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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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15 October 2019 (New datasheets):

P6KE47A 2SK1656-T/JM 74LCX14CW MTN4131-61C BP2320-7R 5962H0150202QXA IRF253 P4KE36 PDTC124EE STUP0B3 IAM4810C22 ZM4753 CS8129YDWR16 PS393EPE SCN2661BC1A28 G901BO-DC12-Nil2 IDT7134SA20C W83194R-58A ILC7010C5-28 FAR-C4CN-04194-M00-R TLSH2101 BZW50-10B BYM13-60 AM29LV102BT-90FEB 2SD1781K AME8501AEFTCF31 LOK380-P M38064M4-XXXFP IDT74FCT573CTP AS2431CR4LPT RB-0512SH AS7C34098-20JC TS2010R TA24-11SRWA RN5VS44AA-TR 1N5932B M38513M4-XXXFP 2SC2910 ACT4419D EP4660-7R Z893232YFEC TK71650SCL SP5502SKGMPAS TM1262B-R KBPC10005 1V5KE150CA M38254MCDXXXGP APL5301-28BC-TR CDLL4622 MTZJ2.7B 74ACT399PC M4A5-256/128-7YC GC89SNBA15RS ADM692A BTS720L1 IDT74FCT521CTQB 1N4937 REC15-5212DRWB LMX2325MDC MAX6322HPUK36A-T SD253R16S15MV GB301Y-DC12-SF-B MC74AC374DW MBR2060CT APT30D20HCT ICL8069CMSQ2 AGM1264D-MEFBD-T M27C512-10XB1 P4SMAJ36-T3 MC78M24CDT TSC80C51TXXX-44IC DLV-3.3/6-2.5/7-D24I AT24C32W-10SI-2.5 MPS751 AGM1212C-RLYBW-T 100322QI SNJ54LS21FK B280 WMS128K8L-20CMA IDT54FCT164245TPVB M38502E2-SS IDT54FCT533TEB CMZ5374B CL7256AETC144-10 IDT72210L20TC AV0932C AGM1212E-NEFBW-T VI-J2BIX RN5VS26AA-TR MT8816AE HT9274 LF298H MAX6318MHUK46CX-T MC1458P SMBJ5920 SNJ54HC367FK SNJ54ABT821FK SD300R08PSC FP215 AM28F512A-120PC ML2035CP uA733CN ST330C14L1 XCV200-5FG256I VT5F9MN0006 FRM130D IRF330

14 October 2019 (New datasheets):

MSM5116400B-50TS-L PBPC306 SST39LF016-70-4I-B3I PDTC143EU MMBD4148 AGQ200A1HZ RH5RL59AA-T1 LB-402MF DS912/48 MAX6316MUK29BY-T NC2D-PL2-DC5V XC4052XL-3HQ304I QL3004E-0PL84C IDT54FCT827CTSO M38065EADXXXFP MPSA42 NMV1205D 2SC4519 LM4040AIM3X-4.1 D2587P175 RE5RL49AC DD84SCLS HER201 A62S7308BM-55SI 74LCX540MSAX EL1503CS KM44C4000CK-6 BZT52-C6V2 MI-QC6XJ-XXX P87C54UBPN LC75741W IS62LV12816L-70BI 269-A-130-D-14xx-C AD743 ACM4002F-FLFS-T M5M465405DJ-6S 74HC9114N PD25GB40 AD9223SIOCEB SM6T6V8A SF53 TSC80C51TXXX-36CH SF12 L934SRC/H VUO62-06NO7 GX9533-CTY AM29F010B-90DTI1 W40S01-04 APL5505-A14KI-TR 110IMY15-0503-8R MBRS2040LT3 L433IDT MX7248J/D 2N2219A AN79M15F M38503FAH-XXXSP P4KE13A NM24C32UEN MRFIC1818 SR360 NDH832P CXD1804BR 12IMR3-15-2 JANTX1N6762R PDU13F-2B2 SG2014L/883B TMP320C50KGDL80C BD244B MAX6320PUK48BY-T MI-PC6XM-XXX 1.5KE250CA BD777 P4KE400 C-502SR-10 FU-68PDF-V520M198B SMCJ43A CAT28F001TA-12BT LNM334AA01 U630H64BSC25 IL252 24LC00T-I/ST V62C2184096LL-85BI NWK933CG M38B53M7-XXXFS VUO18-12DT8 LP2951CN L7815ABD2T R1110N281BTL PST9128N TSP090C WS128K32L-55H1QA U630H64BSK45 MC330079D XCS40XL-5PQ208C AME8500AEETDF27 FAR-F5CE-836M50-K236-V XCV100-6FG256C MBRF1080CT OM5202/FBB TSA5526AT/C1 DG509ABK APL5302-34DI-TR KM28C64AI-20 FDD25-12S1 HER107 UT28F256LVC-65UPC OPA338UA/2K5

13 October 2019 (New datasheets):

HMS87C1204A M48T248Y MAX951EUA MAX2510EEI 24LC32AT-I/SM UC2855BN SLD10VEC SST29EE512-200-4C-PN SM401 IDT7202LA20SO MGFC1403 LC72P321 TSC3877 XC2S100-5FG456C IDT74FCT543DTSO W83787IF MAX952EUA NM93C86ALZM8X SMCJ26 SN74ALS00ADR AZ100LVEL16VTNAR1 AZ100ELT23TR2 MX7506JQ ZPD16 SN74148N 3KP28 IDT74FCT2374DTSOB ICM7556ISD HFBR-2412T 2020-300 MTAN4123-AO R1221N42XA-TR RO-0915S CAT93C8621PI-45TE13 CSD01060E MC33167TH SLA5046 PIC16LC54C-04/SO RF3117 PBPC307 MCM67H518FN10 VVZ175-12IO7 GH3-R003SNil2 SMBJ70CA M38048F5-SP R3111H131C-T1 MPSW13 UPD703004AGC-25-XXX-8EU KA7810 M38222M1DXXXFS LH5164AHT-80L ES51966Q MBM29LV400BC-90PFTN MP60-E CXP921000A ACM1602V-RLFD-T SN74LS674N NMV4812DA M38195E8-XXXFS RT9811-29CB MC14569BCP PHP250 S-22S10I10 ST1353 MAX8867C/D28 BTA212X-800C IDT7016S35PF HLMT-QL00 CAT28F102T14R-70T TC74HC257AFN 2SJ324 SW-313 LCB127 1N4933 MD5219R BSR18A FU-68SDF-V802M112B KBU1000G 66013-001 74LVC07A M37531E8SP IS62C1024L-55QI XC6203E502TH NTE614 XCV300-4FG456I MCM6709BJ10 M38060MAAXXXFP MX27C4096PI-15 5962R9863702QHA MAX6363HUT23-T EDS5108ABTA-6A MB3793-30 CMHZ5233B NT256D64S88A2GM-75B IDT7016S12J XC3190A-2PQ208C AM28F010-150JI PT2129A-T51S XC6201P272ML 24LC256T-I/P MSC2313258D-60DS2 ADG528AKN X9221YSI AME8530AEEVHFX26 TPSMB8.2 1N828 ST26C32ABDR 29C010TI-2

12 October 2019 (New datasheets):

1.5KE100CA IDT54FCT161TD MAX320MJA MAX490CPA KGF1181B FDP6035AL KM416C1004BT-7 TM341M-L S-80721AN-DJ-T2 PM9102APA MJ4035 TBP28SA46NW 5962H9658901VXA IRFR9220 M5M5256DVP-55LL BA-12Y3UD MIC5216-3.3BM5 MMBZ5232BS SL4069UBD BZX284-B4V7 SN74ACT8997DWR 5962-9560401QXA SP310ACP CAT93C8623J-25TE13 AM29DL400BT-120EIB P4KE56CA VI-RUXZX-XXXX AM29F010-120DWC1 3.0SMCJ10 SKA2971 LXT914QC SN74ALS648ADW DI100 ARD25112Q AX88850 KBPC110 M38863MAA-XXXFS SN75LBC776DWR TLC27M7CD P4SMAJ30-T3 AM29F016B-70SIB FT1011BH IDT74FCT16245TPFB TEN8-2413 LRZ180-CO AM29LV002T-100EC STK11C48-N25 CY74FCT163244APAC SN74LS05ML1 X28C512PM-90 SFH507-36 AM26LV31CNSR IDT74FCT540ATQB AM29F017B-120EEB BA17810T AT49BV001T-90VC M29W102BT90NZ6T TM130CZ-H OM1321NTM SM5879AV VI-RCWJXX-XXXX 5962H9475402VLC ACM4002F-REGD-T MAX6314US49D1-T TQ2SA-L2-5V CXA3329ER UF2001M LT2A07 BS-AJ04RD MAX555CQK AM29LV010BT-70FIB PI3B16233 MH8S72BCFD-6 CDC328ADBLE GP20G MAX4662EAE 2N4377 M38067MFDXXXFS UDZS5.1B PIC16LF877-10/PT LM120K-05-BSS2 XC17256ELVO8I MC1489D 5962R9659001VXA TIBPAL20R6-5CNT G41302AA-DC24-BM TS822IZ HM-65162/883 IDT7203S12P 307UR160P2 MCM63P631ATQ75R AMS1086CM-2.5 RT9230CS JQ1aP-B-6V AM29F400BT-120DPC1 IS80LV31-24PQ 74ALS251N BYT51A HYB3165165AT-50 PDIUSBH11NB G65SC21DW-1 LS6J1M-2SD/Y-T MDS400 P4FMAJ20 BU4094BC HUFA75542S3S IRFPE40

11 October 2019 (New datasheets):

74AHC1G126 SMCJ110C MTZJ36A BAT54A XC3190A-1PC84C XCV1000E-6FG1156I M5M5V216ATP-70HW 10A030 CAT93C8611K-42TE13 X25F047S P6SMB12CA FEPF16AT MX27C1000MC-45 SA60C WS128K32L-35G1UI FST6445 CET451AN BT258B-500R EPC1064VLC20 SN74LVTH240DBR MX-9G IDT54FCT16H952BTPFB DTM10C-N TSC80C51CXXX-44CA MPX4100ASX 2SC3184 MSARS200S10L 2SK2939(L) FSH10A09 AM29LV001BT-55EI uPD65650 M38201E2DXXXFS LNC707PS 1N4007 M38C35EBMXXXFS SLA5023 CD74HCT20M96 MTAN4123-21C P4SMAJ200CA L6506D ILC5061AIC44 HJ4-T-DC110V SAB-C515A-4R24M SPX1580T5-2.8 MT5C2568C-45L/883C CY62148LL-70SCT Z86C3016PEC TK75005MCMG BM-21K57MD PHB78NQ03LT LMV981MFX MC33077DR2 MBR4040W PDU14F-30 TLIU04C1 MU34 XM28C040I-25 UT69151-XTE5GCX BZY97 - C130 IP117MAIG 1N5935C PT2129A-S54 MC74LCX240M MAZ3036 R3111H371A-T1 1N4933GP MC68360CFE25 SST39VF020-70-4C-NK UFT12260 MAN6140E IDT54FCT244DB MY76C AGM1212D-NLYBD-T PR2002G SSD0858Z UNR4222 VUO25-14NO8 HI-8788PQT SR260 YSS915-M DS8922AM SST28VF040A-90-4I-WH RQ5RW58AA-TR SMLG36C MC74LVX32DT BYV96E STP16NF06 VBO21-06NO7 TP80C151SA LH28F002SCHB-L170 AR302S08 L4981AD NTE160 FMP-3FU AT27C040-70RC XWS2415 WE128K32P-140G2TMA Z86U18FSC E521 DCC408S R1221N42AD-TR IN74ACT253DW AM29F040B-150PEB AM29LV081B-120FEB GM76C8128CLLE-70 SN74HC165NSR 74FR240SJ PDU15F-5

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