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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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9 August 2020 (New datasheets):

AT49F1025-45VC VPC3245C TL082ID TC1027CPE SMDJ100A HSK83 LA7411M L7388 FSD20A30 R5021613FSWA IL2412 S2D/DA A625308A-70SU AT49BV020-90TC MA3X704D RC-0505DH UTR6440 BA9755S REC3-4205DRW ACM2004C-REBW-T M38038M4-XXXHP XC3190A-2TQ144C CAT515JI-TE13 DAC715P ISD4002-120P MB89P195PF-101 ADDAC85C-CBI-V DDU66C-50A2 NTE253 RC30S02G 5962H9684501QYC SGM2014M AT49F2048-12RC MAX321ESA MC68HC05M9 1.5KE7.5A AGM1532A-NEBBW-T MAX4274AEESA RH5VL48AC AM29F016B-90FC MMBTH69LT1 MB15E07SLPV MC10109FNR2 MC79M05BDTRK MXD1000SA35 REC8-5912SRWL P6MG-2409E SA7V0CA PT6931A M38024M2-XXXFS VI-QURL-XXX MZP4732A PIC12C671-10I/P 74HCT4067N R1140Q381D-TR PDM31532SA10SOTR M38C25FFDHP 74HCT273PW SAA5547PS RB421D AIC1723-38CE AM27C64-120DE NSC800D-1I V62C51864LL-70F SM152A FSS132 MIC706M MX29F002NTPC-55 SN74AS374DWR 5KP30A PU200-45C ADJ23048 DK2a-12V WE128K32N-150G1UQA PIC17C43-/JW TBP24SA41MJ CAT93C8621JA-25TE13 LM2575T-15 SN74AHCT240N MF0015M-03AT V436664Z24VXBG-10PC UC3845D8 BM-20J88ND M37481M2T-XXXFP AGM1212E-FLBBS-T RQ5RW40AA-TR MAX868EUB UC3879DWTR HER207 IS61S6432-117TQI IDT7164S85DB FR206G 2214-200G MM1593F R1223N462G-TL STP9NK60Z BGY122B M38862MBA-XXXGP 42050-284 TPIC6B596N UCB1510DB M27C512-90XF3 UPC8100GR-E2 IDT54FCT166245ATEB ST5092TQFP P4KE8.2 TSC1324 1N5272B

8 August 2020 (New datasheets):

X24164S8I CD4040BCN
54F74MW8 MSK613 F30D50C 1N5252 MC79L15ACLP 74LVC16241ADGG TC54VC3401ECTTR 5962H9655701QXC 1N5398 MAX6320PUK47DX-T K9F1208Q0A-DCB0 PT2128A-B81 RH5RH602B-T1 GS8180Q36D-133 LM1279N TLC3702CPS MC34166TH MBM29DL323BE90TN HUF76129S3S EA2-3TNU X68C75LSLIC CPH3305 KM44C4103CSL-5 60KS200CH3 KA5Q0740RT MAX6332UR24D1-T R1140Q281D-TR R1112N27B-TL M38C21FA-HP BYD43U AT27LV020A-90TC 2EZ17D5 74F675ASC SMLG40 PDM31564SA15TITY MBR30020 R1141Q391B-TL G901AD-DC6-1Nil IDT54FCT573P 5962D9960701QUX 5962G0153701VXA MAX207ECWG PZM18NB 2SC3685 LCE8.0 AM28F256A-120FE AME8501BEETAF29 5962-9466308QYC MV5286 V62C5181024LL-70WE U630H64SK45 IDT54FCT245CTQ P6KE20 OPB471L11 MAX20-12.0C MC68HC11F1MPU3 TL750L12QD IDT7201LA80LB M38036F1-FP A66-1 JM38510/30107BEA AS431CR5DB UC2861QTR UA2-5NU FU-68SDF-V802M123B WP06R24D15PR TXD20008HLFLLNH BC858A PCF1252-9P/F4 P6KE27A APL5302-50D5C-TR BU4525DL SA461 RN5RT20AA-TR 74VHC244SJ AGM1212B-NCFTD-T ST62P25CM1/XXX BZX55C4V3 CL-260YG-X-TD IRHN7150 IT130 200HF80MV BCR162W KHQ04048S1V5AL PMBZ5236B UT62L2568LC-55LLE GMS81516B 1N4923 M61018GP LH28F400BGE-TL12 AD8005ART-REEL LM322N APL5506-B24OI-TR LN80C58 B4300CR-3.7 HYB5118160BSJ-60 HCC40106BF H11AG3 3.0SMCJ26C FMB100 PAL16R8-5JC 1N4106UR-1 XRD9816 MJ10006 2SC4181

7 August 2020 (New datasheets):

SPX2930M1-3.3 W66662CF BUK7618-30 1.5SMCJ14A VI-PULY-XXX PIC16C642-04/SO M38062M4-XXXGP M27C512-60C1TR IDT54FCT541CTEB AM29LV400B70RFE ADS-B946 ML4664CH 1N5402G MAX507BMRG REC8-1512DRWL M38863F9A-XXXHP SN74LS32ML2 2SK1492 PIC17CR42T-08I/PQ 5KP110(C)A IDT74FCT2645DTPYB IRFR3910 SST89V564RD-25-C-TQJ 2SB1553 LH28F004SUB-Z9 STK16C68-S35I 1SMB20A CXA1616S LM317D RM7065A-350T 3EZ400D5 G90NilCO-DC6-1Nil AS6VA5128-BI SNJ54LVC32AW P6KE11A APL5503-30BC-TR 1N974C MAZ4160 SN74ALVCH16334DGGR LND3526 1N5998C LCX007BKA TOP221Y M93S46-MN6 RF2140 74ABT16543CSSCX TC54VC2301ECTTR BYV79-200 RT9165-80CZ LX6431AILP M38223MBHXXXFS FX20KMJ-3 GL5HV44 P6SMBJ130 P6KE43A HMC219MS8 EC103M1 SMQ300PS54-CB 93AA66XTSN AM27X256-120JC PIC16CR72-20/SO BZX79C5V1RL SF4-DC48V FAR-F6CE-1G9600-L2XB-V KD1084AV28 AM28F020-90PIB RM4A PT5027C CM431255 CC2403020N TSC80C51TXXX-L20MA/883 PI74LPT652L HER303-T3 KBJ608G 150C60B BA033T TDA2009 SST89V554-25-C-NI SP8402 SB80L186EA13 NTE2344 BA3314F P4C187-20PI 1H4-TB AM29F010-90FI MBR4020W 4D2-14LCS P5KE45CA SR1050 K6R1008C1B-TI10 SMCG6057 ACM1604B-RLFW-T UT621024SC-70L LB1291 MX29LV800TXBC-90 PDZ6.2B AGM3224G-RC-GBW-T 1N4990US NJM2214M SM284A CAT93C5621JI-30TE13 LLSRK12 AS431B1DBVT GC70BR12016003FS BAV21 KBPC5002GS AD7878JP 74LVX574MTC

6 August 2020 (New datasheets):

SN74LVTH16652DGGR MAX188AEPP M38C85E4-FP BGY587B XCV600-4FG680C REC5-2705DRWLZ DS2890P/T&R CNY17-4 LMS5214IMG-2.6 IXGH12N100AU1 BL-HJF36A RS804M 1N750A BAV74LT3 M62222FP CAT25C321S16-28TE13 2SC3601 SMBJ5943C SST29LE010-90-4I-NN CYG2010 1.5KE220C AD8303 V62C5181024LL-35TI RN5VT18AC LXM1653-01 SMBJ14(C)A BF398 XC4010XL-2TQ144C WE512K8-150CQ 1N5939B IDT7202LA80SOB L6X8E6 SI-3092N 1N202G TM130RZ-24 MOC3010 SA56 L60S6 G72DA-DC6C1 74HC75PW PSD954F2-90MI KA3525A 5962-9656801QRC FM93CS46VM8 M38198MC-XXXFP LD1086DT80 IH5341CPD BFP193 PM9312 X28HC256FI-15 LTC1442CS8 APL431LBBI-TB 28LV256JI-4 MUN5111T1 1N482B CL1K30TC144-1 1N5707 BZX84C22 MI-QC22V-XXX SST58LM096-70-C-FRI VI-J0MMX RGP25A M38205M2DXXXFS 1.5KE62CARL4 RH5RH452B-T2 AS431A1S7 CP1SA-12V-X AD9220 2SB1184 AT34C02N-10SC-2.7 HD6305X0P SCC2691AC1N24 3N259 IS63LV1024-12TI IRLML5103 LUH371-FJ MSK5006TU IDT74FCT827BTE BD-F543RD-A MC14504BD FR155GP 5962-9656101QXA MOC3023 2W06 M38500MD-XXXSP STB6NB90 MJE9780 LP3985IBP-3.3 P6KE43 D2587P35 MAX4314ESD SPF-3043 IS62C1024-35QI DF005M P4KE440 AM29LV002B-150EC BGA427 PG4935 HM9104B M4-256/128-18YI IDT54FCT373CTP 79L09ACZ REC3-5305SRWZ P4KE11CA SN74CBTS16211DGGR GLT6100L08LL-85TC QL7160-4PT280M

5 August 2020 (New datasheets):

UPD784044GC(A1)-XXX-3B9 MAH28140B FDLL300 QRS1240T30 AME8510AEEVLFE26 G41802C-DC6-Nil ST330S12P0L A29L800TG-90 BS-CF01RD MAX780DC/D M38B59EF-XXXFS GAL22V10B-15QJ 1PS76SB21 IRF710B DK1a-6V S93VP663PI-ATE13 M38047FA-XXXHP SN74ALVCH162836DGGR MH1373P US2076CT KSF60A60B TC4428EOA MC68HC11F1FN5 IDT74FCT2652TEB UPD75112CW-XXX IDT72261L25GB STLVDS104BDR BA6195FP-Y P6KE39A MC33076DR2 DM74ALS151M AS1117R-3V AD5321 SMQ400PS27-CB IS93C46-3GI SD253R16S15MSV SA28CA A1750A42RRFC08 M38500ED-XXXSP ISR2805DSRH TC54VN3602EMB MC100EL39DW TSP140B LA4743B P5KE120CA XCA170 AM29DL800BB90EC BPNPA16E V62C5181024L-55VE AT24C04A-10PI-2.7 MJE5742 IDT74FCT32932100PV SMBJ5947 TISP4265M3BJ uA709CP TSB14C01PM KBPC606 BL-HB4KB34B AM29LS800BS-170WBIB ICL7641EC/D H11L2 L59CB/GYW EFA960B MF0032M-11AT DAC8413EP MH942 SG3544J ETC1-1-6TR RD2.0EB2 MV8331 TGL41-75 1.5KE200CA MBRF750 IDT7204S20SOB BL-B2137D KA22069BN CD74HC20E EP7312-IB 1N5820 IDT54FCT2533ATSO LC662508A CAT93C8633JA-28TE13 IMP30-12 HCS200-I/SN ADS1250U/1K 1N5270 CLL4733A MAX6315US50D1-T P6SMBJ7.0 TM1.8.330K M38502F1H-XXXFP IDT54FCT388915T70LB CAT93C8613JA-25TE13 P4SMAJ43C-T3 STR-F6653 MAX176AEPA 5KP58 BZX2C20V WMS512K8V-17FMA PDM41256LA10SOITY KHH07048S2V5AH SST39LF400A-70-4E-EK SD263C40S50L FAR-C4CP-16000-M02-R SN65LVDM176D FE3A PT2271A-L6-S18 FQB7N10

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