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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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11 December 2019 (New datasheets):

LB-502DD IRFI654B AS29F200T-90SI M38861M6A-XXXHP MDU28C-16M MS4C-S-AC220-LB MBR1040 M38C28F6-FP D2526G25 5962-9655601QXA AME8809AEHA M16C245MG-XXXGP M2P5 TC54VC2701EZB TDA5636BT JM38510/33301B2 M38200M1-XXXGP IDT74FCT534CTSO MI-QC24Y-XXX LC3564S-70 2KBP005M 2SK3299-S FST2050 AM29LV040BT-70EI M38256EE-FP GMS34112TW V5.5MLA0402NT AM29LV008BB-70REC SDC04 DS1688S HSMY-C650 SDA9589X EN27LV01090JI MPS2222ARLRP NJM062M VI-PUTM-XXX MI-QC2RY-XXX IDT74FCT162646CTPFB WF128K32N-150H1I5 HIN238ECB-T NM25C020EM8X TSC80C51TXXX-L20AG AK9813AF CDLL4119 MGSF1N02ELT3 2N6059 CAT34WC02JI-TE13 CD4040BPWR IRF3315S HA11 P4KE11A QM10HA-HB AQV210SX 305UR80 M38225E9DHP CL7256AETC144-4 BZV55C11 MX29F100TTC-55 US1881L MAX4690EAE 74AC00MTC AM29F100T-70SC TC55RP3401ECB TL072MJG 5962P9960602TUA ACM2402B-REYS-T 1.5KE13C K9F2808U0C-DIB0 MLO230-16IO7 LS6J1M-5SD/G-T BZX79-F15 P4SMAJ5.0 P6KE10A AM28F512A-150JI FBA50CA45 BCP53-10 HA17723 SMAJ7.0 SM5619H3 ULN2076B SP7800AJN HIN231IB ICS650R-07I Z86K1505PSC QL12x16B-2PF100C GH3-R024FNil5 M57704H MCH6402 1N4948GP S3V60 M37531M4-XXXGP AM28F256A-120EEB WS512K8-35CQA SSD1870TR MAX805RCPA SA16 EL5181CS-T7 BM-20EG88ND P6KE13A PS2521 TISP7210H3SL SC2128C-C54S FAR-C1SA-04000-K00-U PD451288413G5-A10LI-9JF MB88146APFV MSM56V16800DH-15TS-K AGM1264D-NLGTH-T M5M5408BFP-55LW

10 December 2019 (New datasheets):

1.5SMCJ28C LC503MBG1-15Q 3KP170 MOB100DSH M38020M6-XXXSS SP703EN HGTP3N60B3D MC74VHC1G32DFT4 SN74LS158N3 M38252M8-XXXFS VV5402 MAX6318LHUK42AZ-T DDU11H-100C3 P4631-03 STK401-290 UM9602 VI-LUX-XX MAX6250AESA SNJ54LS10J SN74LS393DR VI-PU11-XXX SMH4803CELP MC14023BF 27C512A-90/P CL-451G-TD UVS-315AP DF30SC4M MT88L85AN MIC29503BU PA04 M37510M8XXXFP N74F269D 103AT-2SS MC33464H-27CT1 GS882Z36AD-250 AM29LV004T-70REIB PSA52-7 TEN12-4822 IDT54FCT2533ATLB S2J-T3 CXD2588Q PT4110F RTH42ES180J A62S8316-70SI NPH15S2415Ei S80960SA-16 IP120AR-05 SN751730DR RN5VS27AA-TL AS2431CR5DB M38044M7-XXXFP CXD1916R IDT54FCT2244CTD B4251CK-5.2 DTA114ERLRA STTA512B SN74CBTLV3861DWR RD36ES-T1 AD670BD Z8018008VEC P6KE7.5CA 15KP24 M27C4001-80L1X THS10064CDAR IDT54FCT166245CTPV KSH44H11 BC547C-AP MJ15025 OM7642SM SMBJ51C MAZ8180 LH5P860D-80 UPC2909T MJE18004D2 CD4049UBE COP8ACC520M8CIJ SN74LS14D 2N6283 SMV1406-01 W02M FAR-C3SA-04194-J20-U MAX383ESE MC54HCT145AJ MSM9805-xxxGS-AK 1N5401 M5M51008CVP-70HI TS68020VF16 ACM1602A-REFH-T PMBT6429 M38255MDDXXXGP MAX1090AEEI EDI8L3265C15AC P4SMAJ51C BUK7620-55 FQAF10N80 TMS10215 XC4010E-4PC84C MM3093A TCF6000 MC74LCX646DW M27C4001-45XF1X IC62LV1024AL-70T SF10SC6 1N4449 FR106 MAX520ACAP MT5C1001DCJ-20L/IT

9 December 2019 (New datasheets):

FX029J BZX84C43 RBM05S TLV2454IPW REC15-7015SRWB 2N6034 S24023S-2.7 AGM1232C-FLGTW-T CLL4105 GP1A73A MCM44E64BSG15 M4A5-32/32-5JC IC61SF25632T-7.5TQ E272 5962H9657301QRC NC7WZ16 G19BO-DC12-11 MSM9210GS-2K APL5505-A27XC-TR APL5507-A25XI-TR NM24C05EN MB81F643242C-10FN-S 74VCX16821MTD GC70SN7012003FS AGM2464D-FE-BBH-T P6KE82C 45LF10 GP103B-AC24-L RN5VT29AC RP-0909S ISP1123 OPI7010 MIC38HC45BM CIM-71S2-T TIP141 BZX84C20 HMBZ5232B SG1846J/DESC STPR815DB ALR006 R5323N151B-TR MAN8940 IA186EM-PQF100I MB154W A29L400TV-90U HL1PL-DC48V UPG2121TB UC3843BD AME8500AEETBA42 MAJ7.0A JM38510R75307SE 5962G9475406VLC R5001615XXWA SN74AS32DR BYV95B GC89BRCE10FS MLL5229B LPK380-M MAX901ACSE MV67539.MP97 SA75CA ACM4002F-REGW-T MMBT5401 Z5D221 1.5SMC82A LB1415 TLC27L2MFKB CAT93C4631JI-42TE13 EN27LV020150JI MC14021BCL P4SMAJ30C G53AS-DC24K CD74HC533E G1K P4KE12C CPU165MK H11F1 MT5C1009C-25L/IT TS272AID IE0309DH MM54C154J-MIL STB7NA40 VT83205Q GC89BNDF12RD UPC4558GR-E2 P4SMAJ24C-T1 IDT7024S25GB PSD313-B-70U VMB40-12F P4SMAJ12-T3 A1751A34FFSC08 FDC20-48D15 REC5-6912SRWLZ IDT74FCT162823BTEB IDT54FCT374TQB S2012L BTS941 GS820E32T-138 HVP5 AD8534 Z86K1605FSC A1751A22FFFC08 CY74FCT16646ATPVC 3.0SMCJ17CA SD306-F SMCG11 UT54ACTS165 MX27C4000QC-12

8 December 2019 (New datasheets):

1.5KE12A KTC4666 UT62L2568LC-70L M38C37E4AXXXFP ZY10 IN4944 KIA8200AH MA2ZV06 AAT3222IGV-2.8-T1 HMC174MS8 G73AS-DC9S ZMM55A15 SSD1815A 1N6278 EN27LV01090T KM416V1200CTL-6 74HCT4515U P4SMAJ10A LM2679SX-3.3 MAX4282EUA PCF8533U/2/F2 MC74ACT640N DS1075M-80 LM324A M38062M3AXXXFS MAQ28151CE 1SMC5377 XCV800-4FG680C BZX79-F33 JV1-18V 5962G9475406VYA UC2855BDW MC74HC03ADTEL 74F521SC MAJ8.5 DR1P5-12S12 GS74108AJ-12I N83C251TB 1N4121 M35500AFP BFQ262 18225 MC74HC245AN IP137AHVIG IDT54FCT16501CTPVB G41301AA-DC12-SBM Z0844404 NJM319V 2SA1617 M38037F2-SP 5962R9656501QEA AM28F256A-90ECB 2SC4809 AD204KY KS621K20 SA56614-45GW SN54S38J PBD90/04 D2526G31 1N5527B CL-191D-CD 5962F-9583302VXX B431LCZ ST72P622L2B1 WMF128K8-60CM5A TSC80C51XXX-25CI MAR3690FS 74AVC16373 IDT74FCT648ATPG MAX6318LHUK44CY-T PIC16C556AT-20/JW PIC16C554T-20E/P 1N5247 TSC6070 2SC741 M38036F8-XXXFP Z8E00110PEC BY559-1500U M38507F4H-XXXFP PE125B-10UV SE567D AT6010-2QI LS6U3M-2UR/G-T P5KE6.5CA AMS3107CS-5.0 TDD404815D AD2712 N74F712-1D NTE931 UGT4.0 BA483 FU-68SDF-810M75B SMAJ13A AGM1264D-RLYBH-T SMAJ170 U635H64DK25 CAT93C4613JA-42TE13 IC62VV12816LL-70TI SNJ54ABT652AFK M38252M5MXXXHP BD-A811RD HM658512ALP-7 SP692ACN P4C198-45LMB 5962R9653601VEC 3KP28 BM-11K88ND-A

7 December 2019 (New datasheets):

28C011TRT1FI20 74ABT573CSCX Z84C4106PEC NTE859 P6KE36C-TB MI-RJ7JXX-XXXX FR106G PI74FCT16841TA AN28F010-120 FAR-C4CN-06144-L20-R 1N4745A 1.5SMCJ75 IDT54FCT645ATE VKA100LS15-1 IDT74FCT163543CPA MAX6318LHUK34AX-T CLC425AJP TN2540-1000G SP8861 LMV1012TP-07 UA2-9SNU M38221E2HGP 5KP9.0CA NP8751BH PC817X7 DMC16230NYJ-LY-CGE-EB S87C196KC20 HY57V641620HGLT-KI S3P7528 MP252 P6KE12CA R1113Z491B-TR SF35-T3 MGB81W LF47ABP BZV85/C130 MC74AC161M AGM6448T-NC-FTD-T 2SC900 PT2128A-L84 M38258E9DFS PT3343N Z84C4204 HB01U12S15ZH UT54ACS11PCC TC74A1-5.0VCT 74LCX125MTC MAX397EPI BD540C MSD398C BF587 ATF20V8B-7JC STD40NF02L Z84C2010PEC IDT7024S25JB VI-R24XX-XXXX CY7C42025PC M38C80M7-XXXFP VI-B34-CU-BM LM324ANSR CAT93C4634KI-45TE13 1N4148W X25329V14I-2,7 ZDT649 3KP43CA BUT11AF KAQW214A SNJ54LS670J 74VHC157CW IC61LV2568-15KI LPV321M7X IDT7130LA55PB H11B2 ICS9148F-02 2SC3774 AIC1720-44CZT SMJ27C040-15JM MC74HCT245ADWR2 SMAJ45A NML1209S NTE290A M38066M9-XXXGP P4C1981L-20JI 5KP45CA HYM328000GD-50 AT49F010-70JI PS2532L-1 SMI-1607-221 PZT651T1 FQA30N40 1SMB5949 AM28F512A-150PIB M38862F2A-XXXFS QLS30ZB TLV5627CPW ZMY9.1 HEF4555BD TE151R PIC16LC62XT-20E/P AS7C34096-12JC DA0645 DD304 5KP70CA TLC2201MJG S-80735AL-AZ-T2 K6T1008C2E-GB70 MAX6311UK00D2-T E2505H43

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