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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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16 February 2019 (New datasheets):

CY7C1380CV25-250AC BZT52-C7V5S M38060M6-XXXGP HEF4027BP ADC1061CIJ IDT54FCT574CPB 8403201KA AS7C3256A-20TC MYB51C TDA1521A/N5 REC3-6809SRW ACM2002E-NLFH-T SAB83C166W-M CY74FCT2574TSOC TPM30515 JANTX1N6768R 1N4700 M4A5-128/64-10YI BS-AA44RD CY7C4221-10AC APL5507-A30OC-TR MI-QC6ZN-XXX UNR6121 XQVR600-4CB228Q BYT60P-1000 RD39ESAB UPC4064G2-E1 RT9161-34CV MAX4175ALEUK-T M5M465160BJ-5 TLV2404CDR CXL1504M ATTL7582AAE HP2-TM-AC6V BCV27 GMS81508 ZMM5.6 SL4070BD SB320 HUP45-00 PHP8ND50E CNC7C502 2SD2624 74LV245PW 10EZ10 MAX6310UK46D4-T HIN207ACB-T HCS361T-I/SN PCF2116CH/F1 HD74CDC2509B AAT3520IGY-2.32-200-T1 AM28F010A-90FC SN74LVTH240DBLE IXFT26N60Q BYQ30EX-100 M51923FP 1.5SMCJ9.0A LM4040BIM3-4.1 LM3722EM5X-4.63 ZC836BTA 1415517 ACM4004D-RETD-T CAT93C5733S-42TE13 MAX6318MHUK37BY-T 269-B-130-M-14xx-B TLV2772IDGK LM3524DN FDN339AN MSD601-RT2 S6006VS3 SPT200AIH A3188EU UPD16664N-001 EDI88130LPS20FC AMS1117CD-2.85 A80C186XL25 RF133 P5KE170 P6KE10C NTE745 BQ-A536RD UNR621E MUN2134T1 BL-B2434 M38252E3DFS U631H64BDK45 BYD17G KBU408G SFR601-TB BSP100 P51XAG30JB A A1750A57RRSC10 BUK456-800A DS1743W-100 SB530-T3 M5M4V64S40ATP-10L G902CS-AC220-12 5962-9475808QXX AD260BND-4 M58LW128A SN74ALS533ADWR AAT3522IGY-2.93-200-T1 TC55RP5201ECB D87C51FA AM29LV400BB80FC UTR22 PT2261A-S18 WC306

15 February 2019 (New datasheets):

IDT7024L15J PIC12C671-04I/SM P87C51UFAA P6KE6.8C-TB MTAN7120M-11A MAX695EPE MC14040BD PDU53-1500C3 HEF4052BT X9116WS8I IDT7133LA20J AT28C256E-20PC BUK573-60B UCC3858N P6KE24A-TB XC4028XLA-08BG256C UPC79L05J M38253M2-XXXFS GP4660-7R STGP10NB37LZ CD74HC4040M96 CEM4936 ST72T311J4 GP2D02 PIC16C62XT-20E/P RO2A BM-11J88MD-A HEF4508BU M38253E1-HP BC517 MAX131CQH GN1A4M-T2 MBM29DL324TD90PFTR SMLJ22A NTE5591 CLL5229B TS522 BZW04-53 RCV420KP PDM41256LA10TTY SN74HC14APWR IDT54FCT2646CTP MC74ACT161N 274.010 LEM-65121T 27C64AA12A VI-RC11XX-XXXX SMBJ16 MR5020.MP3 L-191YW-TR MTN7118M-31C M38B74MDH-XXXFP LH1056A MT5C1009SOJ-70L/XT Z86K1805PSC LC461MBL4-95G 1N5268B AA106-86 LC665308A BUZ80A MAX176ACWE PIC16LC62X-04/SO AGM1212C-REYTW-T PGT20130 IDT71256SA20P CHFP6KE16A M38203E3-XXXFP R1221N43AD-TR 5KP78C RM400HA-24S MT5C1009SOJ-25L/883C 1.5SMCJ16 1N5408 CXA3512R UF108 FU-68PDF-510M43B 15KW78A HY6330 KA2186 3KP36C WS256K32L-25G4IA UT22VP10E-15UCC CY74FCT245ATQCT MSK5130-5BTU PHW80NQ10T CDLL5255B IDT7MP4095S20Z IDT54257ATE MI6NIV ZCD6H12L 2SK2000-R TLE2021CP TLOE1005A XCV600-4BG560C NTE1955 FR207 A426316BS-35 TLV2362IDR SLA7026M BD-E525RD DS2406/T&R REC5-123.3SRWL ZMM5230C UPD6600ACS-XXX CGY2030M/C1 MS61D SG2524N

14 February 2019 (New datasheets):

RH5VT18AA-T2 EPS33 74ACT11032PWR ACT-F4M32A-100F2I SA9.0 BCX18 AD7545ACQ TSC80C31-44IC S3C7295 PSMA15A LHi906 HD74LS02 PIC16CE625-04I/SO BU4070BF TLC320AD545PT M38226M4HXXXFP SST29LE512-250-4C-EH CSB16C04 3.0SMCJ100CA MC74VCX16245DT MAX1248BCPE AM29F160BB-90EE AM27C010-45DI5 LL55C33 1N5822 1N982A TMC2072 RH5RE60AC HA17723P 22R154 UT69R00012GPXG BL-HA135 AGM1232C-FEGTD-T P4SMAJ7.5C-T1 LM2676SX-3.3 IS42S16128-12T IRFP350 IS61LV12816-8KI M5M5256DRV-12VLL MC54HC153D MI-RC6Y2X-XXXX R1221N45AE-TR NJM2225V X25080VI-2,7 REC10-6324SRWL AMS3102M-5.0 VI-LJ7Y-XX FRL9230H 74LV163N 74LV164PW REC8-4309SRWL TDA2052 RBO40-40T 5KP17C V900ME04 MHV12-350S07P UPD17015GS-XXX-GJG AS431BR5SB EM92601AP SN74LS12N CJD50 TC54VC2802EZB CDLL4572 M38C23M8DXXXHP DRA2T H12B2 DG442DK SVHC1V155M R1223N332B-TR PHT11N06T GLT6200L08LLI-85FG MLL4735A BDT60 LT1117CST-3.3 AT29BV020-35TI R1111N401B-TR RD8.2JS-T4 1Z10A CS52015-1GDPR3 MIC5219-3.0BMM STK11C88-S20I MH16S72DAMP-7 MSK182H KA78R09YDTU SMCJ8V0CA CD4052BCMX 2SC2023 MIC5237-5.0BT UT6164CJC-12 GC1310 M38224M1MXXXFP PIC16C641-20I/SO M38259ECMGP Q6X3 M38187EC-FP MAX4275ABEUA DM74S11N TISP4350H3LM TIBPAL20R4-20MFKB T10B140T HEF4075BP IRF9151 VSC8101JA PMBTA92 IDT54FCT521TLB ADR292ER-REEL ACTS240MS

13 February 2019 (New datasheets):

V62C21164096L-70BI RZ-0915S M38221M3DXXXHP NDL5531PC EL5397CS-T7 PALCE22V10H-15PI/4 SJA87C KGL4205 MC74HC08AFR2 DTC143EKA P6KE13C BL-R3122 M38256E2-GP S6B2104 MG73PB24 CY37064P84-200JC BD-C404NE-A L8821P MMBT440LT1 IDT74FCT640TE TEA1064AT XC4028XL-2PG299C LS6U1M-5D/Y-T AM29LV116BT-90FCB CD74ACT574M96 SAC8.5 1N968B IDT54FCT640CP 2PC4617Q BL-HF134A-2 MAX6307UK49D2-T M38259MBMXXXHP FU-68PDF-V510M66B IDT54FCT623ATP XC3190A-3PQ208I 1N4688 ACM2004C-FLFD-T AP431AQA SD103R12S10MSC CXD2411AR M38067M1DXXXGP WS512K32NV-15G1UM FM93C46LZEN MC-4516CA727EF-A75 1N6317 PIC16C558-04E/SO CL1K50TC144-2 SMAJ8.0 TLE2072MJG LH28F800BGHB-TL12 CXB1567Q IDT74FCT3574ASOB RH5RI352B-T1 IDT7134LA25P M38062EE-XXXGP CD74HCT164M TDA3616T/N1 GL34G WS512K32N-17G4TCA MAX6321HPUK31CZ-T SN74LS163AN IDT54FCT88915TT100L 1SMB2EZ91 IDT74FCT16H952ATE UF101GS MC68HC711KA4VFU2 UPD754144GS(A)-XXX-GJG PA7140PI-20 RN5RZ31BA-TL AD7874 A290021T-70 W49F102Q40 SN74AHCT1G04DCKR CD4024BCMX BL-W4434A-1-S M1T2HT25FL32 RE5VT23CA-RF BR2504 VI-M62-XX UPC4092C ACM4004C-NLGBH-T AM29F800BT-70SI LS10N1 GL480 SMBJ5921B BS62LV2000TI TSOP2833XG1 MC7924BD2T IDT74FCT534L MX27L512TC-20 M38501F8H-XXXSP F30D15A PI3C16861V MC74LCX245DW SAA5296PS/nnn ZMM55-A5V1 74LVX245MSCX SPC-1004P-561 HE1aN-SW-AC48V SN74LS40D MAX6306UK34D3-T RM-3.324S WMS256K16-25FLIA N80C151SB V602ME04 MLL4133 QPP-016 3EZ20D10

12 February 2019 (New datasheets):

VI-LJ0L-XX NTE1383 FAR-C4SB-12000-M02-T 1N6023B G697L330T1 P4SMAJ6.0CA-T3 XP01116 SB08-48-24S LS6J2M-2R/Y-T M38257M3-XXXGP UC3909DWTR RGP10J PI74FCT2640TQ DB35-16 OM4213RC TLC1542MJB NTE2520 M38181M3-XXXFS PIC16F77-I/P MAC4DSM MC74AC259D S-29U294A-FS M38076M9-XXXFS GP1U267X MM74HC540N WS2418 SCC1449 R1223N252F-TR REC10-4815DRWL TLHR5400 MAX532AEPE SC1039 M38225E4DFS MI-PC6KV-XXX LA4741 ST72254G2 HC4HL-AC12V P87C51FC-33 M51981ML RG2Z JM38510/07903BFA LT1761ES5-1.8 HEF4067BT AT27LV010A-12JI PT2128A-C81S TPIC6B259DWR REC15-1312DRWB P4SMAJ7.0A-T1 CMBZ5239B IDT7133LA45PF SMCJ18CA-TR EZ1585CT-1.5 MC74HC4316FR1 L-443GD GCL08 BQ-N315RD HER201G 5962-9091401MXA ST62P65CB3 RN5VD17CC BL-R2138C SPX2954AT5-3.3 MSM514262-10ZS CPH6404 M38864F6A-XXXGP M38221E8-FP X25329S8I FS10KM-3 BCR8PM-12L 2SK1670 M38507M2-XXXSP HJ2-L-AC100V-6 MC14046BCP SST89V554-25-C-TQJ WP06R12S15PR TK71639ASCL M38255ME-XXXFS MA46601 TPS76733QPWP LTC1504A TDA5744TS P6BU-1212E MK45H13K35 HSM180J 1.5KE22 S-29291A-DP 74AC399SCX MAX5152ACPE M27C512-10N1 DDU66F-40A2 R1110N481ATL WMS1M1-25DEC MJ11028 HG62E58 PIC16F873-10I/SO MIC2920A-12BT M38181E7-FP ZMM5250B DS1045S-5 FRM244R AWL04G SN74GTLP1394DR OPA137N/3K 1N1128A IDT71256L25TDB FAR-C4CN-08000-M02-R LZ0P3615

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