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25 August 2019 (New datasheets):

M38031F9-HP DDU66C-250D4 PE90HB80 X9241WVI EL5244CS DS2106/38 SNJ54AHCT541W CAT28LV256T13-20T GP103AG-DC110-LB G70HS3B-DC3 GS882Z18AB-133 DL5221B TL16C554IFNR UPC2933T 5962-9656101QXX 16D2-05KCS AP494VD16 PIC16LCR83-04I/SO ZTX853 VTB6061J RL-1.805SH MRF3866R2 REC15-4315SRWB 2SK3107-T1 AS431B2DBVA AM29F200AB-90FE MAX6318MHUK32DZ-T STP3NA80 YM2413B TLC272CPS K9F5608U0C-PIB0 P80C652FBA/B4 TYN1016RG M38867E9AFS R1121N201B-TL G903BO-DC24 2SB1283 AME8501AEFTDD46 ACM2002C-REYS-T M38504MEH-XXXSP AGM2412B-RCGTW-T PIC16LF873-04/SO ILC7082AIK-33 SNJ54ACT8997JT MC68HC705P9CDW TSC80C51XXX-25CB 5962H9659101QXC WMS128K8L-20FI P4KE200A AA3020YT MIC39301-2.5BT BL-R3131B-T UT06MRA450 MM3035D TEA1504 LTC1150 3.0SMCJ11A REC5-6909SRW T8531A-TL-DT AME8500AEFTBE31 XQV300-4BG352N NT68P61AU KBJ4A DM74LS08M SMPJ204 ST16C550 UC2707DW PIC16C54A-04/SS ESJA57-03A LT1930ES5 LS6J3M-2UR/G MAX6320PUK47DY-T MSM5117400A-60TS-L IRLU210A 1SMB13CA KRX103E D572C22BS TX2-L-9-X F4655-13 MC33264D-3.3R2 IDT74FCT574TPY USR120A SST29LE010-200-4C-UN VIPER20A SMB15C KRC283S SMH4042G-AG APL5507-B18KI-TR 6A01 IDT54825CTSO RN5VS12CC P6KE130A CAT24WC129K-1.8TE13 25AA080-/P MC100LVE164FA SMF05TC LM2595S-ADJ HB289016C4 MAX393EUE 100363QCX RH5VT44CA-T1 DM74ALS86MX CY74FCT163646CPACT Ref,TDA8960 PIC16CR72-02E/SO UC3845D8TR LT1H40A

24 August 2019 (New datasheets):

MC74F367D HI3055 IS63LV1024-15TI REF01AJ B4151CK5-3.7 WS512K32-17G4TI LM61BIZ MPX10GVP PS2703-1-F3 PT6651P P83CL781HFH CN241250 ILC7280CS-2530 IDT54FCT16374TEB AM29F010-45PI HKA290C CDP1802BC PSD813F5V ACM4002F-RLYH-T IDT74FCT541CTE LB1995 TDA7438 AT90S4414-4AI LT1013IN8 1N3323A MAC212A10FP SD241 LC4103TAB-01 Z8536DE HLMP-UJ22 SMBJ22 1N4148 MC74HC132ADTEL 100328SCX PDTA143ET MAX6316LUK49DX-T ASM0912CB P87CE560EFB/018 UT54ACS54UCX 5KP85A TSOP1838SI3V S524C20D11 PHP6N10E SN74ACT74N TZA3024T BR211-280 MCM32515SG25 VI-QUYP-XXX MT5C2568C-55L/IT G90NilCO-DC18-Nil2 SMV1200-150 AIC1802ACS N80C196MD IDT54FCT16952BTPVB RH5VT34AC IDT54863ASOB IDT74863BPB A4255CLN SM16A MM74HC4066N M38256M9-XXXHP 5962-8863404YX AD976ABRS UPD6325G-E2 REC5-4912SRWZ AR25A P4C148-12PC TL080MJG PIC12LCE674-10E/JW W167BH MV6354A BL-B3141 Z86U18VSC CAT93C5631PA-28TE13 TLC5615IDR BF-U405RE V62C2184096L-85B SA10C W91473D IRFD420 UNR921M 1N6160AUS R1141Q381D-TR BZW03-C16 CA70-3 M38061ME-XXXFS XWM8170CFT/V SL5227 TPS76928DBVT M38031F1-XXXHP MX580KH CD0.5A40 MAX6316LUK34CW-T QCA75A60 MC14504BF DS1802 M38863FAA-XXXFS IDT7164LS20YB OPB491N51 RH5RL24AA-T2 AME8815AEBT500 UT62L1024PC-70L ZS1018D TC74A6-5.0VCT SN74LS257BM MCC72-16IO1B SST39LF800A-55-4E-EK DDU8C-5150M

23 August 2019 (New datasheets):

SXL-208-TR1 100343DMQB X28VC256PI-55 PCF2113AU/2/F2 AME8500CEFTBD27 M2GB120DA-3 M38049FA-SP 4N38A AM27C128-45DIB PI74FCT162Q374TB MIC38HC45BN RE5RL36AA-RF PTB32003X SGP10N60RUFD DM74ALS125N SD103N08S15MSC 24IMR40-12-2 P6KE300 CY7C63001A-PC AT87F52-20AC HEF4023BD ST6225CB6/XXX 1N5356B AGM1212E-RLYTH-T RH5RH703B-T1 HV7022DJ-C PIC16LF83A-20/P TSB41LV01GQER SMCG9.0A C30808 P6KE11-T3 1N750 RH-0912D GBU406 GNR10D182K TXD2SS-L-24V-X IDT74FCT244DTSO 2CW37-5.1B PBH46/08 APL5505-A32OC-TR MX29LV004BTI-90 BZX97/C3V9 V53C16258SHK40 1.5KE9.1A SA2420DH RN5RF35BA-TL M5LV-384/120-15YI MB88344 B4252CK5-5.8 SNJ54AS244AFK TSA5059ATS PIC16LC72-04E/JW IXDD408PI CXG1014N R1223N362H-TR ACM1602V-FLBW-T S87LPC764FN K4E170411D-B IDT74FCT374CDB APL5507-A15KI-TR IDT74FCT521D ZY43 DA0660 MAX4174ADEUK-T PT2128A-B22 ACM1604B-FEFS-T CD74AC139E HFA105NH60 2SD2222 ZPSD311-B-15J HCPL-2201#300 AD9218-65PCB XN06543 M38503M2-XXXSP EIA1718-1P SN75ALS176BD Z86E0412SSC1866 LT1056AMH X24128S14-1,8 M38060E1AXXXFP SMBG70A IDT54FCT540ATD BZW04-26 303ET-1 1N5228B MAX6318MHUK26CY-T STLVDS32BD ST6393 24C01A-E/SM RF2192 STV9380 AS7C1026A-12JI TPS3707-30D MC74VHC1G01DFT1 MI-PJ2PX-XXX M37735S4BFP FAR-C3SB-08000-M21-T IDT74FCT2534ATLB B8250XK6-3.9 G901AO-DC48-Nil2 ACM2004D-FLYW-T A1750A47RRSC10 AM29LV800BT90RDW5C1 FZL4145D CMDZ4L7 MJ14002 AT49F8192T-90RC

22 August 2019 (New datasheets):

DG425C/D STR-F6674 PSMN004-25P FDD5202P AN5791 PC900V0NSZX ZPSD311V-B-20JI L6221C TPDV1025 GH3-P003FNil5 SDA2921 ISP825-3 CAT93C4632KI-25TE13 ZCA6H03PBPEL M38259EE-FP ACT15530CFC SML4758 SN74LS365AN3 MST4410C M37534M4-XXXGP VI-PUWJ-XXX AGM2464D-MC-YTS-T ACM1604B-FEBW-T 74VCX162374MTDX BUK452-60B TVS348 1.5KE91CARL4 TC15-11YWA G90NilAO-AC110-Nil2 AGM2464D-NL-BBH-T EPM3064ATC100-4 IMP690AMJA MAX517BCSA HCS112MS BZX399-C13 AS2431A1LPT IRFP450 VUO50-12NO3 SMDJ24 80143 M38040F9-XXXSP 1N980A MSK5012BZS MPXT4105A7U MF34-1000 BC557BRL1 ST3232ECD AM27C64-150DIB MB86836PBT B4150CK5-4.8 5KP14C 1.5KE15 X28HC256TMB-12 TXD2SS-2M-6V HYB3166165BT-40 MAX543ACPA LS22AA-1UR/PG-T PG12864-N SXI150-05S OP492GS R1120N561A-TR 1514-30Y DG304ABK BTA212-600C IDT71T016L150PH EL4089CN M38221E4HHP AGM2464C-ML-BBW-T 5962-8687401SA SGA-5589 66056-002 KAQW210 IRG4RC10U 1106UFC 2SB888 MI-J60IY IDT54FCT521CTEB RD16ES-T1 XC6203P542LH 1N6030A PHP1N60 S42WD42SA BD682 M5M5V408BKR-10LI LBA110PLTR P6KE20A HT7533 ISPD64 R1210N402C-TR R3131N40AA-TR AQV414SZ M48Z02-150PC1 MX29LV400BTI-90 PZM11NB2A M38868MFA-XXXFS 13HC SR33-T1 CY2308SI–1 M38B53EE-XXXFP SN74HC253D PTB32005X Z84C4004 PBYR4020WT UTCTL062 APL5883-EC-TR 2N3441 MAX4174BMEUK-T GB301YG-AC6-SF-B

21 August 2019 (New datasheets):

M38C36E7MXXXFP REC10-1705DRWLZ IS61LPS25632D-150TQI BUK455-200A MCM69L819AZP9R TPS76033DBVR PIC16F873-20I/SO MF-2500DS-R13-181 HT600 OPA404KU/1K 1N975C BR24C01AFJ-W MDE-40D331K AAT4644IAS-T1 MLL4757A-1 HI-8282APQI SN74LS243N3 PIC16F873T-10I/PQ 1.5KE10CA BL-R2131K PM4344 ZPY91 NTE1853 SM1126 MAX6313UK50D3-T W152-1 SN74LS158D IDT54FCT825AE P6KE30C AAT3220IQY-2.8-T1 LM2931Z-90 SG2812J/883B SD203R16S20PSV 3.0SMCJ60A IDT54FCT574APB MI-QC6VX-XXX 74F521CW KM44V4100CS-6 CD4776A M38201E1DXXXGP PIC16C924T-04/SP RT9177-24CB MC78L08AD AM29F400BT-60SEB CXP81840A ZLLS500TC BC560BRL1 BS62LV256PI MT7115B-UR APR3001-17AI-TR DB107 FE6D JM38510/30302B2A S-29391A-DP P6KE170C R1930C LT1078IS8 WE128K32P-300H1IA MC33275ST-2.5T3 CL-150G-CD EDI88130CS45TB TL081C M5M5V208RV-85LL 1N5417 P4KE160C 1.5KE62A TSH114IDT BZX284-C22 UA741IN GAL22V10D-10LPI RE5VL49CA-TZ SN7404DR MI-RC2J3X-XXXX 1.4KESD8.5C CL10K30EFC484-1 KTC3882 MU9C4480A-12DC GDC21D003 RF1K49086 SMV2112-09 UC3836N WS128K32L-45G2TQ VI-RUYFX-XXXX 3EZ3.9D5 TL16C554APN 1N961B MI-PC2LV-XXX V62C3802048L-35B IXFK170N10 2SD2114S 1N4555A AD1833AST MC33065P LH28F008SCHSR-L90 M38500F6H-XXXSP CY74FCT191ATSOC M2S56D40ATP-10L M5M417400TP-7 HLMP-DH08 IDT74163244PF 2SK1460 MSM5117400D-60SJ PD55HB120 6A2 5962H0254301VXC M37531E4FP RL202

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