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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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30 June 2022 (New datasheets):

XC2S200E-7PG208C GC89SRDE20F SA160A TC1413NEOA PT2128A-M23 MR30509.MP8A N87C196KB PIC16F873-20E/SO PLS173A IDT54FCT244E MAX6432EIUS-T X2816CJ-12 SC1131CT-1.5 FS20SM-5 MC14106BDT SST89E564RD-25-I-PI P5KE36 SMB56CA CHFP6KE43A WS512K32L-20G2TM ADG620BRT HPR105V BC857C HD74HC243 1N960A ANP-C-114-5 APT60D40LCT BS-AA55RD 1N5441 ST2600C30R0 IDT6167LA70YB RT9808-23CV 37LV36-/SN M74HC221A LP3961ET-1.8 IDT54FCT244CDB MAX186DCAP AM29LV400B90EI THS10064IDA TLV2442CPWR FAR-C4CB-06144-M02-R TVP3703-170CFN SG117K/DESC COP8SAB728N8 IDT74FST16163212PV JPP130PD04 SBO60 ES5120AZ MC74VHC1GT14DTT1 TXD2000MKHFLLNH M38C23FF-HP 74LV165DB EL1881CS-T13 MC10H158P IN74HC365D UGF8GT BL-HA132A OPL535-OC GC70SN7011012F AD9618 1.5KE7.5A AM29F200AB-90SC NTE478 MM1511 TK71644SCL JW2aSN-DC24V M38255M1DXXXFP MAX241EEAI TC1031CCT 1N5261A LOT672-N APM4430KC-TR 1N4721 XN01504 WMS512K8-20DEI M27C4001-35XN1TR M306V0E8-FS RT9808-46CX MPSW45RLRE ACM1602L-RLGD-T JM38510/30903B2 MCM6226BBEJ35R2 93LC56AT-/P GC4713 GH2-DC3K MACH120-12JC GS882Z36AD-225I TL431CDMR2 AAT3222IGV-3.5-T1 SMAJ11A M38C20F9DHP SP1674BA R6202430 BS616UV8021FC 1N4694 TSA5520M/C3/R1 AT45DB080-RI M38861EAA-GP STV-6301-E01 IDT54FCT3245PY HD49235FS AQV210EHAZ MAX694EJA SF43 2SC3687 AS2431A1VST VI-J5FIX

29 June 2022 (New datasheets):

IDT54FCT2652ATDB A29400UM-55 R1223N322B-TR PIC17LC44-08/P M38040FF-FP KA79L24AZ TLV2548IDW X24026X 2SD2582 TP80C151SB SXTA42 M38503E8-XXXSS 5KP40CA EFJ2803H SROG XCV400-5FG676I S-80750AL-EE-T2 1N5299 SN74AS138N CM150DY-12H AM29LV116BB-90EEB L78MG A1750A25RRFC08 MRF581A SNJ54LS166AJ MAP80-4001 AT28C17-W 5962-9654901QXX UF4001GP EPM7064AELC44-4 DL5256 HIN213E IDT7164LS25YB M38223EAMFS SDS60US36 MM74HC221AM SP4405EU SN74ABT2241DW BZV85/C47 IRF9630 MLL5921C SD580S AGM1212D-RLGTH-T TSC80C51XXX-25CF 5962-9570901QXA STR2013 UCC3946N MCP3208-CI/P APL5151-24BC-TR SMBJ6.0 MC145191DT PZM3.9NB2A PIC16F877T-20I/SO CAT93C6633U-42TE13 AS4LC4M4883C ICS8525BG-T SN74ABT374APWR UT69R00016GPAG VI-PULM-XXX PM7347-BI WS128K64V-20G4WC TL7757MLP SS13 IAD012ZHH 1.5KE82CA DM74ALS240ASJ CAT93C4613KA-45TE13 SNJ54LS399FK X28C512R-12 TLE4208G PSB25/18 ADV7195KST M38C83M4-XXXFP DCX144EK ZMM8.2 M62490FP SK12 LM3647-EVAL B4250CR-5.1 MTAN4254-11C MLL1.4KESD5.0A P51XAG33KF A ACT-PS512K8Y-020L2T AM29LV040BB-70ECB SN74ABT2241N QED121 PT2127A-M90 AM29LV020BB-120FEB JK1a-12V TIP35A SN74CBT16213DL IHB60T240515 LOPT670-GK M38864EBAHP PIC16LF877T-04I/P 2N6518 LD1117DT25C MSK5209TD SA160CA MAX6312UK44D3-T TDA8375A SP674BJ SN74HC688DW 5962H9656101QEX Z33M102S FR103G LS21AA-2RT

28 June 2022 (New datasheets):

2N3442 S80C188EA20 AD5313 AM29F800BB-70ECB AME8501BEFTDA27 M38021E5DXXXFS CS61600-IP1 PX500-U4L TC74HC245AP PAL16R8AMJB HA178L06 15KP170A DVK1815Z-A0 MACH221SP-18YI MM1365 Z5D201 S93662S2.7T TLHP4400 OPB903L55 3EZ4.7D10 NJM592V MMBZ5236 M38062M1AXXXFP KBH4A MACH231-18JI/1 P4SMAJ110CA MI-22NIY PCB80C31-2A IDT54FCT273ATEB TISP7125F3D IS61VPS51236-200TQI LM4809MWC AMP04EP ZXMD63N03XTA STPS20L45CT MRF173 X20C16SI-35 PCF8583P/S1/F4 PM100CVA120 PHX8ND50E C25M TXS2SS-L-12V MP154 CY7C1021V33-12BAC 1515-60Y CD4093BCM AGM1264D-NEGTD-T MB89P195AP-201 TP83C51FA M62376GP MA2X073 AGM3224E-NL-GTD-T PZM24N ST52F510 ST3230C10R2L 2SC4092 5962P0053601TUA ACM2004F-FLBD-T CD4015BNSR P4SMAJ6.5CA 74LVC138ADB 74LVXU04MTR XC6203E472FL HYS72V2100GU-10 CAT93C8633KA-42TE13 CAT25C161U14A-17TE13 M38507MD-XXXFP SD153N04S10MSV LP62E16128AV-70LLT HEC50-48S1P8-P UT54LVDSC031-UCC IC62LV256-70U AM27PS191LCB-B MAX147AMJP V53C317405A-60T HAL501UA-E DS0026CL GS820H32AQ-4 RM30TB-M AD7545AUQ GLT6400L08SL-70FC R1113Z501A-TL BAS86 XC6201P472PR EGP20J L-4H4HD L78L24ACD DS90LV027ATMX 5962H9675301VXA TPS76730QPWPR CD4049UBE ST1900C46R1 M38509E9H-FP REC10-5624SRWLZ 74F148SCX RH5VT34CA-T1 COPGW888DWF 1N5407 PCA1621U/10/F1 MC10H604FNR2 REC8-2315DRWL L1384QMP/YD HDD60-24S24-T B4251CK5-5.4 ACT4433-D 12IMR25-051212-2 W83193R-01 LM193AJ-MLS

27 June 2022 (New datasheets):

C-503EA D150/04 LC89590 M38C33M9MXXXFS AIC1740-18CE BCV62A LC7020AT MC2C-P-AC12-TF QL6500-6PS672I IRFZ24V MI-J2JIA 1N4007G MLL4746A RE5VT35AA-TZ SZ2530 UC3845BVD PIC16LF877-10E/SO PS7141L-1C BAS21 BYQ28EB-100 IC62LV5128LL-55HI MAZ7091 3EZ9.1D2 NJM2121L SN74ALVCH244DWR SL74HC258D MAX199AEAI AT28C010E-20LM/883 BPW77NA AQY272 CAT24C162J-42TE13 STHH2003CR TS821IZ 74F138SC SNJ54AHCT374W URAM3HS3 G902BO-DC15-12 JAN4N23A LM2936HVBMAX3.0 W24L010AT-10 STUS09B M38866E9A-GP SNJ54LS109AW SLA4071 SN74LS368AML1 TLC555CPS PBPC601 SMCJ13CA M4-32/32-12JC MBM29F016A-90PFTR HD66724RA03TA0L MAN4610A CAT93C6621KA-42TE13 DDTC144TE MB90092PF PSD853F2V RQ5RW27BA-TR WS128K32L-20H1C TPS5210PWP CMM-5 IDT54157DTL LM12458CIVF 1N821-1 ACM2004E-RLFH-T AM29F016B-150E4E ACM1602T-FLTH-T SVSP0J335M BYV255V-200 MAZS082 PSL126-7R AS5C512K8ECJ-30E/IT IDT72805LB25BG S6006L P4SMAJ130C-T3 BD241C AS7C33128PFS32A-133TQC MC74LVX244M L79L06ACD TLV2774CPWR 74ACT11898N HZS5B3 TK11136MCL CMHZ4683 MM4148 CAT25C321PI-42TE13 AS2431A1VSA BY8208 CY74FCT823ATSOC LP2981AIM5X-3.0 SB220 DCB307 AM29DL800BT90WBIB EGF15F XP132A1275SR SK1900 PBYR2040CTB M27C256B-90F1 TC4426AEPA MAX6356LSUT-T 74LVX86MX RD3.6ESAB2 SJA461 P6SMBJ17C LYB480-H T85/06 5KP58C PJ5800ACP

26 June 2022 (New datasheets):

1.5SMCJ78C APL5151-34BI-TR OL592N-3 54F823LMQB RN5VT21CC WS128K64V-25G4WC GS71108TP-12 SN74ALS233BFN TLE2064ACD IS63LV1024-8T PA28F400B5-B80 IDT74FCT2373ATD CAT25C321U14-30TE13 AM29F160BB-90FE Z8018008FSC MPX2101GSX EZ1086CT-2.5 SFH6316T MXD1005SE60 MAX7410CPA 74HCT123D MIC39501-2.5BU REC8-3515DRWL TMS15215 FAR-C3CB-06000-J01-R Q4040K7 TC16-11EWA SD103N25S10MBC SN74ALS569AN CL10K50SFC484-1 G902AO-AC220-NilNil 74LVTH16952MTD MC68332MFC20 PCI1211PGE SPX2945U5-3.3 MX29F002BTC-70 IDT54FCT540SOB MT9174AN TLC555ID M37516F8HP C-562H MAX6377UR25-T AM29LV800BB90WCCB RV-2412D WMS512K8-17CLCA V33MLA1206T 2SD2581 TSC80C51TXXX-L16IF KS8630D SST39LF010-70-4C-B3H CS8391YDPR5 JM38510/75302BD TF66606A EL6242CU PT5102A U632H64BSC35 5962-9659301QRC MAX640ESA TN0604N3 PT2128A-C31 MC9S12DG256VFU Z8S18033FEC TLC27L2CDR SA5214D SMTPB120 UAA2016P 1N4475 HD4074329FS UPD6125AG-XXX MM3Z9V1T1 SB620FCT VI-J6YEX 28C256AJC-2 FU-68PDF-520M77B CD421660A MAX313CPE SN74LVU04DR M38C27M4-XXXFP FRS240R AME8501CEETDA24 89C1632RPQH25 M38066E3DXXXFS A1751A23FFSC10 FU-68PDF-V510M38B SN55LBC174J MSM6655A-xxxGS-K CD54HC74F MMBZ5257BLT1 PT2129A-S42S R1112N21B-TR ZMY8.2 MT5C2561C-70L/IT PI74FCT163244K FR152 SR14 KM41256AZ-12 TSC80C51TXXX-16CH AGM2412B-NCYTH-T HGTP15N120C3 GP20D KBPC2502G CD4069UBPWR SN74AC373DW EDI88130CS35LM 5962HTBD01VYX FDR844P VI-B33-EU-BM BZV85/C51

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