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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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23 January 2021 (New datasheets):

MC33178D M38504E3-XXXSP P80C58UFBB MZ5210 NM93C66MN BCX70KLT1 PZ8GG-1205EH30 B40C800 M38064MD-XXXGP M38023E7-XXXFP D2230UK TLV1391CDBV IDT6178S12YB AD705 PJ2949 STPS41L30CT OM7603ST SA606N XC6204D57ADL 74ABT823PW CD74AC86M96 CY7C1041BL-15ZC HS809 M38025E2-XXXSS LXT441 M74HCT00B1R AD679KN MAX510BEPE MC34167T 2SD313 IS62LV12816LL-10B AT24C256-10PI 0663005.HXSL MC10E158FNR2 1N3993 93AA76-/SN STU9NC80Z P4KE170CA IXGR35N120C CA1bF-12V-N-5 EZ1086BCM.TR AM29F200AB-90FC 1N4686 MAX6319LHUK34D-T 1N821A AS29F040-120TI BZW04P11 BM-41J57ND WMF128K8-50DEC5 SP691AEN M38865E6AFS JW1aSNB-DC24V AGM1232D-NEYTD-T SN75LBC784DW AME8501AEFTDF24 PT2128A-C91 ATF1508AS-7JC84 MAX6321HPUK42DX-T BCR20B JM38510/34101SD FDP6676S SLD344YT M38862FDA-XXXHP X25650V20I 2SD1484K MCM6229BBXJ35R2 MC74HC137N 1N5247 MC68302IFE MG64PB22 5962-9656101VEC IDT54FCT162841CTEB 5962-9655001VEX L4C383JC26 M38220EB-HP GS882Z18BB-150I WMS512K8BV-20FEME FAR-C4CB-11059-L12-R ARS50B 269-A-210-14xx-C 2021-1314-02 G41302C-DC24-SBM LS16D2 MAX4669CSE BAS83 74HCT299N AS5C2568DJ-15/IT VKA100MS05-81 TMX320C6201BGJL PMBD2837 WS256K32-25HCA BC307 PX401/403-U4C FLM1 SN74LVC126ADGVR IRGBC30K-S MX27C512QI-12 CAT25C05P-1.8TE13 CAT28C65BNA-15T APL5502-31BC-TR LT1117CST MCM69R818AZP7 MMBT4401 MC10H210FNR2 MC10E160FN IDT74FCT841ATEB SC2128A-M92S

22 January 2021 (New datasheets):

PFKC05-12S33 BM-10688MD 1N5392 1N4124D BA17824FP MX29F002NTPI-90 8102 MAX978ESE 2SD1257 TIP38C MT5C1009F-35L/IT IDT74FCT574DTPYB SMCJ7.5A IDT74FCT16H952ETPF 1N6165US M38863E1AHP MN15G0202 GZB15 SMCJ7.0 FS40SM-5 AGM3224G-MC-FTD-T UT61L512LC-15 5KP90 1N821A FAR-F4DA-97M728-G201 PC847Y7 RT9161-39CV 54ABT244MDA JM38510/33202BSA SM1612C GP103AG-DC110-L IS41C44054-50JI 5962H9655101QEX 2SC3833 1N5225B MX29F022NBPC-55 MC74ACT374DW PD15-12 GS88136AT-150 REC5-1105DRW REC3-3315SRW X24321S8I-1,8 M38256E5FP QL3040-1PB456I 5962-9654701QXC TLC5905PAP TK11225BUIB M38048M8-XXXHP RED50 1.5KE68CA UCC386PW AS273D5DA V603ME04 K4F171611D-J HM6264ALSP-15 CDLL5289 Z8623316PEC BZX55C20 SN74LVTH16374DGGR UC1841J 3.0SMCJ6.5 S2G-T1 GM71C17800CT-7 SNJ54ACT86W CAT93C5632S-42TE13 3EZ13D5 LOT770-K BCR519 PST9138N AM28F512A-120JE FU-68PDF-V510M110B CAT28C16ANA-20T IDT54841APB M38255E2MFP G901BD-AC220-12 GS88237AB-225 TEA1062AT MSL-154HR PM1204 ST62P65CB1 NTE2415 M38067M4DXXXGP BZX84C4V3 EE2-9 MC10123P A1750A47FFSC10 74VCX162244MTD PI49FCT32806Q M37510E5XXXFS VI-25WCX HIM054805D M38C27FBDHP BZV55-F33 LB1695 MAX6319MHUK45D-T CD4070BMS M74HCT30RM13TR S-80745AL-A9-S AM29F017B-150FI M2S56D30ATP-75A AGM1264E-RNGTH-T SC2092-400-15 ST230C08C0 JANTX1N6770R M30240M6-XXXFP BM-22J58MD LA7770 P3500EB

21 January 2021 (New datasheets):

LNM376KA01 SF166C RK1-L-12V LAE4001R 3.0SMCJ22CA GC102BR12015022F M40Z111VMH1 FU-68PDF-V520M176B ACM2402B-NLYH-T IDT74FCT162701TE BFQ31AR 20CJQ030 SF12 TGA1319B CA81-1 REC15-3824SRWBZ SS8050 CAT93C8614PA-28TE13 GL514 IRF9Z34N H11G2 VI-J7WEX ADJ13148 MC10H176P HI210 MC74VHCT541ADTR2 2SJ178/JM FR102 SC1460CSK-5.0TR M38224M2-XXXFP P4C198-15JC M93C06-MN6 ACM1602K-FLYH-T VI-P12X-XXX DL4753A BA6996FP HSM124S UFT3270 MAS9264T70NC K4F641612C-TL45 MAX4502CUK-T GMS87C1202E UF4004GP CD74ACT20M MX7581AD 2SK3151 GS881Z36AT-200 AM29LV800BB80SC RN5VS56AA-TR PIC16F83-04/SO E03-44P3 M38508EF-XXXSP PT6506G BU2720DF HPR101 302UFR120AYPD SMAJ154CA-TR N74F652AD D2587P57 MI-MC61-XX OPB483N55 ALE13F06 7MBP25RA120 SC28C94A1N AME8501AEETDD27 FDC10-12S33 MAX7405EPA NM93C66ALMT8X TPSMC24 IDT74FCT245ATD SMCJ6.5A M38252E6MFP MOB51TA-3 LP2985AIM5-3.3 MC79M05CDTRK DSEP15-06B P600B REC10-3012DRWLZ MC-458CB646LFA-A10 TXS2-6V MI-NC6W-XX 1N6000B FQB7N20L 74AC280SJ SF2D-DC24V RH5RI312B-T1 IDT54FCT16646ETE BS-AB15RD KBK20A MI-J5YMA HFA3983 UPC393G2-E2 MOB68D EIA1314-4P 5962H9659101VRX MI-PJ2YX-XXX M38863FEA-XXXFS C4878-01 MC100EL30DWR2 XC18V256SO20C C20T10Q-11A 2A04 TMS4257-10NS SC83702 5KP48C EPM7128AETI100-7 L78S15T

20 January 2021 (New datasheets):

5962G9684502QYX D2526G895 IRKH50012 SMBJ16A GS84118AB-133I MC14538BDW ML4835CS SN74ACT7803-15DLR CD74HCT297E TS556I IP120MH-05-883B RT9172N-16CT5 ZPSD313-B-15L IDT54FCT374DTEB PZM12NB3 74ALS20AN XM28C040-25 E73-5V TC7116IJL ACM1602R-NEYD-T M38193E6-XXXFP LM224 XC17S15AVO8I P6SMBJ24 D2525P47 FAR-C3SA-04000-J10-U MC68331CPV20 VI-24KCX PZ5CU-1205Z CA5160 MI-QC2N4-XXX AD641 LXT318PE 1N5263D W83194R-630A J202 MC74AC541DT BYW33 RT9169-42CV Z89328 MC74HCU04AFR1 P6SMBJ130CA ISP827-1 S2D SN10KHT5541NT P4C187L-45DM ETC1-1-6 AME8808KECS N74F241AD 1N5345B VI-23FEX 1N5300 KF434BV LM13X31 BPT-BP2914 AD679JD M38020E7DXXXFP MSM5116405A-60SJ LGR5101-2 DF10SC6 BD180 IDT74257DTQ M38031FE-XXXHP FJV4112R REC5-4215DRWLZ R15P09D 1N6017A G90NilCO-DC12-NilNil NNCD7.5F PIC17C43-25/L VRE3025JD CAT24C161JA-42TE13 TLV2731CDBVT 5962H9659701QCA S93VP663P-BTE7 IXFE55N50 PR2006 M5M5256CKP-85LL M38251MD-XXXHP CCK225 M38256EAMHP MIC4422CT SG2823L/883B 5962R9651901VCC SMU300PS15B 1N5250D AME8500BEETDA29 LT1076CR SD820S-T3 M2V64S30DTP-7L KSA1156 LA5692S G9128-23 P5KE8.5A M5M5V216AWG-70H USD3040S 74LVX240MTC S-13L42AF DM9334J/883 MT5C2568ECW-15L/XT A80C188XL12 TCET2600 5962H9475401QXX V62C5181024L-55TE P6SMBJ58CA CAT93C6633UI-28TE13 SF27 C65SC02-ACI-4

19 January 2021 (New datasheets):

RS606 AM29LV020BT-55RJIB HYM321160GS-70 HD74ALVCH162374 PU200-16B BAS125-06 MTAN4121-CHR PD57002 CC2406500N 1N5392 QL4016-3CF100C 1N4467 BZW03-C200 GBJ6D MH983 VI-RUZRX-XXXX MBM29DL322BE12TR PLL1700E/2K BL-R9131 RT9161/A-25CZT WS512K32N-70H2QEA 74LVT374WM TL7232MD 1505-50C VI-RUZMX-XXXX BSS63 MTV25N50E CAT24C323JA-42TE13 AD558 UT51C164JC-40 REC10-3312DRWLZ CY7C4205-15ACT AT29C256-15JC MS4C-S-DC110-TF-LB MAX6316MUK37AW-T M38C21MA-XXXFP 74VHC373MTC AME8530AEEVCFE23 G17CSS-DC12 STPS120L15TV SD1020YS DS3691VX TDA7050T/N3 MV5284 MAP80-1012 K4S561632B-TC/L75 SD300R04MSC SF65 5KP7.0 ST3241ECDR MAX197BCAI AGM1264D-MLYBD-T STH51005G R1223N482A-TR P6DG-053R3E P83C652EHP 1N5650 KRA559E MAX6306UK33D2-T S-80809ANNP-E7Z-T2 ISPGDX160VA-7Q208I 74LVTH16373MTD BZX284-B9V1 CD74AC163M QL24x32B-1PQ208I MAX6321HPUK44CX-T P4SMAJ20C-T3 CAT25C022SA-25TE13 M38227M8HXXXHP 74LV245N ARD1004HCQ XCV800-6FG680I AGM2412C-NLBBW-T LC89977M UPD17147GT-XXX-E1 SMAJ17C R48G09 ACM2002P-RLGH-T TISP4300H3BJ 1.5KE7.5 UF106 JM38510/10401BCA E249 A-402G R5110210XXWA PM110-23A M38258E3DFS AGM1212D-NEBBD-T CD4541BE IDT54FCT162H501ATPAB C20T06Q-11A P4FMAJ11 MI71MW LT1054 M38020E4-XXXSS DE2a-L-9V TF361M-A SMBJ5338B MJ16004 PIC16F874T-10E/P LTC1334 PT2127A-C80S AS431B2ST FAR-C4CN-04915-M12-R DS3696AM TD-42 REC8-5305SRWL

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