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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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18 December 2017 (New datasheets):

N74F8961A AM27X010-150JC AM26C32CDR SA36CA GC89SNCC24RD 74AC153SJX TK73248MILH IDT7133SA70GB P80C552IBB R3111N401C-TR 1SMA4756 FDC10-24S12 PCF8578T NTE5187A 1345TBPC TSC80C31-30MC/883 5962R9475405VYA 1N4967SX24 P5KE8.0C SST39SF040A-45-4I-UH SN54F623J SNJ54HC112FK AT27LV010A-90JI AM27C128-55DI FG2000FX-50DA M38255M4-XXXHP 3EZ120 P6KE15 AZ764-1CH-5D KS88P4716 DM74LS174MX UZ5820 P6KE33A MA4L101-134 2N6299 PTB20141 IDT54FCT138ATEB ALZ22F24 3T130B DBL5001 5962H9475408VLX HC1HL-AC6V BL-B2138A S10B TSOP1236TB1 PCA1608U X22C10S L7113SYC MCM62486BFN11 MT6224-AHRG XC4028XLA-08HQ240C IDT7005S15PF D10SC6MR 74ALVCH162827DGG 1N6816 1N6167A KA3S0765RF-TU NC7S86M5 WPC10R24S03PR MZ8810 74HCT123U NTE4980 TL2842D APL5506-B16KI-TR SMA2821 UPD784218AYGF-3BA TXS2SL-L-4.5V-Z BZW04P20 MC74LCX02DTEL TD-8287 5962-9321901QRA MAX409BEPA M5M51008BVP-15VL-I HD637B01X0C PIC16C661-10/P SST39SF010A-45-4C-UH Z10D560 UC3544DWTR M38508MAH-XXXSS LH543601M-30 TPA0122EVM A29400TM-70 SNJ54LVC02AW TDA1940 NEZ1011-8E 5962R9563801QQC 10EZ30 LM2941-ADJMWC PT2127A-B91 CAT25C082PA-25TE13 BAT15-090D B8S SMV2022-001 QCA75BA60 IXGT24N60C TISP3260F3SL M38502FDH-XXXSS DAC714HC RP60-1215DE ZRC400Y03 G1740 AGM1232D-NEYBW-T M4LV-64/32-7JC ASI2001 5429FCT2521BTPYB P6KE350CA SDS60UQ04B ATTL7583DF

17 December 2017 (New datasheets):

M27C256B-45XF1 QM75DY-HB NTE150A COM4213C 5962-89793012A TR502ST09 BF487 WPS512K8VT-15RJI P6KE24 IDT54FCT163TDB MAX233AEPP AD7874AR MI-LJ7P-XX P5KE75CA MI63IX ATC-12S A6A259KLB 74LCX112M SF21-TB 20IMX35-05D05-9 DAC14135MTX SN74LS04N3 3EZ11D5 4N22A AT24C04A-10PC-2.5 REC8-3005DRWL SN54S38J MOC215 WS512K32N-15G2TMA RF-1205DH AD713TQ MC74ACT14DR2 NMC27C64DWF ACM1602Y-NLGD-T SAA5231 MC74HC74AFR1 A57 MMSZ4685T1 KBPC802 PT5041C M38C36E4AXXXFP R7001404XXUA M38042M4-XXXSP U630H04D1K45 LS6J1M-4UR/PG PFC250-4000 P4KE11 SLD10UBB P6SMBJ90 P4C198A-12PC IS61LV6432-100PQI SY10EP58VKCTR IDT54FCT162646CTPVB CS19-08 TC54VC3801ECTTR QL4090-2PQ208C IDT74823DTPYB CD4541BCM TU93C66PI BD-E404RD MX29F002NBTI-70 GH3-P006FL5 2SK1421 1N5951B ARD10012C 78SR105TC UT69R00012GPA TMB22153AMS101 BA-4D7UW-C H1084-3.3U WMS256K16-25FLC XC2V1500-5FF896I TSC80C51CXXX-20IE BL-R4132H FAR-F6CE-1G9600-L2XK-U M35062-XXXSP AQW210S SZ304D SN74ACT2235-30PAG M38862EAAGP S1K-T1 HMS87C1202A FU-68PDF-510M94B TSC80C51TXXX-40AC TDA8752H/8/C4 WMS128K8V-35CCA M34116C1 DLO32F-5.5B2 BZW06-78B PI74FCT2241TH M74HC540 5962H9657601QEA AM29F040B-120EI ST183C04CHK0 RZD3524-W LST2825-T-ST 15HCC MC10186L E150-5V UPD75P3018GC-3B9 BT138-800 IH5042C/D FS6330-01 SNJ54HCT244J MC74AC08DTEL HEC50-24S2P5-S CL10K100ABC356-2

16 December 2017 (New datasheets):

BZT03C75 W04G M38063MAAXXXFS SMBJ45C HJ4-T-AC120V MC-4R96CPE6C-653 FBI6J5M1 5962H9655101QEC GP10V PT2127A-L82 MAC15SM SK100EL11WMS MC10E180FN XCCACEM16BG388I HD637A01Y0C MY31C ADG212A GC4210 GL4EG8 HI5714 IDT54FCT16H952BTPVB NM93C86AN EDI88512LPA35NI LV2803 MAX6316LUK31BY-T 1N5711-1 RMPA1751-102 FST3230 TLE2027AID 1SMB5930 SS26ABA 1.5KE7.5A GC70BR9516022RD 1T368A L493EC L934SRD/D MLL1.4KESD24 IDT74FCT2543DTE TDA8362/N4 CAT28C17ANI-20T MAX6346UR34-T AS2431BR5SA AM29F040B-55ECB IDT74FCT162646CTE V9MLA0402H BDY55 1SMA23CAT3 REC8-2912SRWL TLC2201ACD LD80C54-24 AM29LV200B-150ECB MC145159VF TMS320LBC51PZA MJ16010 IDT7203S80DB RD3.3F KRA109S MBM29F400BC-55PFTR AGM2464D-RE-YTW-T SMP4857A 1N4747A AT-42086-TR1 ACT-SF128K32N-37P1T IDT54FCT16373CTPF FDG6335N P6KE30C V3.5MLA1206A V436516R04VATG-75 NM27C240QE150 HD14556B TL5001MFKB HEF4516BT AM29F100T-120FCB EVAL-AD7450CB LP103 BL-HD033 M38864MFA-XXXGP PIC16LF83-04/SO CLC111AJP BY578 IDT54FCT240CTPB SC2128A-C93S SMAJ26 AM29LV004BB-90RFI MI-J2LMA UAA145 5962-9223306MEA AM2520YC09 SF21-TB WS512K32N-25H1I UC1871J uA709AHM FDR8321L SMV1400-113 SMBJ51 MH8S72DALD-6 ACM2002P-RLYD-T SW-276 SMI-40-27D 74LVQ20TTR GC118BN12016030RD SP741 M38202E3DXXXFP SA75C M38C32E7MXXXFS STK12C68-K45IM X25043PI PT2127A-L93

15 December 2017 (New datasheets):

SN74LVC373ADW P8TG-4805Z2:1M RT9167/A-30CS GNR34B621K ACM2002R-FLYD-T MAX6318LHUK37BW-T C7884 FAR-C3SB-14746-M21-T EFC240D 1SMB5947 M38250EB-FP HT7610A A416316BS-30 M48T86MH1 74F253PC B10A45V SA5751D SN74AHCT125N PI74FCT821TQ 2SB736A-T2B BYW97F B4252CK5-3.8 PIC17C756T-08I/SP RH5RH331A-T1 TK71526ASCL MC54HC259AJ 3.0SMCJ78A C35G SD253N14S20PBV FAR-C4CN-10000-M10-R 74AC373CW MR27V3202EMA A62S8308G-70SI SB2050CT L15S20 AT28C010E-25EM/883 FME-230A ACM1604B-RLYH-T MC74HC14ADTEL APL1085-33UC-TU GP101C-DC110-B M4A3-256/128-55YC IRF820AL RE5RL32AA-TZ TLV2264IDR MN5295H/BCH GC89SNBC08FS ACM1602M-NEFW-T IDT54FCT3573SOB 32C408BRPFE25 REC15-1912DRWB MAX977EEE KA78RM33T MC10H330FNR2 PSD853F2 74F161ASJ LM709CN X24C01M IC61LV3216-15TI WMS512K8BV-15DJIE P6KE24C E10-43 B4500CN-4.0 AM28F256A-120PIB F-51136NCWHU-FW-AA RE5RE37AA-RF MX27C1000PI-15 74F11PC PIC16CR83-10/SO IDT54FCT540CSO P6SMBJ58CA IP7815AR VI-20BEX HG62E08 IDT74FCT2646TPG TS1220-700B M38223ECHHP U635H64BD1C25 CMHZ4617 L3989 TGL8784-SCC CAT93C4621UI-45TE13 MLL1.4KESD9.0 P4KE36A DS90CR284MDC BZX84C2V4W M38867M6A-XXXFS CD40107BPSR M5M51016BTRRT-12VLL-I CAT93C8632K-30TE13 SDS120PS48B UC3714DTR P6KE91CA AME8500AEETCE31 HJ1609 VHB25-28S 76601/9 WSF512K32-29H2M SK36-T1 AGM3224G-MC-FBS-T ST62E62CF1 AN78L07 IHB100S4803 LTC1098LCS8 TXD20008EHFLLDH IDT74FCT823BLB RSZ-2005P

14 December 2017 (New datasheets):

CY7C133-25JI 3KP18A 5962R9652401VCA MAX4113ESA MC33464H-09AT1 M5LV-320/160-20YI IXFR4N100Q CA3140M96 48IMP6-0505-7 BD-C402ND-A BU2525A M38065MADXXXFS STK4200MK2 M38061E1-XXXFS EA15-48 SN74BCT29823NT MAX6317HUK45BW-T AM29F016B-150F4CB HER207 5962G9475407QYC SNJ54S153J MAX4582CSE TDA3661AT SN75372P SMBG64 AGM2464C-ME-YTS-T JTA1524D01 5KP6.5CA SY10EP01VKC FAR-C3SB-14746-K01-U 1N5993B SJC1440 ADM1232 PIC16LC62X-04I/SO SML50B26F NM24C02UEM8 NT5DS32M4AW-6 ACM2004C-REGS-T CD4077BF 5962H9656301VXX AGM1232D-FLYTW-T AGM1212C-REFTD-T PLUS405-55A IDT7140LA35TFB TC7136ARCPL SB1660CT MPSA06 LSM676-N MT5C1005C-40L/IT SMCJ70 SNJ54AHC573W M38501M6-XXXFP 3.0SMCJ5.0CA QL8050-8PQ208I BD250B ATS276SA FR3D-T1 SMH4803AHK YG831C03R MB90T552APF VI-J40MX LNJ806K5SRX RSD-051.8DH AQY410SZ BZW06-20B MSM5238GS-2K X24026W 1.5KE11 UF606 MAS1916LD ZMM5242B SMBJ51A HYB5117400BJ-700 Z33M331S 1N4615 GS8324Z72C-225I MC74ACT563DW SC08-21GWA LFCL750C3 2SC2632 P6FMBJ75A FZT751 ADG507AKP 269-B-120-D-14xx-C LS6U2M-4SD/G-T M38258E3MHP MC33348D-4 OPA177FP 3KP15C AA3022IT-4.5S SN74HC14NSR MAX4607ESE AS7C3256-15PC FDD05-05S5 REC15-6924SRWBZ NTE1916 uPD78064BGC-xxx-8EU IDT54FCT244CTPB CM3508 NM27C020VE150 DS58-0001-TR APL5501-20VC-TR BAT74S UPD753012AGK-XXX-BE9 IDT7280L25PA LM2903 MAX3222EC/D

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