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15 November 2019 (New datasheets):

BM-40458ND PC357N8T PM50RSK060 STB6LNC60 XC9572XV-7CS48I MC12074P MTD502EG MPX5050GVP BM-20EG88MD NJU4066BM ZTX1151A TGA9083-EEU IN74HC4046AN R1223N242F-TR APT5010B2VFR BUZ172 CY7C1020CV33-15ZC MC74VHC595MEL BDS18SMD APL5508R-35VC-TR 1N5818 MBR1045CT RL206 BAT43WS 5962-9221702MRA REC5-5012DRWL GC102SR9513022FS MC13110BFB VUO62-06NO7 M38207M8-XXXHP SN74LVC00AD DBA100 1A288 RB-0924SH SB1030FCT MK2042-01SITR DS90LV012ATMF F1A7 1F6 MAQ17502FC 27C512A-10/TS APL5508-34DC-TR RT9168/A-40CBR IXFK52N30Q B250C3700 SV1016K W29C040P-90B 1517-200G X24325P IDT72240L20TPB PCF5082 AS2431AR5VS13 2N5679 PST9222 FS3D 1MBH25D-120 LT1079IN NX8562LB-CA R1221N32XA-TR P4KE18C SST89E554RC-40-C-NJ BZT52-C3V9 P5KE45A MIC79050-4.2BM MACH211SP-7VC MI-PC60X-XXX 5962H9684504VXX MAX4528CPA M62714SL TF2-L2-H-12V V810ME02 SNJ54LS37FK SD203N10S15PSC AS432A2SA TIP115 S-80730AL-AT-S IS61SF25618-12TQ AV9248F-157-T AME8501CEFTDA24 ZPSD301-B-70U M27C4001-90C6TR AN7353S BT-M306RD IMP812LEUS-T TIP30C APA3541KI-TU MI-J2VIA MI-PJ60X-XXX 1514-50B 15KP90A PWR1106 MC74ACT04DT TSOP2238MQ1 ZMY3.9 GBU6G GC89BNCD20R 7429FCT53ATDB 1.5KE33C LM2798MMX-1.8 EMDC-17-1-75 BC859B EF6 SBL530 GMS81516BLQ 5KP18C MLL5926B VI-J4WIX

14 November 2019 (New datasheets):

TLV2352ID KU82596DX REC15-4215SRWB MAX180BCQH L293C SN74ABT541BPWR CN25A SM130M XC6204D272DL MSK5150-3.3ZU SM15 FSTU32160MTDX ALE14F12 BZV49-C2V4 M2-T3 TDA8005AH/C129/S1 AT27C512R-90RC IXFK35N50 MAX211EWI SNJ54HC573AW DTC143TKA ST303C12CHK3 MC10E141FN 2SJ337 RI-0915 JM38510/31001SC MAX4524EUB P83C528FBBB LA8604M CAT28C16AP-20T IP7815AK-DESC M38505F5H-XXXFP IDT74FCT166244TPF 1N4745D BQ2110LB-014 M38194ME-XXXFS MM1257BT 2EZ9.1D5 RH5RI631B-T1 CPT20135 M27C512-60C3 MC10H211FN MPS3702 SST89V564-40-I-TQJ AM29DL800BB120WBEB ACM2004F-NLYS-T SN65LBC184DR GL1HY136 QK010R4 CD4089BMS D2FL40 SML100H11 X28C64K-20 TXD20008EFFLLNH 74LVX240MX IDT74FCT16827ATE MPSA43 CAT93C4631JI-45TE13 MBR1050 K4S281632E-TCL75 SY10E016 BC846BWT1 SA36A M38226EBHFP IDT54FCT2827BTEB MC74HCT08AD PIC12C508-04I/P MAX6313UK37D4-T MAX3131CAI LC5805 AN7110 MMBD4448HTC SMBJ130A ARS35A IDT7188S70DB HCC4017BM1 SMCG45 1N4747A M74HC4078 74LCX821CW AS5C512K8DJ-45L/IT HEF4516BU AR2504 NC7S08P5 M38864FDAGP LT5007ED DS1413 IF4500 RD10FM STZTA92 1N4764C MAQ17503LC HUFA76423P3 5962-87671043A 1N5542B-1 WMS512K8-55DJC R3111N501C-TR MAS9264C95NE RP-1215S GH3-P003SK5 MAX4580EPE S08A35P LD1084V50 SMCG8.5CA TMS320C30GEL50 1SMA19CAT3 AM28F020A-150PC

13 November 2019 (New datasheets):

BF720 TMS320LC53SPZ80 LP3981ILD-3.3 BHT18G KSC3074 HEF4047BT HEF4531BD ZXRE4041ER M27C512-10XF1 SL74HCT86N CD74HCT390M LM7007HM TC7660CPA HE1aN-DC24V IDT54FCT2645CTDB ICS9155-02M20 TZMB8V2 LM2940T P6KE8.2C-T3 SC2128C-C82D PZM6.8NB2A MC2C-S-AC220-TF DS1834AS 1N5062 ACM2002C-FLFH-T MT5C1009C-70L/883C TIP41C KBU600G MLL14KESD18A 5KP8.0CA HGTG12N60D1D BU8307CS M38222MBHXXXFS DDU66C-75A2 PQ1a-12V IDT7206L12TPB MC74HC4053FL2 PCD3349AP/107/3 PDM31548SA15TA 74ABT544D VI-M20-XX HGT1S2N120BNS IS62LV1024L-45Q UC3842QTR RS1004M CAT5112RI-50TE13 PM300DVA120 ZY62GP XM28C010PMHR-15 2EZ17 F30D20D IN74ACT139N 1N4710 LM111MDA MC74ACT20MR1 IS61SP6464-8PQ REC10-3912SRWLZ WS512K32N-55G4TQA TE102R MBR1660 BY251 ST491ACD BD140 TSB41LV01PAP RN5RG27AA-TR DB-4 SNJ54LVT646JT 1N5243B 1MBI400NB-120 BC848BDW1T1 DM74ALS138SJ AME8500CEFTDE44 FST3383QSCX 2ZC39 X25328V14-2,7 ICM7211AMIPL MC9S12DJ128CFU SN74HC42DR SD263C30S50L M52790FP SST89E564-25-C-PJ AM29DL400BT-120SC TL431ACLP IRF540NS AD9050 PDU53-3000M MAX6320PUK47CY-T TLHY4601 PC3H411NIP S80L188EA13 TC54VN2802ECB SMBJ5381B HFBR-1404M SA56614-47GW DS229EN WS512K32NV-17H1I GMS97C51HPL SN74AHCT86DR P4SMAJ170C BZX384-B3V3 AMS2954CS-2.5 MACH210AQ-15JC AM29F002B-120JCB TS102R N74F764-1A TPS75401QPWPR ICPL2530 RKZ-0515S

12 November 2019 (New datasheets):

SNJ54LS378J P4SMAJ6.5-T1 LF441CN YB311S6 BV-N543RD TPS3305-25DGNR MAS9251ACAF-T LTC1708-PG MJH6284 SN74ALVC126PWR REC15-4112SRWB R5323N311A-TR 6638 MI-RC6LRX-XXXX 74HC243NB SST39VF010-90-4I-NK ESP75-12S RH5RL50AA-T1 WMS128K8V-17CCA R1223N182A-TL TMS320C6701GJC150 M38023E3-XXXSS BR600 HSA2921 ZMM47 AME8811CEAT CLC440AJE-TR13 UPD78218ACW(A)-XXX APT10035JLL LLZJ5.1B P4KE56CA R1223N252H-TL AM29LV200B-100EE MPS6428 MCD26-16N1B AT16244F-25XC ADM3311E EA2-6NU AGM1232C-REGTS-T G90NilBO-DC9-1Nil HER306 M38500MC-XXXSS CY74FCT163374CPAC TMS320LC52PZ80 MSB52T 1N4749A(DO41) AM29LV010BT-120JCB QL4016-4PF144I FU-68PDF-V510M47B SA25C1024HENX LA7945N AD976CRS 1N6278A AGM2464D-ME-GTH-T M38193M9-XXXFP SN74LS109AN AT49HLV010-55TI BZX84-B2V4 SA28A HMBZ52221B MLL4119 GS100T300-15 LM3420M5X-12.6 CY74FCT273TQC KBPC800G R1221N25XC-TR AD7834SQ X24001P DS90CF363AMTD CAT93C8612JI-42TE13 CAT25C042U14A-17TE13 TS27L2CN UPC1891ACY SG3524NS LUCL8560GP-D M38501F3H-XXXSS 6A6 REC2.2-4812SRW HS167 PSD313-B-70J 1N3265R LM2645EVAL 2SA1745 1N2998A CPT40090 PDM34089SA7QTY 1N946B PT2128A-C21S 2SK2956 STA802M SM518Q 3KP7.5 MCP6001RT-I/LO PET-1902 P87C51FC 74AC169SC KSC5603D RL206G AME8510AEEVAFE31 27LV256-30I/L MC10E256FN PT79SR105H LC7871E SBD1640CT SST29VE020-200-4C-UN APL5309-43BC-TR AAT4618IGV-T1

11 November 2019 (New datasheets):

MI-RC61LX-XXXX BA158-T3 74FCT162H501CTPAC G41801C-DC6-M 3D7205S-75 5KP14CA SAP10P M38C32E2AXXXFP MC68HC11A8FN1 MSM51V16160A-60TS-K RS1G UDZ43B XC6203E192FR PIC17C752T-33/PT M38508E7-XXXFP MAC4DHM P6KE150C-TB 684-1 VTE1291-2 IDT54FCT640AL XC4010E-2HQ208C APT2012HD GS820H32AT-6I 1N5265B AME8500AEFTBA27 MI-QC2XP-XXX ACM2002D-RLYW-T P28F001BX-B90 TC558128BFT-15 LM136-2.5MDS 2SB1124 CD0.2A20 M38251ECMHP 1N5408-TB TC648VOA MA46455 GMS87C1404D CXP836P61 IDT54FCT162646ETPAB M5M5V416BWG-70H BCW61BLT1 ES1A PSB105/16 74LV03D 1N6074 BZT52C2V7 HFM303 HEF4051BP MAX519BESE R1122N461B-TR X28HC64F-70 MAX6316MUK31AX-T 48IMS7-05-9 OM6006SC WPN20R48D12 SA70 BZW50-22B LSPK370-KN M38C27F5DFP TC1263-28VET M38250M7DXXXHP IDT74FCT825BSOB APT40M90JN LT1209 MC1C-S-AC220-TF Z8018008FEC LM137K-BSS2 PPG36F-1C4 SF5408 HJ44H11 L53 ESSM-2-6 P6KE43A LST2527-B-ST LA7566 HCA600ACREF AT-110RTR BS-AA42RD BZW06-19B G17ADC-DC6 1N5401 LM2005T-S SB1040FCT TM55DZ-2H 74F366SC SST89E564RC-25-I-PJ AT28BV64-30TC HZS5B1 MH16V6445BWJ-5 MAX6334UR22D1-T 29C021JM-2 AS8E128K32Q-150/XT M62032AFP 5D2-10KCS KSH07048S1V8AH HVM12 VI-2NFIX IFC350-14C TVP3026-135PCE 5962H0150202QXC MH4S64BBKG-7 FR1D-T1 M54522FP ICS9248F-50-T PBYR745X M38026M6DXXXSP TDA9840 MI7NMX

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