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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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4 July 2020 (New datasheets):

DSSK30-0045B MAH3691CE PDM41256SA8SOTY FQAF13N50 RT9808-26CB 1.5KE15CA AM29LV002B-90RECB LMC272CMX LH543620P-25 BQ2011SN-D118 WF300 MC74AC112N 5962R9658001VEX GS72116ATP-8 NMH2409D HAL556UA-A KM416V1204CJ-L5 STVD901J STK4201II MT5C6405C-20L/XT 54F245DMQB MC74ACT373ML1 MX26C1000BPI-15 RT9172N-15CG DCR1279/26 IDT74FCT88915TT55L IDT72413L25P HI-574A PJ1084CZ SB35-45M MC74AC533DW IRFU2407 LCP3121 RE5VT29AC OPA2130UA DM74S182N
TM1641B-L 1N5819 PIC16F84AT-10/SS AR609S06 TLE2062ACP CMPZDA5V1 SN75ALS057DWR RS-371 G902BD-DC12-12 LB1645N RN5VS50AC MIC5231-3.0BM5 CD74HC4052M96 UC1705J883B PAD50 M29W102BT70NZ1T 7604501FA PIC12LCE674-04E/JW MAX232ACSE BFN18 29F52SPC K4E640812B-TCL-45 M38222E1MFP TIC246M BZT03D13 PVT422 309U80P2 74AC86MTC SA14A QL7100-4PT280I LM70CIMMX-5 3KP75 BYV27-150 AGM2464C-NE-BTW-T 5962G-0153402QXX IDT74FCT273CP CS8129YTVA5 M38203M6-XXXFS MLL1.4KESD40 UPD17145CT-XXX BZV58C15 HGTG30N60A4 28LV64PC-4 CAT28F010P-12T TIBPAL16R4-12MWB 1N5404 MC2C-S-AC220 SNJ54AHC02FK BZX284-C27 R3111E491A-TZ KS88C0716 NNCD7.5E U632H16BDC35 GB301YG-DC48-SF-L OMH310 IDT723612L30PF SMBJ13C 1N6283A PCB80C31BH2-12P CXG1081TN SJ2871 PXAS30KBBE MAX3095CEE XRD4411 TISP4240F3SL R30740 M38B53EF-XXXFS ZPU120 CHF1.5KE56A HA-5137A JM38510/00205BDA

3 July 2020 (New datasheets):

6A2 A3161ELT M68769L AS2431AR4VS7 1N5935B SML20L100F EWS0512 TEA1401T/N1 IDT74825ATEB 1.5SMC7V5CA ADS-946GC CAT93C4612PI-45TE13 X25323S14-2,7 BSS138 SN74ALVCH16240DLR BZX55/C2V7 CY74FCT16652ETPAC M38258M1DXXXGP PDM41258SA15SOATY MG74PB36 AS2431CR4DA G90NilAS-DC6-12 TWL1103PBS ADE-1503PF FQD9N08 M38507E5-XXXSS GP102A-DC24-B M38254E7MFS TSC0634 PS201R SN54LS697J GC89SNBB12RS 2SC3617 REC15-4715SRWBZ SA7.5C MAX873AEPA GS820H32AT-150I REC3-4315SRWZ M38867F7A-XXXGP 74LVQ32SJ SMS3922-079 DM74S40N IDT54FCT16260ETPAB INA154U/2K5 PT2128A-B80S CAT93C6624K-45TE13 BPV23NFL 279.200 MSM14Q0340 MSM548263-70JS A290021UL-150 PT2128A-B82S TN-83 MAQ9264C95FL LR5460-DG MC74LVX574DTR2 MM196 1N974B MC4558ID RM100DZ-H IDT54FCT244ATEB IMP811REUS-T PIC16C554T-04I/JW BZT03D6V2 AM29F400BB-55FIB 5962R9563801QQA X25080V-2,7 FDP10AN06A0 FM574-P 5962H9651701VXC SNJ54HC273W SST39LF200A-55-4I-B3N MM3Z4V3T1 IRFU2605 PIC16C67/JW 31DF4 SN74ACT3632-20PCB AQV104AZ SN74F157ANSR TLV5638IDR PD411PI SMCJ5357 MF609A MB3510W SAA5246AP MI-RC2K1X-XXXX FS40SM-6 IDT7130SA35J STK400-720 M38869FDAFS TSA1201IF FAN8033 IDT7016L25G PIC16C56A-04I/SS RF-243.3SH TX2SL-4.5V-X GBU8K PIC16C556AT-20/SS AD8132AR-REEL7 MT8888CS X28HC256EM-90 2SJ553(S) DJB5822 FST34X245 BR3504 CAT93C5721JI-30TE13 M38030M7-XXXHP 1.5KE8.2A

2 July 2020 (New datasheets):

CAT25C04U-1.8TE13 M38258E3-GP REC5-6205DRWL SAA7712H TFMAJ51A LM285BXM-1.2 BU326A ICL8069CCZQ2 GB301ZG-DC24-SF-L UA78L05CLP PIC16C84-/SN 5962-89905012A SM160 XCV300E-6FG256C KTC3205 MC74F138D AM29F010B-70FI IS61LV3216-15KI MBM29DL163TD70PBT IDT54FCT646SOB WS512K32-17G1UQ AS4LC4M4E1-60TI 8708 P4SMAJ26CA TDA8417 STTH112 5KP18 SCC2698BC1A84 CD5305 AD7541AJN SB330 P6SMBJ30A G902BS-DC48-12 LHi333 TZMB12 IH0512S Q4010NH5 N74F1604N AM27C256-70DEB R65C51J2 FXE-10GC IDT54FCT162240ETPV VI-J5TIX M38C29MEDXXXHP HL1H-DC110V Q4006NH4 HER207-T3 GS88118BT-225 SD630CS-T3 R1141Q291D-TR BDX54A VRE306AD LT1375CS8 MT4C4001JCN-10/XT SR05.TC A1751A28RRFC08 SN74LS259D AM29F200AB-120SE LH5496HU-65 GB301ZG-DC48-TF-B D240/02 FJYF2906 CY7C4231-25JCT SN74AHCT374PWR P51XAG33KB BD M38191E1-XXXFP TSC3798 P4KE22 FYPF2004DN M38200M6DXXXFP CD74HC27M IDT74FCT534TQB PT2128A-M40 TDA8763M/3/C3 GS8324Z36B-166I OP470GS APR3021-17AI-TR M38049ME-XXXFP LC75421M MUR1010CT IDT54FCT623CTSOB SN75115D KM68257CLJ-15 X25163S14 IDT54FCT2240CTSO P6KE180-TB G70HF2C-DC48 MB201 ATF1502AS-10JI44 JC559 SD253N12S20MV L432M3B FS0204NN AME8501CEFTBE42 AM29LV001BT-70JE 5962-9093202MEA LS5460-K AM29LV200BB-70REEB GP102A-AC220-L H21A5 R3111Q091A-TR A2557ELB IDT71256S35LB TIP161 M38C20MEDXXXFP 14KESD54A NTE997

1 July 2020 (New datasheets):

BYW27-1000 L1024 269-D-130-M-14xx-A R1141Q311D-TR MURHB860CT S-7041B T320/08 PST597LN ES5107E GP250MHB06S TEA2130 M38048F8-SP APL3015SGD MAC212A4FP AAT3221IGV-2.7-T1 CLL4121 M38048FA-HP 1N827A BS-A81EGRD XC3190A-3PG175C EMDC-17-5-75 V62C5181024L-55VI MOC205 STU608C 1PMT5947BT3 AGM1264E-RNGBS-T AT24C08A-10SI-1.8 1PMT4118 BL-R5132K D2A0510 D3L60 IDT71V35781YS183PF KF33BD-TR M4A5 M38040FD-XXXFP FX30KMJ-06 1A272 AT28HC64B-12TI IDT74FCT162500ETPVB S-8420CF SMBJ45 P6KE350A-T3 PDM31548SA20SOTY P4SMAJ60CA-T1 TSC80C31-36CC M38B51EE-XXXFP MI-R52XX-XXXX 1.5KE100A RKBPC10-02/W 2SA9012 IDT54FCT824BSO IDT74FCT521EB 74ACT823SPC TPS3836H30DBVT M51366SP R1121N491B-TR RN5RF35AC MG65PB38 ALZ21F18 M27C801-70N1X UCC283TD-3 STK1744-D45 M38223E9-FP ST700C20L3L ADG782BCP LM358AD MGSF3455VT3 IDT74FCT162841ETEB HCPL-5531#300 R1500 APL5505-B25OI-TR ST62P53CM6 IDT74FCT151TL 2N877 LS6J2M-4D/FG MG73PB26 BTA212B-600F MAX6190CESA KBPC3504GS XWS6012 1N6296 CMPT5086 TG25C40 MC68HC001RC12 IDT74FCT162H952ATEB B8220K6-2.4 AS2431DR4SB SNJ54BCT652JT ACS60US48 ICL8069DCSQ2 NTE1210 LM2670SX-5.0 MAX1632EAI 1N6023C REC10-4812DRWL JM38510/76202BF JM1aN-TMP-DC12V TL7702AMFKB AM29F800BT-90DGI1 STV5347 IDT74FCT521ATSO IDT49FCT3805ADB 1517-20C W02M MC7924ACD2T UT62V5128LC-70LLE MPSA29 X25326S14I

30 June 2020 (New datasheets):

XC2S200E-7PG208C GC89SRDE20F SA160A TC1413NEOA PT2128A-M23 MR30509.MP8A N87C196KB PIC16F873-20E/SO PLS173A IDT54FCT244E MAX6432EIUS-T X2816CJ-12 SC1131CT-1.5 FS20SM-5 MC14106BDT SST89E564RD-25-I-PI P5KE36 SMB56CA CHFP6KE43A WS512K32L-20G2TM ADG620BRT HPR105V BC857C HD74HC243 1N960A ANP-C-114-5 APT60D40LCT BS-AA55RD 1N5441 ST2600C30R0 IDT6167LA70YB RT9808-23CV 37LV36-/SN M74HC221A LP3961ET-1.8 IDT54FCT244CDB MAX186DCAP AM29LV400B90EI THS10064IDA TLV2442CPWR FAR-C4CB-06144-M02-R TVP3703-170CFN SG117K/DESC COP8SAB728N8 IDT74FST16163212PV JPP130PD04 SBO60 ES5120AZ MC74VHC1GT14DTT1 TXD2000MKHFLLNH M38C23FF-HP 74LV165DB EL1881CS-T13 MC10H158P IN74HC365D UGF8GT BL-HA132A OPL535-OC GC70SN7011012F AD9618 1.5KE7.5A AM29F200AB-90SC NTE478 MM1511 TK71644SCL JW2aSN-DC24V M38255M1DXXXFP MAX241EEAI TC1031CCT 1N5261A LOT672-N APM4430KC-TR 1N4721 XN01504 WMS512K8-20DEI M27C4001-35XN1TR M306V0E8-FS RT9808-46CX MPSW45RLRE ACM1602L-RLGD-T JM38510/30903B2 MCM6226BBEJ35R2 93LC56AT-/P GC4713 GH2-DC3K MACH120-12JC GS882Z36AD-225I TL431CDMR2 AAT3222IGV-3.5-T1 SMAJ11A M38C20F9DHP SP1674BA R6202430 BS616UV8021FC 1N4694 TSA5520M/C3/R1 AT45DB080-RI M38861EAA-GP STV-6301-E01 IDT54FCT3245PY HD49235FS AQV210EHAZ MAX694EJA SF43 2SC3687 AS2431A1VST VI-J5FIX

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