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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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13 November 2018 (New datasheets):

BF720 TMS320LC53SPZ80 LP3981ILD-3.3 BHT18G KSC3074 HEF4047BT HEF4531BD ZXRE4041ER M27C512-10XF1 SL74HCT86N CD74HCT390M LM7007HM TC7660CPA HE1aN-DC24V IDT54FCT2645CTDB ICS9155-02M20 TZMB8V2 LM2940T P6KE8.2C-T3 SC2128C-C82D PZM6.8NB2A MC2C-S-AC220-TF DS1834AS 1N5062 ACM2002C-FLFH-T MT5C1009C-70L/883C TIP41C KBU600G MLL14KESD18A 5KP8.0CA HGTG12N60D1D BU8307CS M38222MBHXXXFS DDU66C-75A2 PQ1a-12V IDT7206L12TPB MC74HC4053FL2 PCD3349AP/107/3 PDM31548SA15TA 74ABT544D VI-M20-XX HGT1S2N120BNS IS62LV1024L-45Q UC3842QTR RS1004M CAT5112RI-50TE13 PM300DVA120 ZY62GP XM28C010PMHR-15 2EZ17 F30D20D IN74ACT139N 1N4710 LM111MDA MC74ACT20MR1 IS61SP6464-8PQ REC10-3912SRWLZ WS512K32N-55G4TQA TE102R MBR1660 BY251 ST491ACD BD140 TSB41LV01PAP RN5RG27AA-TR DB-4 SNJ54LVT646JT 1N5243B 1MBI400NB-120 BC848BDW1T1 DM74ALS138SJ AME8500CEFTDE44 FST3383QSCX 2ZC39 X25328V14-2,7 ICM7211AMIPL MC9S12DJ128CFU SN74HC42DR SD263C30S50L M52790FP SST89E564-25-C-PJ AM29DL400BT-120SC TL431ACLP IRF540NS AD9050 PDU53-3000M MAX6320PUK47CY-T TLHY4601 PC3H411NIP S80L188EA13 TC54VN2802ECB SMBJ5381B HFBR-1404M SA56614-47GW DS229EN WS512K32NV-17H1I GMS97C51HPL SN74AHCT86DR P4SMAJ170C BZX384-B3V3 AMS2954CS-2.5 MACH210AQ-15JC AM29F002B-120JCB TS102R N74F764-1A TPS75401QPWPR ICPL2530 RKZ-0515S

12 November 2018 (New datasheets):

SNJ54LS378J P4SMAJ6.5-T1 LF441CN YB311S6 BV-N543RD TPS3305-25DGNR MAS9251ACAF-T LTC1708-PG MJH6284 SN74ALVC126PWR REC15-4112SRWB R5323N311A-TR 6638 MI-RC6LRX-XXXX 74HC243NB SST39VF010-90-4I-NK ESP75-12S RH5RL50AA-T1 WMS128K8V-17CCA R1223N182A-TL TMS320C6701GJC150 M38023E3-XXXSS BR600 HSA2921 ZMM47 AME8811CEAT CLC440AJE-TR13 UPD78218ACW(A)-XXX APT10035JLL LLZJ5.1B P4KE56CA R1223N252H-TL AM29LV200B-100EE MPS6428 MCD26-16N1B AT16244F-25XC ADM3311E EA2-6NU AGM1232C-REGTS-T G90NilBO-DC9-1Nil HER306 M38500MC-XXXSS CY74FCT163374CPAC TMS320LC52PZ80 MSB52T 1N4749A(DO41) AM29LV010BT-120JCB QL4016-4PF144I FU-68PDF-V510M47B SA25C1024HENX LA7945N AD976CRS 1N6278A AGM2464D-ME-GTH-T M38193M9-XXXFP SN74LS109AN AT49HLV010-55TI BZX84-B2V4 SA28A HMBZ52221B MLL4119 GS100T300-15 LM3420M5X-12.6 CY74FCT273TQC KBPC800G R1221N25XC-TR AD7834SQ X24001P DS90CF363AMTD CAT93C8612JI-42TE13 CAT25C042U14A-17TE13 TS27L2CN UPC1891ACY SG3524NS LUCL8560GP-D M38501F3H-XXXSS 6A6 REC2.2-4812SRW HS167 PSD313-B-70J 1N3265R LM2645EVAL 2SA1745 1N2998A CPT40090 PDM34089SA7QTY 1N946B PT2128A-C21S 2SK2956 STA802M SM518Q 3KP7.5 MCP6001RT-I/LO PET-1902 P87C51FC 74AC169SC KSC5603D RL206G AME8510AEEVAFE31 27LV256-30I/L MC10E256FN PT79SR105H LC7871E SBD1640CT SST29VE020-200-4C-UN APL5309-43BC-TR AAT4618IGV-T1

11 November 2018 (New datasheets):

MI-RC61LX-XXXX BA158-T3 74FCT162H501CTPAC G41801C-DC6-M 3D7205S-75 5KP14CA SAP10P M38C32E2AXXXFP MC68HC11A8FN1 MSM51V16160A-60TS-K RS1G UDZ43B XC6203E192FR PIC17C752T-33/PT M38508E7-XXXFP MAC4DHM P6KE150C-TB 684-1 VTE1291-2 IDT54FCT640AL XC4010E-2HQ208C APT2012HD GS820H32AT-6I 1N5265B AME8500AEFTBA27 MI-QC2XP-XXX ACM2002D-RLYW-T P28F001BX-B90 TC558128BFT-15 LM136-2.5MDS 2SB1124 CD0.2A20 M38251ECMHP 1N5408-TB TC648VOA MA46455 GMS87C1404D CXP836P61 IDT54FCT162646ETPAB M5M5V416BWG-70H BCW61BLT1 ES1A PSB105/16 74LV03D 1N6074 BZT52C2V7 HFM303 HEF4051BP MAX519BESE R1122N461B-TR X28HC64F-70 MAX6316MUK31AX-T 48IMS7-05-9 OM6006SC WPN20R48D12 SA70 BZW50-22B LSPK370-KN M38C27F5DFP TC1263-28VET M38250M7DXXXHP IDT74FCT825BSOB APT40M90JN LT1209 MC1C-S-AC220-TF Z8018008FEC LM137K-BSS2 PPG36F-1C4 SF5408 HJ44H11 L53 ESSM-2-6 P6KE43A LST2527-B-ST LA7566 HCA600ACREF AT-110RTR BS-AA42RD BZW06-19B G17ADC-DC6 1N5401 LM2005T-S SB1040FCT TM55DZ-2H 74F366SC SST89E564RC-25-I-PJ AT28BV64-30TC HZS5B1 MH16V6445BWJ-5 MAX6334UR22D1-T 29C021JM-2 AS8E128K32Q-150/XT M62032AFP 5D2-10KCS KSH07048S1V8AH HVM12 VI-2NFIX IFC350-14C TVP3026-135PCE 5962H0150202QXC MH4S64BBKG-7 FR1D-T1 M54522FP ICS9248F-50-T PBYR745X M38026M6DXXXSP TDA9840 MI7NMX

10 November 2018 (New datasheets):

BTS734L1 TMBAT49FILM BQ2945SN LX401 R1230D181A-TR AM27C512-90JC SC1164-2.5CSW.TR 1N966C BA6950FS TIP116 79C0408RT1FI15 HEF40175BP CAT28C257T13I-15T SS0520-T1 MMBT4403 PBL38630/2QNS 5962R9322604VZX KTA1659A MMBZ5251B HKA2910 M54534FP CS8952 TLV2454AID MP03HBP360-18 LT4083H TLP626-2 IDT74FCT273CTEB 2B454 74AC648CW RN5VT47AA-TL UFT15-28S SA575ADK STPS1545F REC3-5809SRWZ BD246 MH64S72BAFA-8 1N6284A BAV70WT1 ACM0802C-NLGD-T ICS1700AST M38867F5AHP PZM16NB L-613ED CMHZ4107 BA7795FS 1.5KE33 MBM29LV001TC-55PD BYX120G MJD122T4 BAV21WS 2SD1866 AT93C46C-10SI-2.7 GL5UR2K1 DFM300LXS12-A000 SML50S30 V53C317405A-60K 1N6073 H78M09BT EPM7064SLI84-7 WS512K32F-70G2CE PVN012 70C100BF 1.5KE24 AM28F256A-200JI CAT93C5714P-28TE13 L78M05T TQ2SA-L-12V G90NilBS-DC48-NilNil NNCD4.3G HD74HC377 CY7C199L-15LMB P87C54-20 29C512JI-2 NKE0503D SBO80 PE1000DF R3112Q48C-TR MAX6319LHUK32C-T SMS24C HER207G GCL08-BS AM28F010-150PEB CY7C1009-20VC BA6825FS JM38510/01203BEA 2DI100Z-120 3EZ28D1 NKA0509D R3112Q36A-TR 2SJ195 M38506M2-XXXSP M38221EF-FS LE28F4001R-15 MAX6316LUK30BZ-T GBJ1504 Z84C0006VEC PIC16CE625-20/SS SMZ3.3 B1086D-2.9 5KP17C DG302ABWE SR350-TB 78L24 VI-PU1T-XXX UVP-2657AA ACM1601B-NEYS-T BL-HJB32A

9 November 2018 (New datasheets):

74ACQ244FCX MT4C4001JCN-7/883C APL431ADC-TB FQD5N50 WMS512K8L-20DJC WME128K8-140DECA A1750A33RRSC08 PIC16F873T-20/PT L4931CDT60 2SD1191 MVL-534BS PT2129A-S23 SMBJ5950 NDS9430 SA5753DK HA17524G RD3.0ESAB1 SC80C51BACA44 BM-10J88ND 1N5274 5KP11A R1221N27AF-TR 2SC4060 2N3394 HX2-4.5V FAR-C4CP-10000-K01-R IDT6167SA20PB 24AA01-/SN HER805P MAX6318LHUK32BY-T AME8841IEHA HY628100ALT1-70 TE108RS M5M51016BTP-12VLL-I M4-32/32-15JC HAL573UA-K NTE56051 QTLP610C-R V53C16125HK40 FAR-C4CN-16000-M02-R MAX20-54.0C UCC2809D-2 NJM317F MAX6315US47D2-T MX27L1000PC-25 GLT41016-45J4 L2N5 1N4936G 1N3822 G53CD-DC48 M38200M4DXXXHP IRF513 MG65PB14 M38B50ED-XXXFS FU-68PDF-V510M39B TS80C186EA20 1N5953A M38222E1DGP REC8-4905DRWL C4880-92 AT24C164-10SC-2.5 TSC80C51CXXX-L20AI ML4800CP DAC1022LCN BZW04-239B WF2M16W-150DLC5A RGP20J AME8500AEETAA29 S1G IDT6116SA70PB N74F843D 1N6043A P4KE82CA UCC5631AMWPTR IDT54FCT16841ETEB QLS25ZD B1587S-2.5 SD1460 X25F016V KDV149C L-204GD CDP68HC68S1 VI-RCWNXX-XXXX HIN237ECA M38075E2-XXXFS PDM41028SA12TSOTY LM2588T-12 AS431CR5DBV13 P4KE82A BT151B-800R COP87L40RJM-2N TK73233MIL 78D06 AGN200A24 E93 SF12LG 15KP18 M37531E4SP GNR34B391K LM211H MSC7171GS-K FQP9N25 M68732SH P6KE82C SC2128A-D24S G70LF0B-DC12 S-80817ALNP-EAE-T2 IN74AC139N

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