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30 October 2020 (New datasheets):

MAX6313UK39D1-T PIC16F874-10I/P AZ821-2C-5DE PST7022 MC74F161AD AZ975-1B-24D MIT-4A11B WF512K32N-70G2UI5 REC15-4112SRWBZ A6276ELW SC8863-2.80CSKTR PA7540S-15 A1751A36FFSC08 G901BD-AC48-Nil2 IRU1015CT 2MBI100NB-120 AT93C66-10SI X24C08PM-2,7 UPC78L07J(HS) IDT74FCT16601CTPF ADJ14006 OPB473P51 PCM56P-J LM117HGMW8 5KP54A 5962R9655801VXC PIC16LCR72T-04/SS 2SK2273 SN74ALS323DWR HMM55C2V0 CAT28F001T-12TT LL482B SMBJ15C TLV2262MFKB WS1M32-120G3IA SLR-56MG SBL3045PT BF959 PT2129A-T24S IRF9Z14 5429FCT2521ATEB MG150M2YK1 P6CU-2405E 74HC534U HC4HTM-DC24V SAF-C513A-2RN ST72F623F2M1 ZMM5261A ZSR570G LT1085CM-3.6 WMS512K8-35CLMA AM29F002T-55JI S-80749AL-ED-T2 MSM82C88-2GS-K CS8405A-IZ LM340AT-5.0 AV1889Y A29L400TG-90U BCR5PM-8 BT139B-600H G73CS-DC9 M38046M2-XXXFP 74AC299SJX AM27X256-70JI AM29LV800BB120SEB BQ2110B-KT BZW04-102 RE5RE28AA-RF M38223MBDXXXHP APL431CEC-TRL 1N5371B PIC16LC923T-04I/L RT9161A-22CG MAX1406EAE TC514400APL-70 SA14 IDT7140SA35PFB KA33VBU 1SMC5379 KA3S0880RFB MAX365CSE 5962-9320601MEA 2SK2059(S) TMS320LC52PZ50 PHP6N50E LG5410-MQ FR304-T3 CAT28C64BT13I-12T R1221N23XG-TR S3580 IDT74FCT240TE FR301 DS1230ABP-70-IND AMS2954CT-3.5 AM29F080B-75SIB SMBJ5349B 3.0SMCJ36C MAC210A10 RD28F1602C3T110 ATF22V10CZ-15JI SA9108FFA M38252EE-FP QL7100-7PT208I AT27BV020-12TI IDT54FCT534CTEB 1N4904A CA1bF-12V-N-5

29 October 2020 (New datasheets):

R1210N542C-TR PC452 NJM2285D STN3PF06 XC4028XL-09PG299C RN5VD59AA-TR 74AC174MTCX PDU10256H-0.5M TC1030CPD ARS50G FDS6898A SFR305-TB IC61LV25616-12T REC10-2105DRWL CAT25C11SA-1.8TE13 ICTE-12 P6KE30A 1.5KE91A LX1552IDM PDM4M4050S20M BU2708AF MC68HC11E9CPB3 IDT54FCT646ATE TPS76801QPWPR IDT7130SA100J SN74LS83AD uPD43256BGU-70LL PZM3.9NB2A BYV44-400 XEISDNS CAT93C4634KA-30TE13 5962-8864406VYA 1N5921B ATV2500BQ-25KM 2N6075B BGY67 AN5095K HEF4046BU AR771S50 WP06R48D12NR UT54ACS164245SUWC MAX531AESD 2SC4150 TC54VC4401ECTTR LC3517AS-10 CAT93C8623J-28TE13 ZMM24 SST29VF020-55-4I-NH BZX97/C36 LT1085SMD CAT24C022JI-45TE13 TLC2262AIPWLE OPB493T55 6A05G KBPC604 M5M5V208KR-12LL STP5NA50 74VHCT14A CDLL961B P6KE8.2-TB MCM6246WJ25R2 S25140 IDT74FCT827DTLB BSS84 LS6U2M-5R/PG-T SMDJ17A AT27BV256-70RC SMCJ100 BZX79C47RL GMS81C1408D TZX13B MMSZ5221BT1 M62006LFP TQ2SA-24V-X PST3246 LS22AA-1R/G-T FL9200 AS432B2LP7 M27C801-70N6TR TLC27M2CPS Z8019520FSC 93LC56BXT-/SN SA7.0 AD8632 CY7C006-35AI RP15-2415DF WMS512K8-15DEM CY74FCT163374CPACT 3KP10A GN1L4L-T1 R3111Q591A-TR QL7100-6PB516C AT25640N-10SI-2.7 HGT1S20N35G3VLS NTE5211A UCC5628FQP K9F2816U0C-YCB0 MF0256M-07AT TC54VN1601EMBTR M38257ME-XXXFS FR152 DTL2A ACA5-20PC-8-DC3-GS MC100E111FNR2 MSK1933D-0 P5KE9.0 G690H263T26

28 October 2020 (New datasheets):

SN55107AJ LC6568D MX29LV400TXBI-90 SC1125.0CSK.TR MI-PC6KY-XXX PT6622Q PLA143S R1110N411BTR AM28F512A-200EIB 2SA1337 AN3328S MT48LC16M4A2TG-75 TSC80C51TXXX-25MF/883 LM2940CS-15 X28C512D-25 MAX6322HPUK29A-T PT2127A-L91 PIC660 MC74VHC14DTR2 ICS650R-01T Am29LV400T150WAC L1773ED CJD127 AGM1532A-REGTH-T 1N5550 FAR-C4CN-04000-L20-R P600S TLC2272MFKB APL5508-26VC-TR AM2520SRC01 HE2aN-S-DC6V XC2S150E-6FT256I L53BT25.4/ID T14L256A-8J ACM1601H-NLFW-T 3KP120 801-3 MAAPSM0008SMB 1N201G FBL2031BB D2526G43 BZW04P17B FC806 SEL6710K TQ2-L-24V HT1070 AS432AR25VS13 ST16C2450 AT49BV1614A-70CI CD4033BE M38253EADHP MX93002FC TL430CLP 1N4750A TC649VOA M38252EFMGP MAX184ACWG ST730C16L0L IDT74FCT827DTD AT49BV001N-12PI P6KE47CA MX7520JCWE HF10-12S AS4C1M16E5-50JC REC3-5012SRW LXE16350X IDT74FCT521CTPB M38503F7H-XXXSS EN1TN1 BZX85C6V8 5962H9657001QRX LTC1090AMJ 74ABT244CSJ SM6781BV M38220E3DGP MIC708TM MCR506-3 KV1832ETR SK34A P6KE56CA SMZG3790A SMF05CTG PSD312-B-70M AD7390AR KBJ15B NTE5284AK ULN2804A QRS0620T30 M2732A-3F6 MC74LCX374M SMBJ10CA M37754S4CGP SAA-111200 BYG80F QEB75-48S1P8-L UPC4092G2 L70S500 ADC1061CIN BD246C 279.500 TDA9808/V3 AGM1212C-NLFBS-T 1A3 MT48LC16M8A2TG-7E MAX532AMJE NTE1815 STP3NK60ZFP K4S281632F-TCL75

27 October 2020 (New datasheets):

M38042FF-HP 5962-9655601QXX AN7910F 2SA1385-Z HEF4081BDB HV513WG CUP45-14 2N5401RL1 CAT24C021PI-30TE13 MOC5009 SMCJ33C RL156 VBO65-12NO7 STU6016 Z86C0208PEC ACM1602R-NEGS-T UTCUC3843A XC3090A-6PP175C MDU12H-45MC3 5962P9960702TUA 2SC4169 STZT5401 L8763-72 5962-9658501VEA P4KE27CA P6SMBJ70C IXSH35N140A IDT723642L15PF AME8501CEETAF44 AM29LV400T120FE AZ942-1CH-9D RN5RF24BA-TL BAT43W MSM7560LGS-K FAR-C4CN-20000-L12-R NM34W02ULMT8 1514-40A MF1051S-2 WS1M8L-17FCA BTA08-800SWRG PDM34078SA12TQITR X2N4117 SMBJ8.5 IDT29FCT52BDB LC866548A CGS3318M ULN2001A 269-B-230-14xx-C MM1293C CEB6030AL 3.0SMCJ51 GAL20V8C-5LJ RL104G X25648S8-1,8 M38204M3-XXXHP UC3638QTR HUFA75652G3 SN74BCT2240N MAX6316LUK43CZ-T VT73227-S1X 1N966C 2MBI100NC-120 RHRU5090RHRU50100 UPD789101CT-XXX IXFH26N50Q P7V5B CY7C42125PC BAV100 GLT6200L08SL-70ST D320/04 IDT7130LA35PB ASX22024 M38180M7-XXXFP IDT7206L25P IRGBC20F Am9519ADCB ICT-8C 2SB827 APR3002-43AI-TR ICX282AKF 5429FCT2053BTLB WMS512K8-15FMA BB-HK033-C AME8501BEFTAA27 5962F9689104VYX X20C16E-45 1N5658 X28C64SI-20 LFCL4/0C8 ZRT100GA1 MC1651L SMAJ18 TDA8766G/C1/S2 SG120A-05IG FR151-T3 26101 IS61LPS51218D-133TQI SCN2681AE1F40 1N5660 HT646L MC7805ACD2TR4 A1750A54FFFC08 1T365 M38252MADXXXGP WMS128K8L-85CC HYB3166165BTL-60 AD8403

26 October 2020 (New datasheets):

HER605 GC102BN7013015R 5962-8762901RA JM38510/32301B2A S93WD663S-B SN65LVDS9637D 1N5240B CAT93C6624K-30TE13 MAX792MC/D RH5RH373B-T2 1.5KE33A BRX49 SFH521 ACM1602L-NEFS-T MEM8129JI-25 Z170 P4SMAJ43CA PI74FCT2645TR AME8500CEFTAA27 2DC1774S SG217R TC4429COA KBPC4006W ZMM5242 CXL5508M FE2D DS1669S-050 SST39LF800A-90-4I-B3N MC10H646FN MI5JMV TC115331ECTTR APM2313AC-TR UT8Q512-IWA NM24C65UFM8X BC859BW RD3.9E-T1 AM29F400BT-120FI 15KP120 HA17903FPJ IP1M10J-883B P6KE200-TB SD1727 SD600N32PC CS8405A-CS SA170 S1KB REC5-4912SRW ZCD6H16I G902AO-DC5-NilNil UF1003 MAX622C/D SC05-11EWA 1.5KE120C DCA210 B4150CK5-3.5 IDT54FCT574CLB MTZJ2.4B 1N5469 SST29EE020-120-4C-EN 300HF40PB HEF4094BP PS2707-1-F4 UR3HCGNP-001-RH 1.5KE350 BYQ30EX-150 Z0107SN SE5018N MC1C-P-AC6-TF LB-602DK2 IDT74FCT377CTL PSD61/12 MA2C029 SMCJ170C UPD4704G IDT54861BDB TEN3-0510 IDT7200LA40TDB SIM1-0505D-DIL8 U630H16SC25 1.5SMCJ26C 1N5938B SBL3040PT TCM852EOA SM340 WS128K32NV-25H1I SNJ54ABT241W R1160N121A-TR 74ABT2541CSJX KBPC2502GS VI-PCWHX-XX TLV2444AIPWR GC102SN7011015FS MAX744AC/D P6KE6.8A KBP204G OPR5915 R30D JM38510/33003BDA UPD784037YGK-XXX-BE9 ICS9179F-03-T X28C010T-15 SMP4857 WF128K32N-50G1UC5 GC79SNCE12RD TEA1085T SF56 EP1-B3L2S U893BSE-SP

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