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13 August 2020 (New datasheets):

SM36 CLC409AMC M30240F7-XXXFP BS62LV1023TC EN29F002B-55P X25320S-2,7 HSA2800 MO134A RN5VD10CA-TL 5962H9658701VXX STPS2045CT ALZ12B48 1N4749A S3EB-12V 2SC1047 UPD7566AG-XXX XC40150XV-09PG559I C1342 VP2206N3 MAX767C/D PI74ALVTC16374A PDU54-400C4 TLV320AIC23PW K2EB-110V-1 SJA879 APL5509R-33DC-TR S102T01 MAX4274BEESA MAN8610 G902BS-DC48-1Nil SST29VE512-150-4C-WH MDE-14D301K 3EZ36D10 U62H256SK55 AS4LC2M8S1-10TC MMXZ5242B 74LVX138MX OPA2228UA MMBZ5262BLT1 AME8530AEEVGFX29 ADSP-2184NKST-320 PDM31256SA10SOATY E03-33P3 1SMA4757 MAX1294AEEI APL5151-49BI-TR 1.5KE120A 1N5640 ST75C176CN PST3323 M27C512-10XC3TR KSC815 M38C24MFDXXXFP CDLL3821 VI-261-CU-BM 74LCX841MTC HD74HCT243 1N648UR-1 XCV300-6BG352C NTE7074 AM29F100B-150FC IDT74FCT2240ATSO IRF9530 IDT72230L25TP L934SA/3SRD 1.5SMCJ17A SM5831F MC14043BDR2 M38500M5H-XXXSP SR1020 2SC1653-T1B HA12170NT M38194ED-XXXFS 1N4773A B125-C1500R M38041MC-XXXFP QPP-007 SMV1248-001 74HC688U GA1F4Z-T1 S-29355ADP UL634H256BTK45 BUK555-200A QL3040-4PQ208M CD40175BF3A HFM102 IDT54FCT2574DTPB uPD43256BGU-85L IDT70V05L35PF MMSZ5228 OPA642NB/3K MC34063AML2 TLWR7900 SD150N20PSC TLOE1008A WS512K8-45CMA P6KE170 AM29LV010BT-45RJCB BGY785AD APM3007NGC-TU RBV1008 S93663PA SD103N16S20MSV MC33164P-5 M38C24FD-HP MSM5118160D-60JS M27C512-60N1 MI33T

12 August 2020 (New datasheets):

SMA153A SMBJ5954B MAX6320PUK46DW-T BM-10K57ND SMP9212G SEL4728K WS512K32-45G1UC M27C256B-20N3TR LF157H/883 DDU66F-175D1 SB120 24LC64-I/SN BAS70-04 5KP15C 1N5242B GC70SN5011015RD PT5027A MC14069UBFR2 UT62L25716BS-55LLE MI-QC2ZM-XXX 5962R9656101QEX BZD23-C18 A25-1 JM38510/65202BCA FU-68PDF-V520M179B SN74HC126NSR ADS574JU/1K LM4836MTEX SMBJ12 DAC8229FP M145028B1 SA7.0A MAQ9264C95LD 5962G8957701VYC DS1013S-30/T&R CZT5551 PFW5002 MX7548TQ MI-PC2VX-XXX M74HCT160 KBPC4001G FQA19N20 MC35174DT CL-270YG BT-A405ND RB160L-60 G90NilCD-DC12-1Nil MAX8213ACSE MG64PB34 GS74116TP-12I TLC27M2IPWR UT54LVDM328UCX IS61SP6464-133PQ DAC7801LP AM28F512-200JC CM150DY-28H EDI88512CA55B32B SA11A JANTX1N4148UBD RGP02-14E SST30VR043-150-E-WN-R DZ23C11 1N2264A M38257E8MFP Am29SL800CT100ECB ST330S12M1 SJA827 M38C29M1DXXXHP TSC80C51XXX-20MH/883 UPD750006CU-XXX VI-RUF3X-XXXX HC3H-DC48V MAX166DEWP UF4004 FMC-G28S K4S560832B-TC/L75 MSM9000-xx VI-272IX PRN110241000J EC2-9SND DDU222F-125M P6KE350C 1.5KE220 A1750A61FFSC08 BZT03C22 MLN2030SS R1221N38XF-TR ML4822CP 93LCS66-/P AM26LS31MFK IDT54FCT3244D IS61SPD25636D-5B TEA1098TV 2N3822 IDT7130LA25JB UCC5630MWPTR DAC2815S SN74ABT2240ADBR CM75TF-12H Z8400B1 SJ87B MM74C901M G70HS2C-DC5 HEC4557BDB IDT74823ATSO IDT54FCT2645CTD P6KE160C

11 August 2020 (New datasheets):

CD74AC04M MAX6318MHUK44AZ-T HV5522PJ RN5VD27CA-TL 78SR109SC VI-23JIX M5M5256DFP-55XL MAX793RCPE 1N4708 74F139SCX MAX6317HUK48DZ-T HGT1S20N35G3VLS M38C85M5-XXXFP NTE389 08006GOA VI-M34-XX PM400HSA120 TSC80C51XXX-L20AI RH5RI363B-T1 BY500-400 MC54HC640AJ GP400DDM12 FU-68PDF-V510M40B RE5RE55AA-TZ HCF4069UBEY MAS9264C95NL CD74HC173E MC100E157FN ML6518CH X28C010DI-12 APL431LBBC-TB PIC16C74B-04I/PT M38864F3A-XXXFS IDT74FCT374DB PS9613L-V-E3 TIP142 DM9338J/883 LH2320-2 RS1J RD18ESAB1 LM101A MM74HC374WM 2SK2256-01 1.5KE20C UC5608N R1221N27XD-TR IS61LV6464-6PQ EDI88512CA17N36C MT5C6408EC-15L/883C RT9172F-30CG MI-M6V-XX AM28F256-120FC KM62256CLRG-7L PI49FCT3805BQ H22L2 EN27LV512B90TI SC1548CSK-15.TR UNR6115 L1117D HER151 M38062MGAXXXGP AS2431CR4LP7 MAX6317HUK35BX-T LL55B24 CAT28LV65PA-30T P6KE91A PA28F004SC-120 XE2476 MAH3690FE CD4504BPWR AD7846JN W78C438CP-40 CLM4041CS 2SJ483 UPD17226MC-XXX-5A4-E1 AGM1212E-FEYTS-T ACT-F512K32N-070P7Q 1519-180E PG202R BZW04-23 MJE172 XSS210 BD-E81FRD HD14093B R3111N221A-TR TR2906SZ37 VI-N6Y-XX SST39LF200A-55-4C-B3N BD648 73K302L-IH TMS320C242FN 48IMR6-03-2 ACA5-20PC-4-DC2-RL IDT79RV3081E20FD MAX6327XR28-T FR2K NDP6030L MX5296 RT9161-23CV SMI-54-100 GS8322Z18B-133I SPX2930U-5.0 BT136-500F RH5RI523B-T1 UC2526AN CAT93C4612PI-28TE13 HL1HTM-AC48V BS-A34DRD

10 August 2020 (New datasheets):

CAT93C5713JA-45TE13 AM05-0005-TB 2SA0684 ISPLSI2064E-200LT100 SRD605 ICL7612ACTV BAT42WS-T1 CD74HCT4060E M38B73M9H-XXXFP MBM29LV650UE90TN NJM2611M P4KE350A STTH1L06U FT1011MH ZMM5232C F16C05A G65SC02-AXW-1 TLV0834CD FX818D2 PBYR745B UPC4091C 301URA250P3 1N758A MSM6222B-xxGS-L MR27V1602DTP SN65LVDM051D RT9163-35CXL M38256M7MXXXFP AM27C020-70DI ZMM55A2V7 DB107S WPS512K8LC-85TM WPS512K8LC-70TM 1N5546A TLE4923 M38226M6-XXXGP AT25HP256C1-10CI-2.7 M38250M3MXXXGP ACM0802B-RLGD-T PJ2N9013CX CC25-11YWA DAC88H/B BL-R5122N UT22VP10T-15WPA OPB842L55 CLM2815AAU-5 R1210N401C-TL RS203 GP102B-DC125-LB AD9048JQ BC556 M38C25F7DFP 74AC374SC 2020-6630-20 AM29F100T-120FIB MC79L12ACD M38C23MF-XXXFP MC33164-3LP GS881E36AT-133I H7155-20 GL3276A LC75821W MAX525BCAP TC55RP4501EMB MI-RC2PLX-XXXX RE5VL29CC C450N M5481 M48Z12-70PC1 FP412D250 RL102GP HYM72V8020GS-50 P5KE9.0 MOB48DR CD6270A UT63M-127CPC BZX55B47 A1751A50FFSC08 1SMB3EZ100 M38062M9-XXXFP MKC03-48D05 2SB1142 5962G9687302QXX BZT03C130 IDT54FCT16952CTPF M38227M3HXXXHP AME41EEHA FM-109 Z84C3006PEC QL3004E-2PL68M UGF10D 1N3261R EFC240B-100F NTE6200 MAX633BMJA MAX296EPA E15-36 KF434BS UF1010S TLE2064AIN AME8501CEETCE24 REC10-7024SRWL UT62257CLS-70L AS1117M1 MMBZ5225BTS IS61SPD51218D-150TQI A64S0616

9 August 2020 (New datasheets):

AT49F1025-45VC VPC3245C TL082ID TC1027CPE SMDJ100A HSK83 LA7411M L7388 FSD20A30 R5021613FSWA IL2412 S2D/DA A625308A-70SU AT49BV020-90TC MA3X704D RC-0505DH UTR6440 BA9755S REC3-4205DRW ACM2004C-REBW-T M38038M4-XXXHP XC3190A-2TQ144C CAT515JI-TE13 DAC715P ISD4002-120P MB89P195PF-101 ADDAC85C-CBI-V DDU66C-50A2 NTE253 RC30S02G 5962H9684501QYC SGM2014M AT49F2048-12RC MAX321ESA MC68HC05M9 1.5KE7.5A AGM1532A-NEBBW-T MAX4274AEESA RH5VL48AC AM29F016B-90FC MMBTH69LT1 MB15E07SLPV MC10109FNR2 MC79M05BDTRK MXD1000SA35 REC8-5912SRWL P6MG-2409E SA7V0CA PT6931A M38024M2-XXXFS VI-QURL-XXX MZP4732A PIC12C671-10I/P 74HCT4067N R1140Q381D-TR PDM31532SA10SOTR M38C25FFDHP 74HCT273PW SAA5547PS RB421D AIC1723-38CE AM27C64-120DE NSC800D-1I V62C51864LL-70F SM152A FSS132 MIC706M MX29F002NTPC-55 SN74AS374DWR 5KP30A PU200-45C ADJ23048 DK2a-12V WE128K32N-150G1UQA PIC17C43-/JW TBP24SA41MJ CAT93C8621JA-25TE13 LM2575T-15 SN74AHCT240N MF0015M-03AT V436664Z24VXBG-10PC UC3845D8 BM-20J88ND M37481M2T-XXXFP AGM1212E-FLBBS-T RQ5RW40AA-TR MAX868EUB UC3879DWTR HER207 IS61S6432-117TQI IDT7164S85DB FR206G 2214-200G MM1593F R1223N462G-TL STP9NK60Z BGY122B M38862MBA-XXXGP 42050-284 TPIC6B596N UCB1510DB M27C512-90XF3 UPC8100GR-E2 IDT54FCT166245ATEB ST5092TQFP P4KE8.2 TSC1324 1N5272B

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