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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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20 August 2019 (New datasheets):

CAT93C4623U-45TE13 QL2005-1PF144I MWI30-06A7 MLL5927B LSM540J ST333S08MFM3 TC7660MJA M54122L KBJ10J TX2-L-3-X IS61LV256-15TI AN7337NS DLO32F-3.5MD4 XC3130A-3PC84I IRU1030CT 2SD1012 BC849B 78L12ACD DD110F40 A1751A50RRSC06 IDT74FCT373ATDB 93LC66X-I/SN LM317T WS128K32L-25G4TC CAT93C4631U-45TE13 R3111E201C-TZ MAX1091AEEI 2SK2463 NTE5068A RG-3.31.8D LP62S1024BU-55LLTF LT1105IN P6KE440CA PIC17C43-25/PT 05WS6B UPC4062G2 AM29F160BT-120FE 74F244SJX T15M256B-70NI LME1212D SNJ54LS298W PD65-30MC NTE2081 ER502 UVS-547AG SFR2955 SMA15CA S-806L-Z WS512K32NBV-17G2CE OM7626NM IS61LV12816-8B LC895124 CXD3408GA SMA42A LHT774-L SBT3060 TG-71 APR3003-15BC-TR BZV49-C12 TSB14C01AIPM OPB901W55 LTC1283ACN PIC16C73B-20I/SP R1221N25XA-TR SP491EN WS128K32N-45H1I AD7846AP RA354 PCA1622U/F2 TSC80C51XXX-L16AA MC34064D-005 1.4KESD78C 1A5 AT93C66W-10SC-1.8 ST16600 SN54S09J CY7C199-12VC FSM106 SD253N12S15PV 74ABT821D TC7117RCKW TEN5-4823 IN74AC240N P4KE400 ES3B/B FAR-F6CE-2G4840-L2WC-V TL081IN IDT54FCT2646DTLB 1014-2 OP179GS DTA124TE DG12-5D W04G SST29VE512-70-4C-WN S80C186EA20 CY7C1019CV33-12VI PHP3N60E AME8806JEHA IDT54FCT166244CTEB RUZ-120505 RS2004M MG113P22 J109 IDT6167SA35DB WE128K32P-150G1UI IDT54FCT2827DTDB KM416S8030BT-G/F10 SA90

19 August 2019 (New datasheets):

AAT3236IGV-2.5-T1 WF512K32F-70G2UC5A ISP1106W RN5RK462A-TL 1.5SMCJ28 LUCL9214GAU-DT AS29LV800B-80SI AM29F080B-120SI TX2SS-48V TSOP2130 AT27C1024-90VC LP2950AZ-5 M38252MAMXXXFP AGM1264E-NNGTD-T MAX6317HUK36CY-T IDT74FCT162240CTPV M27C512-70XN3 MC74HC4316ADW TZX4V7D GC79BNCD15RD RN5RG60AA-TR SY100H841L BZX85 - C6V8 1N5399G MMSZ5239B SA22A PST3132 MAX7411CUA MAX4158EUA HMS81004E GS840FH32AT-10 MAS28155LS ACT-F4M32C-100F2M MX29F002NTTI-90 AT24C64-10TC-2.5 DF1502S MUN5314DW1T1 MAX6378XR36-T UT1553B/BCRTMP-GCC IP140MAH-15-BSS2 S306100 HEF4750VDB APL5302-28AI-TR SN75C1406DW SN74ALS573CDW WS128K32N-17G1UQA 1.5KE150A UPC29M05HF IDT54FCT240DTSOB 1N5925B LLSRK9 5962-9088101M2A SI4920DY MCH6609 ADSP-2181KS-160 EM73A88A G65SC02-ADW-5 MI2WIX TLMG3100 TLC374IN UNR2224 DM74S157N APL431AIC-TBL 1.5KE220A MX29F002NTTC-55 AGM1264B-RLFTH-T EN1T21 1SMC5.0CA REC5-093.3SRWL 1.5KE8.2CA TSC2078 IDT54FCT623CTLB DF06S CMPZ4679 SMCJ54C 74ACT16841DL MGB34T FAN5037 DL4933 MC14082BCP GS881Z18T-11 NM24C03MT8 MN6570F 1N989A WS512K32-45G2TQA RSD-2412DH DM74LS51M LX8587A-33CDD ACT8505-T P1Z9ADR900W P6SMBJ30CA KRC410 TN87L51FA-1 IDT74FCT810BTSOB UPD16855DG AD848 HER101G UPC4744G2-T1 74ACT16863DL LC73720 1N5366B Z5D390 5962R9211803QYC IS61LV6432-6PQ CHFP6KE160 BZX55-C4V3 R1111N151B-TR

18 August 2019 (New datasheets):

NTE2523 CXA1207AR GC89SNBC15RD M38067E8DXXXGP GB301ZG-DC12-TF-B QEB50-48S3P3-S SST29LE020-250-4C-EH 2690-1007 CAT93C5623P-30TE13 STFLAFM10/SW IDT54157ATLB RV-2405D V575LA10 ZCD6H01PAPDM FAR-C1SB-11059-J01-U TD80C54-24 IRFW640B HIN241IA GS8320Z18T-166 ADC76KG BZX399-C2V2 1N5990B MI-RC610X-XXXX CAT93C4623SI-45TE13 AM29F200AS-55EE WS128K32N-55G1UQA SB16-45M IDT71T024L150PZI RH5VL60CA-T2 SB1640F MAX139EQH SC2128A-C40B AT89C51-20PC PIC17C42A-25I/PQ TC962COE UC1843AJ SB560 24C02A-I/SN M68779H KBJ4M RP03-1205SB MAX7401CPA REC5-2215DRWLZ MDU12H-20MC3 M38C83MA-XXXFP SNJ54LS137W WMS512K8L-17DEC ESP100-05S P4KE43 CD54HC75F3A GMS87C1102E BZX399-C33 5962F9475403QYC ST3384EBDR SMBJ12CA 5KP110C TPS3125L30DBVT LS4117 M27C256B-25B6 QTLP601C-O REC8-6509DRWL SC18-11GWA PDZ3.9B TLC4502AID MC10197FN VI-25NEX RH5VL49AC RFM12N10 PBT46/10 V292BMC-33LP 5962F9475402VXC MSM9016 70C80BF MI2XMY REC15-4705SRWBZ PI74FCT541TS S-806I LS6U1M-4UR/PG CX28398-22 AD7545AUE LC8953 P4SMAJ45CA-T3 SN74LVTH273PWLE EN29F002NB-55P BZW04P6V4 M38046FF-XXXFP SAA137C BYW51-150 MAX6316LUK28BW-T SK10EL16VU BUK436W-200A MC145050DW KIA79L05BP AZ100EL16VSDR1 1A1 2SD1911 AM28F256A-70FCB CAT93C4631S-42TE13 MX27C4000TI-12 S10A30R TMS320LC50PQA40 VI-PU3W-XXX 1.5KE12CA EMIF6-100FC ATA01504D1C R34100 M38221M3HXXXHP MAX1618MUB

17 August 2019 (New datasheets):

D2587P8915 FAR-C3CB-11059-J21-R R3130N46EC-TR ISD33180ED NTE5989 SMAJ51A MC74HC595AFL2 LOK382-QT HBZX55C15 FAR-C1SB-11059-G01-T M38063E6-XXXGP MWI25-12A7 GS175T48-5 SMB30A SPX1581U-3.3 FB2504L BYC5-600 TR2007SF37 SD8100S-T3 PIC16F876T-20I/PT DSSK50-0025B MI21MV NX25M640C-3T TLC549MP SST29LE020-200-4I-NH FQB1N60 DKX2-9K FJNS3213R WF4M32-150G2TC5A LM320H-12 ZC931TA IS24C02-3P STP11NM80 PT2128A-M22S RSD-3.315 CA16A2CAA ADS7807UB MC10E193FNR2 SD1553C18S30K U20C05C OM7501SM XP132A01A0SR AS2431DR25DT XC4013XL-08HT144C USB100N24 PT2128A-B91 UC3872QTR MI-J7JIZ X9313TSI 5KP13 ES2D NDL0515S R1110N331ATL 2SC1047 FDC60-12S05 1N5402 MAX20-100.0C HV857MG CD54HC688F3A RSBL-9S PDU108H-3 MG63PB14 G65SC150EI-2 LTC1177CN-12 R1122N361A-TL TSOP1156TB1 TC55RP4002ECB MI-RJ5MXX-XXXX TK71750SCL CXA1917AM MC74HC4851AD KRA314 R1210N582C-TR K4EB-28V-1 LUCL9312AP SPX2931AU-3.0 AD7804BR MC10H179FN K6T0808C1D-DB55 IDT7202LA80TPB ABR1500 X25650V20-2,5 LET9045S GC79BNBA10RS NJM2103L SE135N GS4881-IKA 2211-300D MK45H12N50 LS5380-G AGM3224E-MC-BTD-T W25P243AD-4A BUZ3L G3D MI-QC23T-XXX OPA353NA/3K SMD1108F BT136X-500 SM5872AS 10EZ91 SST39LF512-55-4I-WK IS61LPD51218D-150B FRL230D BAT74 1N4759A MX27C2048QC-90 MAX236CNG

16 August 2019 (New datasheets):

VSC8150QQ S4380 GH3-P012FNil2 MSM6996VAS 15KP160 UT69R00016WCC PT6624Q M38257E4-FS MC100EL91 CAT93C5732UA-30TE13 UPC78L07J-T JM38510/75603SS MAX8864TEUK-T M38223EBHFS FM4937 NFV10D182K ZRT040B2 SF20FG M5M5V408BRT-10HI TLV1543CFNR M38257E9DFS HUF75329D3 3EZ39D2 WPS512K8LT-15RJM OPB461L11 MAX329EJE 1N4627 P4KA24 MM1111XF RH5RL45AC 74ACT241SC IS61LV3216-15TI MT5C1001DCJ-40L/IT LM337T2 UPD17149GT(A)-XXX-T1 MX828DS ICS9179M-12 5962-8680601V2A WS512K32F-100H2ME LM2640MTCX-ADJ M38061EA-XXXGP AGM2412C-RLGBH-T SMCJ24 RS1MB VI-PUPM-XXX MAX770CPA TMS4257-12FME ADC08238BIJ 74HCT5555N 24LC04BT-/P M38257M1MXXXFS EL5191CS-T7 AM29F002B-90PI JM38510/34106B2 SML72420C MAX792RMJE MC74ACT163D CS4391-KZ MC74HC157AN S4035J XC5206-6PG191I FU-68PDF-V520M144B AM28F512A-150JE APL5152-34BI-TR UG2D HA178L12 KBPC5004 SA5230N BS62LV2000SI TSMBJ1018C 2SA2012 MAX6317HUK26CY-T LC321664BJ-80 M38064M1DXXXGP R3111E341A-TZ S-80724AL-AM-T1 MSM54V25632A-10AGBK4 GC79BRAA20RD RHRG1560CC TSC80C51CXXX-40CD 7429FCT520CTQB IDT74FCT162H244TPV AD558SD DS2Y-SL2-DC5V UT62V5128LS-70LLE 5962H3829437SXA REC5-3805SRWZ BD647 STR30130 SN74AHC374DWR LMV821M5X SMLJ110A REC3-3505DRW AM29F002T-70PE MB84VD2219XEE-90-PBS MV5352 2SD1277 BZX85/C24 GOG94008C SL5235 CY74FCT138CTQCT IDT74FCT139CTLB AGM1264E-FNYBD-T AGM1264F-FLFD-T 27C256-17FA FSH04A04 WS512K32L-20G1TCA M38256M8MXXXFP

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