IP1526AJ VTP4085S P4KE8.2 HD63B05X1P P4SMAJ15A-T3 SZ105B SR580 AS431CR25SA MAX6313UK47D1-T MAX305CPE BL-HK034A PIC16C558T-04I/SS CMPZ4120 TSC80C51CXXX-40IG WS512K32N-17G4TI 5KP6.0 IXFH76N06-11 REC5-7005DRWZ CHF1.5KE9.1A P6KE51A M38061E7AXXXFS 2N4857A TLC27L9IDR LTC1099MJ AGM1212E-FEFBD-T ZM4764 S2M-T1 TSC80C51CXXX-16IG SN74AHC595N NSH03A09 AQV221NAX 2SC5455 BZD23-C82 CD6271 AD9012AQ PIP208 P6KE11CA FS2KM-18A TLC352IP CXA1875AP HAA1441 M5LV-384/120-10YC MSK5115-5TU SN74AHC244DGVR

22 November 2020 (New datasheets):

MR2406FR SMBJ6.5C DMS-20LCD-1-DCM 5429FCT2520DTSOB L9826 APL431AEI-TR M38259E3MHP ST7291L6 PI5A391A EA2-12S UL631H256SC45 GS71108AU-8 GS840Z18AT-180I LM4543VHX TS150 5962R9657801QXX COM5233T JANTXV1N6769 SSS1N60B MCM72F7ADG12 PIC16LC72T-04E/SO M38043M5-XXXHP TRF3040PTR G936T24B CY2305SI-1 CXA1645M CHFP6KE6.5CA 78L09ACZ MGS13002D 5962-9153601MXA M38C22MDDXXXHP M5M44800CTP-5S HEF4035BP AM27X010-120JC SA70A DS1135Z-6/T&R LP62S16128BV-55LLI 5962-9679801VCA MAX6316LUK31DZ-T TPS2331IPWR IRF5210S RU-1224 M37515M4-XXXHP AME8500BEFTCD28 1N5747C 1N6288C MAP40-3000 RP20-2412DEW M38061EEDXXXFP LH28F160S5R-L10 US1A-T3 2SA1883 IDT54FCT646SO 2N6506 HAL502UA-K TMS4257-12SDS DLO32F-8 SNJ54ABT2240AJ ACM2402C-NLFW-T WA305 BFG197/XR FAR-C4SA-03580-L21-U P4KE43C PIC17C752-33/JW UDN2984A M38183M1-XXXFP BM-11488MD-A ZMM12 TSC80C31-20IF TC334AL/CL RI-243.3 1N1616 MB84VA2101-10 CAT93C5621PI-45TE13 2SC4499(L) ACM4004C-REYBS-T BL-B3138 M61504FP AN7077Z BFR505T IDT74FCT540DB GC79SNDE12RD M5M5V208FP-85L-W IDT74FCT162500ATE 74ALS240AD IDT54FCT646CLB SN74ALS241C-1DWR L293DWPTR ZMM55F51 CAT93C8621UI-30TE13 M38049FD-XXXFP MBR10100CT OPA620KU VN820SO G4160NilA-DC12-M PBYR4025WT A82596CA MT5C1001DCJ-20L/XT 5962R9654201VXC UPC8106TB-E3 IP7915IG 1N5401G TC54VC1801EMBTR GS880E18AT-133I M38C89EC-FP BY229X-400 CD4514BNSR M38227MB-XXXFP

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